How to Score 200 Marks in CUET 2024?

Lam Vijaykanth

Updated On: April 21, 2024 12:04 pm IST | CUET

How to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 is the main deal for candidates preparing for CUET UG 2024. Following the perfect strategy of beginning with easy questions and working your way up to the difficult ones can help you score 200 marks in CUET. Read on to know more!

How to Score 200 Marks in CUET?

If you are wondering how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024, then you are at right place. The smart way to take the entrance exam is to start with the easy questions and work your way up to the difficult ones. It is suggested that you answer all of the questions 40/40. To score 200 points on the CUET 2024, candidates must answer all 40 questions correctly. CUET 2024is one of the most popular national-level UG entrance exams with lakhs of students appearing for the exam every year. But this academic year 10 lakh plus students have registered for the CUET UG 2024 exam. The entrance exam is completely based on NCERT Class 12 syllabus and it is not a daunting task to score 200 marks. The target of scoring 200 marks in CUET can be achieved with a proper plan of action. Young and dynamic aspirants, who would like to enroll their UG admission in one of the highly reputed and premier educational institutions, must score 200 marks in the specific domain of the CUET exam 2024. The different strategies are provided in this article on how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024.

The CUET UG 2024 will be conducted from May 15 to May 24, 2024.  CUET UG examination is held for seven days. The exam will be held in pen and paper mode for the first four days, from May 15 to May 18. Following this, a total of 48 subjects will held in Computer-Based Testing (CBT)  from May 21 to May 24, 2024. 
The duration of the Accountancy, Economics, Physics, Computer Science / Informatics Practices, Chemistry, Mathematics / Applied Mathematics, and General Test, is one hour and the rest of the papers, it is 45 minutes.  Candidates must master the CUET syllabus 2024 and write well for the exam.

Candidates, who are appearing for the CUET exam 2024, must know all the topics of the syllabus to succeed in getting full marks. Since the competition is very tough, candidates must work smart to ensure to score 200 marks in CUET and secure the seats. 

This article details different strategies on how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024. To be the one among those who have obtained 200 out of 200, scroll down to know the various strategies. 

How to Score 200 Marks in CUET 2024 Exam?

The target is very clear and the game is on. Candidates, who are strong-willed to score 200 marks in the CUET Examination, must have undivided attention, a burning desire, a proper focus, and a proper plan of action to the target. CollegeDekho has come up with an efficient effective, practical, and purposeful strategy on how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024. 

Perfect Strategy for Preparation

Various aspects of strategy on how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 are detailed below.

Theory Vs Practice

Candidates, who want to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 may be perplexed about whether they should give importance to theory or practice or if students think that theory is very important. The smart way to prepare for the examination is to practice first. Practice is suggested first, as the syllabus is not new to the candidate, as they have studied during Class- 12. Students are strongly requested to practice the questions first. In the process, candidates will also focus on the weak areas of the subject. By realizing this fact, candidates can allocate maximum time for those topics. Spending time and getting, a good grip on that concepts/chapters will help the candidates to score 200 marks in the CUET examination.

Short Topics Vs Lengthy Topics

The smart way to ace your preparation on how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 is to complete the short and small topics first and then go for the lengthy topics next. This particular method of preparation will save a lot of time and cover all the topics. Thus, candidates can budget the maximum time for the lengthy topics as the small topics can be completed within a short time.

Weak Vs Strong Topics

The candidate identifies his/her strong and weak areas of the subject. The chapters, in which he/she, is weak, should be dealt with with utmost care and concern. Candidates are advised to spend more time on weak topics. To make those weak topics strong, candidates can rely on various sources like watching Video lectures, referring to the best books and reading textbooks. Students must prioritize weak topics initially. Then the students must learn short topics first and then the lengthy topics. The ultimate goal of the candidates is to improve those weak areas as strong areas and must aim to how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024.

Chapter Test Vs Mock Test

The open secret to success in the entrance exam is to practice and write chapter-wise tests and mock tests.  Most of the candidates may not be aware of the fact that chapter-wise tests yield great results and more perfection in the mock test and actual exam. By mastering the chapters by learning and writing, the chapter-wise test will help candidates to perform well in the actual exam to score 200 marks in CUET 2024. After completion of the preparation, candidates can go for the mock test and prepare well. Mock tests are the best helping sources to assess one's preparation and performance.

Speed Vs Accuracy

Speed is as important as Accuracy. Students must note that for the CUET examination speed matter a lot because candidates must answer 40 questions within 45 minutes. They can budget more than one minute to one question. Until now in schools, candidates were taught that they have plenty of time, to maintain decorum and accuracy in the examination. But candidates cannot spend and invest time on a particular question. If they feel that question is consuming much time, they must move on to different questions to save time and attempt 40 questions. With accuracy, candidates answer around 30 to 35 questions, and cannot score 200 marks in CUET 2024exam. So speed is very important than accuracy.

How to increase accuracy and speed?

  • Memorize the things
  • Reduce thinking time for the questions
  • Extensive practice
  • Mock Tests
  • Avoid

Complete and Analyze the Syllabus

Candidates must squeeze the syllabus of CUET 2024 in order to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 the domain-specific subject. The advantage for the students is that all the topics have been taught during Class 12 for the students of the central board. And some of the topics might have been taught to other board students. So you begin the preparation analyze the syllabus and preparing a perfect schedule for the revision and execute without any deviation. After analyzing the topics/chapters, allocate sufficient and more time for the weak area of the subject as well as the other topics too. Candidates are suggested to cover the Term-II syllabus first and then go for the Term -I syllabus. Candidates preparing independently should be able to easily pass the exam. Don't rush to prepare everything. Focus on the syllabus and plan the exam strategy accordingly. Revision of the syllabus is also important.

Know the CUET Exam Pattern

A very important aspect of the perfect strategy is to know the CUET exam pattern 2024 of the entrance exam. The domain-specific subjects have the same pattern. The question paper consists of 50 questions out of which 40 should be answered which means there is an internal choice of 10 questions. The duration of the exam is 45 minutes. Candidates must budget only 1 minute for every question. The subject domain test is conducted for 200 marks. Every correct answer is awarded 5 marks each and for every incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted.


Smart students make smart plans to achieve greater goals. Daily revision is advised for all the aspirants of CUET 2024 on how to score 200 marks in CUET 2024. Daily revision makes the task easy. The strategy for the revision is simple that is simple to hard. Revision must be from easy topics to hard topics. Revising easy topics will consume less time and makes candidates perfect for them. Then, candidates can go with the hard topics, which may consume a lot of time.  While revising the syllabus make a habit of preparing short notes of all the important points and keep it safe. Candidates must go through the short notes every day. As the day of the exam approaches, aspirants must change the daily revision strategy to hour-based revision.

During Revision, candidates must do the following things.

  • Mark Important Points and Questions in your book and master them along with their answers/ Solutions.
  • Prepare Formula Sheets/ Important Points/ Concept trees and  go through them every day
  • Periodic Revision by Mock Tests is a must. In this method, the learned concepts are evaluated by writing the mock test.
  • Update Short Notes Regularly  

Topic Wise/ Chapter Wise Question Practice

Candidates should practice questions topic-wise or chapter-wise before going for the mock tests. .  Candidates must note that the entrance exam is going to be the objective type/ MCQs type; they must practice only objective questions only. This will enable candidates to be deeply rooted in the subject and the concepts. This practice is highly recommended for all candidates to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 examination. Practice more MCQs from the weaker areas of the syllabus.

Mock Tests

CUET Mock Tests are revealers of preparation made so far. Students are strongly encouraged to start practicing the mock test at least thirty days before the examination. In case the candidates lack time, simultaneously candidates can do the revision and as well practice CUET mock test 2024. Candidates can improve their accuracy and speed. By practicing the mock tests, candidates may release the mistakes and areas for improvement. As it is said practice makes a man perfect, to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 exam, aspirants must practice as many as mock tests.

Analysis of the Mock Tests

An important preparation aspect is to analyze the mock test. Analysis of each question is very much needed in order to improve the performance and to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 exam. While analyzing the questions, candidates must focus on the concept behind the question. The concept should be mastered. Focusing on the wrongly answered questions and correcting the mistakes will help the test taker to improve their performance.

Prepare Smart Notes

The smart candidate prepares smart notes to make smart preparation. Candidates should have the class notes/ materials while preparing for the examination. Students are recommended to prepare short notes while preparing the topics and revising the topics. Short notes must denote the concepts or important points. After the completion of the revision and students are advised to prepare one-page notes. Class Notes, Short Notes, and One Page Notes will help the candidates to get deeply rooted in the concepts which in return aids them to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 exam.

Ask Your Doubt & Talk to Teachers

Never hesitate to clarify your doubts. Teachers are the best resources to clarify doubts. Candidates can rely on the video lessons, or various books to clarify their doubts if teachers are not available. Clarifying and discussing the doubts will enrich the topic knowledge. Immediate clarification of the doubts is must. Candidatesmust check CUET preparation tips 2024.

Perfect Strategy for Examination

Given below are some of the strategy tips to score 200 marks in CUET 2024 exam.

Elimination Vs Calculation

During the examination, candidates have only 45 minutes. Candidates must read the question quickly and answer correctly.  The question is when to eliminate the options or calculate and answer the question, is simple. While answering the question, candidates can go with the elimination process of the options. This will reduce the time to answer the questions. If the options are quite similar then students must go with the calculation method. This is the best method to answer the MCQs to score 200 marks in CUET 2024.

Skip Vs Mark Review

Most candidates, may not realize the fact that time is precious for everyone, especially for the candidates who take the exam. Since time is very precious, candidates cannot invest much time on a single question as only forty-five minutes are allotted for the examination. If the correct answer cannot be determined, then it is better to eliminate the question in the sense either answer it and keep it for review or skip the question. By reading the question one can understand if the answer can be determined or not. Based on that, candidates can dive in the flow of answering the question. Answer all the easy questions first and they spend time to determine the answer for the most difficult questions to score 200 marks in CUET 2024.

Accurate Vs Approx

Candidates are taken away by the concept of accuracy where the time consumption cannot be noticed which may lead to wastage of time and in completion of the exam.  The candidates are advised to go with accurate answers if the options are similar, if not go with the approximate method.               

Answer All the Questions (Easy- Difficult)

Candidates are advised to answer all the questions. The smart way to attempt the entrance examination is to answer the easy questions first and then the difficult ones. You are advised to answer all the questions 40/40. Candidates must answer all 40 questions in order to score 200 marks in CUET 2024.

Do not Give up

Candidates must cultivate a positive attitude towards themselves and life so that they can achieve the dreams of their life and must work do smart and hard to achieve them. Think positively about the goals of achieving and securing 200 marks in the CUET examination.

Structured Learning is a Must!

For the latest updates and news/articles related to CUET 2024, stay tuned to CollegeDekho!

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