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    Ch Charan Singh Polytechnic Latest News & Updates 2023

    • Delhi (Delhi)
    • Private
    • Approved by : AICTE

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    B Tech Management Quota Admission 2023
    March 24, 2023 0:00 PM

    B Tech Management Quota Admission 2023 - Dates, Eligibility, Application Form, Documents, Process, Fee

    B Tech Management Quota Admission 2023 – The demand for some of the popular specializations in B Tech has always been increasing. The competition for such specializations is high, and not all the students may get admission in top private engineering colleges with a valid score in the entrance exam. In such cases, one of the options for such students is management quota admission. One of the major advantages of opting management quota is that a student can get admission in the desired college. If you are unable to make it to the top private engineering colleges due to higher closing ranks or cutoff, you can opt for management quota admission. All the details pertaining to B.Tech management quota admission can be checked here.

    What is B Tech Management Quota Admission 2023?

    Engineering colleges in India have been divided into government and private colleges (including deemed universities). Every state conducts its own entrance exam or counselling process for B Tech admission. The engineering seats in every private college in different states are divided into state quota and management quota. While the state government fills the seats for state quota, private colleges can fill the seats that fall under management quota. Only a limited percentage of seats will be available under management quota.

    State Wise Distribution of B Tech Seats under Management Quota

    Here are the details about the state-wise distribution of B.Tech seats under management quota –

    Name of the State

    Percentage of Seats Available under Management Quota

    Andhra Pradesh B Tech Colleges


    Telangana B Tech Colleges


    Tamil Nadu B Tech Colleges

    35% (30% in Minority Colleges)

    Gujarat B Tech Colleges


    Kerala B Tech Colleges


    Karnataka B Tech Colleges


    Maharashtra B Tech Colleges


    Orissa B Tech Colleges


    Uttar Pradesh B Tech Colleges


    Rajasthan B Tech Colleges


    Madhya Pradesh B Tech Colleges


    Assam B Tech Colleges

    Not Available

    Punjab B Tech Colleges


    Haryana B Tech Colleges


    Colleges Accepting TS EAMCET Rank Between 10k and 25k
    March 24, 2023 0:41 PM

    TS EAMCET 2023లో 10,000 నుండి 25,000 ర్యాంక్‌లను అంగీకరించే కళాశాలల జాబితా ( Best Colleges for TS EAMCET 10000 to 25000 Rankers)

    List of Colleges for TS EAMCET Rank 10,000 to 25,000 in Telugu :  జవహర్‌లాల్ నెహ్రూ టెక్నలాజికల్ యూనివర్శిటీ హైదరాబాద్ (JNTUH) TSCHE తరపున  ఇంజనీరింగ్, ఫార్మసీ మరియు అగ్రికల్చర్ డిగ్రీల అడ్మిషన్ కోసం TS EAMCET పరీక్షను నిర్వహిస్తుంది. TS EAMCET ప్రశ్నపత్రం రెండు భాషలలో ఉంటుంది, అంటే ఇంగ్లీష్ మరియు తెలుగు లేదా ఇంగ్లీష్ మరియు ఉర్దూ.TS EAMCET 2023  ఇంజనీరింగ్ పరీక్ష మే 7 నుండి 11, 2023 వరకు నిర్వహించబడుతుంది. TS EAMCET పరీక్షలో 10,000 మరియు 25,000 పరిధిలో ఉన్న ఏదైనా ర్యాంక్ మంచి ర్యాంక్‌గా పరిగణించబడుతుంది మరియు ఈ ర్యాంక్ పరిధిలో ఉన్న అభ్యర్థులు ఉత్తమమైన కళాశాలల్లో అడ్మిషన్ పొందే అవకాశం ఎక్కువగా ఉంటుంది.

    ఈ కథనంలో, 10,000 మరియు 25,000 పరిధిలో ర్యాంక్ సాధించే అభ్యర్థుల అడ్మిషన్ అభ్యర్థనను అంగీకరించే TS EAMCET కళాశాలలపై మా ప్రాథమిక దృష్టి ఉంటుంది.

    TS EAMCET 2023 Closing Ranks TS EAMCET 2023 Result

    TS EAMCET ర్యాంక్‌ 10000 నుండి 25000 వరకు అంగీకరించే కళాశాలలు (Colleges Accepting TS EAMCET Rank of 10000 to 25000)

    కింది టేబుల్ మునుపటి సంవత్సరం TS EAMCET కటాఫ్/క్లోజింగ్ ర్యాంక్ పరిధి ఆధారంగా 10000 మరియు 25000 మధ్య TS EAMCET ర్యాంక్‌ను ఆమోదించే అన్ని కళాశాలల జాబితా కలిగి ఉంది -

    కళాశాల/సంస్థ పేరు


    అంచనా కటాఫ్/క్లోజింగ్ ర్యాంక్ పరిధి

    AAR Mahaveer Engineering College, Banglaguda



    Vardhaman College of Engineering, Shamshabad

    Mechanical Engineering


    ఎలక్ట్రికల్ మరియు ఎలక్ట్రానిక్స్ ఇంజనీరింగ్


    Civil Engineering


    Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology, Moinabad

    Information Technology






    VR Vignan Jyothi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Bachupally

    ఎలక్ట్రానిక్స్ మరియు ఇన్‌స్ట్రుమెంటేషన్ ఇంజనీరింగ్


    Automobile Engineering


    Vignan Bharati Institute of Technology, Ghatkesar

    ఇన్ఫర్మేషన్ టెక్నాలజీ




    Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology, Ghatkesar



    ఎలక్ట్రానిక్స్ మరియు కంప్యూటర్ ఇంజనీరింగ్




    ఓయూ కాలేజ్ ఆఫ్ టెక్నాలజీ, హైదరాబాద్

    Textile Technology


    Food Processing Technology


    Biomedical Engineering


    Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College, Ghatkesar 



    నీల్ గోగ్టే ఇన్స్టిట్యూట్ ఆఫ్ టెక్నాలజీ, కాంచవాణి సింగారం



    MVSR Engineering College, Nadergul







    St Martin’s Engineering College, Dhulapally





    Malla Reddy Engineering Colleg

    JEE Physics 2023 Preparation Tips
    March 24, 2023 0:29 PM

    JEE Main 2023 Physics Last Minute Revision Plan: Most Expected Topic

    JEE Main 2023 Physics Last Minute Revision Plan: Physics is regarded as one of the most difficult subjects, and it is also a crucial subject for JEE Main 2023. The Physics part contains application-based problems that are simple to answer but complex to understand. To tackle such JEE Main Physics problems, students must understand the fundamental principles. Physics has an easy to moderate difficulty level, according to experts on the basis of past JEE Main exam 2023. Furthermore, previous patterns have shown that Physics has always been complex and difficult. The NTA  is conducting the JEE Main 2023 in two phases. The first phase was held on January 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 2023 and February 1, 2023 for Paper 1 and on January 28, 2023 for Paper 2. The second phase will be held on April 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, 2023.

    About JEE Main

    The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Mains) is the first step toward admission to your desired engineering college. It is one of the most important pre-engineering exams. Based on the previous year's questions of JEE Mains 2023 in physics, we have produced a list of high-weightage chapters. Students should focus more on these chapters and themes when studying for JEE Main, but this does not mean that they should neglect the rest of the courses or chapters since each chapter has its own worth in the JEE Main examination.

    Important Chapters for JEE Main Physics 2023

    The JEE Main Physics syllabus is made up of around 21 chapters, with some of the most important JEE Main chapters mentioned below:

    • Mechanics
    • Oscillations And Waves
    • Rotational Motion
    • Electrostatics
    • Atoms And Nuclei
    • Current Electricity
    • Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
    Also Read: JEE Main Admit Card 2023

    Have you completed these chapters? If the answer is no, please hurry!! Also, make an attempt to cover the first in order to secure your college place.

    1. The chapter on Oscillations and Waves covers the greatest number of exam questions, around 10%. Previously, we observed challenges in electrodynamics, contemporary physics, optics, and so on.
    2. As a consequence, because they were often asked in previous year examinations, students should start with these chapters.
    3. After you've completed these chapters, you may go on to the easier ones like Units and Dimensions, Error Measurement, and Vectors.
    4. All you have to do is understand the concepts in each chapter.
    5. If you choose this path, you will have good Physics preparation and will score highly.

    JEE Mains 2023 Physics Topic-Wise Distribution(based on marks and other factors)

    Do you know how much weight each topic has in the JEE Main exam? This section describes subjects and their level of complexity. The category is focused on fundamental ideas and simple and extremely important themes for tests that have a high weightage in exams and have appeared repeatedly in recent years.


    Basic concepts: (1 mark each)

    • Units and Dimensions
    • Vectors
    • Measurement of Errors

    Fundamental concepts: (2 marks each)

    • Kinematics
    • Friction
    • Newton’s Laws of Motion

    JEE Main Physics Important concepts: (2-3 marks each)

    • Centre of Mass, Momentum, and Collision
    • Rotational Dynamics
    • Simple Harmonic Motion
    • Fluid Mechanics
    • Wave Motion and String Waves
    • Magnetism
    • Heat & Thermodynamics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Modern Physics

    Easy and Scoring Concepts

    • Work, Energy and Power
    • Electrostatics
    • Current Electricity
    • Wave Optics
    • Ray Optics

    JEE Mains 2023 Physics Topic-wise Weightage




    Electromagnetics Induc

    JEE Main 2023: List of Chapters & Topics Covered Under Physics Section
    March 24, 2023 0:28 PM

    JEE Main 2023: List of Chapters & Topics Covered Under Physics Section

    JEE Main 2023: List of Chapters & Topics Covered Under Physics Section: National Testing Agency (NTA) has announced the JEE Main 2023 exam dates. The JEE Main exam 2023 is being conducted across two sessions: January session and the April session. Being aware of the important topics and chapters will help students study properly. The JEE Main 2023 syllabus includes three main subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Among these Physics is one of the important subjects that students should focus on. The JEE Main Physics syllabus 2023 includes various subjects including Physics and Measurement, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Rotational Motion, Gravitation, Oscillations and Waves, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism, etc. 

    The JEE Main 2023 students should speed up their preparation and have a smart approach to their studies. Students studying for the JEE Main exam 2023 exam should have a list of important topics and chapters. Preparing with accurate knowledge about the weightage of chapters in JEE Mains 2023 Physics syllabus aids in developing an effective JEE preparation approach. With only a few days till the test, having a list of crucial JEE Mains 2023 physics syllabus, important chapters and topics on hand might help you make the most of your time. 

    Read the full post to get details on JEE Main 2023 Physics syllabus's important chapters and topics, marks-wise weightage, and more. 

    JEE Main 2023 Physics Important Topics

    The JEE Main 2023 Physics syllabus includes vast topics and chapters. Among this huge syllabus, there are some important topics that students should study well as they are repeated over years. Candidates can check the JEE Main 2023 Physics important topics given below.

    JEE Main Physics Important Topics 2023

    Coefficient of Viscosity

    Difference Between Series and Parallel Circuits

    Units of Force

    Stokes Law Derivation

    Biot Savart Law

    Difference Between Pound and Kilogram

    Critical Velocity

    Ampere S Law

    Accuracy Precision and Error in Measurement

    Bernoulli's Principle

    Magnetic Field

    Screw Gauge

    Fluid Flow


    Frames of Reference

    Difference Between Heat and Temperature

    Magnetic Dipole Moment

    Position Time and Velocity Time Graphs


    Magnetic Moment

    Velocity Time and Acceleration Time Graphs

    Coefficient of Linear Expansion


    Speed Time Graphs

    Thermal Properties of Materials

    Bar Magnet

    Difference Between Speed and Velocity

    Latent Heat of Water

    Uses of Electromagnets


    Difference Between Conduction, Convection and Radiation

    Faradays Law

    Instantaneous Speed and Velocity

    Reversible and Irreversible Processes

    Electromagnetic Induction

    Uniform Motion and Non Uniform Motion

    Carnot Engine

    Faraday's Law

    Equations of Motion

    Adiabatic Process

    Lenz's Law

    Scalar and Vector Quantity

    Kinetic Theory of Gases

    Solenoid and Toroid

    Difference Between Scalar and Vector

    Law Equipartition Energy

    Ac Generator

    Projectile Motion

    Avogadro's Number

    Electromagnetic Waves

    Uniform Circular Motion

    Oscillatory Motion

    Gamma Rays Electromagnetic Spectrum

    Newton's Laws of Motion First Law


    Unit of Light

    Force and Momentum

    Periodic Motion


    Discrepancy in JEE Main 2023 Admit Card: Steps to Resolve, Instructions
    March 24, 2023 0:27 PM

    Discrepancy in JEE Main 2023 Admit Card: Steps to Resolve, Instructions

    Discrepancy in JEE Main 2023 Admit Card: The National Testing Agency will release the JEE Main phase 2 admit card 2023 soon at . 

    Once the admit card of JEE Main April session is out, candidates are required to check all details mentioned on it. Candidates having any discrepancy in JEE Main 2023 admit card phase 2 should immediately report the same to concerned authorities and get it rectified before the exam day. The discrepancies can be related to wrong name or spelling mistake or error in the date of birth etc. In this article, you can read about common discrepancies pointed out by candidates, steps to make corrections related to those discrepancies, along with other exam related information.

    The JEE Main 2023 April session exam is on April 6, 8,10, 11 and 12, 2023..

    Common Discrepancies in JEE Main 2023 Admit Card

    Some of the common discrepancies in the JEE Main 2023 admit card are as follows –

    Common Discrepancies


    Mistakes in the Particulars of Candidate

    There may be some mistakes in the candidate’s details such as name, date of birth, father’s or mother’s name, etc. Usually, these mistakes occur when you filled the wrong details in the application form.

    Unclear/ Blurred Photograph

    If you failed to resolve the image discrepancy in JEE Main application form, your admit card may have an unclear and blurred image.

    Unclear/ Blurred Signature

    When you upload an unclear signature while filling the application form, the same will reflect in the admit card.

    DownloadingJEE Main 2023 admit card on Mobile

    It is highly recommended that candidates do not download their admit card on mobile. Alternatively, get the JEE Main 2023 admit card from the recommended browser.

    Admit card not received

    Please keep in mind that NTA will not mail JEE Main admit cards to candidates. The exam admit card can be downloaded from the exam's official website.

    What to do in case of discrepancies on JEE Main 2023 Admit Card?

    In case you find any of the above discrepancies in the JEE Main admit card 2023, you need not worry or panic and raise them with NTA by following the simple steps mentioned below –

    • Keep your application number ready before contacting the NTA
    • The NTA helpline number is 011-40759000, and the authorities will address your queries from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days.
    • Mention your application number and explain the discrepancy
    • The NTA helpline will verify the details and takes necessary action by sending an intimation of the JEE Main 2023 exam center authority
    • The NTA will not issue a new admit card, and you will have to appear with the same admit card.
    • You will have to carry the necessary proof such as ID Proof & Clear Passport Size Photo to the JEE Main exam center.
    • The corrections in detail will be taken up by the NTA after the JEE Main exam

    Quick Read: 

    Candidates who have discrepancies in JEE Main 2023 admit card must note that they will not be barred from appearing for the JEE Main exam if you inform the discrepancy through the NTA helpline number in advance. Therefore, you will need to take an immediate step by contacting NTA.

    Also Check: 

    JEE Main Passing Marks 2023

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