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TISSNET - Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

Syllabus Summary

No. Of Subject 5
No. Of Unit 12
No. Of Chapter 109
  1. Visual Reasoning
  1. Critical Reasoning
  1. Number series
  2. Letter Series
  3. Series Missing Numbers
  4. Odd one out
  5. Blood Relation
  6. Calender
  7. Clock
  8. Matrix
  9. Cubes
  10. Coding Decoding
  11. Direction and Distance test
  12. Ranking Tests
  13. Sitting Arrangement
  14. Linear Arrangements
  15. Matrix Arrangements
  16. Mathematical Puzzles
  17. Venn Diagram
  1. Strong & Weak Arguments
  2. Statements Assumptions
  3. Statements and Conclusions
  4. Statements & Inferences
  5. Logical Sequence of Words
  6. Analogies
  7. Verbal Classification (Odd one out)
  8. Syllogism
  9. Logical Deduction (based on syllogism)
  10. Course of Action
  11. Causes and Effects
  1. Sentence­ Jumble
  1. Nouns
  2. Pronouns
  3. Adjective
  4. Adverbs
  5. Prepositions
  6. Articles
  7. Verbs
  8. Tense
  9. Modifiers
  10. Parallelism
  11. Sentence Improvement
  12. Subject Verb Agreement
  1. Sentence completion
  2. Word Usage
  3. Synoymns
  4. Idioms and Pharses
  5. Cloze Test
  6. Antonym
  7. Analogy
  8. Homophones
  9. Confusables
  10. Migratory Words
  11. Phrasal Verbs
  1. Politics
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Business
  4. Sports
  5. Institutions of India
  6. Defence & Space
  7. Indian Judiciary
  8. Awards & Honours
  9. Literature
  10. Economics
  11. Indian Constitution
  12. International Relations
  13. Science and Technology
  14. Movies
  15. Who's who
  16. Indian Industries
  17. Indian Agriculture
  18. Current Affairs
  19. History
  20. Geography
  1. Data interpretations
  2. Data Sufficiency
  1. Profit, Loss and Discount
  2. Percentage 
  3. Partnership
  4. Pipes and Cisterns
  5. Time and Work
  6. Time, Speed and Distance
  7. Ratio and proportion
  8. Age
  9. Averages
  10. Alligation and Mixture
  11. Circular Track & Upstream-downstream
  12. Compound interest
  13. Relative speed
  14. Simple Intrest
  1. Angles, lines
  2. Properties of Circles
  3. Area and Volume of 2D and 3D figures
  4. BODMAS/Simplification
  5. Quadratic equations
  6. Number System
  7. Probability 
  8. LCM and HCF
  9. Permutation and Combination
  10. Height and Distance
  11. Logarithm
  12. Linear Equation
  13. Indices
  14. Arithmatic and Geometric Prograssion
  15. Set Theory & Venn Diagram
  16. Geometry and Mensuration
  17. Properties of Quadrilaterals
  18. Properties of Triangles

How to prepare

Preparation Strategy

Form an image of the type and the level of the questions which are generally asked in the exam. Prepare a strategy to handle each section separately.

Section 1 – English Proficiency

Develop English vocabulary- practise synonyms, antonyms, analogies, reading comprehension and a lot of such stuff that will help solve the questions in this section.

So, the candidates should develop a very good command on the English language to attempt this section fairly well.

Start reading newspapers and magazines or columns (both online and print media). This will reduce your effort of finding the words which are important and are being used in contemporary English.

Make some habit of writing. You will learn the usage of many new words and remember them well.

Section 2 – General Knowledge

The candidates who wish to prepare well for this section can also go for the various on line portals or websites which are specific to the contemporary issues. They will be updated with the latest posts and issues around the nation and the world and will also have discussions threads which will open a new learning avenue for all.

The current issues the developing countries are dealing with including the nation India, and the way government and the whole world is trying to improve them is what will comprise of various questions in this section.

The various ethnic groups, minorities, diverse cultures, people and a lot of such things will be stressed in the questions in this section.

The candidates need to be very well versed with the latest acts and the decisions and the reforms of the government for the resolution of the issues of Social Sensitivity at hand.

The civics subject will come handy to score more in this section.

Section 3 – Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning/Analytical reasoning Statements Assumptions Non Verbal Tests (Visual reasoning) Analogy Test Inferences Statements and assumptions Statements Arguments Cause and effects Statements and conclusion Ranking Tests Linear arrangements Matrix arrangements Blood relationship test Matrix arrangements Symbol based problems Sequencing, coding and decoding problem Number series Direction and Distance test etc

Section 4 – Analytical Ability

Analytical Ability is about NUMBERS. You will be able to score well in this section if you are good in calculations and in problem solving .Solve the sample papers and the previous year papers. Speed is as important as accuracy. This can be achieved only after practicing a lot.

Duration : 100 Minutes

Important Instructions

1) Canvassing in any matter for securing admission shall render a candidate disqualified. 2) Eligibility rules as specified for each course shall be strictly followed and shall not be relaxed under any circumstances. Candidate should satisfy himself / herself that he / she fulfil the eligibility requirements prescribed for the admission to the concerned course of the study. 3) Candidates awaiting result of qualifying examination may also apply for admission with the clear understanding that their selection will be entitled to admission only if they fulfil all eligibility requirements of concerned course of study at the time of admission. 4) Changes, if any, made in the admission rules and / or in the eligibility criteria from time to time shall be applicable to candidates seeking admission in the TISS even after notification. 5) Application form shall not be transferred from one course of study to another under any circumstances. 6 ) A candidate whose qualifying examination is not recognized by this university shall not be eligible for admission. All such Application Forms / admissions shall be rejected / cancelled. 7 ) Application forms may be rejected if in case of the following 1. Incomplete Application 2. Received without requisite fee 3. Received after the Last date 4. Received with Invalid documents. No correspondence shall be entertained in this regard. No relaxation in the last date shall be granted. 8) Admit card to appear in the Admission Test will be issued by the TISS only to those candidates whose application form, complete in all respects, has been received in the TISS on or before last date of application. 9 ) No admit Card will be sent by post. Admit cards will only be downloadable from the TISS website. 1. Candidates are required to paste their recent passport size photograph if not printed properly on admit card in the space provided on the downloaded Admit Card ( Same as affixed on the Application Form ) and hand over the admit Card to the Invigilator on the duty at the Test centre. 11) The candidate should ensure that he/ she has in his / her possession the proper Admit Card before he / she reaches the Test Centre. 12) The candidates should contact immediately the Office concerned where he / she submitted his / her Application Form in case of any discrepancy in the Admit card in order to avoid any last minute inconvenience. 13) TISS assumes no responsibility what so ever in the event of failure to report on the due date and time by the candidate for appearing in the Admission Test. 14) The medium of all Test Shall be English only. The Test paper syllabus are given on the TISS website.Visually challenged candidates appearing for test must bring their writers along with them. 15 ) PWD candidates must submit a written request for the same at least seven days before the scheduled date of the Test in the Office where they submitted their Application Form. 16) PWD candidates who have been provided with a writer may be given an additional time of 30 minutes of the Test duration. 17) The TISS reserves the right to make changes in the notified Admission Test Schedule. 18) In case, any candidate who does not meet the eligibility criteria prescribed for the concerned course of the study appears in the Admission Test, he / she shall be doing so at his / her own risk and cost, and if at any stages, it is found that the candidate do not fulfil the eligibility requirements, the admission, if granted, shall be cancelled. 19) No separate intimation letters will be sent to the candidates short-listed for PIT/PI. The lists of Candidates selected for admission will be displayed on the TISS Website. 20) The TISS may issue or display Waiting List in addition to the List of the selected candidates. NO Waiting List shall be displayed on the Website .A separate intimation letters will be sent to the candidates offered course through waiting List. 21) No correspondence shall be made to candidate not selected for admission. Similarly, the Application fee shall not be refunded. 22) Selected candidate shall be allotted course / Branch / Main Subject / Specialization on merit as per their preference indicated in the application Form. A candidate who has been selected for higher preference will have no claim for lower preference. 23) All admission shall be provisional. 24) Selected Candidates shall not be allowed to complete admission formalities in absentia. 25) Candidates not reporting for admission on the stipulated date and time, shall forfeit his / her claim for admission. The offer of admission shall stand cancelled and no correspondence in this regard shall be entertained. 26) No candidate shall be admitted unless he / she has completed all the eligibility requirements at the time of admission. Candidates awaiting results of their Supplementary / Improvement examination shall not be considered for admission. 27) Candidate is required to produce the original Mark sheets / Certificates, including the statement of the marks qualifying examinations with the requisite percentage of marks at the time of reporting for admission, failing which he / she shall not be allowed to complete the admission, and the offer of admission shall stand cancelled and no further correspondence in the matter shall be entertained. 28) Mark sheet / Grade sheets / certificates downloaded from the Internet shall not be accepted at the time of admission. 29) The candidate selected for admission shall have to deposit the attested photo copy of qualifying examination in the Office at the time of Admission. 30) No candidate shall be eligible to peruse a full time course of study if he / she is already admitted to any full – time course of study in TISS. 31) Candidates perusing any full time course of study is required to get his/ her name removed from the rolls of the University / College / Institution where already admitted, and submit a certificate to this effect from the concerned authority at the time of reporting for admission to the course (including evening Courses and Professional Courses under Centre for Professional courses ) for which he / she may have been provisionally selected. 32) Candidates enjoying employed status and selected for admission to any full – time course of study in the university, are required to produce leave sanction / relieving order at the of admission from their employer for the duration of the course permitting them to peruse their studies at TISS, failing which the offer of admission shall stand withdrawn. 33) The candidate selected for admission shall have to submit the Original Migration Certificate from the Head of the Institution / University last attended at the time of admission. Candidate who is not in the position to submit the Migration certificate at the time of admission, shall give an undertaking on prescribed Proforma to submit the same by December 30, 2016 failing which the TISS reserves the right to cancel his / her admission. 34) The university reserves the right to get any student medically examined and if found medically unfit, the admission of such students will be cancelled. 35) If any error / omission in the processing / verification of certificates / documents of a candidate is detected after the candidate is admitted to a course in the TISS, the TISS has the right to cancel such admission at any stage at which error / omission is deducted. 36) If it is found, at the stage, that a candidates, a) doesn't not fulfil the eligibility requirements b) has used fraudulent means to secure admission c) has made false or incorrect statements in the application form. i. has not singed / marked thumb impression on the application form or somebody else has done so on his / her behalf. 37) He / She shall not be allowed to complete the admission formalities, or in case already admitted, his / her admission shall be cancelled, ipso, fact 38) In case, of cancellation of admission by a candidate, after the closing date of admissions, the Application fee paid by him/ her will not be refunded. 39) Answer sheets and other relevant material pertaining to the Admission Test of all candidates and Application Forms of all the non – admitted candidates will be weeded out after 04 months of the Closing Date of Admissions. Therefore, in case of any dispute regarding admission, the matter must be filed within 04 months of the closing date of admission after which the relevant records may not be made available. 40) The closing date for all admission in the TISS, except those courses / categories for which separate notification will be made. Any vacancy arising after the date of enrolment of the candidate in any course shall not be filled.