AMIE- Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers Exam (AMIE - 2016)

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Q - What are Section A and Section B of AMIE syllabus?

A -

Section A consists of fundamentals of Engineering where as in Section B, the candidate has to select one of the branches of Engineering available. The Diploma and non Diploma holders have to study 9 subjects in section B, 6 compulsory and 3 are optional. Project Work and Lab Experiments are included in Section B to pass on practical knowledge to the students.

How to Prepare


The syllabus of AMIE examination is more or less similar to B.E/B.Tech. But the total number of subjects to be studied in AMIE is very less. The AMIE syllabus has two parts:- Section A and Section B (similar to First year , Second year etc. of any formal degree course). Those who join for AMIE must pass all subjects in Section A first, thereafter he should study Section B.

In Section A we study subjects which are fundamental to engineering. In section B, we make in-depth study in our chosen branch of engineering. When a student clears all subjects in both sections A and B, he is said to have passed A.M.I.E examination and becomes a qualified graduate engineer.

The number of subjects one should study in Section A depends on the qualifying examination passed. A diploma holder need to study only 4 subjects in Section A, while a non- diploma (+2 holder) studies 10 subjects in Section A. All the subjects in Section A are compulsory subjects.

Following are the subjects in Section A

1. Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing

2. Material Science and Engineering

3. Computing and Informatics

4. Society and Environment

NOTE: These 4 subject for For Diploma holders.

5. Mechanical science For +2 holders

6. Engineering Physics and Chemistry

7. Engineering Drawing and Graphics

8. Electronics and Instrumentation

9. Engineering Mathematics

10. Electrical Science.

NOTE: All subject For +2 holders.

The detailed subject-wise syllabus shall be given to you along with our post course materials. On completion of section A, a student takes admission to Section B. In section B, student is asked to select a branch of engineering. Following are the engineering branches available.

1. Electronics and communication Engineering

2. Electrical Engineering

3. Computer Science and Engineering

4. Civil Engineering

5. Mechanical Engineering

6. Production Engineering

7. Chemical Engineering

8. Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

9. Mining Engineering

10. Production Engineering

11. Textile Engineering

12. Architectural Engineering.

Of the above 12 engineering branches available, a student can choose ANY branch as he wishes. This is one of the attractions of AMIE. For example, a student studied Automobile engineering in Diploma level can choose Computer Science or Electronics etc in AMIE !!!!

Both Diploma and Non-diploma holders should study 9 subjects in Section B. Of this 9 subjects, 6 are compulsory and 3 are optional. In order to impart practical knowledge, the Institution of Engineers has included project work and lab experiments as part of section B syllabus.

In short, a +2 holder can complete AMIE by clearing just 10 + 9 = 19 subjects, whereas for a diploma holder, the total subject is 4 + 9 = 13 only. The project work may be done in the same firm/company where the student is presently

engaged in. For doing laboratory experiment, the Institution of Engineers will contact the authorities of some engineering college/similar technical institution nearest to the location of the student and make necessary arrangement.

Preparation Strategy

The AMIE exam syllabus is freely downloadable from websites. The IEI doesn’t take any responsibility for teaching you. The IEI will conduct examination and will issue certificates that that’s all. Students must find their own way to study the subject to prepare well for examination. Since AMIE is a degree level examination, a peripheral knowledge on the subject will not be sufficient for scoring pass mark in the exam. Jyothis Academy provides complete assistance for studying AMIE. Our faculty highly experienced in AMIE teaching offer

(a) Regular full time class

(b) Part time classes (On Holidays)

(c) Postal Coaching (For out station students)

AMIE 2016 Question Paper Format

duration 3.0 Hr
online Pen & Paper
Exam Type

AMIE 2016

AMIE stands for Associate Membership of Institute of Engineers Exam is an engineering entrance exam which is conducted bi-annually namely AMIE winter exam and AMIE summer exam. The AMIE examinations are conducted in every June and December. A student can appear examination in a center anywhere in India or abroad. A student is not allowed to appear in more than 4 subjects at a time. If he fails in one subject, he can appear the same subject again till he completely passes that subject. It offers various engineering degree courses to those students who are unable to pursue these through regular study in engineering colleges.


AMIE 2016 Conducting Body

AMIE- Associate Membership of Institute  of Engineers Exam conducted by" The Institution of Engineers ". The Institution was formally registered in Madras under Indian Companies Act of 1913. Later necessary permission was secured to move the Registered Office to Calcutta. Sir Thomas R J Ward was the first President of the Institution.  The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata (IEI) is the National organization of Engineers in India. The Institution of Engineers (India) has over one million members in 15 engineering disciplines in 114 centers or chapters in India and overseas; it is the world's largest multi-disciplinary engineering professional society in engineering and technology world. 

AMIE Contact Details

Address The Institution of Engineers (India), 8 Gokhale Road, Kolkata – 700 020
Phone no (033) 2223 8335 (Direct) / 2223 8311 Extn : 236 (Off)
Type National
Mode Pen & Paper


1) What is AMIE?

AMIE is Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers examination that is conducted by Institutions of Engineers, India. AMIE is a professional engineering degree certification provided by IEI. It is an alternative option for those who cannot pursue for an engineering degree course as a regular student in an engineering college.

2) What is IEI?

IEI is a multi- disciplinary engineering organization that provides a platform to promote professional studies in approximately 15 disciplines of engineering. The IEI is in Kolkata.

3) Is an AMIE degree equivalent to Engineering Degree?

An AMIE degree is equivalent to any other engineering degree approved by Central Government Departments, UPSC, and SSC, AICTE or any other engineering degree approved by state governments. After having done with AMIE degree, the candidate can also opt for higher studies such as master’s degree in engineering. The candidates are also then eligible to work with any private or government organization as per their respective field of specialization.

4) Where is the AMIE conducted?

AMIE is conducted in 65 centers in India and abroad. A candidate may appear at any of the centers according to his preference by just mentioning the exam centre code of the desired centre in the examination form.

5) When is the AMIE examination held during the year?

The AMIE examination is held mostly twice a year. It is conducted mostly in June and December and is termed as Summer and Winter Examination respectively.

6) Where is the exam application form submitted?

The Exam application form is submitted in the prescribed format to the headquarters of the Institution. The Address is 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata 700 020.

7) Is AMIE a computer based exam?

AMIE is a written type where there is no Viva, no internal assessment and no Practical exam.

8) Are the application forms for AMIE available online?

The application forms for AMIE are available online on Institute website.

9) What is the examination fee for AMIE? What is the mode of payment?

The examination fee is approximately 3000/-.The payment may be done with DD, drawn in favour of “THE INSTITUTION OF ENGINEERS(INDIA)“, payable at Kolkata. The fees for the examination overseas are $ 225 approximately.

10) Is it possible to take AMIE exam in Hindi?

The candidate can take AMIE exam in Hindi medium, provided the candidate has passed the Diploma in Engineering in Hindi medium. Then both the sections, Section A and Section B, have to be taken in Hindi. IEI mentions that the candidate has passed in Hindi in the final certificate.

11) How can I get the admit card?

Admit cards for Summer/ Winter examinations shall be available in the website at least seven days prior to the commencement of examination. Candidates can take the print out of the same to appear in the examination. No hard copy of the Admit Card will be issued either by the HQs or by the State/ Local Centres. 

12) What is the last date of submission for re-registration/ premature re-registration application form?

Candidates are advised to apply with requisite fee so as to reach at the Headquarters office latest by April 10 for Summer examination and October 10 for Winter examination, failing which they will not be eligible to appear in the respective session. 

13) What shall I do if I do not receive my admit card inspite of submitting the examination application form with requisite fee?

In case a candidate claims that inspite of submitting an examination application form with fee by demand draft/online payment, s/he has neither received the admit card nor his/her name appears in the rejection list displayed in the website, s/he can submit a fresh examination form along with a demand draft of Rs 1500/- , with photocopies of his original examination form, details of demand draft and copy of postal receipt or transaction ID if payment is made online, to the Officer-in-Charge for provisional appearance in the examination. In case the candidate’s claim is found not to be in order, fee deposited by him shall be forfeited and his appearance shall be treated as irregular.

14) What shall I do if I do not receive the Identity Card before the commencement of examination.

Candidate, not received the Identity Card but possesses the valid roll number, can appear in the examination by submitting the proforma for nonreceipt of Identity Card to the Officer-in-Charge at his examination centre. The proforma can be downloaded from the website “Download” option under “Academic”. 

15) What application forms I can submit through internet?

For candidates residing/applying in/from India and Nepal, online service is at present available to submit Examination Application, Re-registration, Premature Re-registration, Section B Registration and Application for Change of Optional Subjects.

16) Can I change my optional subject(s)/ branch of engineering?

Yes. Candidates interested to change optional subject(s)/branch of engineering can submit the filled-in application form, available on the IEI website along with requisite fee mentioned in the application form.

17) Who is eligible to take AMIE exam?

Those who wish to do AMIE must have any one of the following qualifications.

  • A recognized 3-year Polytechnic Diploma or its equivalent in any branch of engineering. (No marks restriction)


  • +2/HSC/Inter with Physics, Chemistry& Mathematics with minimum 45% marks.

NOTE:If you possess any qualification higher than or equivalent to the above, still then you are eligible to apply for AMIE. Those who pursue AMIE after their Diploma course are usually known as Diploma Stream Students, and others are known as Non-Diploma Stream Students. So, AMIE is the only recognized engineering course that can be studied without entrance-exam, mark restrictions and even in the distance education mode.

18) What is the duration of each AMIE exam?

The duration is 3 hrs for an AMIE exam.

19) What is the AMIE exam pattern?

Each AMIE exam paper is of three hours of duration.The exact dates and the details of the examination are declared by IEI in the Technicians journal.

20) Who is the responsible authority for AMIE exam?

The IEI, Institution of Engineers, India, conducts AMIE exam and issues certificates. The IEI is not involved in the preparation for the exams.

21) I passed Diploma/+2. Can I appear for AMIE exam ?

You can appear for AMIE exam. But before applying for examination you must apply for membership registration. You can apply for exam only after completing your AMIE membershipregistration.

22) What is the process to be followed to appear in Summer/ Winter examination?

T/ST/AM/M/F members, eligible to appear in Section A/Section B examination, may either download the Examination Application Form from IEI Website ( under the tab ‘Academics’) or available in the membership pack and send the same duly filled-in with a demand draft of requisite amount within the stipulated date as mentioned in IEI website under ‘Academics’ for Summer/ Winter examination. Examination application form can also be submitted on-line through payment gateway for those candidates intended to appear from India and Nepal only.

23) What are the Summer exams conducted by AMIE Institution?

The following Summer exams are conducted by the Institution: Section A and Section B
Section A :

  • Non Diploma Stream (Technician Members): for candidates pursuing AMIE without Diploma course.
  • Diploma Stream (Senior Technician Members): for candidates pursuing AMIE after Diploma course.

Section B:

  • It is for the various branches of Engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Mining Engineering, Textile Engineering, Production Engineering etc.

24) What are the Winter exams conducted by AMIE Institution?

The following Winter exams are conducted by the Institution: Section A and Section B
Section A: It is common for all the candidates. It is taken as  

  • Non Diploma Scheme
  • Diploma Scheme

Section B: It is taken for a particular stream of Engineering that may be chosen among the offered streams.

25) Is an AMIE degree holder eligible for the entrance exams required for admission into further post graduation programs and civil services?

An AMIE degree holder is eligible for taking examinations like GRE, GATE, Civil Services, and Indian Engineering services.

26) If a ST member secured ‘ C ‘ grade in three subjects of Section A (Diploma) and ‘ D ‘ grade in one subject, can he be considered as pass in Section A ( Diploma) examination?

No. A candidate has to secure minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) as 6. Therefore, a candidate secured grade ‘D’ in a particular subject will be required to re-appear in that subject. However, if a ST member secured at least grade ‘B’ in one of the four subjects of Section A (Diploma) and grade ‘C’ in two subjects and grade ‘D’ in one balance subject in the last attempt, he will be declared pass in Section A (Diploma) examination as he acquired GPA as 6. Grade ‘D’ secured in any subject is not carried forward to the next examination.

27) What is the syllabus of AMIE?

The syllabus for AMIE is almost similar to that of B.E. or B.Tech. The syllabus has two parts, called Section A and Section B. First, Section A should be cleared and then Section B. 

28) What are Section A and Section B of AMIE syllabus?

Section A consists of fundamentals of Engineering where as in Section B, the candidate has to select one of the branches of Engineering available. The Diploma and non Diploma holders have to study 9 subjects in section B, 6 compulsory and 3 are optional. Project Work and Lab Experiments are included in Section B to pass on practical knowledge to the students.

29) When will the result of AMIE be declared?

The proposed AMIE schedule is uploaded on University website.

30) For how long is the AMIEEE B.Tech score valid?

The AMIE score is valid for just one year.

31) Is there any provision to see my grade card online?

Candidates, who have not completely passed in Section A/Section B, can view/ download their grade card in/from the website after 15 days of the declaration of results. Candidates can take the print out of the same and preserve for the record in lieu of hard copy, if not received.

32) When will I get the original pass certificate of Sections A & B examinations?

Candidates, who have passed Section B examination completely in Summer/ Winter session of a year will receive their original pass certificates of Sections A & B examination in the Convocation to be held in next year. Original pass certificates of those candidates, who will not be able to attend the convocation, will be sent by registered post to their recorded addresses after Convocation.

33) What is the advantage of AMIE over a regular Engineering Course?

A person who is working can study this course without being affecting their job. The person may be employed in India or Abroad but one may pursue the engineering degree and improve their position and future prospects by passing AMIE examinations.

34) What is the duration of completion of AMIE?

AMIE provides flexibility of duration for completion of AMIE. A candidate may take upto 6 years for the completion of all the subjects in Section A and another 6 years for the completion of Section B.

35) How many subjects are there in each semester of AMIE?

They have four subjects for each semester i.e. one can appear for a maximum of 4 subjects in one semester.

36) When is a candidate eligible for Project Work and Laboratory Experiments?

After securing exemption in five or more subjects after declaration of result, all eligible candidates are informed about their eligibility with a grade card of examination and guidelines for Project Work and Laboratory Experiments by registered post and option to choose the college for laboratory experiments with a separate prescribed format and to submit the same duly filled-in within the stipulated date.

37) What is the procedure to apply for Project Work?

The candidate may apply for project work after passing any of the five subjects from Section B. IEI then sends all the related documents for conducting lab experiments and project work.

38) How can I apply for No Objection Certificate (NOC)?

Candidate interested to obtain NOC should submit the application form (format available on the website along with requisite fee mentioned in the application form along with photocopy of Section A and Section B pass grade cards. On receipt, the same will be sent at the recorded address of the applicant by registered post.

39) How to apply for membership?

Those who meet prescribed eligibility criteria can apply for membership. To apply for AMIE membership one need to apply in the specified format.