Highest Paying Jobs in the Field of Law: Qualification, Exam & Salary

Published: | June 17, 2017
Highest Paying Jobs in the Field of Law: Qualification, Exam & Salary
  • With the lucrative career opportunities in the field of law, there is a lot of scope for aspiring lawyers.
  • The salary depends largely on the amount of experience you have in this field.
  • Check out the top jobs for lawyers below.

With a huge population such as in India, the need of an efficient Judiciary System is essential. There is a requirement of qualified judges and excellent lawyers in order to sustain justice in such a large democracy. This is one of the reasons why law is a very popular field in India.

Thousands of students appear for law entrance exams every year in order to secure seats in 5 year and 3 year LLB programmes. With the lucrative career opportunities in the field of law, you have a good scope of becoming a successful lawyer. Check out some of the most popular and high paying jobs in the field of law.

Following are the Highest Paying Jobs for Lawyers in India:

Lawyer Profile

About the Profile

Qualification & Exam


Corporate Lawyer

  • This profile requires you to handle business operations and take various legal decisions.
  • A corporate lawyer is also expected to guide the company to conduct business activities within the legal bounds.
  • Looking thoroughly into new investments and business mergers is also part of their job.
  • For this profile, you are required to have business knowledge along with legal education.
  • BBA LLB is most beneficial for this field.
  • Individuals follow an alternate path of Company Secretary (CS) along with LLB.

Rs. 9 to 15 lakh p.a.

Government Lawyers

  • Giving advice regarding legal matters and representing clients in the legal proceeding is a major part of this job.
  • From documentation to negotiating terms, Government Lawyers work for clients under the directions of state government agencies.
  • Apart from the formal Law education i.e. BA LLB, candidates have to apply for state entrances in order to get the post of Assistant District Attorney, Public Prosecutor, etc.
  • Different states conduct their own recruitment drive for hiring lawyers.

Rs. 13,50,010 p.a.

Patent Lawyer

  • These lawyers specialise in dealing with patent litigation.
  • They are also advocates but they mostly deal with patent cases.
  • However, they are not permitted to do patent prosecution.
  • You can become a Patent Lawyer by securing a seat in any of the good law colleges by clearing CLAT, AILET, etc.
  • Once you are through with your 5 year LLB or 3 year LLB programme, you can start practising.

Rs. 4,80,000 p.a.

Criminal Lawyer

  • The job of Criminal Lawyers interview witnesses and establish the truth of criminal cases.
  • They are required to study and research about the incident in order to present defensive arguments for the case.
  • Apart from the usual BA LLB, you will have to pursue masters in this field to become a successful criminal lawyer.
  • Internships are most important to become a knowledgeable criminal lawyer.

Rs. 10 to 25 lakh per case

Tax Lawyer

  • Tax lawyers help individuals and organisations in solving their tax related problems.
  • Their job can vary from tax law research, legal documentation, arguing for related cases and negotiating terms.
  • Apart from BA LLB, you can also pursue Company Secretary (CS) courses as it provides a detailed knowledge of taxation laws.
  • Doing internships under professional like CS, ICWA, CS can also be helpful in getting good jobs.

Rs. 9,60,600 p.a.

Real Estate Lawyers

  • The most basic role of these individuals is to help people in buying and selling property.
  • They are required to have a good knowledge of real estate law, housing laws, local economics and mortgages.
  • A five year LLB is the ideal path in this field.
  • Practicing under an experienced lawyer will also help in starting a successful career.

Rs. 8,04,400 p.a.

Family Lawyers

  • These lawyers deal with the legal matters concerning a particular family.
  • The cases may vary from divorce to handling financial matters.
  • There is no specific qualification required for this field.
  • A B.A. LLB is enough to start your personalised law career.

Rs. 4,00,000 p.a.

Personal Injury Lawyer

  • These lawyers deal with clients who have faced physical or psychological harm due to any offence or negligence.
  • The aim of these lawyers is to get compensation for the loss of their client.
  • Apart from BA LLB, you will also be required to have a good understanding of the health laws.
  • Practice alongside education is advantageous in this field.

Rs. 2,75,000 p.a.

Civil Rights Lawyer

  • Civil Rights Lawyers take up cases concerning the violation of basic rights of individuals.
  • The job is closely related to social work and is a great field for those who have a keen interest in the well-being of the society.
  • BA Sociology or BA Social Work followed by 3 years of LLB is the ideal qualification in this field.
  • Working with activists can keep you in touch with the latest trends of this field.

Rs. 3,08,000

Intellectual Property Lawyer

  • These lawyers are required to protect the new ideas and innovations of individuals.
  • They fight cases where the conflicted ownership of an intellectual idea or property is concerned.
  • 5 year LLB is the basic requirement of this field.
  • Awareness and a lot of case study can help you understand the field better.

Rs. 3,58,000 p.a.

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So these were some of the highest paying jobs in the field of law that you can work for. The salary packages mentioned above depend largely on the amount of experience you have in this field. Studying at either of the NLUs will also help you in securing a good job. For more updates related to field of law, stay tuned with collegedekho.com.


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