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Raipur (Chhattisgarh) Approved by : AICTE
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Being one of the top technological institutes in India, NIT Raipur cutoffs generally soar high. One has to be very studious and smart in order to crack the JEE Advance examination with good ranks to get admissions at NIT Raipur. For instance, the previous year cutoff for Civil engineering course was closed at 47155 for home students and 21138 for students belonging to states other than Chattisgarh. The cutoff for Computer Engineering witnesses one of the highest rank requirements for aspirants. The previous year’s cutoff for Computer Engineering course was 22645 for home students and 9125 for students applying from other states. The demand of NIT Raipur admissions is so high that NIT Raipur did not release any more cutoff list. The admission for all the courses at NIT Raipur was completed after the release of the first cutoff list. 

JEE Main 2018 Cutoffs for NIT RAIPUR Raipur

Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank
Bachelor of ArchitectureGeneral (HS - Female-Only)12213
Bachelor of ArchitectureGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)14443
Bachelor of ArchitectureGeneral (OS - Female-Only)11241
Bachelor of ArchitectureGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)11383
Bachelor of ArchitectureGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)138
Bachelor of ArchitectureOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)11289
Bachelor of ArchitectureOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)12707
Bachelor of ArchitectureOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)1536
Bachelor of ArchitectureOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)1510
Bachelor of ArchitectureSC (HS - Female-Only)11521
Bachelor of ArchitectureSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)1597
Bachelor of ArchitectureSC (OS - Female-Only)1164
Bachelor of ArchitectureSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)1171
Bachelor of ArchitectureST (HS - Female-Only)1107
Bachelor of ArchitectureST (HS - Gender-Neutral)1478
Bachelor of ArchitectureST (OS - Gender-Neutral)1129
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Bio Medical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)188405 in Bio Medical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)187730 in Bio Medical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)128616 in Bio Medical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)131514 in Bio Medical EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)11231 in Bio Medical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)142515 in Bio Medical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)129613 in Bio Medical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)18416 in Bio Medical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)19858 in Bio Medical EngineeringOBC-NCL(PwD) (OS - Gender-Neutral)1554 in Bio Medical EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)121719 in Bio Medical EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)112696 in Bio Medical EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)15928 in Bio Medical EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)13071 in Bio Medical EngineeringST (OS - Female-Only)14289 in Bio Medical EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)12393
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Bio Technology EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)171431 in Bio Technology EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)174111 in Bio Technology EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)125359 in Bio Technology EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)130043 in Bio Technology EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Female-Only)1803 in Bio Technology EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)11293 in Bio Technology EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)137894 in Bio Technology EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)129046 in Bio Technology EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)110655 in Bio Technology EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)19479 in Bio Technology EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)113839 in Bio Technology EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)112522 in Bio Technology EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)15727 in Bio Technology EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)14823 in Bio Technology EngineeringST (HS - Female-Only)11934 in Bio Technology EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)12790 in Bio Technology EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11888
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Chemical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)147506 in Chemical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)150169 in Chemical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)125240 in Chemical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)122446 in Chemical EngineeringGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)11738 in Chemical EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1798 in Chemical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)130817 in Chemical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)122276 in Chemical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)19773 in Chemical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)17025 in Chemical EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)19557 in Chemical EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)18416 in Chemical EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)15113 in Chemical EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)14641 in Chemical EngineeringST (HS - Female-Only)13810 in Chemical EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)12119 in Chemical EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11568
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Civil EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)145570 in Civil EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)147155 in Civil EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)125475 in Civil EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)121138 in Civil EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1765 in Civil EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)128863 in Civil EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)118298 in Civil EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)18808 in Civil EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)16371 in Civil EngineeringOBC-NCL(PwD) (OS - Gender-Neutral)1384 in Civil EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)17594 in Civil EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)16668 in Civil EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)14438 in Civil EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)13416 in Civil EngineeringST (HS - Female-Only)11261 in Civil EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)11547 in Civil EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)1997
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Computer Science & EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)122515 in Computer Science & EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)122645 in Computer Science & EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)112691 in Computer Science & EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)19121 in Computer Science & EngineeringGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)1422 in Computer Science & EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1247 in Computer Science & EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)112740 in Computer Science & EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)19345 in Computer Science & EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)15355 in Computer Science & EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)13111 in Computer Science & EngineeringOBC-NCL(PwD) (OS - Gender-Neutral)1121 in Computer Science & EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)13022 in Computer Science & EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)13568 in Computer Science & EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)12352 in Computer Science & EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)11731 in Computer Science & EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)11257 in Computer Science & EngineeringST (OS - Female-Only)11176 in Computer Science & EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)1881
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Electrical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)131383 in Electrical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)136441 in Electrical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)120751 in Electrical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)116501 in Electrical EngineeringGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)1998 in Electrical EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1605 in Electrical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)119805 in Electrical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)114792 in Electrical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)18702 in Electrical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)15579 in Electrical EngineeringOBC-NCL(PwD) (HS - Gender-Neutral)1482 in Electrical EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)112260 in Electrical EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)15015 in Electrical EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)13793 in Electrical EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)13161 in Electrical EngineeringST (HS - Female-Only)12405 in Electrical EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)11704 in Electrical EngineeringST (OS - Female-Only)11972 in Electrical EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11087
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)137646 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)140489 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)116870 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)114424 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)1312 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Female-Only)1579 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1962 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)118326 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)118270 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)16508 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)15228 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)16294 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)18665 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)13968 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)13222 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)11591 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringST (OS - Female-Only)13432 in Electronics & Tele Communication EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11347
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Information TechnologyGeneral (HS - Female-Only)133713 in Information TechnologyGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)132710 in Information TechnologyGeneral (OS - Female-Only)114852 in Information TechnologyGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)111974 in Information TechnologyGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)11389 in Information TechnologyGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1386 in Information TechnologyOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)124451 in Information TechnologyOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)116418 in Information TechnologyOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)17870 in Information TechnologyOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)14433 in Information TechnologyOBC-NCL(PwD) (OS - Gender-Neutral)1264 in Information TechnologySC (HS - Female-Only)13705 in Information TechnologySC (HS - Gender-Neutral)17511 in Information TechnologySC (OS - Female-Only)12455 in Information TechnologySC (OS - Gender-Neutral)12521 in Information TechnologySC PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1212 in Information TechnologyST (HS - Female-Only)12859 in Information TechnologyST (HS - Gender-Neutral)11765 in Information TechnologyST (OS - Female-Only)12470 in Information TechnologyST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11424
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Mechanical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)152595 in Mechanical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)138020 in Mechanical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)123097 in Mechanical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)116991 in Mechanical EngineeringGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)1480 in Mechanical EngineeringGeneral PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)1430 in Mechanical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)126941 in Mechanical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)114632 in Mechanical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)19922 in Mechanical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)15874 in Mechanical EngineeringOBC-NCL(PwD) (HS - Gender-Neutral)1509 in Mechanical EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)111564 in Mechanical EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)15040 in Mechanical EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)14698 in Mechanical EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)13062 in Mechanical EngineeringSC PwD (OS - Gender-Neutral)172 in Mechanical EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)11923 in Mechanical EngineeringST (OS - Female-Only)12171 in Mechanical EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11222
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Metallurgical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)174616 in Metallurgical EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)168726 in Metallurgical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)128477 in Metallurgical EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)128306 in Metallurgical EngineeringGeneral PwD (HS - Gender-Neutral)12912 in Metallurgical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)132029 in Metallurgical EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)126944 in Metallurgical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)19910 in Metallurgical EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)19093 in Metallurgical EngineeringOBC-NCL(PwD) (OS - Gender-Neutral)1536 in Metallurgical EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)118802 in Metallurgical EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)19756 in Metallurgical EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)15368 in Metallurgical EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)14937 in Metallurgical EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)12753 in Metallurgical EngineeringST (OS - Female-Only)13878 in Metallurgical EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)12055
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Rank in Mining EngineeringGeneral (HS - Female-Only)198651 in Mining EngineeringGeneral (HS - Gender-Neutral)164851 in Mining EngineeringGeneral (OS - Female-Only)133106 in Mining EngineeringGeneral (OS - Gender-Neutral)128471 in Mining EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Female-Only)130015 in Mining EngineeringOBC-NCL (HS - Gender-Neutral)124926 in Mining EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Female-Only)111695 in Mining EngineeringOBC-NCL (OS - Gender-Neutral)18722 in Mining EngineeringSC (HS - Female-Only)119696 in Mining EngineeringSC (HS - Gender-Neutral)18315 in Mining EngineeringSC (OS - Female-Only)17547 in Mining EngineeringSC (OS - Gender-Neutral)14905 in Mining EngineeringST (HS - Gender-Neutral)12103 in Mining EngineeringST (OS - Gender-Neutral)11728

JEE Advanced 2017 Cutoffs for NIT RAIPUR Raipur

Top Recruiting Companies in National Institute of Technology NIT RAIPUR Recruitments

  • Microsoft

  • Wipro

  • Infosys

  • IBM

  • Cognizant

  • Tech Mahindra

  • CAPGemini

  • Oracle

  • TATA Motors

  • Ambuja Cement

  • Indian Army

  • HP

Related Questions

What is the fee structure for B.Tech Civil Engineering for OBC category students at NIT, Raipur?

-yugal kishorUpdated on July 29, 2020 12:42 PM
  • 1 Answer
Diksha Sharma, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

The fee structure for B.Tech Civil Engineering for OBC students at NIT Raipur is INR 1,38,000 annually. 

You can also fill the Common Application Form on our website for admission-related assistance. You can also reach us through our IVRS Number - 1800-572-9877.


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