Bachelor of Visual Arts

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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

About Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA)

Bachelor of Visual Arts or B.V.A. is a four-year undergraduate course based on the learning of various art forms like drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, video, photography, filmmaking, crafts, and architecture and design. The degree of B.V.A provides an opportunity for students with a flair of innovation and art in order to become visual art professionals. 

Students are required to select a specialisation in B.V.A from a number of options like Painting, Sculpture, Film-Making, Applied Art, Art History, Animation, Interactive Norms, and so on. For a creative course like this, institutes often concentrate more on offering dedicated design spaces to each candidate. The course not only focuses on theoretical knowledge of the related subjects but also on technical knowledge by emphasizing on assignments, seminars and dissertation as well.  B.V.A graduates are usually hired in fields like design, film production, illustration, advertising, etc.

A Bachelor of Visual Arts course can be selected by one who has a knack for creativity, aesthetic sense, imaginative power, and skill to put their imagination into art. Those who want to build up a career in the field of art are extremely benefitted from the B.V.A course. This course imparts theoretical and practical learning and prepares candidates for the industry. Admission to B.V.A courses is determined by assessing the candidates’ performance in the class 12th exam. Apart from that, there are university-level entrance tests for B.V.A admission.  After the successful completion of the B.V.A course, candidates can be hired as Art Conservator, Art Editor, Art Consultant, Multimedia Consultants, Graphic Designer, Interior Decorator, etc. The average B.V.A salary is INR 400,000 -INR 200,000 per year.

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A.) Course Highlights




4 Years

Average Course Fees

50,000 - 3,00,000 per year

Average Salary

3 LPA - 15 LPA

Exam Type


Minimum Qualification Required


Minimum Aggregate Score Required


Selection Process

Merit/University-Level Entrance Exam

Employment Sectors


Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Objectives

The B.V.A course syllabus is designed with the objective of offering knowledge on an array of art disciplines. As the learners get the scope to know about the world-famous masterpieces, their interpretation and analyzation skills get improved. They become experts in conveying their thoughts and feelings through their creation. Candidates are offered all the scopes to be encouraged with various art methods that exist across the world.

Visual Art is a global language and a course like B.V.A makes the learners aware of the historical, social, and cultural influences of visual art. The course in all aspects aims at preparing a student from novice to versatile artist.

At the end of the Bachelor of Visual Arts course, candidates can see themselves ready for all the exciting art-oriented careers. By imparting knowledge on various art theories, and their histories, the course helps the candidates to develop some expertise like observation skills, analytical skills, individual thinking abilities etc. Apart from that, they are taught how to experiment with different tools used in the field of Visual Arts.

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Course Benefits

B.V.A course is filled with numerous benefits that are mentioned here:

  • It makes the learners able to convey their feelings through visuals. Candidates learn how to communicate through visuals.
  • Candidates learn how to interpret different art forms and sculptures
  • Technical understanding and conceptual skills are mastered with this course
  • With this course, candidates are empowered with an aesthetic sense and emotional and intellectual growth.
  • During the course, learners develop the skills to contribute to the industry and to bring excellency to work
  • After pursuing this course, learners will be able to associate with museums, film, fashion, apparel, and art studios
  • They get intensive teaching on painting
  • The knowledge imparted throughout the course inspires them to pursue advanced studies
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Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) aspirants must satisfy the below-mentioned entry requirements:

  • They must have passed 10+2 in any stream from a recognized board
  • They should have obtained at least 45%-55% in the qualifying exam

Disclaimer: The eligibility criteria may vary from college/university to college/university

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Skills Required

Candidates intending to pursue B.V.A courses need to have certain traits that would help them to complete the course effectively. Check out the following skills essential for B.V.A courses:

Visualization Skills

Organization Skills

Ability to critical thinking

Artistic Sense

Creative Sense

Ability to detailing

Passionate about learning

Communication Skills

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A.) Selection Process

Candidates will be selected on the basis of the following:

  • The candidate's merit in the qualifying exam and past academic record. 
  • The candidate's performance in an entrance exam conducted by the university/institute.
  • Candidates with prior experience in visual arts will be given preference.

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Admission Process

There are two types of admission processes for the B.V.A courses- Merit-Based and Entrance Test Based. Following is the description of both the processes:

Merit-Based Admission Process

In merit-based admission, universities/institutes consider the 12th board result for admission to B.V.A courses. Candidates are shortlisted through the merit list and final admission is offered to the selected candidates.

Entrance-Based Admission

  • Candidates need to visit the website of their preferred colleges and fill up the B.V.A entrance test application form
  • Candidates will appear in the entrance exam which is commonly known as the aptitude test organized by the universities
  • Post conduction of the exam, universities /institutes will declare the result of the written test
  • Qualified candidates who have scored the minimum cut-off percentage have to attend an interview session conducted by the institutes
  • Candidates may be asked to present a portfolio of their drawings etc. as further rounds of selection
  • Final admission is then offered to all the qualified candidates of the B.V.A entrance test

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Entrance Exams

Some of the major entrance tests for B.V.A are as follows:

Art Aptitude Test conducted by World University of Design

JMI Entrance Exam conducted by Jamia Millia Islamia

LPUNEST conducted by The Lovely Professional University

Except for LPUNEST, all the B.V.A entrance tests mentioned above are conducted in offline mode.

 Top B.V.A Colleges in India

Mentioned below are the top colleges offering B.V.A courses in India:

Name of College

Course Fees

Lovely Professional University

Rs. 58,000/-

World University of Design

Rs. 84,000/-

Amity School of Fine Arts

Rs. 54,000/-

Jamia Millia Islamia

Rs. 7,100/-

Bangalore University

Rs. 21,000/-

Vogue Institute of Art and Design

Rs. 2,28,000/-

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Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) Syllabus

First Year

Language I

Language II

Language II

Methods and Materials

CC/EC Cocurricular and extracurricular

Language I

Survey of Western Art

Fundamentals of Visual Art

Sculpture/Print Making

Introduction to Visual Culture

Environment and Public Health

Survey of Indian Art

Constitution of India

Drawing I

Drawing II

Pictorial Composition 



Second Year

Language I

Language II

Indian Art I – Ancient and Medieval Periods

Processes and Techniques of Painting I

Drawing and Painting I

Co-Curricular and extracurricular

Western Art I – Ancient and Medieval Periods


Science and Society

Language I

Language II

Elective- Sculpture/Printmaking

Co-curricular and extracurricular

Life skills/Personality Development

Western Art I- Ancient And Medieval Period, Process and Techniques of Sculpture

Indian Art II– Islamic Architecture and Medieval Indian Painting

Processes and Techniques of Painting II

Drawing and Painting II-Life Study

Processes and techniques of Sculpture I

Drawing and Sculpture I

Creative Sculpture I

New Media Art

Third Year

Art Pedagogy/Art Conservation

Outdoor Sculpture/Site-Specific Art/Public Art

Indian Art III – Colonial Art to Raja Ravi Varma

Modernism in the West

Western Art II – Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo

Western Art III - Romanticism to Post-Impressionism 

Global Contemporary Art

Dissertation- Portfolio Development, Display and Curation

Creative Sculpture II

Modern Art in India

Indian Contemporary Art

Life Skills/Personality development

Introduction to Art Historiography

Science and Society

Advertising and Media Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Performance Art/Art Illustration

Management of Strat- ups in advertising India/Marketing Research

Conservation and Curation

Art Illustration/Performance Art

Indian Aesthetics

Studio Practice- I

Product and Packaging Design

Interactive design-II

Strategic Brand

East Asian Art

Note: The syllabus of the course may vary from specialisation to specialisation. 

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Specializations

While pursuing B.V.A candidates should choose a specialization. If the B.V.A course is pursued in a specialization, it would help a candidate to direct their career in a particular direction. Mentioned below are some of the specializations one can choose from.







Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Course Comparison

Tabulated below is the comparison between two courses B.V.A and B.A Visual Arts:


Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A)

B.A Visual Arts

Course Description

Learning about the different art forms like painting, ceramics, video, photography, etc. are offered in this course.

Learning areas of this sector are Music, Arts, Theatre, etc.


4 years

3 Years


Candidates must have (10+2) qualifications.

Must be qualified in (10+2)

Course Fees

INR 50,000-600,000

INR 30,000-300,000

Career Opportunities

Art director, Animator, Cartoonist, Visual Designer, Art Editor, VFX Artist, etc.

Film-maker, Museum Artist, Photographer, etc.

Average Salary

INR 400,000-20,00,000

INR 300,000-800,000

 So, these two courses are quite similar in respect of career opportunities, learning areas, etc. The only difference is in Salary. Choosing any of these two courses becomes easy if judged based on this parameter. 

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Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) Career Options and Job Prospects

If a candidate is passionate about art, they can go a long way after graduation in B.V.A. Bachelor of Visual Arts imparts both conceptual and technical skills that are required for a person interested in art and design to work as a professional artist. Candidates may easily expect jobs in the fields including illustration, design, film production, video, advertising, education, and community activity, etc.

Some of the popular job profiles for B.V.A. graduates are as given under:

  • Architect
  • Art Editor
  • Artist
  • Art Consultant
  • Cartoonist
  • Cinematographer
  • Fashion Designer
  • Curator
  • Multimedia Consultant
  • Furniture Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Decorator
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Journalist
  • Product Designer
  • Painter
  • Photographer
  • Special Effects Consultant
  • Sculptor
  • Teacher

The average salary package of a B.V.A. graduate at the start of his/her career at a corporate firm is in the range of Rs. 3 lakh to 15 lakh. 

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Employment Areas

A plethora of employment areas is there for the candidates who look for jobs after pursuing a B.V.A course in India. All these employment areas offer handsome pay packages to starters. Mentioned below are some of them:

Software Companies




Digital Media


Printmaking Industry

Ceramic Industry

Dance Studios

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Future Scope

The possibilities are endless here. Illustration, film, design, advertising, and teaching are some of the career options for a successful graduate in this sector. If someone wants to gain more knowledge, then he/she must go for higher studies. There is no dearth of options for higher studies after B.V.A. The graduates of this field can join MBA, Master’s degree in Visual Arts, MFA, etc.

Different advertising companies, Digital Media, Apparel manufacturing houses, dance studios, software publishing organizations, newspapers, etc hire B.V.A graduates. The media and entertainment sector, marketing, and ad agencies always have requirements for talented B.V.A professionals As the course prepares the candidates in a job-oriented manner, getting a job in these sectors becomes easy. Sometimes individuals choose self-employment options which can be great career options for those who wish to work independently. The starting salary for a fresh B.V.A professional in India ranges between INR 2-INR 8 lakhs.

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Jobs

B.V.A graduates have enormous job opportunities in India and abroad. Some of the popular B.V.A jobs are described below:

Painter- A painter draws different structures using colors. He uses his coloring and sketching skills to make different artworks.

Art Director- Arts Directors are the professionals who manage and guide a design team. He determines the art and design of a particular thing and decides how to present artworks engagingly.

Graphic Designer- The role of a Graphic Designer is to create visual text and imagery. They create visuals and make images and layouts and other creative content for websites, videos, etc.

Visual Designer- A Visual Designer works to the improvement of the user experience. To do so, he combines different colors and typography fonts, and shapes. Apart from that, they work on the visual languages of a product.

Photographer- A photographer clicks and processes images for subjects, and moments and creates stories through photographs. These professionals often work with the art team and take part in developing a concept.

Cartoonist- Commonly known as Comic Book Illustrator, Graphic Novel Artist, or Comic Book Artist, a Cartoonist lives and works for the world of comics. He brainstorms different ideas for drawings, collaborates with writers and artists, and creates cartoons for magazines, newspapers, etc.

Art Editor- The key job responsibilities of an Art Editor is to edit different visual materials and sent them to a publishing house for print. An art editor possesses in-depth knowledge of art and produces art-related content as well.  

VFX Artist- A VFX artist previsualizes and creates digitally made images. By using the latest digital technologies they create different effects for the videos. The VFX professionals work for the television, gaming, film, and other art industries.

Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A) Salary

B.V.A salary in India is quite decent. After the successful completion of the B.V.A course, graduates get jobs with commanding pay packages. Listed below are the salaries offered to the Visual Art professionals:

Job Profiles



INR 2.0 Lakhs

Art Director

INR 7.6 Lakhs

Graphic Designer

INR 3.0 Lakhs

Visual Designer

INR 6.0 Lakhs


INR 2.4 Lakhs


INR 3.2 Lakhs

Art Editor

INR 7.6 Lakhs

VFX Artist

INR 3.5 Lakhs

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FAQs about BVA

What is the duration of the course Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) ?

Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) is a 4 year course.

What are the popular specializations related to Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) ?

Some of the popular specializations for B.Voc. (Bachelor of Vocation) are : Fashion Technology , Graphic Design , Garment Designing , Process Engineering , Marketing.

What is the average fee for the course Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) ?

The average fee for Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) is INR 50,000 per year.

I want admission in Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA). Do I have to clear any exams for that ?

Delhi University Science , Delhi University Arts are some of the exams that you can appear for to get admission in Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA) courses.
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