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GITAM Admission Test(UGTP)-B.Arch Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern

  • Total Marks: 400
  • Total Questions: 100
  • Test Duration: 120 min
  • Marking System:
    • Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks .
    • 1 mark will be deducted from the score for each wrong answer.
    • The unanswered questions will receive nil marks.

How to prepare

Preparation Strategy

Make a proper Time Table
It is very important that you make a time table and stick to it and you will have an exact idea of what you are required to study and the time required for it.

Concept clarity rather than rote learning
It is essential that you have a clear idea of the formulas and concepts rather than rote  learning of things for the papers. While you might require it for memorizing formulas it is  important that for other stuff you make sure you clear your basics and concepts before moving on.

Prepare Notes
It is very important make small notes or a comprehensive list of formulas on each covered topic and chapter which will come in handy at the time of revision. This will require you to be regular with your work but will surely make things easy at the time of revision.

Revision of Class XI and XII basic concepts
Make sure that you revise the basic concepts from the syllabus of these classes before starting anything new as most of the engineering exams will be for admission to undergraduate courses and so the syllabi from class XI and XII becomes the testing ground to check students.

Seek guidance
It is not possible for you to know everything in your syllabus, at least not at the time of  preparation. Sooner or later you will run into a concept or so which will give you trouble and then  it is best you seek guidance from an instructor or a teacher. It is necessary that you clear your  doubts at regular intervals and don’t prolong things for long. Getting into a good coaching class  is nothing to be ashamed off and if anything a regular coaching class will enable you to avoid roadblocks in your preparation.

Sample Papers
Even though there may be a complete   change in the exam pattern or the expected questions  altogether, it is important that you practice on the sample and previous years question papers available for the engineering exam you’d be attempting. You will know the existing pattern and  have a fair idea of the type of questions to expect in the paper along with the time constraint.

Mock tests
The paper pattern, duration of the paper and the number of questions to be attempted in the given amount of time is not something you will be able to pick up on the day of the examination. A Mock Test tests a student’s abilities as it not only provides a similar feel of real exams but  also helps in building  speed and confident to face the exam. Furthermore, they can improve  their performance to get an extra edge in actual exams. Try to build up an Engineering Entrance Exam Test Prep MCQ Question Bank .

Time management
Time management can be learnt through thorough practice and regular test taking. So it is  important that you practice it and practice it well.

Negative marking
Most the entrance examinations will have negative marking and everyone would suggest you  stay clear of questions are not sure about. But some experts are of the opinion that you answer  the questions in which you are confused between an option or two because there will also be a  chance of getting it right.

Duration : 2 Hours

Important Instructions

  • Candidates should arrive at the examination centre one hour before the scheduled time. There will be an on-site orientation before the examination commences. If a candidate arrives after the on- site orientation begins, he/ she will not be allowed to take the examination. If candidates do not report on time, they are likely to miss some of the general instructions relating to the examination. The examination hall will be opened 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  • The candidate is expected to have basic familiarity with use of computer like use of keyboard and mouse operation. It is the responsibility of the candidate to acquire these skills before appearing for the examination and the University cannot take any responsibility in this matter.
  • The questions are generated from a large question bank and all the candidates will get different question sets. An expert committee will ensure that the question sets are of equal standard level, content, question type, etc. In this matter, the decision of the University is final and binding on the candidate.
  • The candidate must ensure that the computer allotted to him/ her is switched on and any problem with the computer is to be intimated to the proctor immediately. All the questions will be in English medium only. All the questions will be of multiple choice.
  • Each question carries 4 marks. Each correct answer will be awarded 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted from the score for each wrong answer. The unanswered questions will receive nil marks.
  • On completion of the examination, the computer will display the result in terms of number of total correct answers and wrong answers and the net score.
  • No student will be allowed to repeat the examination in the same year.
  • The method adopted for resolving ties shall be in the order of scores in mathematics / biology, physics, chemistry and age of the candidate.
  • The ranks secured by the candidates will be announced within 10 days from the date of completion of GAT.


  • The final list of centres will be announced to candidates through the website The University reserves the right to cancel any test centre and in such a case, candidates allotted to these centres will be accommodated in alternate test centres.
  • Depending on the administrative convenience, tests may be conducted for a limited number of days in some of the centres. The final list of test centres, venues and days of test will be announced only after all the applications are received and candidates will be informed of the same through the university website to enable the candidates to choose their centre, date and time for the test as per their convenience and availability of slots in any of the aforesaid centres. Candidates should indicate 3 different test centres, in order of preference, in the application for consideration by the University.
  • Candidate has to register his/her name at the registration counter in the test centre. The e-hall tickets of the candidates will be verified by the proctor to confirm each candidate’s identity. The candidate has to produce any one of the following for personal identification: Passport / Driving License / EC voter ID card / IT PAN card / School or College photo bearing ID card / Aadhar Card. Each candidate will be given a seat with a computer. Candidate must take the allotted seat at least 15 minutes before the test commences.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to carry any textual material, printed or written, bits of papers or any other material except the e-hall ticket into the test hall. Candidates are also not permitted to bring calculators, slide rules, Clark tables and electronic watches with facilities of calculators, laptop or palmtop computers, personal stereo systems, walkie- talkie sets, mobile phones, paging devices or any other object/device that is likely to be of unfair assistance.
  • No candidate will be allowed to go outside the test hall till the completion of the entire duration of the test. Once a candidate leaves the test hall, he/she will not be permitted to re-enter the test hall under any circumstances.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited. Tea, coffee, soft drinks / snacks are not allowed into the test hall. There are no waiting facilities for family and friends at the test centre.
  • Candidates should maintain perfect silence. All actions of the candidate in the test hall will be closely monitored using web cam and closed circuit cameras. Any conversation or gesticulation or disturbance in the test hall shall be deemed as misbehaviour and if any candidate is found using unfair means or impersonation, his/her candidature will be cancelled and they will be liable to be debarred from taking examination either permanently or for a specified period, as decided by the university. The university reserves the right to withhold the result of such candidates.
  • Candidates must sign the attendance sheet in the presence of the invigilator. The candidate must obey the rules of the test centres, otherwise he/she will be automatically debarred from the test.
  • In rare and unlikely event of a technical failure during the test, the candidate may be required to take the test again.