Common Admission Test (CAT - 2018)

Online | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Aug 09, 2018
Admit Card Date
Oct 18, 2018
Test Date
Nov 26, 2018

CAT 2018 - Exam Pattern

Exam Paper Type : Online    |     Exam Duration : 3.0 Hr

Section Duration Marks # Questions
Quantitative Ability 60 Minutes 102 34
Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 60 Minutes 96 32
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 60 Minutes 102 34

The duration of the test will be 180 minutes. There will be three sections:

  • Section I: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  • Section II: Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  • Section III: Quantitative Ability

In each section, some questions may not be of multiple choice type. Instead, direct answers will have to be typed on the screen. Also, the use of the basic onscreen calculator for computation is allowed.

Candidates will get exactly 60 minutes for answering questions in each section.

Switching from one section to another while answering questions in a section is not allowed.

To understand the format of the test, candidates are advised to work on the tutorials, which will be available on the CAT website from 18th October, 2017. 

CAT Exam Prepartions FAQ

1) What is the eligibility to take the test under the PWD category?

  • The IIMs strictly follow the reservation norms of the Government of India.
  • To be eligible to appear for the test under PWD category, the candidates must suffer from the following listed disabilities –
    • Low vision/Blindness
    • Hearing Impairment
    • Locomotive Disability/Cerebral Palsy The candidates must suffer from the above-mentioned disabilities, more than or equal to 40%, as certified by a competent medical authority.

2) What are Testing Assistive devices?

The testing Assistive devices or TA devices are the technical aids designed to directly enabled candidates to successfully perform a particular task.

3) What is the reporting time for CAT ?

Students should reach their venue at least one and a half (1.5) hours prior to the test time. If the test begins at 10 AM, the students must reach the test centre no later than 8:30 AM. If the test begins at 3:15 PM, students must reach the test centre no later than 1:45 PM.

4) Does CAT have a syllabus for exam preparation?

No, the CAT exam does not have a defined syllabus for CAT preparation. However, you can attempt the mock test to understand the pattern of exam and types of questions. Check the CAT website regularly for the announcement of mock test. For your benefit, check topics covered in CAT( ) .

5) How is the CAT shift and test date decided?

The exam shift (forenoon or afternoon) is allocated for each registered candidate based on the city preference made at the time of application.

6) What are the permitted materials I can bring with me to the test centre?

None. You will not be permitted to bring any personal items to the test centre, including but not limited to wristwatch, pen, cellphones, calculators, etc.

7) What is the marking/ grading scheme for CAT? Is there negative marking for a wrong answer?

For questions other than MCQs, 3 marks are assigned for ‘correct answer’ and no marks for ‘incorrect answer or no attempt'.The scoring scheme for Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) is as follows:

  • Each correct answer is awarded 3 marks.
  • An incorrect answer fetches -1 .No marks are awarded or deducted for un-attempted questions.

8) I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree, do I need to give overall percentage of marks or as per my University standards?

As per CAT eligibility criteria you have to give percentage according to your university norms.

9) I have not completed my Bachelor’s Degree/I am in final year of Bachelor’s degree, what marks do I need to enter in the Application form?

As per CAT eligibility criteria you have to give Aggregate percentage up to the last marks statement received from the University.

10) I have not completed any graduation course but I am in the final year of a professional course, am I eligible for CAT?

NO, for applying CAT you should full fill any one of the following conditions:

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree with the required percentage.
  • Completed professional degree (For example, CA) with the required percentage.
  • Should be in the final year of Bachelor’s degree with the required percentage.
  • For SC/ST and PWD (DA), candidates should have minimum 45%. For General and NC-OBC candidates minimum is 50%.

11) I am not pursuing or completed my Bachelor’s degree or any Professional degree like CA/CS/ICWA etc., am I eligible to appear for CAT ?

As you are not appearing/completed any Bachelor Degree or not completed any Professional degree like CA/CS/ICWA etc. you are not eligible to appear for CAT .

12) I have completed my 10th/12th standard from CBSE Board. Do I need to enter marks mentioned on Mark list?

As per CAT Criteria you have to mention Aggregate percentage of marks for all subjects irrespective of your Board regulations.

13) Can I appear CAT for practice purpose, though I am aware that I am not eligible?

No, this is not permitted.

14) Is there any age restriction for taking the CAT exam?

No, there is no age restriction for taking the CAT exam.

15) Are there any special provisions for Differently Abled candidates?

Yes. Please refer to the FAQs for PWD/DA Candidates for more details.

16) I am a General category candidate and got 49% in the Bachelor’s degree. I have also completed Master’s degree with 51%, am I eligible to apply for CAT ?

NO, as per CAT eligibility you should have obtained 50% or more in the Bachelor’s degree.

17) I have done 5 years integrated course of and MBA. As per my university norms first 3.5 years is considered to be and remaining 1.5 years is considered to be MBA, how do I enter my marks?

As per your University norms, you will enter the aggregate percentage of first 3.5 years under Bachelor’s Degree and remaining 1.5 years under Master’s degree (if desired).

18) I have completed 5 year dual degree course (, BS+MS, etc.). How do I enter my marks for bachelor degree?

As per your university norms you have to enter the aggregate of marks which are equivalent to bachelor degree and if any marks are there for master degree you enter the same in master degree.

19) I have SC/ST certificate in the format uploaded on the CAT website, can I use this certificate or do I have to download certificate template from CAT website and fill again?

If your certificate fulfils the following conditions, then the same can be uploaded: The certificate should have been issued by competent authority. The name of the caste and caste number should appear in the certificate The Ministry's resolution/order number should be available The certificate should be in Hindi or English only .

20) Is there a validity for NC-OBC Certificate?

Refer the Government of India website for details.

21) Who is the authority that issues NC-OBC certificate?

Refer the Government of India website for details.

22) I have changed my name with due procedure after completing my degree, do I enter the name as per the degree certificate or the changed name?

You have to enter your changed name but you have to produce supporting documents for change of name at the time of examination, interview and admission.

23) Can I bring a calculator to the testing centre?

Candidates are prohibited from bringing calculators to the testing centre. You may use the onscreen calculator that will be available throughout the exam.

24) Can I move back and forth between the two sections?

No, each section will be timed separately. Once a section ends, candidates cannot go back to it.

25) Can I choose which section to attempt first?

No, candidates will be presented with the section on Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation first, followed by Verbal Ability & Logical Reasoning.

26) What is the concept of non-MCQ type questions?

CAT has some questions that are Non-MCQs (multiple choice questions) in which, a student has to respond on their own. Aspirants are suggested not to miss answering any of the non-MCQ, as there is no negative marking in it.

27) Does the non-MCQ type questions carry equal marks as MCQs?

Yes, all questions carry equal marks. However, for non-MCQ type questions, you must type the answer.