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Life @ Mookambigai College of Engineering - MCE - Pudukkottai (Tamil Nadu)

Established Date - 1985   |   Accredited By - ISO, AICTE  
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Life @ MCE
Mookambigai College of Engineering


Mookambigai College of Engineering campus is well equipped with following facilities : 

  • Computer Centre
  • Transports
  • Post Office
  • Canteen
  • ATM
  • Library 


Students Activities & Clubs

Hostel Allotment Policy

Hostel Rules :

  • Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Even teasing your colleagues will be considered as ragging and dealt with seriously.
  • The students are instructed to occupy the room allotted to them. Change of room is subject to warden’s decisions. 
  • Be modest in dressing and polite to the ward boys, mess employees, security and staff. 
  • All the students should keep their belongings safely. The valuables should always be kept Under lock and key .The management does not own any responsibility for the loss of property left in the rooms, due to the negligence of students for not properly keeping their belongings. 
  • Never leave the room open when you are out. This is very important. 
  • Students should not forget to turn off the electrical appliances when they leave their rooms. 
  • Students should not leave the hostel without informing the Deputy Warden. When you leave the hostel, sign the Movement Register, enter the time of leaving and return without fail. 
  • When the students leave for home, they should write name, duration of absence, contact address, Phone Number and the date of return in the leave register. In the event of unexpected circumstances, the students should telephonically inform the warden as to the reason for the delay and probable time of return. 
  • The inmates of Women’s’ Hostel are not permitted to go out of the hostel premises after 6.30 pm. They should return before 6.30 pm, if they had already left the hostel with prior permission. If permitted to work in the Computer Centre their presence in the centre should be attested by the staff in- charge of the centre. On no account, they shall remain outside the hostel after 8.30 pm. 
  • The inmates shall remain in their rooms after 8.30 pm and maintain absolute silence. However using the class rooms for study and facilities of the Computer Centre will be allowed on permission from the hostel authorities. 
  • Mess Reduction application should be given two days in advance through Deputy Warden. 
  • Only one mess reduction will be allowed in a month. 
  • No students shall vacate the hostel without written application of the parent/ guardian and without permission of the warden. 
  • Visitors should restrict themselves to the Manager’s Room. 
  • Visitors are strictly prohibited to enter the women’s hostel. However parents guardians may be allowed to see their wards during visiting hours from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm, with prior permission of Deputy Warden. 
  • Guests are not generally allowed. However, parents will be treated as special guests with the approval of the Warden. 
  • Day Scholars are strictly prohibited from staying in the hostel premises. Hostel students who entertain day scholars in the rooms will be liable for punishment. 
  • Students should not entertain vendors inside the premises. 
  • No student is permitted to entertain any ex-student of this institution or students of other institutions. The penalty for violation of this rule will be very severe. 
  • If any inmate is found in the hostel during class hours without Deputy Warden’s permission, he/she will be severely punished. 
  • Hostellers shall not put up any notices or posters inside the hostel premises. Convening of meetings without permission is not allowed. 
  • Smoking, playing of cards, stocking of or consuming liquor and drugs, gambling etc. in the hostel premises are strictly prohibited. 
  • Any damage caused by the boarders to the buildings and attachments like bath room fittings, toilets, wash basins etc., or electrical installations like bulb, tube light, switches, fans etc., will be recovered at double the cost either from the individuals if identified or from inmates of the hostel collectively causing the damage. 
  • Students are strictly prohibited from using personal gadgets like transistor, tape recorder, VCR, hot plate, electric iron etc., However to use electrical appliances like table fan, bulb of voltage not exceeding 60W, immersion heater of voltage not exceeding 300W, prior permission of the authorities is necessary and will be charged extra. 
  • No member shall indulge in ragging, politics, rioting or instigate communal hatred in the hostel premises. Such indulgence will be severely dealt with. 
  • Grievances of the inmates may be brought to the notice of the hostel authorities individually for redressal. 
  • The Warden has full powers to inflict on offenders, punishments in the form of fines, suspension or expulsion from hostel. 
  • Misconduct or breach of any of these rules will be dealt with severely.


Srinivasa nagar, kalamavur Keeranur, Pudukkottai Tamil Nadu India


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