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    IIT Roorkee Placements

    • Roorkee (Uttarakhand)
    • Government
    • Approved by : AICTE, NAAC

    IIT Roorkee Placements 2023

    IIT Roorkee placement cell is known to bridge the gap between academics and industries. With the completion of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee placement 2021-23, the Department of Management Studies (DOMS) has released the placement report on the official website. The institute invites several esteemed organisations to take part in the IIT Roorkee campus placements drive. 

    DOMS IIT Roorkee MBA placement 2021-23 has achieved a 100% record. This year 57 male and 9 female candidates out of a batch of 66 enrolled for the campus placement drive. The IIT Roorkee average package offered was increased from Rs 16.8 LPA to 18.3 LPA. The highest package offered at the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee was Rs 27.94 LPA. IIT Roorkee top recruiters included 50+ recruiters namely Accenture, Adani, Bank of America, Deloitte, EXL, EY, HCL, Cognizant, GAIL, Hero, Paytm, Morgan Stanley and more. 

    IIT Roorkee Placement Statistics



    Placement Year




    Number of students registered


    Number of companies visited


    Number of students placed


    No. of PPO’s 


    IIT Roorkee lowest salary

    Rs 11.6 LPA

    Indian Institute of Technology highest package

    Rs 27.94 LPA

    IIT Roorkee average package

    Rs 18.34 LPA

    IIT Roorkee top recruiters

    Accenture, Adani, Bank of America, Deloitte, EXL, EY and more. 


    IIT Roorkee Placements 2022

    The placement cell of the institute assists students and corporations in conducting a smooth and flawless placement campaign. The IIT Roorkee placement cell is dedicated to ensuring that its pupils have a brighter future. The placement cell strives to achieve a 100% placement rate during interviews.

    Day 1 placements for the batch 2022 were held at IIT Roorkee, with the highest CTC offered thus far being R 2.15 CPA and 35 organisations making 437 offers, including 219 pre-placement offers.

    On December 1, 2020, the institute began its 2020-21 placement drive, which resulted in over 272 placement offers. The institute received 484 employment offers on the third day of the 2020-21 placement drive and 585 job offers, including pre-placement offers, on the fourth day. Within the second slot of day six of the placement drive, over 147 companies made 632 offers (including PPOs). 

    On Day 7 of the IIT Roorkee placement drive, approximately 650 students were placed. IIT-Roorkee students have received nine employment offers from various offshore organisations. With over 272 placement offers, the institute began its 2020-21 placement campaign on December 1, 2020. 

    The institute received 484 employment offers on the third day of the 2020-21 placement drive, while 585 job offers, including pre-placement offers, were received on the fourth day. 

    Various offshore corporations have made nine employment offers to students at IIT-Roorkee. During the second slot of the placement drive on day six, over 147 organisations made 632 offers (including PPOs). On Day 7 of the recruitment drive, approximately 650 students were placed.

    IIT Roorkee Placement Cell

    The T&P cell at IIT Roorkee has a distinct feature. Sponsored Research (SR) and Industrial Consultancy (IC) are two significant ways the faculty promotes knowledge and technological development. IIT-R recognizes the link between education and SRIC and beliefs them to be the most critical component in achieving success. 

    The IIT Roorkee placement unit organizes and distributes data to organizations interested in visiting the University. They also provide the resources necessary to conduct the written/technical/aptitude test, GD/PI, as part of their selection process. After the procedure is completed, the company/organization must provide the final list of selected pupils as quickly as possible.

    The IIT Roorkee placement cell assists students in a variety of ways, including:

    • Senior corporate executives, consultants, and soft skill development consultants provide career counselling through guiding lectures.
    • To prepare students for recruiting, the cell assists them in developing their personality and soft skills, such as communication ability.
    • The T&P cell IIT Roorkee is responsible for motivating, leading, and assisting students with their placement. The purpose of the cell is to support and facilitate the placement of students in respectable organizations.
    • Students can use the University's job placement framework during the campus drive to apply to various employers. The T&P cell works with various industries on recruiting drives and provides seminars to keep students up to date on current events in many disciplines.

    IIT Roorkee Summer Internship Placements

    The placement cell of IIT Roorkee organised summer internship programmes for students with the support of eminent faculty members. The summer internship provides students with an understanding of what is expected of them and assists them in preparing for the final campus placement drives. 

    They also have the opportunity to go on industry trips. The location of the internship determines the duration of the internship.

    IIT Roorkee Placement Criteria

    The IIT Roorkee selection criteria used by some of the recruiters who visited the campus are listed in the table below:

    RecruiterJob ProfilePlacement Criteria
    JP Morgan Chase and Co.Software DeveloperRound 1: Online Test
    Round 2: Technical Round
    Round 3: Business Problem Solving Round
    Round 4: HR Round
    MicrosoftSoftware EngineerRound 1: Online coding round consisting of three questions conducted on CoCubes website (Test portal) 
    Round 2: Group Fly Round
    Round 3 & 4: Technical Interviews
    Round 5: HR Interview
    SAP Labs-Round 1: Online Test
    Round 2: Technical Round
    Round 3: Technical+Managerial Round 
    Round 4: HR Interview

    IIT Roorkee Placement Statistics 2022

    In December, two hundred sixty-five organizations have reserved a spot for IIT Roorkee campus postings, including some of India's and the world's largest software firms. On the first day of its 2020-21 recruiting campaign, IIT Roorkee received 2437 placement offers. 

    Eleven students received a stipend of INR 1 CPA or higher. The highest domestic salary was INR 1.8 CPA, whereas the highest international salary was INR 2.15 LPA. Moreover, at IIT Roorkee, 60% of the total students have already been placed, with the average salary package increasing by 10%.

    There are 25 of them who visited the campus. Among them are Alphonso, Amazon, Analog Devices, AppDynamics India Pvt. Ltd., Bajaj Auto Ltd., Condensation, Cohesity, Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, Intel Technology Pvt. Ltd., Jaguar Land Rover, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Micron Technologies Operations India LLP, Microsoft, Oracle, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd., Quantbox Research Pvt. Ltd., SAP Lab.

    Around 107 recruiters have participated in the virtual placement season up until the first slot on the third day. From only 25 organizations hiring on the first day, the number of recruiters has grown dramatically.

    IIT Roorkee Placement Statistics 2022

    ParticularsHighlights of IIT Roorkee
    Number of companies participated281
    Number of offers made1,243
    Number of International offers32
    Highest Domestic packageRs 1.8 crore per annum
    Highest International packageRs 2.15 crore per annum

    IIT Roorkee Alumni Network for Job Placements

    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has an extensive international alumni network. IIT Roorkee graduates work in various fields, including engineering, business development, and consulting. 

    The following table lists IIT Roorkee alumni placements by sector.

    Business development22%
    Arts and design5%

    IIT Roorkee Placements 2021 Phase-1

    The placement data recorded during Phase 1 of the IIT Roorkee 2021 placement campaign are summarised in the table below:


    Placement Statistics (2020-21)

    Placement Statistics (2021-22)

    Placement Percentage



    Total number of job offers

    Day-1: 272

    Day-1: 437

    Day-3: 484


    Day-4: 585


    Day-6: 632


    Day-7: 650


    Total No. of PPOs



    No. of international offers



    Total number of companies participated

    265 (Expected)


    Day-3: 107


    Day-4: 125


    Day-6: 147


    Highest International CTC


    INR 2.15 CPA

    Highest Domestic CTC

    INR. 69.5 LPA

    INR 1.8 CPA

    The institute completed day one placements for the class of 2022, with the highest CTC of INR 2.15 LPA.

    Around 35 organizations made 437 offers, with 13 students receiving international offers, three students receiving a payout ranging from INR 1.8 to INR 1.30 CPA, and 219 receiving pre-placement offers.


    IIT Roorkee Final Placements 2019-20

    The final placements have begun across the Indian Institutes of Technology and the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee began their first day of the placements with a bang. On the first day of the IIT Roorkee final placements 2019-20, a total of 332 job offers had been made to the students.

    As per the official statements, IIT Roorkee witnessed one of the highest packages being offered to the students till date. Official statements mention a package of ?1.54 crore LPA had been offered to three students. They added that the packages had been offered by an International organisation. The three students were final year students of B.Tech programmes, which include, streams of Computer Science, Electronics and Engineering Physics.

    From a domestic organisation, a student has been offered an annual package of ?62 lakhs, which as of now has been the highest package offered to a student, this year. No names of students have been released as of yet by the Institute.

    For IIT Roorkee’s final Placements 2019-20, there had been a registration of 363 students for the placement drive. Some students from the institute had also been offered pre-placement offers as well.

    Top Recruiters at IIT Roorkee Final Placements 2019-20

    Here is a list of the Top recruiters at IIT Roorkee Final Placements 2019-20, that have visited the campus for the placement drive.

    Amazon India Development Center

    American Express

    Bajaj Auto

    BNY Mellon Technology

    Goldman Sachs



    JP Morgan Chase & Co.

    Jaguar Land Rover India LTD



    Squarepoint Capital


    Texas Instruments

    Solar Energy Corporation India LTD

    Nutanix Technologies



    SAP Labs

    App Dynamics India PVT LTD

    IIT Roorkee Placements 2018-19: 803 Offers in First Five Days

    IIT Roorkee placements for the academic session 2018-19 have commenced, and the first phase of IIT Roorkee placements 2018-19 began on December 01, 2018. The first day of placements began on a strong note. A total number of 10 companies participated in the placement process and made 215 offers.

    On Day 1of IIT Roorkee placements, some of the reputed international companies made 7offers. The highest international package was Rs. 1.5 crore per annum, while the highest domestic package offered, was Rs. 47 lakh per annum.

    Microsoft offered a maximum number of offers on Day of IIT Roorkee placements. Microsoft made 19 domestic offers, 3 international offers and PPOs (Pre-Placement Offers). 

    Apart from Microsoft, the major recruiters on Day 1 of IIT Roorkee placements 2018-19 were -

    • Uber India Systems Private Limited
    • Tower Research Capital India Private Limited
    • Nutanix Technologies
    • Microsoft
    • JP Morgan Chase & Co
    • Google
    • Goldman Sachs
    • DE Shaw
    • AQR Capital Management
    • AppDynamics India Private Limited

    This year, around 1,354 students registered for IIT Roorkee placements 2018-19. The first phase placements will close on December 15, 2018.

    The first four days of placements at IIT Roorkee turned out to be very fruitful for students. Reliance Industries offered the maximum numbers of jobs this year (24 offers). So far, 13 international offers were made to students by popular companies such as  -

    • Siemens
    • People Strong
    • Oski Technology
    • Flyhomes
    • Accenture
    • Reliance Industries Limited

    Until December 05, 2018, 139 companies visited the campus to hire students. 

    More details about IIT Roorkee placements 2018-19 will be updated here. Stay tuned. 

    IIT Roorkee Placement 2017

    Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee or more commonly known as IIT- Roorkee recently completed its First Phase of placement process which began on December 1, 2017. Reputed firms participated in order to acquire talented students. IIT- Roorkee’s students received a total of 843 offers from reputed companies. A total of 205 companies participated in the first phase placement process of IIT Roorkee. Out of 843 offers, 295 were in core sector whereas 548 were in the non-core sector. The number of placement offers increased by 21% in 2017 compared to 2016. 13 students bagged international offers from the following companies: -

    • Mercari

    • Web staff Co. Ltd

    • Microsoft Redmond

    The highest package was offered by Microsoft of Rs. 1.39 crore to three of the students of IIT Roorkee. Microsoft was also the top recruiter, offering a total of 23 placement offers.

    Top Recruiters at IIT Roorkee Placements 2017: -

    IIT Roorkee phase I placement process was successful, as over 240 companies registered for the placement process.Famous  Companies like ONGC, IOCL, ISRO, C-DOT participated in the placements at IIT Roorkee.  A total of 37 start-ups participated in the placements drive. Some of the Big names that participated in the drive where




    JP Morgan



    Tower Research




    Goldman Sachs



    Related Questions

    Is MBA in Computer Science offered at IIT Roorkee??
    -Sujata -Updated on July-17-20201 Answers

    Shreya Sareen, CollegeDekho Expert

    Dear Student,

    IIT Roorkee does not offer MBA Computer Science. The college only offers MBA admission in HR, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology and Operations. However, if you are interested in getting admission to MBA in Computer Science then you can fill the Common Application Form or you can also call our toll-free number 18005729877. 

    However, there are a few other colleges which offer MBA in Computer Science and they are listed below.

    Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore

    Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Pune

    Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai

    If you have any more queries, you can write back to us.

    Thank you

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