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Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR), Delhi Campus & Infrastructure

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One of the best colleges for women, Lady Shri Ram College for Women possess one of the best infrastructures among other constituent colleges in the University of Delhi. Sizeable and tidy classrooms, amphitheatre, an auditorium with a seating capacity of over 500 makes learning a wonderful experience in LSR. The college has hostel facility for girls belonging to different parts of the country and world and was founded in 1959. A well maintained and spacious cafe serves quality refreshments along with space for social gathering. For Extracurricular activities, the college has a multipurpose room. LSR has a lovely and well maintained lush green campus area which is helpful in providing a much-needed break from the mundane classroom environment.

LSR has one of the well-equipped Computer and Statistics laboratories which caters to the need of students from Mathematics, Statistics, Commerce and B.A Programme and the systems are always upgraded to latest software and hardware to meet the demands of the ever-changing technological world.

Counselling cell of LSR provides:

  • Academic: Counselling which helps students making choices regarding the course of study during the admission process.
  •  Career: Counselling helps students in their career-related queries. The college alumni play an important role in helping the students choose a career option suitable for them.
  •  Personal: Counselling of the students is taken care of by a Counselor hired by the college administration which helps them deal with their emotional and psychological problems.     

Other add on facilities like a bookstore, banking services, library and medical room are also available in the college campus.


  • Area
    15 Acres
  • Buit up area
    5 Acres
  • Classroom
  • Sports Grounds

LSR Facilities

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LSR Hostel and Fees Structure

The LSR Residence Hall was founded in 1959. The history of this space, which was initially called the hostel, is replete with stories of the aspirations and triumphs of young women who ventured, often from smaller towns in search for dreams that would give them access to education of quality. Lady Shri Ram college provided that opportunity for discovery, growth, experimentation and autonomy. From providing a safe space for women who wished to acquire a Bachelors or Masters degree in the early decades, it ineluctably moved to become the ‘room of one’s own’, that enabled the interrogation of patriarchal structures of control and compliance. By the 80’s, the Residence Hall grew into a space where the emphasis was less on domestication and more on liberation.

Get details on Fee, Cut off marks, Admission Process for session 2021.

Students Activities & Clubs

English Debating Society
he English Debating Society of Lady Shri Ram College is an egalitarian society dedicated to intellectual growth, thought provocation and public speaking. We seek to present a passionate debating environment on the foundations of free speech and critical thought and provide a politically and religiously neutral environment to discuss world issues. The society provides members and non-members an opportunity to indulge in intellectual discourse and acts as a platform for the emergence and fusion of diverse opinions.
The LSR MUN Society
The LSR MUN Society is one of the most popular societies in LSR. MUNs are basically a simulation of the United Nations, whereby students take up different roles and responsibilities and act as delegates by representing a country in the UN and its subsidiary agencies. Our annual conference LSR MUN is organised every year around the month of March. Students from other schools and colleges from across the country are invited to participate.
Vaktritva, the Hindi Debating society
Vaktritva, the Hindi Debating society of LSR is well -known for its vigorous participation and achievements in conventional and parliamentary debates, mock parliaments, extempore etc, in colleges throughout Delhi. It is a platform which offers its members a space to develop their debating skills along with polishing the qualities of those members who have already been in the field of debating. Thus the motto of Vaktritva, ‘ Humara aadhar Vani aur Vichaar ’ aims to develop a rational, empirical and informed vision within its members along with the qualities of organization of ideas and presentation of thought
The ‘World University Service’ Society
The ‘World University Service’ Society provides a space for all those who wish to work for the betterment of the Society, in whatever little way they can. It was instituted as a non- performing arts society in the Academic Year 2004-2005. Since then, it has aimed to spread awareness on a variety of issues, focusing largely on the Physical as well as Psychological health concerns of individuals. Along with spreading awareness, the Society is also involved in organizing blood donation camps and health check- ups. Movies are also screened regularly, as they are considered to be an effective way of imparting knowledge about such issues. Activities such as quiz competitions and events such as stage- plays are also other ways through which a number of issues are brought to the fore. We wish to dispel certain misguided myths and views and to address student problems on a larger platform.
"Dhwani" The Indian Music Society
"Dhwani" The Indian Music Society The Indian Music Society of LSR is famous in the music circle for its fine quality and brimming enthusiasm. The society focuses on:- Understanding the different aspects of music (such as sur, taal voice culture etc.) through sessions with experts. Practicing and perfecting the art of choir singing. Understanding Raagas and composing music. Inclusion of more students who do not compete but are enthusiastic to learn and perform. Placing interest over ability. Boosting confidence by mixing fun with music. Performing at various college events. Making the college experience much richer as a whole.
The Western Music Society
The Western Music Society The Western Music Society (WMS) is a very active society of LSR. Specializing in acapella music, we cover several genres of music, from jazz to pop, R&B, soul and many others. Our in-house team is active in all college functions, participating in full zeal. Outside of college, WMS strives to participate in inter-college competitions. We also encourage students to participate in workshops to increase their musical knowledge and expand not just as a choir but as individual musicians as well.
Dance Society
Dance Society Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another and at the LSR Dance Society, we believe in doing just that. We believe in engaging the dancer not only in technique based training but also finer nuances like expressing and breathing from the soul, and inspiring them through the medium of dance.
SPIC MACAY SPIC MACAY, also known as Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth is a non-political, nationwide, voluntary movement that organizes programs’ of classical music and dance, folk arts, crafts, yoga, classic cinema screenings, heritage walks, Lecture demonstrations, workshops, Talks, Conventions etc. inside school and college campuses throughout the world to make students more aware about Indian and world heritage. This initiative makes education more holistic and meaningful as it highlights all that is abstract, subtle, inspiring and mystical in the world, teaching one to look within oneself. The movement has a central executive body in New Delhi and organizes its programs through a worldwide network of schools, colleges and educational institutions.
Interface - The Academic Forum
Interface - The Academic Forum Interface, the Academic Forum, is the medium through which students across disciplines share, discuss, and debate their ideas and concepts. We feel it is important to have a space where inter-disciplinary interaction enhances the quality and increases the scope of discussion. The issues Interface takes up range from what we consider ‘mundane’ experiences of everyday life to those considered traditionally important. The medium through which this is conducted is wide. Ranging from talks and panel discussions by prominent academicians and journalists, we have also had students host discussions which we feel can facilitate as much interaction and learning. Interface hosts movie screenings, workshops, slam poetry performances, heritage walks, installation exhibitions curated and created by students.
Women's Development Cell
Women's Development Cell Women’s Development Cell, Lady Shri Ram College is a group of passionate feminist stalwarts, out with a gender lens on a long journey of learning and unlearning. Established in 1985, WDC has earned the reputation of being a liberal space with a voracious appetite for conversations that empower the existential core. WDC finds its true power in initiating conversations on everything from the pressing social issues of domestic violence, oppressive intimate relationships, sexual harassment etc. to the psychological and spiritual issues of self discovery, uninformed compliance, the power structures of patriarchy and the like. Guest lectures, book readings, slam poetry performances, movie screenings and “Let’s Talk” sessions are all tools regularly employed in an effort to reverse the whims of the centuries.
Expressions : Creative Writing
Expressions : Creative Writing Expressions is the Creative Writing Society of Lady Shri Ram College. It comprises a team of literary enthusiasts who act as enablers of various writing events and discussions in college. The society aims at spreading the love for words and the passion for writing while mobilising aspiring writers and giving them the forum to express, explore and understand the words they can create. An integral part of the society is the Book Club, which seeks to provide a stage for lovers of the written word to meet and discuss their takes on various genres of literature.
Quiz Quiz society is often misconstrued as a society of the haughty 'know it alls' but it most certainly is not. We are a bunch of fun and (if we may speak for ourselves!) curious people, who are 'in-quiz-itive', and love not only to answer but also ask questions. We discuss simply everything under the sun in formal sessions held at regular intervals. As for the serious stuff - there is a Quizzing Bowl comprising quizzes on all topics under the sun. There are online quizzes renewed every fortnight on the facebook group. These quizzes contain multifarious themes from sports to biology; from etymology to politics, history, philosophy, and current affairs.... the list is endless.
The Voluntary Agency Placement Programme
The Voluntary Agency Placement Programme VAPP provides opportunities for students to make a positive contribution to community development and social welfare and to explore alternative career possibilities. Students are placed with voluntary agencies and NGOs working at the grass root level with underprivileged and marginalized sections of society such as street children, AIDS patients or the visually challenged.
HIVE Hive, the fine arts society of Lady Shri Ram College, engages in a range of arts and crafts. Our past activities have handled diverse media and most artists at Hive experiment with different kinds of artistic traditions. For us, art is not just about what is on the surface, but also about what inspires us as social beings. To express this, Hive has held exhibitions of its own within LSR for a several important occasions, especially over the last two years.
The Dramatics Society
The Dramatics Society The Dramatics Society of Lady Shri Ram College aims to create awareness about theatre and its various aspects in young enthusiastic students of the college by bringing together people who are interested in the performing arts on a common platform. Working tirelessly for the last 60 years to become one of the best college theatre groups, our productions are a result of intensive discussions and debates put together beautifully by our creative members. The society tries to address various social causes by understanding the dynamics and nuances of the world around us, by observing the grassroot issues closely and at other times, by imagining and creating a utopian world order as an alternative. All this, through the medium of theatre.
Projekt (Film & Photography)
Projekt (Film & Photography) Projekt is the film and photography society of LSR.It has been a constant endeavour of the society to learn, understand, and express through the means of film and photography. We attempt to constantly engage with society, which is manifested and reflected in our work. Through technique, emotion, and aesthetic, we aim to provide a new perspective to all that is familiar and create new realities. Through exhibitions, workshops and screenings, and simply getting together and thinking, we attempt to provide our insights and contributions to the ever-evolving arena of art, and make it as democratic a space as possible. As a part of the LSR annual festival, Tarang, we host a photography exhibition giving students a platform to display their creativity and we also organise several film and documentary screenings, national and international.
Alumna Cell
Alumna Cell Since its inception in 1956, Lady Shri Ram College for women has produced a long line of distinguished alumni. Eminent ELSAs are found in any Indian roll call of politics, literature, industry, entertainment, sports and more. The Alumna cell is a student body with the aim to foster and bridge the interaction between the institute and its Alumni. We, in the Alumni Cell, seek to reach out, maintain and strengthen close ties with our Alumni. This is done through a range of activities organized throughout the year. The Annual Reunion NOSTALGIA, the INTERACTIVE SESSIONS with distinguished alumni, ALUMNA BAZAARS, interaction with different societies to organize different events like Global Mentoring Walk, ELSA association registrations and conducting various interviews with alumni and celebrating the ALUMNA OF THE MONTH. The design, editorial and organizing team implement these activities effectively.
Alumna Cell
Alumna Cell Since its inception in 1956, Lady Shri Ram College for women has produced a long line of distinguished alumni. Eminent ELSAs are found in any Indian roll call of politics, literature, industry, entertainment, sports and more. The Alumna cell is a student body with the aim to foster and bridge the interaction between the institute and its Alumni. We, in the Alumni Cell, seek to reach out, maintain and strengthen close ties with our Alumni. This is done through a range of activities organized throughout the year. The Annual Reunion NOSTALGIA, the INTERACTIVE SESSIONS with distinguished alumni, ALUMNA BAZAARS, interaction with different societies to organize different events like Global Mentoring Walk, ELSA association registrations and conducting various interviews with alumni and celebrating the ALUMNA OF THE MONTH. The design, editorial and organizing team implement these activities effectively.
The Placement Cell
The Placement Cell The Placement Cell serves as an interface between the students and the recruiters. Apart from bringing a varied list of recruiters to the campus, the Placement Cell also organizes internship opportunities for the collective student body. As an added feature, skill building workshops such as workshops for Resumes, Case Study, Personal Interviews are also organized to help streamline the Placement Cell as a ‘Career Services’ Unit. These workshops are conducted for students of all years to facilitate and boost their placement undertakings. This year, many of these sessions were conducted by professionals from reputed organizations like Ernst and Young, KPMG, Talerang to name a few.
The Website Division
The Website Division The Website Division aims to keep the college website current and updated. The objective of the team is to provide comprehensive information about college and the latest developments with respect to academic and extra-curricular matters. For feedback or any queries, please write to

Dhy?na ‘Dhy?na’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘dhy?i’, which means to think of. In the Yogic parlance, the word means to concentrate on one point so as to know the truth behind it. The ethos of Dhy?na, therefore, is evenness and uniformity in vision. It can be expression, imagination, conception or a mere thought; all of them harping on the versatile yet concerted quest for knowledge. This path, however, is like taking small steps, which come to us as our environment, perception of the surroundings and constant interaction with our world.

PRAKRITI Prakriti, the environment society of LSR is a platform through which students enlighten themselves and others about the importance of environmental issues and sustainable development. Every fresher enters the vast arena of extracurricular activities of LSR by first planting a sapling on their orientation day organized by our society. We hope to initiate freshness, new life into the college, by entrusting each student with a sapling to nurture, to love and enjoy the beauty of watching it grow.
REACH REACH, an acronym for Reaffirming Equity, Access, Capacity and Humanism, is an initiative that was created at LSR with support from the Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access (FAEA) in 2002. Through REACH we seek to address the challenge of building an informed and engaged community by preserving the multihued canvas of coexistence in society. REACH is a change agent that empowers students with social and economic disadvantages by creating access and opportunities, by giving scholarships to students with potential and engaging in activities that are experiential and trans-disciplinary such as workshops, training programmes and field trips. REACH offers a dialogue-oriented, liberating and heterogeneously sourced palette of activities to spur young minds on in their quest to excel while nourishing the notion of leadership. It brings to a space of privilege the rich experiences of the triumph and challenges of people who have broken barriers of sex, race, caste and social location to access the best in education.
Enactus Enactus Lady Shri Ram College is a community of passionate students committed to creating a new generation of socially responsible leaders. We believe in having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value from that opportunity. We aim to impact as many lives as we can and create sustainable growth models for this world to be thriving with opportunities for all.
National Service Scheme (NSS)
National Service Scheme (NSS) The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a community service programme with the objective of building social consciousness in students. NSS provides an opportunity to students in the capacityof volunteers to venture out of their comfort zones and make a difference to society. Inspired by this philosophy, the curriculum of the NSS chapter of Lady Shri Ram College, which was set up in 1968, comprises of a gamut of events and activities undertaken by volunteers who have channelized their creativity and spirit of volunteerism to bring about meaningful change.
National Cadet Corps (NCC)

The LSR unit of NCC offers considerable scope for stimulated and disciplined adventure. Enthusiasts can learn parachuting, horse riding, judo, civil defence techniques and participate in a number of training camps. 

Faculty : Ms Meenakshi Pahuja (Assistant Professor) 

President: Pallavi Meena 
Vice - President : Monika Banerjee 
General Secretary: Shelly Nandwal 
Treasurer: Nandhnee Kannan

National Sports Organization (NSO)


The National Sports Organization or the N.S.O as it is popularly known as, is one of the largest and most happening wings of the college. Facilities are provided for sports ranging from swimming and table tennis to yoga and shooting. In fact, LSR is one of the few colleges which boasts of it’s own shooting range within the campus itself. Our athletes have represented the college not only at the state and inter college level but inter university, national and international level as well. The N.S.O organizes various activities during the year. These include the annual cross- country run which has an average participation of over a hundred students, and the LSR Sports Festival which is an inter-college competition for all sports.The organization also organizes various talks by eminent sportsmen of the country. 

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Does Lady Shri Ram College for Women New Delhi offer the BA+B.Ed programme?

-khushi yadavUpdated on February 24, 2021 04:04 PM
  • 1 Answer
Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

Dear student, Lady Shri Ram College for Women New Delhi does not offer the 4-year integrated BA+B.Ed programme. You can find out the list of some reputed self-financing BA+B. Ed offering institutions with the help of the following link -  Common Application Form. Other than finding out the institutions, you can also apply for admission with the help of the same application form. Have any queries? Reach out to us @18005729877.


Can I apply for B.A admission at Lady Shri Ram College even though English was not my medium of instruction at the 10+2 level?

-Rosy RouchanUpdated on September 08, 2020 02:13 PM
  • 1 Answer
Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

 Dear student, your medium of instruction at the 10+2 level has nothing to do with applying for B.A admission at Lady Shri Ram College. However, you have to fulfil all the desired eligibility criteria for B.A admission at LSR and meet the cutoff eligibility too if you want to secure a seat in your favourite B.A specialisation. You can click on the links provided below to find out in details about the things which actually does matter while applying for B.A admission at Lady Shri Ram College - 


Good Morning Sir, Have college admissions stated, if not when will they be?

-Deepa RathaurUpdated on June 22, 2020 03:33 PM
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Simran Saini, CollegeDekho Expert


The admission process will start after the announcement of board results. The board results are likely to be announced in the last week of July. To know more about admissions fill out our Common Application Form (CAF) and our education experts will guide you through the entire admission process. If you have any questions, you can avail FREE counselling by calling on our tollfree number 1800-572-9877.


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FAQs about LSR Campus

Which is the nearest metro station to the LSR campus?

The Kailash Colony Metro Station and the Moolchand metro station are the nearest to the campus of Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

Are student counselling services provided on the LSR Delhi campus?

Lady Shri Ram College for Women has a well-established student support infrastructure providing counselling on career, academic, personal as well as psycho-social needs of the students.

What facilities are available on the campus of Lady Shri Ram College for Women?

LSR Delhi has an impressive infrastructure with beautiful buildings as well as lush green spaces. The campus has an auditorium, a well-stocked library, medical facilities, seminar rooms, lecture halls, sports complexes, canteens, WiFi connectivity etc.

Does Lady Shri ram College for Women provide on-campus hostel facility?

No, student accommodation is not offered at the campus of Lady Shri Ram College for Women. However, students can easily find hostels and PGs around the college campus.

How is the campus life at LSR Delhi?

Students of LSR Delhi enjoy a fun and vibrant campus life. The college has good infrastructure with several hangout spots along with a good environment for study as well as enjoyment.

What is the area of LSR Delhi camous?

The total area of Lady Shri Ram College for Women is 15 acres.

What are the various facilities available on campus at LSR , Delhi ?

LSR , Delhi offers various facilities to its students including Auditorium, ATM, Canteen, Computer Lab, Mess and more.

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