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Alphores Womens Degree & PG College

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Alphores Womens Degree & PG College is situated at Near: R.T.C Workshop, Jagtial Road, Karimnagar. in Karimnagar.

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  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Arts-B.A.
  • Languages / Arts / Literature
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Commerce-B.Com
  • Banking / Finance / Accounts / Commerce
  • 3 Years
  • Bachelor of Science-B.Sc.
  • Languages / Arts / Literature

Alphores Womens Degree & PG College - AWDC

Alphores is an institution replete with most advanced infrastructure which makes learning highly interactive, interesting and intuitive experience. as... the students discover the secrets of science in fully-equipped labs, unravel a world of knowledge in computerized library stocked with vast collection of books and journals, and keep trend with times and technology of the world with sophisticated computer lab connected to hi-speed internet facility. Above all, the structural design of the classrooms permits ambient light and fresh air invigorate the learning environment while lush green and inviting outdoors enhance the learning process.Since vedic period , the women have been exhibiting their wisdom in education as it is obvious from the Upanishads that the noble ladies like ‘Gargi’ and ‘Maithreyi’ have given their competent discourses in the court of Vedic experts and won the laurels.  We also have the evidences form the ancient Indian History of the dominant role played by the women in the matriarchal society which stand as testimony to the prudence and leadership qualities of women.  It is widely accepted that the present developed state of the world would not have been possible without the involvement of women.  In India, since ages, the women have been commanding great social respect preserving their dignity and decorum.

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The college has well good class rooms.



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  • 3 UG Courses

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Appreciating the emotions and longing associated with home, Alphores makes conscious efforts to make your child feel at home. Making 'Care' as the core essential of the institution's functioning, our warden and support staffs blend in with students like a family. And a full-time counselor available on the campus readily assists students in coping with educational, emotional or any personal stress. In addition, individual care is taken to ensure the students enjoy hygienic food and timely rest while 24-hour medical assistance caters to the healthcare needs of your child.With Alphores parents can be sure of their girl's well-being. Because we leave nothing to chance and every movement of the student is carefully monitored on and off the campus the same will be duly informed to the parents. And in case of any deviations found, the student will be properly counseled to help them back into the track of their education and career. Also, the professional security agency hired guards the institution like a fortress and doesn't let any outsider into the campus without thoroughly scrutinizing their credentials.


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