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Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences Cutoff 2021

New Delhi (Delhi) Approved by : NAAC
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Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences has released its cutoff list for both courses wise & category wise. Applicants who meet Delhi University's cutoff requirement are eligible for admission in Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences. The cutoff list will give applicants an idea as to whether or not they are qualified for the course. The cutoff list of the Bharati College are shown below:-

DU Science 2020 Cutoffs for BCAS New Delhi

Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS194.66
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS294.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS393.66
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS493.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS593.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS692.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWS791.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 188.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 284.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 383.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceEWSMerit-based Special93.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral195.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral294.66
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral394.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral494.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral593.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral693.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneral792.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceGeneralMerit-based Special93.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants194.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants293.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants392.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants491.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants590.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants689.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri Migrants788.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 186.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 285.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 382.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special90.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC192.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC291.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC390.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC489.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC588.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC687.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBC785.33
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 184.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 282.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 380.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceOBCMerit-based Special88.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD191.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD289.66
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD389.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD485.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD584.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD682.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwD780.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwDSpecial Drive 175.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwDSpecial Drive 270.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwDSpecial Drive 368.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical SciencePwDMerit-based Special84.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes191.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes288.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes385.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes483.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes581.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes678.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Castes774.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled CastesMerit-based Special81.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe188.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe285.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe380.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe478.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe575.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe671.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled Tribe767.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 164.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 260.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 355.0
B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceScheduled TribeMerit-based Special75.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS191.5
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS291.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS389.25
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS489.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS588.5
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS688.25
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWS788.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 186.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 285.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 383.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceEWSMerit-based Special88.5
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceGeneral192.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants190.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants288.5
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants388.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants486.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants585.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants682.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri Migrants781.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 182.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 282.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 382.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBC190.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBC289.75
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBC389.25
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBC589.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBC688.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBC787.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 186.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 285.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 384.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceOBCMerit-based Special89.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD189.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD288.5
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD388.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD486.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD585.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD682.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwD781.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwDSpecial Drive 177.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwDSpecial Drive 274.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwDSpecial Drive 370.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer SciencePwDMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Castes189.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Castes285.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Castes383.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Castes582.25
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Castes681.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Castes779.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 175.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 272.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 367.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled CastesMerit-based Special82.25
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe187.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe282.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe378.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe477.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe574.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe671.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled Tribe768.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 163.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 260.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 355.0
B.Sc. (H) Computer ScienceScheduled TribeMerit-based Special74.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS189.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS288.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS386.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS484.33
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS582.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS680.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWS778.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 176.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 274.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWSSpecial Drive 373.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceEWSMerit-based Special82.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral190.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral288.33
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral387.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral485.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral583.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral681.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneral778.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceGeneralMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants188.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants287.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants385.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants483.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants580.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants675.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri Migrants770.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 168.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 268.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 368.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special80.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC188.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC286.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC383.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC481.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC579.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC677.33
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBC774.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 171.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 266.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBCSpecial Drive 364.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceOBCMerit-based Special79.66
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD188.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD287.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD385.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD483.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD580.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD675.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwD770.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwDSpecial Drive 167.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwDSpecial Drive 265.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwDSpecial Drive 360.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer SciencePwDMerit-based Special80.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes186.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes282.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes379.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes475.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes570.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes665.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Castes759.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 257.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled CastesMerit-based Special70.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe184.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe279.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe375.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe470.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe565.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe660.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled Tribe755.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 150.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 250.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 345.0
B.Sc. (H) Polymer ScienceScheduled TribeMerit-based Special65.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS190.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS289.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS388.33
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS487.33
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS586.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS685.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWS782.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWSSpecial Drive 180.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWSSpecial Drive 276.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWSSpecial Drive 375.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsEWSMerit-based Special86.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral191.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral289.33
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral388.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral487.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral587.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral686.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneral785.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneralSpecial Drive 283.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneralSpecial Drive 381.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsGeneralMerit-based Special87.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants190.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants288.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants387.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants484.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants583.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants680.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri Migrants778.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 175.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 274.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 371.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC189.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC287.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC386.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC484.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC583.33
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC682.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBC779.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBCSpecial Drive 176.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBCSpecial Drive 272.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBCSpecial Drive 368.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsOBCMerit-based Special83.33
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD190.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD288.66
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD387.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD484.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD583.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD680.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwD775.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwDSpecial Drive 170.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwDSpecial Drive 265.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwDSpecial Drive 360.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsPwDMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes187.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes283.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes380.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes476.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes574.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes670.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Castes765.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 160.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 255.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled CastesMerit-based Special74.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe185.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe280.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe376.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe474.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe570.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe665.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled Tribe759.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 155.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 250.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 345.0
B.Sc. (H) ElectronicsScheduled TribeMerit-based Special70.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS191.66
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS291.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS390.66
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS490.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS590.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS689.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWS788.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWSSpecial Drive 185.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWSSpecial Drive 282.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWSSpecial Drive 381.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyEWSMerit-based Special90.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyGeneral192.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyGeneral392.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyGeneral791.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyGeneralMerit-based Special92.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants190.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants289.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants389.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants487.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants586.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants682.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri Migrants780.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 181.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 281.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 381.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special86.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC190.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC289.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC388.66
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC488.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC587.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC686.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBC783.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBCSpecial Drive 180.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBCSpecial Drive 275.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBCSpecial Drive 373.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyOBCMerit-based Special87.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD190.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD289.33
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD389.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD487.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD586.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD682.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwD780.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwDSpecial Drive 177.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwDSpecial Drive 273.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwDSpecial Drive 369.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyPwDMerit-based Special86.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes188.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes285.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes383.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes482.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes580.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes678.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Castes775.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled CastesMerit-based Special80.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe186.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe282.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe380.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe479.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe575.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe673.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled Tribe772.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 270.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 368.0
B.Sc. (H) Food TechnologyScheduled TribeMerit-based Special75.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS189.66
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS288.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS386.66
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS485.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS582.66
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS679.66
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWS778.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWSSpecial Drive 176.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWSSpecial Drive 273.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWSSpecial Drive 371.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationEWSMerit-based Special82.66
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral190.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral288.33
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral387.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral485.33
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral583.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral680.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneral779.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationGeneralMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants188.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants287.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants386.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants484.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants580.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants675.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri Migrants770.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 169.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 269.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 369.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special80.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC188.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC286.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC384.66
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC483.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC581.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC678.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBC775.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBCSpecial Drive 172.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBCSpecial Drive 267.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBCSpecial Drive 365.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationOBCMerit-based Special81.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD188.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD287.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD386.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD484.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD580.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD675.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwD770.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwDSpecial Drive 168.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwDSpecial Drive 263.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwDSpecial Drive 360.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationPwDMerit-based Special80.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes186.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes282.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes377.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes473.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes570.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes667.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Castes762.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 160.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 255.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 353.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled CastesMerit-based Special70.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe184.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe279.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe374.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe469.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe565.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe660.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled Tribe755.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 151.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 250.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 348.0
B.Sc. (H) InstrumentationScheduled TribeMerit-based Special65.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS192.66
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS292.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS391.66
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS491.33
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS591.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS690.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWS789.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWSSpecial Drive 187.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWSSpecial Drive 285.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWSSpecial Drive 384.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsEWSMerit-based Special91.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsGeneral193.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants191.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants290.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants388.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants486.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants583.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants680.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri Migrants778.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 183.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 283.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 383.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBC191.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBC391.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBC490.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBC589.66
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBC689.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBC787.66
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBCSpecial Drive 186.66
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBCSpecial Drive 284.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBCSpecial Drive 382.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsOBCMerit-based Special89.66
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD191.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD290.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD388.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD486.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD583.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD680.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwD778.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwDSpecial Drive 175.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwDSpecial Drive 270.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwDSpecial Drive 365.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsPwDMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Castes189.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Castes285.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Castes383.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Castes481.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Castes579.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Castes778.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 175.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 374.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe186.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe281.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe379.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe476.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe572.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe668.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled Tribe763.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 160.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 255.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 350.0
B.Sc. (H) PhysicsScheduled TribeMerit-based Special72.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS191.66
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS291.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS390.33
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS489.66
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS589.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS688.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWS786.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWSMerit-based Special89.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWSSpecial Drive 184.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWSSpecial Drive 282.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyEWSSpecial Drive 380.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyGeneral192.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyKashmiri Migrants189.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyKashmiri Migrants288.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyKashmiri Migrants386.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC190.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC289.66
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC389.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC488.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC587.33
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC687.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBC786.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBCMerit-based Special87.33
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBCSpecial Drive 184.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBCSpecial Drive 281.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyOBCSpecial Drive 379.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD189.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD288.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD386.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD484.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD582.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD680.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwD778.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwDMerit-based Special82.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwDSpecial Drive 177.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwDSpecial Drive 275.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyPwDSpecial Drive 372.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Castes188.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Castes285.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Castes384.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Castes483.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Castes582.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Tribe186.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Tribe281.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Tribe380.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Tribe478.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Tribe575.0
B.Sc. (H) MicrobiologyScheduled Tribe673.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage ( H ) ChemistryEWS191.66 ( H ) ChemistryEWS291.0 ( H ) ChemistryEWS390.66 ( H ) ChemistryEWS490.33 ( H ) ChemistryEWS590.0 ( H ) ChemistryEWS689.66 ( H ) ChemistryEWS789.0 ( H ) ChemistryEWSSpecial Drive 187.0 ( H ) ChemistryEWSSpecial Drive 286.0 ( H ) ChemistryEWSSpecial Drive 385.0 ( H ) ChemistryEWSMerit-based Special90.0 ( H ) ChemistryGeneral192.0 ( H ) ChemistryGeneral591.33 ( H ) ChemistryGeneral690.66 ( H ) ChemistryGeneral790.0 ( H ) ChemistryGeneralSpecial Drive 288.0 ( H ) ChemistryGeneralSpecial Drive 386.0 ( H ) ChemistryGeneralMerit-based Special91.33 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants190.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants289.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants388.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants486.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants585.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants682.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri Migrants780.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 180.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 278.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 376.0 ( H ) ChemistryKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special85.0 ( H ) ChemistryOBC190.0 ( H ) ChemistryOBC289.66 ( H ) ChemistryOBC389.33 ( H ) ChemistryOBC489.0 ( H ) ChemistryOBC588.33 ( H ) ChemistryOBC687.66 ( H ) ChemistryOBC786.66 ( H ) ChemistryOBCSpecial Drive 185.0 ( H ) ChemistryOBCSpecial Drive 282.0 ( H ) ChemistryOBCSpecial Drive 380.0 ( H ) ChemistryOBCMerit-based Special88.33 ( H ) ChemistryPwD190.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwD289.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwD388.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwD486.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwD585.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwD682.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwD780.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwDSpecial Drive 178.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwDSpecial Drive 275.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwDSpecial Drive 372.0 ( H ) ChemistryPwDMerit-based Special85.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes187.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes284.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes383.33 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes483.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes581.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes678.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Castes775.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 170.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 265.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled CastesSpecial Drive 361.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled CastesMerit-based Special81.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe185.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe280.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe376.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe474.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe570.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe665.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled Tribe760.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 155.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 250.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 347.0 ( H ) ChemistryScheduled TribeMerit-based Special70.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS190.66
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS290.33
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS390.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS489.33
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS589.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS688.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWS787.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWSSpecial Drive 185.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWSSpecial Drive 283.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWSSpecial Drive 382.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyEWSMerit-based Special89.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneral191.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneral390.66
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneral490.33
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneral589.66
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneral689.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneral788.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyGeneralMerit-based Special89.66
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants190.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants289.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants388.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants486.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants585.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants682.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri Migrants780.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 178.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 278.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 378.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC189.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC288.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC387.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC486.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC585.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC683.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBC781.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBCSpecial Drive 178.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBCSpecial Drive 273.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBCSpecial Drive 370.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyOBCMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD190.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD289.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD388.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD486.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD585.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD682.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwD780.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwDSpecial Drive 177.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwDSpecial Drive 274.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwDSpecial Drive 369.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyPwDMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Castes187.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Castes283.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Castes381.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Castes480.33
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Castes579.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Tribe185.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Tribe280.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Tribe479.33
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Tribe575.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Tribe670.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled Tribe765.0
B.Sc (H) ZoologyScheduled TribeMerit-based Special75.0
Course NameCategoryRoundClosing Percentage
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS190.66
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS289.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS388.66
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS488.33
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS587.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS685.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWS784.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWSSpecial Drive 182.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWSSpecial Drive 280.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWSSpecial Drive 379.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyEWSMerit-based Special87.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral191.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral289.33
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral389.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral488.66
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral587.33
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral686.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneral785.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneralSpecial Drive 284.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneralSpecial Drive 383.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyGeneralMerit-based Special87.33
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants190.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants289.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants388.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants486.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants585.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants681.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri Migrants780.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 176.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 284.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri MigrantsSpecial Drive 373.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyKashmiri MigrantsMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC189.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC287.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC385.66
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC485.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC583.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC682.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBC781.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBCSpecial Drive 180.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBCSpecial Drive 278.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBCSpecial Drive 376.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyOBCMerit-based Special83.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD190.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD289.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD388.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD486.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD585.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD681.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwD778.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwDSpecial Drive 174.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwDSpecial Drive 270.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwDSpecial Drive 368.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyPwDMerit-based Special85.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Castes187.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Castes283.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Castes380.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Castes478.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Castes574.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe185.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe280.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe376.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe475.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe573.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe672.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled Tribe770.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 168.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 265.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled TribeSpecial Drive 363.0
B.Sc. (H) in BotanyScheduled TribeMerit-based Special73.0

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