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Feb 15, 2024 14:51PM IST

Graphic Designing Course Overview

Graphic designing courses mainly deal with visually appealing data that are used to fetch digital messages, stories, or concepts. Candidates who pursue a Graphic design course, learn how to design logos, cover pages, thumbnails and banners. The course is mainly used to teach and produce visual content using components like images, colours, typography, illustrations and icons. Graphic Designing courses can be studied at the professional level by pursuing a certification, diploma or degree in Graphic Designing. The best Graphic design courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels are BDes Graphic Design and MDes Graphic Design. The Graphic designing admission process requires passing 10+2 exams from any stream. Some reputed universities in India that provide Graphic designing courses are Pearl Academy, NID Ahmedabad, Symbiosis Institute of Design, etc.

The Graphic design syllabus and subjects vary based on the level of the programme one has opted for. Students are given admission based on either entrance exams or merit. The NID entrance test, NIFT entrance exam, UCEED, SEED, and others are some of the popular Graphic Designing entrance exams and students may get admitted to their desired college after clearing these exams. After finishing a Graphic designing course, one can work as a Graphic Designer, Picture Editor, Design Manager, Teacher/ Lecturer, and so on. The average salary for a Graphic Designer ranges from 3-15 LPA.

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Graphic Designing Course Highlights

Check out the following major highlights of the Graphic designing course:

Graphic Designing Course Highlights

Name of the CourseGraphic Designing
Duration2-4 Years depending on the course type (Diploma, Bachelor, Master)
Admission TypeFull Time/Part Time/ Distant Mode
Mode of Application FormOnline/Offline
Mode of AdmissionMerit/Entrance Test
Minimum Qualification RequirementFor Undergraduate courses-10+2 in any stream
For Postgraduate courses- Bachelor's degree in design
Entrance ExamsNID DAT, NIFT, UCEED, AIEED, etc.
Average Fee (in India)INR 4000 - 90,000 per annum
Average Fee (outside India)INR 1,50,0000 - 9,00,0000 per annum
Average SalaryUp to INR 15 Lakhs
Top RecruitersPrint & publishing houses (like newspapers, magazines, etc.), Advertising agencies, Graphic design studios, TV & Multimedia production houses, Website development studios, E-learning companies, Web Design Studios.
Job PositionsGraphic designer, Multimedia Artist, Art Director, Product/industrial designer, Film/video editor, Motion Graphic Designer, Layout Designer, Web Developer
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Why Choose a Graphic Designing Course?

Students gain an understanding of people within their sociocultural contexts and develop efficient strategies that produce products, systems, services, and experiences related to communication. After completing this programme, students are equipped to apply design principles to a variety of interpersonal challenges in a variety of formats and media types. Through this curriculum, students have a wonderful chance to build careers in graphic design, illustration, sequential art, typography, image processing, motion graphics, and narration. Other reasons to pursue a Graphic designing course are listed below with the help of an infographic:

Why Choose a Graphic Designing Course?
  • Graphic design is currently in high demand. With the advancement of advanced technologies, the industry requires a large number of skilled Graphic design professionals.
  • The graphic designing course has limitless potential. The stream is very popular and profitable. Following the course, candidates will have numerous career opportunities and high-paying jobs.
  • Graphic designing appeals to both creative and analytical minds. Students are exposed to new trends and technologies. They also have the opportunity to use their imagination and visualisation to create something new from scratch.
  • Graphic design is used in almost every aspect of marketing and advertising. Its widespread use in all forms of media, including magazines, articles, and posters, makes it a highly demanding career in today's ad-driven world.
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What is an Online Graphic Designing Course?

Online graphic designing courses are growing in popularity every day because of their accessibility and adaptability. Since the online programme can be completed while residing within a different city, candidates are not required to attend in-person classes. Students also have the chance to advance their careers by learning and performing at their own pace. Those interested in pursuing online graphic design courses may refer to the table below, which lists some courses that are mostly provided by popular Ed Tech platforms:

Course Name

Total Course Fee (in INR)

Graphic Design Mastery


Graphic Design Masterclass


Intro to Graphic Design with Photoshop


Graphic Design Bootcamp


Graphic Design Mastery- AI, Photoshop, Illustrator


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What is the Difference Between Web Designing and Graphic Designing Courses?

As discussed, images, graphs, graphics, typography, etc. are all used in graphic design to convey ideas. Print and digital projects are both within the purview of graphic designers. Similar to graphic design, web design involves using images, graphs, graphics, and typography to convey ideas. However, web design is limited to websites; it does not include print. They must use programming to process their designs and convert them into a functional website. A solid working knowledge of CSS, HTML, and perhaps additional programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, etc. is required of web designers. The following table shows an overview of the primary difference between Web designing and Graphic designing courses:


Web Designing

Graphic Designing

Average Annual Fees

INR 1-12 LPA

INR 4,000-13,00,000


2.5 to 4 years

6 months to 4 years


At least 45-50% in 10+2 from a recognised board

At least 50%-55% in 10+2 from a recognised board

Admission Criteria

Merit + Entrance Exam

Merit + Entrance Exam

Entrance Exam

TANCET, NATA, JEE Main, JUEE, UPEE, and more.

NATA, JEE Main, KIITEE, AAT, and so on.

Emphasis On

Creating landing pages, website building, website performance optimisation and testing, etc.

Creating logo designs, social media graphics, business cards, branding and advertising video, etc.

Average Starting Salary



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Types of Graphic Designing Courses

Candidates pursuing Graphic design courses must be aware that there are various types of courses available in graphic design. Some of the popular graphic designing courses available are mentioned below.

  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Advertising Graphic Design
  • User Interface Graphic Design
  • Visual Identity Graphic Design
  • Packaging Graphic Design
  • Publication Graphic Design

The different levels of Graphic Designing courses include:

LevelCourse Description
Certificate in Graphic DesignThis is a short-term program that gives foundation in Graphic Design knowledge and skills. Basic design principles, software tools and techniques are covered to get into entry-level job roles. 
Diploma in Graphic DesignThis diploma develops on the knowledge provided in the certificate course. Broader design concepts along with software skills and practical skills are taught. 
BDes Graphic DesignB.Des is a graphic designing program that provides knowledge based on design theory, critical thinking, analytical skills and practical skills. 
BSc Graphic Design Some scientific concepts are added to this degree besides design principles. 
MDes Graphic DesignThis refines the fundamental skills of Graphic Design and helps to develop interest in a specific area. 
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Graphic Designing Course Eligibility Criteria

To apply for admission to various institutions and universities that offer Graphic Designing courses, interested candidates must first meet the eligibility criteria. Only qualified applicants will be allowed to move on to the admission stage. Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements if they want to enrol in a graphic designing course:

  • Those who have completed their 10+2 in any field such as Science, Commerce, or the Arts are eligible to enrol in courses at the graduate level. The majority of well-known colleges, however, only allow applicants to participate in their admissions process if they have completed their education from a recognised board.
  • To pursue an MDes Graphic Design, aspirants must have a bachelor's degree in design with at least 50% aggregate marks. 
  • For a diploma in Graphic Designing, 50-55% aggregate marks at a higher secondary level are required. 
  • There are no specific eligibility criteria for online Graphic Designing courses.

Skill Set Required for Graphic Designing Courses

To have a successful career in Graphic designing, candidates need to possess some important skills. The graphic design career path comprises all varieties of the creative spectrum which at times also seem to overlap with each other. Graphic Design utilises various kinds of knowledge, skills, learning, and techniques to produce appropriate content for the customers. Below are some of the prerequisite skills required in a student to pursue Graphic design as a career.

  • Students must be creative and should be full of new and innovative ideas.
  • Students who know software and programming languages can do magnificently in graphic designing.
  • Visualisation is the main factor in Graphic Designing. Students must have an interest in this skill and keep developing it with more practice and research.
  • Along with Visualisation, students must also have a skill in visual design which will help them to do better both academically and professionally.
  • It is also of paramount importance for the candidates to have the ability to work in a team for long hours professionally.
  • Candidates also need to have good interpersonal and communication skills along with suitable time management skills.
  • It is also required for the candidates to have knowledge about color theory and typography which will help them in the graphic designing course.
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Graphic Designing Entrance Exams

After performing well on entrance exams for universities or national levels, students can pursue graphic designing courses as per their eligibility. These tests may be given online or offline depending on the college/university. After passing the graphic designing entrance exam, prospective students will be contacted to schedule a personal interview, a studio test, and a portfolio review, depending on the institute or university's requirements or the admissions process for the national-level entrance exam. Aspirants must take an entrance exam to be considered for admission to graphic design courses offered at renowned colleges in India. The following is a list of some of the well-known graphic designing entrance exams used to choose applicants for admission to graphic design programmes:

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List of Popular Graphic Designing Course Specialisations

Some of the most popular graphic design specialisations are listed below:

Graphic Designing SpecialisationDescription
Brand Identity and Logo DesignThey envision and propose new designs for various brands and organisations' products and services.
Packaging DesignAs the name implies, they create 3D designs and shapes such as the insides and outsides of packaging. They develop products or services that aid in shipping while also being visually appealing and capable of persuading customers.
Web and Mobile DesignDesigners here concentrate on the pages, layout, and graphical aspects of various apps or websites. Such designers collaborate closely with web developers to ensure that the designs are practical and functional. They contribute to a smooth user experience for a company's webpage, navigation, structure, and user experience, as well as creating links, order, and ease across all pages or screens. Also, user experience design, user interface design, and other specialised roles exist within this domain. 
Layout and Print DesignThey use a combination of text and graphics to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand for magazines, books, newspapers, brochures, posters, and other publications. Their primary focus is on the placement of imagery, design, font selection, and so on.
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Graphic Design Admission Process in India

There are two ways to get admission into a Graphic Designing course: through merit or an entrance exam as showed in the infographic below. The actual Graphic Designing course admission process varies depending on the admissions process. Applicants can, however, apply online to their top Graphic Designing colleges.

Graphic Design Admission Process in India

For Entrance-Based Graphic Designing Admission 

For entrance exam-based admission, candidates can apply for Graphic Designing courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Check into the Graphic Designing admission form requirements and deadlines listed by various colleges and universities.

Step 2: Register for the entrance exams required for Graphic design admission at the colleges and universities you want to attend.

Step 3: Once confirmed, save the application process for future use. Also, for admission and other important notifications, keep an eye on the exams’ or the university's official website.

Step 4: After appearing and passing the Graphic Designing entrance examination, candidates must fill out an application form for their desired university with personal information such as academic details, entrance examination results, and so on.

Step 5: Candidates who successfully meet the university's eligibility requirements are shortlisted for the counselling round (if any) to finalise the admissions process.

Step 6: After clearing the counselling session, candidates must pay the university's entrance fee to confirm their admission to the Graphic Designing course.

For Merit-based Graphic Designing Admission

For merit-based admission, students can apply for Graphic designing courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Fill out the online Graphic Designing application form.

Step 2: Pay the registration fee and any additional fees if admission is granted based on merit.

Step 3: The shortlisted applicants will receive invitations to the subsequent phases of the hiring process, such as individual interviews or counselling.

Step 4: Candidates must submit all the required documents and fees to confirm their admission to the Graphic Designing course.

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Graphic Designing Course Fees in India

The fee structure for this course will vary depending on a lot of factors. However, the general Graphic designing course fee structure is mentioned below:

Graphic Designing Course Type

Average Fees (Approx. in INR)

Diploma in Graphic Designing


UG Certificate Course in Graphic Designing


PG Certificate Course in Graphic Designing


BDes Graphic Designing


MDes Graphic Designing


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Graphic Designing Course Syllabus/Subjects

Graphic design subjects include topics like fundamentals of Graphic design, visual design, typography, illustration, layouts, logo design, and advertising design as key subjects. However, the graphic designing syllabus and subjects may vary depending on the duration and the type of programme opted for by the candidates. Students can check the list of Graphic design course subjects and syllabus mentioned below.

  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Flash
  • Art & Visual Perception
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Corel Draw
  • Graphic Designing Software & Tools
  • HTML/ Javascript
  • Illustrator
  • Image Layout & Effects 
  • InDesign
  • Introduction to Graphic Designing
  • Photoshop
  • Shaping, Design & Illustration
  • Typography
  • Vector Graphics for Designers
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Top Private Graphic Designing Colleges in India

Before narrowing down their options based on compatibility and preference, applicants should first identify which universities offer Graphic Designing courses. To be considered for admission to their preferred colleges, aspirants who satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria must fill out the application, submit it online, and upload any necessary documents. These private colleges are known for being the best places for learning graphic designing courses. The private universities have excellent ties to the business world and other designers. The following table provides candidates with a breakdown of the fees associated with certain well-known private Graphic designing colleges in India:

College Name

Average Fee (in INR)

World University of Design, Sonepat

2-13 LPA

Vogue Institute of Art & Design, Bangalore

1-6 LPA

School of Design, Dehradun

9-12 LPA

Pearl Academy, Delhi

2-10 LPA

MIT-ADT University, Pune

7-13 LPA

J D Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore


International School of Design, Pune

2-6 LPA

IIAD, Delhi

20 LPA

DY Patil University, Pune


DIT University


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Top Government Graphic Designing Colleges in India

Many governmental institutions offer Graphic design courses at different academic levels. Government schools charge lower tuition fees than universities that are privately owned. According to their preferences, candidates can choose their educational institution and the cost of their Graphic Designing courses. The following table outlines some top government Graphic designing colleges in India:

College Name

Average Fee (in INR)

NIFT Delhi1,00,000
NIELIT Guwahati5,000
NIELIT Delhi5,000-7,000
NIELIT Ajmer25,000
NIELIT Aizawl51,600-1,31,000
NID Ahmedabad11,00,000-15,00,000
National Institute of Electronics & IT Manipur1,400-47,100
National Institute of Electronics & IT Chandigarh4,000-10,000
Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gorakhpur University5,000
CSJM Kanpur24,000
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Career Options After Graphic Designing Courses

Candidates with a degree or diploma in Graphic Designing course can find job opportunities in the government as well as the private sector. Government ministries, fashion houses, marketing companies, consulting firms, hotels, restaurants, etc. are among the most popular career options for graphic designers in India. Job profiles offered will depend on the experience and type of education. Following are various types of graphic designing course jobs that you can apply for:

Graphic Designing Salary

Graphic designers play an important role in the industry, and in India, one can see their steady demand. The Graphic designing course salary is extremely alluring and the compensation on the same depends on expertise, experience and advanced skills. Brands are in constant lookout for graphic designers for various advertising, marketing and designing purposes.

The average base salary of graphic designers in India is 3 LPA. When they gain experience and proficiency, they gain mid-level roles that yield around 5-7 LPA. Senior graphic designers with more than 10 years of experience can be anywhere between 15-18 LPA.

Graphic Designing Scope in India

The scope for graphic designers in India is increasing in leaps and bounds. It is estimated to experience a 3% increase by 2030. They are entrusted with the role of employing various computer technologies to create visually appealing content and aesthetics to capture, inspire and appeal to the target audience.

The salary components of a graphic designer include base salary, bonus, commission and profit sharing. Beginners get a good package of around 3-3.5 LPA. Several new roles are emerging in the field and professionals with diverse skill sets have better opportunities. The scope of graphic designing extends to image design, catalogue design, logo design, brochure and template design, animations, etc. 

Graphic Design Top Recruiters

As discussed, graphic design is one of the most popular and rising courses in the current scenario. There are a large number of students who opt for graphic designing courses every year. The salary package offered to aspirants who pursue this course ranges between 3-6 LPA. Some top companies also offer higher salary packages depending on their calibre and marks in the course exam. Many top recruiters hire aspirants from the colleges during placement in their final semester. Aspirants with a creative mindset and who know animation and design patterns are chosen by good companies. Aspirants with good Graphic Design abilities have the potential to flourish and advance in their careers. Candidates can check companies that hire Graphic Designers as mentioned below. Designer Graphics

  • IKEA
  • Vistaprint Inc
  • Decathlon Group
  • Deloitte
  • Accenture
  • EY (Ernst & Young)
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FAQs about Graphic Designing

What does the Graphic designing syllabus contain?

The Graphic designing syllabus contains important topics such as Fundamentals of Design, Visualisation Techniques, Craft Design Studies, Design Process & Thinking, Introduction to Graphic Design, Advanced Illustration Techniques, Visual Ergonomics, Design for Moving Images, Advertising Design and many more.

Can a person become a Graphic Designer without a degree?

Yes, a person can become a Graphic Well, the good news is that you do not need a degree to become a graphic designer. Graphic design is an amazing creative career with limitless possibilities, but there are certain things you need to know before embarking on your new role.

What are the eligibility requirements for Graphic designing courses?

Eligibility requirements for Graphic designing courses: candidates who have passed their class XII exam from any stream such as Science/ Commerce/ Arts can pursue this course at the graduation level. Besides students with fine arts or design skills get an edge over other candidates, while scoring well on the entrance examination is another requirement.

What are the minimum marks required for admission to Graphic designing courses?

The minimum marks required for admission to Graphic designing courses vary between 45% and 50% overall aggregate. Often the overall academic profile is evaluated before being considered for admission. Apart from this, colleges may have other criteria such as portfolio, entrance exam or interview to determine the eligibility of students.

Can I do a Graphic designing course without taking an entrance exam?

Yes, students can do a Graphic designing course without taking an entrance exam. For instance, they can go for various online courses, distance learning courses, etc. Certain schools grant admission based on merit or scores obtained in the previous examination.

How do I apply for graphic designing course admission?

Candidates can apply for graphic designing courses admission offline as well as online mode by visiting the official website. It is essential to research the course well and check out the curriculum before applying. They must select colleges and schools that provide good hands-on training and internship opportunities.

Which Graphic Designing domain has the highest salary?

It is believed that Digital Designers responsible for making Webpages, Product Graphics, Email Templates, Brand Campaigns, etc. get the highest salary packages. UX designers and web designers also get higher salary packages than others. Those with higher experiences and advanced skills get a lump some compensation.

Which stream is best for Graphic Designing courses?

Graphic Designing courses can be pursued through any stream be it science, commerce or humanities. Graphic Designing is a creative course that encompasses various components of visual communication, arts and design. Prior knowledge of fine arts, design and design-related subjects helps.

Can I get admission to the Graphic designing course after class XII?

Yes, students get admission to the Graphic designing course after class XII. They have to obtain at least 70% in higher secondary to get admission to BSc or BDes courses. Some colleges may require students to appear for entrance exams or interviews before making it to the final selection list.

What is the total time required to complete a Graphic designing course?

The total time required to complete a Graphic Designing course varies depending on the type of course such as online, distance learning, etc. The certificate courses are of three to six months whereas diploma courses range from 6 to 12 months. Bachelor's and master's degrees take three and two years, respectively.

What does graphic designing mean?

Graphic Designing is a medium through which professionals create visual content and data to communicate thoughts, ideas and messages. Graphic Designing is a medium through which professionals create visual content and data to communicate thoughts, ideas and messages. It involves the creation of designs for print materials, digital media, advertisements, logos, packaging and more.

What are the best certificate courses in Graphic design?

The best certificate courses in Graphic Design are Certificate in Graphic and Communication Design, Professional Certificate in Advertising and Graphics, Certificate Course In Computer Animation and Graphics, Certificate course in Graphic Design and Animation etc. Other than these, you can consider Adobe Certified Associate, UI/UX Design specialisation, Graphic Design Elements for Non-Designers Specialisation, etc.

Can I pursue a Graphic designing course through correspondence?

Yes, plenty of certificate and diploma Graphic designing courses can be pursued through correspondence. Correspondence Graphic Design courses can be pursued through distance learning or online courses, allowing students to study remotely and complete the coursework at their own pace.

What job profiles can be explored after completing a Graphic designing course?

After completing a designing course, the job profiles that can be explored are Art Directors, Brand Identity Designers, Graphic Designers, Multimedia designers, Logo designers, Interaction designers, Product designers, Multimedia Artists Animators etc.

Is Animation Designing and Graphic Designing the same?

Graphic Designing and Animation Designing are creative fields but both of them are very different. Graphic Designing is used in advertising for clients and to communicate an idea through visuals. However, Animation Designing utilises computer technology to create effects and images for television, websites, movies and video games.

Is it important to be good at drawing to pursue a Graphic designing course?

No, being good at drawing is not a compulsion for a Graphic designing course. Students are required to be creative and innovative. Also, having a good knowledge of technology, Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and programming language is essential.

What are the names of the best 5 colleges that offer a Graphic designing course?

The best 5 colleges for Graphic designing courses are the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur, Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD New Delhi), Maeer's MIT Institute of Design (MITID), LISAA School of Design (LISAA), Bangalore and Vogue Institute of Art and Design (VIAD), Bangalore.

Which degree is the most popular in Graphic Designing?

The popular Graphic Designing courses are B.Des. in Graphic Design, M.Des. in Graphic Design, Certificate in Graphic Designing, B.Sc. in Graphic Design, M.Des. in Communication Design (Graphic Design), M.A. in Graphic Design etc.

How is graphic designing different from web designing?

Graphic Design is the art of using typography, graphics, visuals, graphs, and images to communicate a thought or an idea. While Web Designing only concerns websites that not only look good but load quickly.

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Related Questions


Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Aug-01-2023

Dear Student, 

Arena Animation, Bangalore does not provide a B.Des course in Graphic Design, however, it does provide various short-term certificate courses like Visual Content Development for Print and Social Media, Graphics, Web Design & Development, Animation Film Design etc.

Some of the top colleges in Bangalore that offers B.Des Graphic Design course are LISAA School of Design and CREO Valley. To apply for admission in any of the aforementioned colleges or to explore more such suitable institutes, feel free to either fill-up the Common Application Form or dial the student helpline number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free).

Thank You

Which is the best field in design?
-Umesh -Updated on Apr-14-202310 Answers

priyal Babbar, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Apr-14-2023
B Design courses in multimedia are a better option to learn animation.There are many courses of animation in india and few places are doing really great. LPU has several programs related to multimedia which will lead you to expertise in graphic design. There is however a difference in the field of expertise but all are based on multimedia only. LPU provides 6 Degrees in bachelors such as Bsc( Multimedia) 3 years, Bsc( Gaming) 3 years, Bsc( Graphics) 3 years, Multimedia) — 4 years, Gaming) 4 years, Graphics)4 years and two courses in masters also Msc Multimedia - 2 years, Multimedia - 2 years There is a separate Department Called Multimedia which comes under the school of design. This Department has well equipped labs with high end workstations and it has gaming studios also where students can play and test the games on playstation, PC and x box platform. Multimedia students of LPU has campus placements in companies like Amazon ( as 3d Artist), Rockstar games, Kony India, xentrix studio, Dq entertainment, Prime focus, Green gold animation and so on The highest salary availed by the students was 34.24 lpa and average salary was 5.5 lpa. The companies which came for campus placement were : Amazon, Green Gold Animation, Optmyzr, Technicolor, Pratilipi, Genymedium, Goodera, Speed Records, Espranza, Xoxoday, Fico, Optum, Temenos, Valuefy, Wheebox, Fotografik Enterprises, Eclerx, Chegg, Easy Diner, Ehues, Eight Network, Tutor Eye, Bali Enterprises, Sculpting Together Arts Studio, Socksoho, Sportsapp, SuperDNA 3D Labs, TruEquations, Think and Learn, Cusmat Technologies, AD2Pro Media Solutions, Famous Studios, Focus Animation Studio, KPIT Technologies, Orkeyz Inc., Collegedunia Web, Outlook Group, Inkspell Solutions, Leadsquared, Tex Fasteners, etc.

Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-21-2022

Dear Student,

At Image College of Arts Animation & Technology, Bangalore, it is very crucial to meet the eligibility criteria before applying for the desired course. For an undergraduate graphic designing and animation course, you must have either completed class 12th or 3 years of Diploma course from a recognized University after completing 10th standard. If you are awaiting results or are appearing for the exam, you can still apply for the course.

There are plenty of animation and graphic design colleges in Bangalore that offer high-quality courses in Graphic Design and Animation such as CREO Valley (CREO), Bangalore, Jain University, Bangalore, Acharya Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangalore, IIFA Lancaster Degree College, Bangalore etc.

Read List of Animation Courses After 12th: Details, Fees, Scope, Jobs & Salary and Graphic Design Courses in India: Eligibility, Duration, Fees, Colleges and Scope to understand your options better.

For admission-related help, reach out to our admission experts either by dialling 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or by filling the Common Application Form. You can also post more queries in the QnA zone.

Thank You

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