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Jun 15, 2023 12:02PM IST

Overview of BA BEd

BA BEd is 4 years integrated undergraduate course meant for individuals who are interested in making a career in the teaching field. BA BEd admission is both direct and indirect. The basic eligibility requirement to pursue a BA BEd course is 50-55% marks in 10+2 from a recognised board. BA BEd Course Fees depend upon the institute offering the BA BEd course. BA BEd Fees ranges around INR 15,000- 60,000 LPA.

Mostly admission to the course is offered on the basis of merit, but some institutions also conduct entrance examinations. Thus the candidate must appear for the BA BEd entrance examination. The top BA BEd entrance exams include DU BEd Entrance, Rajasthan PTET, CUCET, RIE CEE etc.

BA BEd Jobs include various respected profiles such as a School Teacher, Counsellor, Content Writer, Educational Researcher, Consultant, Principal etc.

BA BEd top colleges include Delhi University, Kerala University, Ahmedabad University, RIE Bhopal etc.

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BA BEd Full Form

BA BEd is the abbreviation of Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education. It is a dual degree integrated programme that focuses on developing teaching skills in candidates. Students aspiring for BA BEd course will undergo 4 years of rigorous training both inside and outside the classroom. They will blossom into professionals, ready to teach at any secondary or senior secondary level at Indian schools. While choosing a college to pursue this degree, make sure that it is recognised by the National Council for Teacher’s Education (NCTE) or any other equivalent institution.

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All About Integrated BA B.Ed

The B.A. B.Ed. integrated program is a four-year undergraduate program that offers a dual degree. Its aim is to provide comprehensive knowledge in various subjects of Humanities such as Political Science, History, Geography, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, English, and Hindi languages. Aligned with NCTE guidelines, the program prepares high-quality future teachers for nation-building.

Throughout the four years, students gain practical experience by observing real-life classroom teaching and excelling in their internships. Communication skills are enhanced through the teaching of Functional English.

India is recognized as a global knowledge hub with numerous esteemed schools and colleges. Consequently, a B.A. B.Ed. degree holds great value in India, particularly in the present era. It is regarded as a prestigious qualification that offers good remuneration.

B.A. B.Ed. graduates have the option to advance their careers by pursuing various postgraduate courses such as Master of Education (M.Ed.)Master of Business Administration (MBA), PG Diploma (Management) courses, PG Diploma (Teacher Training) courses, and Master of Arts (MA). They can choose courses related to teacher training or other subjects.

Why study BA BEd?

The BA BEd program is renowned and respected globally, offering abundant opportunities for professionals in India and abroad. Graduates of BA BEd are highly sought after, with the potential to secure lucrative employment. The course fees for BA BEd are affordable, and the salaries for BA BEd professionals are attractive.

Pursuing a BA BEd course brings several benefits. Firstly, there is a surge in job opportunities in both the private and public sectors, particularly due to the expanding ed-tech industry, ensuring a consistent demand for BA BEd professionals. Moreover, the teaching profession offers significant job satisfaction as educators actively contribute to the nation-building process by providing quality education to students. The BA BEd degree equips them with the necessary tools to make a positive impact in this regard.

The scope for career advancement is promising for BA BEd graduates, with opportunities for higher positions such as Education Researcher, Scholar, or Principal, leading to a secure future. The teaching profession also provides job security, as seen during the recent COVID-19 lockdown when schools and educational institutes continued operating, ensuring teachers did not lose their jobs. Surveys indicate that the education sector ranks second in terms of job security after healthcare in India.

Remuneration for BA BEd graduates is decent, with potential earnings ranging from INR 2,00,000 to INR 8,00,000 per year, depending on their skills and capabilities. Additionally, pursuing a BA BEd course increases the chances of obtaining government jobs, as it clarifies eligibility for the Teacher Eligibility Test.

The completion of a BA BEd course also opens doors for further academic pursuits, such as pursuing an MA degree or a Ph.D., allowing individuals to enhance their skills and qualifications. Furthermore, BA BEd graduates have the option of utilizing their certification and acquired skill set to embark on entrepreneurship opportunities, including establishing their own schools or coaching institutes.

Who should study BA BEd?

The BA BEd course is an ideal choice for individuals aspiring to build a career in the edtech sector. It caters to those seeking lucrative opportunities in renowned schools and organizations, as well as those who wish to establish their own independent teaching practices. The program is particularly suitable for individuals who have a passion for working with children and guiding them in their educational journeys. It also appeals to candidates interested in making contributions to the edtech sector and the national education system. Aspiring special educators can also opt for BA BEd courses, but they need to carefully select the appropriate sub-stream. For those aiming to become teachers, the BA BEd course is a definite pathway. It is well-suited for individuals with a knack for teaching and research. Moreover, professionals working with educational NGOs can benefit from the course, gaining a deeper understanding of the Indian educational system and its challenges. Aspirants interested in pursuing careers as educational counselors will find the BA BEd course relevant and valuable. Additionally, individuals with a passion for teaching social sciences and humanities to students in schools should consider enrolling in this program. Finally, those interested in job roles such as school teachers, school administrators, school counselors, and academic content writers will find the BA BEd course highly beneficial for their career aspirations.

When to study BA BEd Course?

Completing a BA BEd requires significant dedication and hard work. Before embarking on the BA BEd course, aspirants should consider the following points: Graduates from any stream, be it Arts, Science, or Commerce, are eligible to pursue BA BEd immediately after completing their graduation. The course duration is four years, and candidates must allocate sufficient time to complete it. The syllabus for BA BEd is extensive, encompassing both theoretical and practical aspects, necessitating candidates to invest their maximum effort to succeed within the stipulated time. Additionally, candidates should dedicate extra time and effort to prepare for the BA BEd entrance exam, as degrees obtained from government colleges hold greater value than those from private institutes. Financial planning is crucial to sustaining the costs associated with the BA BEd course. Since BA BEd courses are moderately challenging, individuals should be prepared to devote dedicated hours to self-study and successfully complete the program.

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BA BEd Programme Highlights

The detailed highlights are tabulated below.

Course Name


Short Name

Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education

Course Level


Course Stream

Arts & Sciences

Course Duration

4 Years

Eligibility Criteria

Relevant Bachelor’s Degree

Selection Procedure

Merit & Entrance Exam Based 

BA BEd Course Fees

INR  15,000-60,000

BA BEd Jobs

School Teacher, Counsellor, Content Writer, Consultant, School Administrator etc.

BA BEd Salary

INR 2,00,000-INR 8,00,000

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BA BEd Eligibility

The eligibility requirement for a BA BEd course varies from college to college, however, the overall criteria or the basic requirement remains the same. The following are the eligibility norms to pursue the BA BEd course.

  • The candidates must have completed their 10+2 in any stream from a recognised board.
  • Candidates belonging to the unreserved/ general category must score a minimum of 45-55% in relevant board examinations to apply for BA BEd degree.
  • Candidates belonging to reserved/ SC, ST, and PwD category must score a minimum of 40-50% in the relevant board examination to apply for BA BEd degree.
  • And above all, it is essential to qualify the related BA BEd entrance examination, if applicable to seek admission into a BA BEd course.
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BA BEd Required Skill Set

BA BEd is considered a holistic degree programme; thus, only passing the degree of BA BEd exams is not enough. Clearing exams will definitely grant certification but one needs to acquire the skill set of BA BEd as well. So, in order to be a BA BEd, the professionals need to have the following skill-set:

Time-Management SkillsDiligenceDiscipline
ConfidenceQuick Learner AbilitiesCritical-Thinking Ability
Organisational SkillsGood CommunicationTeaching Aptitude
IntegrityAnalytical SkillsDecision Making Skills
Self-Motivation SkillsLeadershipProblem Solving Attitude
Linguistic Fluency
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BA BEd Admission Process

  • The BA BEd admission is offered both on the basis of merit as well as entrance examination. 
  • To pursue the BA BEd course, individuals must pass 10+2 or must qualify the relevant BA BEd entrance examination. Various BA BEd entrance examinations include DU BEd Entrance Exam, CUCET, MAH BEd CET, RIE CEE, Rajasthan PTET etc.
  • After qualifying the relevant BA BEd entrance examination candidates are granted admission on the merit list prepared after BA BEd entrance examination results, counselling, availability of seats etc.
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BA BEd Entrance Examination

Throughout India, there are numerous BA BEd entrance exams conducted. Candidates need to qualify for these BA BEd entrance examinations and excel in achieving the very first step. After qualifying for the relevant BA BEd entrance examination candidates are granted admission on the merit list prepared after the BA BEd entrance examination results, counseling, availability of seats, etc. Some of the popular BA BEd entrance examinations with their details are listed below.

BA BEd Entrance Examination Dates

The popular BA BEd entrance exam schedule for the 2023-24 session is tabulated below for your convenience.

Entrance Exam

Registration Date

Exam Date


25 April- 06 June 2023

02 July 2023


09-27 March 2023

23, 24, 25 April 2023


April 2023

21, 22, 23 June 2023


May- June 2023

June 2023

Rajasthan PTET

15 March- 30 April 2023

21 May 2023

BA BEd Entrance Examination Syllabus

Admissions to BA BEd programs are based on a combination of merit and performance in the BA BEd entrance examination. To achieve high scores in these entrance exams, it is essential to focus on specific sections of the syllabus. BA BEd entrance exam syllabus may vary across different entrance examinations however the broad topics remain the same which include:  

  • General Knowledge
  • Teaching Aptitude
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Verbal Aptitude
  • Language Proficiency
  • Analytical Reasoning
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Top Colleges in India for BA BEd Course

The detailed list of both private and public institutes offering BA BEd Course in India along with their fee details are listed below. BA BEd Fees vary from college to college but in most of the cases, it is affordable. Candidates can go through the prospectus available on the official website of all these institutes and read them thoroughly. Candidates should chase their desired BA BEd colleges on the basis of numerous factors like location, faculty, rankings, pedagogy, curriculum, infrastructure, fees, placement etc.

Top Private BA BEd Colleges in India

There are various private BA BEd colleges in India. The BA BEd admission in these colleges is mainly done through merit or entrance examinations Some of the popular BA BEd private colleges are listed below:

Noida College of Physical Education, Dadri

GHG Khalsa College, Ludhiana

Veerangna Awanti Bai College, Chhatarpur

Gramin Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Sikar

Pestle Weed College of Information Technology, Dehradun

Keshav Prasad Raihi College, Bhadohi

Mangalmay Group of Institutions, Greater Noida

Bhagwati College of Education, Meerut

Pannadhay College, Tonk

Khalsa College of Education, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar

Lovely Professional University

Top Government BA BEd Colleges in India

There are numerous government BA BEd colleges in India. The BA BEd admission in these colleges is mainly done through merit or entrance examinations Some of the popular BA BEd government colleges are listed below:

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BA BEd Course Fees

BA BEd Course Fees vary from college to college, university to university. The BA BEd Course Fees depend upon various factors such as location, ranking, placement, faculty, curriculum etc. BA BEd Course Fees in government institutions range between INR 12,000- 45,0000 and BA BEd Couse Fees in public/ government or semi-public colleges range between INR 25,000-60,000. Thus, BA BEd Course Fees in India is quite affordable. 

Most government colleges charge subsidised fees compared to private colleges. The highly ranked colleges will have more BA BEd Course Fees as compared to low-ranking colleges. The students with more scores in the qualifying exams will have more scholarships as compared to students with less score. Similarly, the students who have qualified for an entrance exam will have to pay a low course fee as compared to students seeking direct admission to the BA BEd Course.

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BA BEd Syllabus

BA BEd Syllabus is divided into 4 full years, further subdivided into 8 semesters. BA BEd Syllabus varies from college to college. There are a few subjects that remain common across all BA BEd Course fields which are listed below:

First Year

Indian History

Departmental Elective 1


Drama & Art in Education

Learning & Teaching Theory

Language Elective 1

ICT & Understanding

Learning & Teaching Practical

Community Project 1

Second Year

Creative & Critical Thinking

Contemporary Education in India

Language Elective 2

Departmental Elective 2 


Indian History

Community Project 2

Third Year

Indian History

Environmental Studies



Language Elective 3

Departmental Elective 3

Childhood & Growing Up


Fourth Year

Indian History

Learning Assessment

Departmental Elective 4


Inclusive School Creation

Language Elective 4

Knowledge & Curriculum 


Fifth Year

Departmental Elective 5

World History

Social Science Pedagogy

Language Elective 5

Departmental Elective 6

Sixth Year

Social Science Pedagogy 2

Language Across Curriculum

Analytical Skills-Social Science

Departmental Elective 7

Departmental Elective 8

Departmental Elective 9

Internship 2

Seventh Year

Social Science Teaching Elective

Service Learning

Project on Learning Resource

Departmental Elective 10

Eighth Year

Reasoning Ability

Departmental Elective 11


Current Affairs

School Management Workshop

Gender, Society & School

Life-Skills Workshop

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Advantages of Integrated BA BEd Course

A student can pursue a single teacher training course directly after class 12th or can apply separately for a teacher training course after graduation.

The course comprises B.A. program just as B.Ed. program. Both the courses are joined to frame an integrated course. Hence, students won’t have to apply independently for B.Ed.

The integrated BA B.Ed course continues for a time of 4 years only. The incorporated program is a double degree in nature. Towards the completion of the course, graduates will be granted two degrees – Bachelor’s degree (selected by the student) and B.Ed. degree. Obtaining 2 degrees within 4 years is an excellent arrangement.

It is better to go for an integrated B.A. – B.Ed. rather than going for B.A. and after that for B.Ed. For an integrated degree, it will be of 4 years and if one goes for both independently, it will take 5 years.

Along with the advantage of saving 1 year, it will assist one with saving money likewise as the fee of each college increases each year and if one takes admission in B.Ed. After 3 years then the expense for the same will be moderately higher than the expense of B.Ed. integrated.

To take up B.Ed. course the customary way, one must have a Bachelor’s certificate to pursue it. B.Ed., in its conventional format, is a PG course. A Regular Bachelor’s Degree course takes 3 years to finish. After completing it, B.Ed. the course takes an additional 2 years to finish. Altogether, it takes 5 years for one to pursue B.Ed. course the customary way.

The integrated B.Ed course is 1 year shorter than the other usual course. Accordingly, this 1 year can be used fruitfully. It can be utilized for getting prepared for exams CTET, State-wise TETs or other pertinent entrance exams.

Students are relieved to an extent while pursuing an integrated course. In the case of the customary course, a student needs to apply for separate admission procedures and formalities to get admission in B.Ed. program after finishing graduation. In the event of the integrated course, a student has no reason to worry when the admission has been confirmed.

The integrated and conventional BA BEd  Course have a similar quality. The integrated course is a moderately new concept. It has been intended to produce more teachers and fulfill the demand for qualified teachers in India. The quality of the integrated course has been kept high by the authorities.

The course enhances the knowledge capacity of the students. The integrated arrangement of education likewise helps a student with his/her research work.

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BA BEd Jobs

With the rise of global trends in the field of education and growing opportunities, integrated courses are the future.

BA BEds attract a lot of job opportunities as their credentials are well-identified across the world. Depending on the talent of the candidate, BA BEd certified professionals can earn an annual salary varying from INR 2,00,000 LPA to INR 8,00,000 LPA. The BA BEd Course Fees is affordable and the BA BEd Salary prospects improve after gaining a certain amount of experience. 

The major criteria while choosing the university for pursuing the Integrated BA B.Ed programme, are great placements and which offer great practical and industrial exposure. They likewise give commendable scholarships to their students depending on the entrance test conducted by the college or board result. These colleges additionally offer different skill development programs, proficient enhancement training and extraordinary exposure to their students.

Some of the top job profiles with work details are given below:

  • Teacher: Most popular and reputed job position is that of a teacher. The job of a teacher is to prepare lessons for the students and then educate them at all levels.
  • Counsellor: The objective of a counsellor is to encounter the problems of the individual, empathise with them and provide them with solutions.
  • Content Writer: Very popular and demanding position in contemporary times is that of a content writer. Their role is to write content for the companies providing information about the goods and services offered by them.
  • School Head: Is considered to be the face of the soul and they ensure that students are meeting the learning objective. He or she looks into administration under the level of Principal.
  • School Administrator: Looks into daily tasks of running the school, deals with studies, office work, school maintenance, cultural programmes etc.
  • Consultant: The role is to assist organisations with advice and expertise to enhance their business or company’s performance.
  • Online Tutor/ Educator: Their work is similar to that of a teacher but they provide education on an online platform. These educators either work with online study platforms or practice independently.
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BA BEd Salary

Listed below are the best BA BEd Jobs and BA BEd salary packages offered to BA BEd certificate holders. BA BEd Fees is affordable and one still gets decent pay after completing this course. BA BEd Salary may vary depending on several factors like prior work experience, skill set etc.

BA BEd Jobs

Average Salary

School Teacher

INR 3,00,000-INR 6,00,000 LPA

Education Counsellor

INR 3,00,000- INR 5,00,000 LPA

Content Writer

INR 4,00,000- INR 8,50,000 LPA

School Administrator

INR 6,00,000-INR 8,00,000 LPA

School Head

INR 8,00,000-INR 10,00,000 LPA


INR 3,60,000-INR 4,00,000 LPA

Online Tutor/ Educator

INR 3,00,000-INR 5,00,000 LPA

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BA BEd Top Recruiters

BA B.Ed graduates have the opportunity to receive attractive salary packages from renowned schools and ed-tech organizations. With dedication and hard work, it is possible to earn a substantial income after completing a BA B.Ed program. While the education field may present initial challenges, gaining experience over the years leads to a promising future. Below are some of the prominent recruiters for BA B.Ed graduates, known for offering impressive salary packages and esteemed positions to candidates.

  • CollegeDekho
  • DPS School
  • CollegeDunia
  • Shiksha
  • GetMyUni
  • Government of India
  • Unacademy 
  • Udemy
  • KR Mangalam World School
  • DLF Public School
  • Kendriya Vidyalaya
  • Sparsh Global School
  • Home Gurukul 
  • Coursera
  • HelpGini Global Consulting 
  • Careers360
  • CollegSearch
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FAQs about B.A + B.Ed

What are the top colleges offering BA BEd in India?

Delhi University, RIE Bhopal, Kerala University, Ahmedabad University are some of the top colleges for pursuing BA BEd.

What is the average fees for the BA BEd?

BA BEd Course Fees in government institutions ranges between INR 12,000- 45,0000 and BA BEd Couse Fees in public/ government or semi-public colleges ranages between INR 25,000-60,000.

What is the duration of the BA BEd Course?

The duration of the BA BEd Course is 4 years which should be completed in a duration of 4 years. BA BEd is a dual degree programme offered right after passing 10+2 with 50% minimum aggregate in a relevant stream from a recognised board.

Are B.El.Ed and BEd different from each other?

No, both are quite similar as both can only be pursued after completion of 10+2, both are offered for 4 years duration, both can be pursued on the basis of merit. It is just th level where it differs, BA BEd is a integrated undergraduate degree programme and B.El. Ed is a diploma level programme.

What is the age limit for pursuing a BA BEd Course?

 There is no age limit for a BA BEd course. It is advisable to be in the age gap of 19-20 years to get better opportunities.

Which is more difficult, BA BEd or B.El Ed?

BA BEd is primarily difficult in comparison to the B.El Ed course. BA BEd is not just limited to theoretical knowledge but also includes internships. Moreover, it's a degree programme which required constant effort of 4 years to complete.

Can one pursue a BA BEd from private university?

One can definitely pursue a BA BEd from private as it is valid and accepted. However, the fees of government college offering BA BEd is cheaper than private and is also considered more reputed in comparison to private universities.

Is Maths required for the BA BEd Course?

No, Maths subject is not essential for pursuing a BA BEd course. However if one wants to pursue a BSc BEd Course then Mathematics is essential as It helps one understand stats and other mathematical concepts under the science stream.

What are the top colleges offering B.El.Ed in India?

Delhi University, Adita Mahavidyalaya Delhi, Sardar Vallbhai Patel Degree College Bareilly, and BIMS Lucknow are some of the top colleges for pursuing B.El.Ed. Lady Shri Ram College (LSR, Delhi University) is the best college to pursue B.El.Ed course.

Who is eligible for a BA BEd Course?

Candidates who have completed his/her10+2 with 50% minimum marks in a relevant stream from a recognised board are eligible to take BA BEd Course, the course is offered mostly on the basis of merit, but some institutions also require qualification of related entrance examinations.  

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