Roever College of Engineering & Technology (RCET), Perambalur Campus & Infrastructure

Perambalur (Tamil Nadu) Estd : 2009 Approved by : NAAC Type : Private


The lush green sprawling campus of RCET spread over 100 acres and it is located extremely close to Perambalur town and in the midst of Blue Metal Industrial Areas. The distance of just 5 Kms from Perambalur towards Chennai makes it approachable for the aspiring engineers in and around the district. Though, it is located on the NH not only to en-mute the student community to various parts but from them to abroad. Initially RCET offers Four Undergraduate level courses, namely, Civil Engineering(CE), Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE), Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) and Mechanical Engineering (MECH), on account of the highly qualified faculties, well equipped laboratories and enriched infrastructure furnished by the college, the then Anna University of Technology, Timchirappalll and AICTE, New Delhi, came forward to grant appmval (AUT/CEP/0062009, dated: 16/07/2009 & AICTE: F.No. 07/08/11V/E&T2009/46, dated: 17/06/2009) for the above said Courses from the academic year 2009-10.

  • Hostel Facility True
  • Total Course 5



Roever College of Engineering & Technology RCET Perambalur, with facilities including Canteen, Gym, Mess, Library, Medical Facilities, WiFi, Cupboards Availability, Curtains, Bed, Mattress, Electrical Appliances, Table, Chair, TV room, Badminton Court, TT Room, Carom Board, Volleyball Ground, Power Backup, Hot Water, Cold Water

Students Activities & Clubs

Rotract Club


The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.


Goals of club:

  • To develop professional and leadership skills.
  • To emphasize respect for the rights of others, and to promote ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupations.
  • To provide opportunities for young people to address the needs and concerns of the community and our world.
  • To provide opportunities for working in cooperation with sponsoring Rotary clubs.
  • To motivate young people for eventual membership in Rotary.

NSS Club

Our NSS Unit is approved by Anna University, Chennai, on 01-08-2013. This unit will engage the students in several Social Welfare and Social Programmes. It will organize camps and develop the student's service motive and also train them to be well disciplined and true Citizens of the country.

Shakespeare Club

Club In charge: K. Sakthivel, Asst.Prof / English
Department of Humanities Science & Engineering
Roever College of Engineering & Technology
Perambalur - 621 220


Women Empowerment Club

The key focus of WEC is empowering young females at RCET, nationally, and internationally as well. To us empowerment means anything from making healthier decisions, progressing in a career, giving back to society, and everything in between. We aim to achieve this through educational initiatives such as Competitions, Guest Lecture on various issues such as Women & Health and Domestic Violence, to name a few.

Fine Arts Club

Energy Club

We are in a pivotal era when the growing energy requirements of global society far exceed its capacity to generate power without negatively impacting the environment. The ecological and economic consequences of not addressing this trend in the present are not well understood nor appreciated while the growing consensus is that we can no longer afford to ignore the issue without further compounding the problem. As the citizens of developing nations come to expect increased standards of living, it is ever more crucial that solutions are found and implemented which are compatible with both economic and environmental systems.

The RCET Energy Club seeks to:

  • Represent and promote the energy, clean tech and environment-related industries at RCET.
  • Build a global energy & environment network for RCET students that bridges academia, government and industry.
  • Increase the number of energy-related full-time and summer employment opportunities and offers  and develop the next generation of leaders in the energy industry; and
  • Increase connections between RCET and the energy innovation ecosystem.


The terms EC, Energy Club and club shall be acceptable abbreviations for the “ANNA UNIVERSITY”.

Vedhic Maths Club

Green club

This club aims at creating mass awareness  for the need  to protect the environment and to enhance political attention and public action through its strong environment field units called ‘Green Club’ globally in every corner of the world.

To play global role in spreading the message internationally to save the global environment by all and to promote environmental awareness internationally by opening its clubs worldwide.

Science Club

The Science Club was started in the year 2010, with an aim intended to invite many eminent scientists who would share their experience with the students and motivate them to get scientific knowledge. Activities are designed primarily to introduce students to undertake interesting/exciting science and technology projects.

The Science Club consists of a group of students who want to explore the many branches of engineering, mathematics, and science. The club is open to all students.      

The purpose of the Science Club is to promote interest, understanding, and knowledge of the scientific world amongst the college students and local community. Also to develop your interest in science, to introduce you to a variety of scientific disciplines and to develop skills in fieldwork, research and project presentations.

Members will provide help as you develop your project and will be an audience when you practice oral presentation of your science project. Peer review is extremely useful.

Science Club is one of the largest clubs in our College. Our club is divided into three sections: Physics, Chemistry and General. Our club would like to arouse Engineer's interest in learning science, hence promoting their academic achievement in Science subjects. We also help Engineer's to learn more about science outside their classroom and teach them how to apply their knowledge of science in their daily life through our activities.

It also aims at guiding the students to develop an independent, logical and creative mind.  The entire Engineer's can get the latest news of our club and day to days information about the science will be displayed on the notice board.

Internet Club


  • The main objective is to promote, protect and innovate a better understanding of latest technologies and develop prototypes and new concepts to expand the field’s technology, while making information available for study by members of the greater community.
  • To create computer awareness among the staff members and students.
  • To ensure the proper utilization of the technology.
  • To embrace new technology and make new discoveries in the fields of computer science with a high standard of ethics in service to the community.
  • To gather active and interested students from all disciplines to share knowledge and personal experiences with professionals from local and national IT organizations.


Mission Statement:
The Internet Club seeks to learn and discover new and current concepts in the fields of computer science. The club's goal is to promote, protect and innovate a better understanding of latest technologies and develop prototypes and new concepts to expand the field’s technology, while making information available for study by members of the greater community.


Vision Statement:
  • To embrace new technology and make new discoveries in the fields of computer science with a high standard of ethics in service to the community.
  • The Club's primary purpose is to gather active and interested students from all disciplines to share knowledge and personal experiences with professionals from local and national IT organizations. Through this process, they develop working relationships that enhance knowledge and may result in future employment opportunities.
  • Club develops a better understanding of the nature and functions of Information Technology (IT) and its use in business. The Club promotes general principles of IT and studies technical methods with a view to their improvement. Members of the Club provide free workshops and open, training sessions to students in the College. They study hardware and software related to IT and disseminates information by all appropriate means.

Consumer Club

Citizen Consumer Club of our college is established for the purpose of spread the awareness about consumer rights amongst all consumer segments and to help consumers get justice when affected


  • To spread awareness on consumer rights amongst all consumer segments to students.
  • To emerge as the best citizen consumer club at State Level adjudged by the Commissioner of Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection through the State Government to Government of India


  • To enable students understand fundamental rights of citizen and make them realize and learn the fundamental duties of a good citizen.
  • To inject knowledge and skills relating to consumer rights among our college students and to impart knowledge on product standards, product quality and about markets.
  • To make them aware of laws enacted for protection/welfare of consumers and enforcement authorities concerned.
  • To build a base of enlightened citizen consumer as the foundation of future India.
  • Bring awareness and realization about duties and responsibilities as Citizen of India

Student Exnora


  • To create an awareness about the dangerous and polluted environment.
  • To give importance of forestry.
  • To bring out clean environment in and around the schools and colleges.
  • To make a visit to the green environments like forests, gardens etc.
  • To conduct programs on Personality Development, self confidence and motivation to the students

Civil Concrete Club

The main scope of this club is devoted to learning how to proportion select materials that , when properly mixed and properly placed , will produce an economical concrete mix that meets the requirements for placeablity , consistency, strength, durability and appearance.

The objective of this club is to learn how to select and proportion the materials for quality concrete.

Our purpose is to develop an understanding of how the components of concrete and the proportioning of those components affect the end product.

Our goal is not to simply learn the mechanics of designing a quality concrete mix; it is to obtain the knowledge needed to:

  • Specify the most economical and practical combination of materials.
  • Provide the necessary quality assurance inspection.
  • Analyze and develop solutions to everyday problems that are related to materials and mix proportioning.

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