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Jul 28, 2023 14:49PM IST

About MA English

Short for Master of Arts in English, an MA in English course is usually a two-year postgraduate degree programme offered by Indian universities. The course is structured in a manner that focuses on English Literature and Language, highlighting novels, short stories, poetry, and epics created by famous writers throughout history and the world. Admissions to MA in English programmes across the countries will vary among universities, wherein some may simply consider the academic merit of the candidates while others may accept admissions based on entrance test scores. Moreover, the different types of teaching methodologies available, make the course an extremely accessible course for students looking to build a career in the creative field.

Thus, it is only inevitable for the MA in English syllabus to cover a wide range of subjects including English Poem from Chaucer to Milton, English Literature, Language and Linguistics, Shakespeare, and Indian Literature. The programme provides extensive knowledge and understanding of the English language and its rich history. Those graduating from an MA in English course can find themselves employed in a variety of fields including content creation and editing in a variety of industries including news and publishing houses. Graduates can also pursue a career in teaching after completing an MA in English course in India.

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MA English - Course Highlights

MA English or Master of Arts in English is a postgraduate program in the field of Arts and Humanities. MA English is a 2-year program. Any candidate who has an interest in English literature can pursue MA English course. Many colleges and universities in India offer postgraduate programs in MA English courses. Below are important highlights related to MA English Course.

Level of CoursePostgraduate
Duration of MA English Course2 Years
MA English Eligibility CriteriaCandidates who have pursued a BA in English or equivalent degree with a minimum overall aggregate of 50% are eligible.
MA English Admission ProcessEntrance based admission process and direct admission process
MA English Top Entrance Exams
  • Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Examination (JNUEE)
  • CUET
  • English and Foreign Language University Entrance Examination (EFLU Entrance Exam)
MA English Average Course FeeINR 40,000 to INR 50,000
Average Starting SalaryINR 3 LPA to INR 8 LPA
Job Options
  • Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Teacher
  • Translator
  • Stenographer
  • Editor
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Why MA English?

One of the most popular degrees in India is a master's degree in the arts. One of the oldest courses still taught in India, according to some. A candidate can choose from a wide range of Master of Arts courses, including MA Economics, MA Hindi, MA Geography, MA History, MA Political Science, etc. Among all of these Master of Arts courses, MA English is one of the most popular. A candidate should enrol in an MA English course for the reasons listed below:

  • Candidates who pursue MA English will get in-depth knowledge of subjects related to literature and other subjects
  • Candidates will get new skills and learn new abilities related to English subjects
  • After pursuing MA English candidates can get jobs in MNCs which prefer candidates with good English skills
  • Candidates can also pursue higher studies after completing MA English such as MPhil English or PhD English
  • Candidates who pursue MA English will get good research skills
  • While doing MA English course, candidates will get to expand their professional circle. It will help in increasing professional skills and increasing practical knowledge about the world
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Who Should Pursue MA English?

MA English course is a two year course. MA English is a postgraduate course which can be followed by anyone who has completed undergraduate courses in any stream. Candidates can do English course at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. There is not special requirement for MA English course. While pursuing MA English course candidates get to learn a lot of things about English literature. Given below are some of the facts about who should pursue MA English Course:

  • Students who wish to pursue a career in the field of journalism, or in any MNCs can go for MA English course
  • Candidates who wish to study English literature should study MA English which will help them raise their knowledge about English literature
  • After pursuing MA English candidates will have immense job opportunities through which candidates can make a successful career in their life
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MA English Eligibility Criteria

For MA in English courses, all colleges and universities have nearly the same eligibility criteria. Listed below are a few of the major eligibility criteria that must be met.

  • Students must have a Bachelor's degree, such as a BA in English, with 45% - 50% aggregate marks or an equivalent CGPA
  • They must have earned a Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • It is necessary to have a passing score on the JNUEE, CUET, or other required entrance exams
  • This course is available to students of all ages
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MA English Syllabus

MA English is a two-year postgraduate programme that focuses on the study of English Literature and Language throughout the world. The MA English course provides students with the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to generate original insights in scholarly academic writing and discourse.

The programme would foster fundamental literary concepts, tendencies, and trends in English literature across periods, genres, and cultures, as well as literary theory and approaches to composition and rhetoric.

The MA English course syllabus for each semester is as follows:

First Year Syllabus for MA English
Semester ISemester II
Introduction to LinguisticsPoetry 1
DramaLinguistics and English Language Teaching
ProseFiction 1
PoetryDrama 2
Second Year Syllabus for MA English
Semester IIISemester IV
Literary CriticismPoetry
FictionLiterary Criticism 2
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MA English Subjects

Business principles, business communication, operations management, marketing research, and other topics are covered in the MA English programme. Based on the curriculum's core subjects, this postgraduate programme provides a broad understanding of business. A postgraduate business course covers the most recent advances in business and marketing techniques. The following MA English subjects are available:

MA English Core Subjects

The core MA English subjects list includes the following subjects that all MA English students must study regardless of the options available:

  • Language and Linguistics
  • Shakespeare
  • 20th Century Poetry and Drama
  • Literary Criticism 1 & 2
  • 19th & 20th Century Novel

MA English Elective Subjects

The elective MA English can be chosen by graduates based on their preferences and are not required subjects. The following are some MA English electives:

  • Gender and Literature
  • European Visual Arts and Literature vs. American Literature
  • Literature from Greece and Latin
  • Comedy in Europe
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MA English Admission Process

Though the admission process varies by college, the steps that one should take in general to gain admission are as follows:

How to Apply for MA English?

Admission to MA English is granted in two ways: merit-based or through an entrance examination. The application process for MA English varies depending on the admission procedure. However, applicants can apply to their preferred MA English colleges online. Students must fill out the required information in an online application form on the official website of their respective universities to apply for MA English courses online.

For Entrance Based MA English Admission

Candidates can apply for MA English courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Check into the application form requirements and deadlines listed by various colleges and universities if you want to an admission to a MA English programme.

Step 2: Register for the entrance exams required for MA English admissions at the colleges and universities you want to attend

Step 3: Once confirmed, save the application process for future use. Also, for admission and other important notifications, keep an eye on the exam or the university's official website

Step 4: After appearing and passing the MA English entrance examination, candidates must fill out an application form for their desired university with personal information such as academic details, entrance examination results, and so on

Step 5: Candidates who successfully meet the university's eligibility requirements are shortlisted for the counselling round (if any) to finalise the admissions process

Step 6: After clearing the counselling session, candidates must pay the university's entrance fee in order to be confirm their admission to the MA English course

For Merit Based MA English Admission 

Candidates can apply for MA English courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Fill out the online MA English application form

Step 2: Pay the registration fee and any additional fees if admission is granted based on merit

Step 3: The shortlisted applicants will receive invitations to the subsequent phases of the hiring process, such as individual interviews or counselling

Step 4: Candidates must submit all the required documents and fee in order to confirm their admission to MA English course

MA English Selection Procedure

The MA English eligibility criteria of the minimum scores in the listed exams are used to make the selection. After that, there may be an entrance exam in colleges. The aspirant is chosen after passing those with a good score. The fee must be paid with or without the loan, depending on the ones quoted by the institution.

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Popular Entrance Exams for MA English

Some colleges, institutions, and even states may hold entrance exams for MA English admissions. They can better understand the course by taking the exam, which covers topics like contemporary British and Indian literature, historical coverage of English literature, contextual readings for all ages, and many other topics. The MA English entrance exams are:

  • CUET

Brief Overview of the MA English Entrance Examinations

The students must be eligible to sit for the JNUEE, CUET, and other state- or national-level MA English entrance exams. The coaching centres that help students prepare for the entrance exams are available to aspirants. An overview of the subject is provided by the entrance exam, which provides a glimpse at the entire programme.

  • To be able to attempt all the questions, the aspirant must learn time management
  • The generalised section calls for aptitude knowledge and time management
  • Language proficiency is required because the exams are only offered in English
  • For the entrance exams, thoroughly review the entire syllabus, paying close attention to each topic
  • Quantitative aptitude, English comprehension, analytical reasoning, and data interpretation are among the abilities to practise
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Types of MA English

Many colleges offer courses full-time, part-time, and online due to the high demand for MA English graduates across the nation and by many employers. The following details are provided:

English MA Full-TimeMA English Part-TimeMA English Distance Education
It is a two-year course with a focus on interaction with professors, research, and classroom learning. The most advantageous and popular choice for aspirants is a Full-Time MA in English because students not only gain proficiency in the English language but also a wide range of other skills.Depending on the university or college they choose, students can earn a part-time MA degree. It is not always more expensive or less expensive to attend part-time school. However, if you enrol in fewer classes, you will typically pay less.English literature master's degree programmes are widely available through correspondence or distance learning at numerous universities. For those who are unable to enrol in a traditional institution or who have been refused admission to any traditional school, this type of study is ideal.
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MA English Colleges

MA English course is offered by many reputed colleges and universities in India. MA English is a two year postgraduate programme in which admission is given on the basis of merit list or entrance exam. Candidates can do MA english course either as a regular course or through distance education. Most of the top MA english colleges are situated in different metropolitan cities in India. Given below are top MA English colleges in which candidates can apply for admission in MA English course:

Top MA English Colleges in Delhi

There are variety of colleges situated in Delhi which offer MA English course. In some of these MA English colleges, admission is offered on the basis of entrance exams. These MA English colleges are top among many other colleges in India. Hence, obtaining MA english admission in these colleges is a bit difficult. Candidates must study well and prepare accordingly for MA English colleges entrance tests. Some of the top MA English colleges are as follows:

Top MA English Colleges in Bangalore

Candidates can apply for admission in MA English colleges in Bangalore also. There are man y reputed MA English colleges in Bangalore which offer admission on the basis of merit list or conduct an entrance test for providing MA English course admission. Given below are some of the top MA English colleges in Bangalore:

Top MA English Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is a place where one can find one of the best MA English colleges in India. Candidates can apply for MA English admission in given colleges in Mumbai:

Top MA English Colleges in Kolkata

Kolkata is considered as a hub for education and knowledge in India. One can find many scholars and intellectuals of Bengali origin from Kolkata. Candidates can apply for MA English admission in given top MA english colleges in Kolkata.

Top MA English Colleges in Pune

Candidates can find various top MA English colleges in Pune. Given below is the list of various MA english colleges in Pune:

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MA English Distance Education

MA English course can be done both as a regular course or through distance education. The eligibility criteria for pursuing MA English course through distance education is same as the regular course. In distance education, candidates are not required to regularly visit the college. Candidates who are working or do not have time to regularly attend the classes can go distance education. The eligibility criteria for MA English Distance Education is given in detail as follows:

  • Candidates applying for MA English course must have completed an undergraduate course from some recognized university or college.
  • Candidates are not required to have any kind of minimum aggregate score as is required for regular course admission.
  • Candidates are required to appear for the exam as per the schedule set by the respective universities and colleges.

Some of the top MA English colleges for pursuing MA English course through distance education are as follows:

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MA English Distance Education Syllabus

MA English distance education syllabus is the same as the regular course. Although there are some changes in the syllabus. MA English course in distance education does not comprise semesters. MA English distance education is done in the period of two years. Exams are conducted once a year. Syllabus for MA English course for distance education is divided as follows: 

MA English Distance Education Syllabus for First YearMA English Distance Education Syllabus for Second Year



Non-Fictional Prose

Twentieth-Century English Literature

Internship & Training

English Poetry


Indian English Literature

Literary Theory & Research Documentation

Internship & Training

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MA English Colleges Abroad

After completion of undergraduate course, candidates can apply for MA English admission in foreign universities also. In order to get admission in MA English colleges abroad, candidates are required to meet the eligibility criteria set by the particular university or college. One of the most important eligibility criteria for getting admission in MA English colleges abroad is that candidates must have a required IELTS or TOEFL score. Given below are some of the top MA English colleges abroad:

  • Harvard University
  • Stanford University
  • Massachusetts University
  • University of California
  • Columbia University
  • University of Cambridge
  • Oxford University
  • University College London
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Alberta
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MA English Course Fee

The average MA English Course fee varies from INR 10,000 to INR 50,000. This average fee structure is applicable for government colleges and universities. MA English course fee structure for different private colleges is different. Private colleges fees may vary from INR 50,000 to INR 5,00,000. The colleges that offer MA English course in distance education have their MA English course fee structure very different from the regular course offering colleges and universities. MA English course fee for distance education can vary from INR 6,000 to INR 20,000 per year. Candidates must check the prospectus in order to get an exact idea about the fee structure for that particular college or university.

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MA English Required Skills

MA English course is a two year program in which students learn about English literature in detail. Candidates who wish to pursue MA English course must be dedicated and hard working because MA English course requires deep research and analytical skills. Following are some of the required skills that must be there in every candidate who wish to pursue MA English course or even go for higher studies after completing MA English course:

  • Good communication skills
  • Management skills
  • Goal-oriented
  • Intellectually curious
  • Organizational skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Inquisitive
  • Interpersonal skills
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MA in English Course Curriculum

As a postgraduate course, most MA in English courses offered by Indian universities will be theoretical in nature with an element of research or thesis submission as part of the curriculum. It should be noted each university reserves the right to define the course curriculum for MA in English courses, however, the general structure for the course has outlined below.

  • 4 semesters of core and elective subjects
  • Workshops and seminars
  • Research projects
  • Thesis/Dissertation submissions

Research and project submissions are a critical component to the course completion of an MA in English course, therefore, candidates are advised to give additional attention to this component as this will heavily impact their overall score and academic report as well.

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MA English Career Options and Job Prospects

After completing the programme of MA English Literature, students have several career options to choose from. If they wish to pursue higher education, they can enroll in a programme of MPhil or PhD. In order to get selected for these courses of the doctorate level, they will have to appear for the exam of UGC NET. Students can also start working right after finishing their postgraduate degree in English literature. Postgraduates with an MA English Literature are hired in the sectors of publishing, teaching, communication, public relations, journalism, advertising, etc. Here are some of the topmost job roles that are offered to students after an MA English.

Students who complete MA in English courses can choose from a variety of career fields and job roles. Students with an English degree can find employment in a variety of international job sectors because English is one of the most widely used official languages in the world.

The top positions and job descriptions that graduates of the MA in English programme can expect to be offered are briefly listed below.

Job ProfilesJob Description
Editor or Assistant EditorA popular option among postgraduate English Literature students. A diploma in book publishing can be beneficial.
Web Content WriterA rapidly expanding career path for English graduates. The job of a Web Content Writer is to create engaging and informative articles for web pages and blogs.
Academic WriterAcademic Writing is another popular option for English graduates. An academic writer must primarily write research papers, journal articles, and statements of purpose, among other things.
TeacherPGTs can be postgraduates in English Literature. A second degree in BEd can help you land a good job.
TranslatorThe job of a translator is to translate a given document into English. A translation diploma is recommended.
SEO AnalystSEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has emerged as a rapidly growing field of work that is ideal for people with strong English language skills.

MA English Top Recruiters

The following are some of the top recruiters in this field of study:

The TelegraphThe Times of IndiaBritish Council
DeloitteMSL GroupWeber Shandwick
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MA English Salary in India

Candidates who have done MA english course and have opted for a variety of jobs like Editor or Assistant Editor, Web Content Writer, Academic Writer, Teacher, Translator, SEO Analyst can earn upto INR 4.5 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs. Salary of the candidate also depends upon the amount of experience that the candidate has. More is the experience, more is the salary. Candidates have better scope in getting recruited in top MNCs after completing MA English course. 

The following are the average salaries for candidates by designation:

Job ProfilesAverage Salary (INR)
Editor or Assistant EditorINR 3.5 - 5 LPA
Web Content WriterINR 3 - 4.5 LPA
Academic WriterINR 2.5 - 5 LPA
TeacherINR 3.5 - 6 LPA
TranslatorINR 4 - 6 LPA
SEO AnalystINR 4 - 7.5 LPA
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What after MA English?

There are various things that a candidate can do after completing MA English course. Candidates can apply for higher studies after PG in English such as MPhil in English or PhD in English. Candidates can also study English linguistics or Comparative English literature. There are endless courses that a candidate can choose after completing MA English course. 

Courses After MA English

After completing MA English course, candidates can go for higher studies in the English field. Candidates can do Phd in English or Mphil in english. Candidates wit NET/JRF score have better chances in getting admission in higher studies in the English department. Given is the general criteria for applying for admission in different courses after MA English course:

  • Candidates must have completed undergraduate degree in relevant subject or some other subject from some recognized university.
  • Candidates must have a minimum aggregate score of 50% in their postgraduate studies. 
  • Candidates who have SC/ST quota have a relaxation of 5% in aggregate score. 
  • Candidates must have knowledge about English subject in order to clear the entrance exam for PhD in English or MPhil admission in some reputed universities.
  • Candidates who have JRF or NET score have better chances of getting admission in some good universities and colleges in India.

Some of the top universities offering admission in PhD English courses are as follows:

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FAQs about MA English

What is the duration of the course MA English?

An MA in English course is usually a two-year course at Indian universities, divided into four semesters. Students will be required to complete a defined set of credits and subjects, i.e. both core and elective subjects, to receive their degrees. However, included in this would be the research and dissertation component, which holds a significant impact on the overall score a student receives during the course.

What is the average fee for the course MA English?

The average course fee for MA in English ranges between INR 40,000 - 50,000 per year, however, there are several factors affecting the same. For instance, private colleges offering an the course would comparatively be more expensive than government colleges. Similarly, other factors like the location of the university, the demand for the course at a particular institution, etc, all affect the tuition fees for MA in English.


What are the top colleges offering MA English courses?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Arts and Humanities courses : Ramjas College (New Delhi) , Loyola College (Chennai) , Sri Venkateswara College (New Delhi) , St. Andrew College Of Arts Science & Commerce (Mumbai) , Maharaja Agrasen College (Delhi). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer MA English or not.

I want admission in MA English. Do I have to clear any exams for that?

Presidency University Master's Degree Entrance Test, TATA Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test, Delhi University Science, Banaras Hindu University Postgraduate Entrance Test, and Jammu University Entrance Test are some of the exams that you can appear for to get admission in MA English courses. However, the university you wish to study MA in English will determine the admission requirements.

Can only English (Hons) graduates take up the MA English programme?

No, candidates from any academic background will be able to pursue an MA in English course at any one of the top universities in India. Candidates must possess a bachelor’s degree and must have secured a minimum of 50% in their final examinations. However, candidates with a BA in English degree will find it easier to transition to a master's programme.

What all are taught in the MA English programme?

Depending on the university or college where you have enrolled, the MA in English syllabus would vary slightly. However, all universities will cover a wide range of subjects, including English Literature, Language and Linguistics, English Poem from Chaucer to Milton, Shakespeare, and Indian Literature. Apart from these subjects, students may also be required to choose from a list of elective subjects to meet the minimum credit requirement.

Can I do M.A English from correspondence mode?

Yes, you can do MA in English in correspondence mode, as there are several renowned institutions like IGNOU, Utkal University, Acharya Nagarjuna University and many more that offer the programme. MA in English in correspondence is just one of the many types of degree programmes available offered by universities for aspirants in India.

Which is the best college in DU to pursue MA English from?

Delhi University is home to numerous colleges like Miranda House, Ramjam College, Hindu College, Dirori Mal College, and more, where students can pursue an MA in English course. Admissions to the course are done based on an entrance test score conducted by DU every to enrol the best of the best on its highly reputed courses like MA in English.

Is MA English an easy course?

An MA in English course can be an easy course for those who possess the skills and abilities to partake in intensive research and theoretical understanding. The course requires students to be dedicated and passionate about reading and studying a range of books to understand the various component that make up the English language as well as understand the meanings writers targetted through their creations.

Which career options open up after completing MA English studies?

Graduates of an MA in English course can find job options across the creative industries in roles such as writers and editors in mediums like paper, magazines, and the web. Graduates can also venture into self-employed roles such as freelance writers or pursue a career in Teaching. In addition to this, graduates can also venture into marketing and advertising roles like copywriting.

Do all the reputed MA English offering universities in the country conduct an entrance exam for admission into the programme?

No, not all reputed MA in English-offering universities in the country conduct an entrance test for admission purposes. Universities like Amity University and other reputed private institutions do not require an entrance test score. However, such universities may conduct a thorough selection process involving group discussions and personal interviews and impromptu essay writing or extempore.

What is the scope of BA in English?

The scope of a BA in English is immense, both professionally and academically, allowing students to choose from a variety of career options. Apart from a career in a related field, graduates of BA English can also turn to an MBA, any journalism degree course, or even short-term certificate or diploma courses that enhance their skills for the professional world.

What exactly are MA English subjects?

Each university offering the MA in English course will define the variety of subjects that will be taught to students each semester. These subjects may include Linguistics and English Language Teaching, Prose, Poetry, Fiction, Literary Criticism, 19th and 20th Century Novels, Shakespeare, 20th Century Poetry and Drama and many other subjects, which would also include elective subjects as well.

Is a master's degree in English useful?

Yes, a master’s degree in English can be useful to candidates looking to pursue a job in the creative industries, especially those interested in writing. However, an MA in English graduate will also find themselves qualified for roles such as writers and editors for newspapers, or even take up copywriting roles across various industries, with a little bit of training.

Is MA English difficult?

No, MA in English is not a difficult course to complete, especially for those who find reading and studying enjoyable. However, the elements of research and dissertation require candidates to have an analytical and critical thinking mind wherein they are able to analyse different creative works of art and pen them down in a presentable manner.

How many papers are there in the MA English?

The number of papers present in an MA in English programme will depend on the number of credits that students need to complete each semester. However, aspirants can expect to attempt 8-10 papers per semester, including elective subjects. It should be noted that students need to pass all the papers in order to receive their degrees.

Can I get a job after finishing my MA in English?

Yes, any graduate of MA in English courses will be able to find jobs across a number of industries and sectors. The job profiles available for MA in English graduates can range from writers to editors, bloggers and even copywriters. Jobs after the course can also be lucrative, however, candidates must instil additional skills to climb the ladder of success.

Who is eligible to pursue an MA in English?

All candidates must have completed a Bachelor's degree in any field with a minimum of 50% in their Bachelor's degree from any recognised university in India. To be admitted to MA in English, applicants must pass the AIE CET (All India Engineering Common Entrance Test) if the university of their choice requires it.

Is an entrance exam required for MA English?

No, entrance tests are not required for admission to MA in English courses. However, some universities may conduct admissions on the bases of entrance tests such as JNUEE, DUET, BHU-PET and many others. Candidates who have completed a BA in English or any other degree programme with a minimum aggregate score of 50% are eligible to apply for an MA in English.

Which university offers the best MA English programme?

Jawaharlal Nehru University's Centre of English Studies in Delhi is India's highest-ranked educational institution for MA in English. As a result, students from all over the world apply for courses here, not just those from India. However, a range of DU colleges have also garnered a reputation for the top quality of their MA in English courses.

Can I work as a lecturer after finishing my MA?

Yes, you can become a lecturer if you have at least 55% in your Master's degree programme (50% for reserved category candidates). However, candidates will also be required to pursue a B.Ed course and clear the CTET exam to pursue a career as a lecturer in India. However, an MA in English is one of the best ways to get into the role of a lecturer in India.

Can I become a teacher if I have an MA in English?

Teaching is one of the most common jobs available after earning an MA in English. As an English teacher, you can work in a private school. After earning an MA, you will be eligible to take the UGC NET exams. However, candidates are advised to take up B.Ed after their MA in English to improve their chances of becoming a teacher.

Can I pursue a PhD after completing an MA in English?

Yes, you can pursue a PhD after completing an MA in English. In fact, it is the minimum requirement for a PhD to have cleared an MA in English course before applying for any doctorate. However, candidates will only be able to pursue a PhD in a field or topic related to the field of study they pursued during their Master’s studies.

What are the career opportunities for MA in English graduates in the private sector?

There are numerous career opportunities in the private sector for MA in English students. After completing their Master's degree in English literature, students can apply for positions as trainees, corporate managers, communication HR, journalists for various news channels, or content developers. Other occupations include Freelance Writer, Copywriter, Editor, BPO and KPO jobs, Novelist, Technical Writer, Reporter, and Teacher.

What are the different types of MA in English courses?

Students interested in pursuing an MA in English course in India can choose from either full-time, part-time, or distance learning modes. While the most commonly opted option is the Full-time MA in English course, several aspirants also choose the distance learning method to earn their master’s degree in the discipline.

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priyal Babbar, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Sept-01-2023
Hi there, yes you can pursue MA in English without having studied English literature at graduation level. However, you should have studied English in school though. The eligibility for MA English at LPU is 50 percent marks in graduation or equivalent in any discipline. Hope this is self explanatory. Good Luck

priyal gogna, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Mar-21-2022
Hi there, of course you can study MA English at LPU. At LPU the MA English program focusses on literary analysis and criticism of English literature with an intellectual journey through poetry, theatre and fiction. The programme also trains students in creative and journalistic writing. The eligibility is Pass with 50% aggregate marks in graduation (any discipline) or equivalent. 5% relaxation to North East states and Sikkim candidates/ Defence Personnel and their Dependents/ Wards of Kashmiri Migrants) (10% relaxation to outstanding Sports Persons (i.e. A/A+ category as per Sports Scholarship, Subject to verification from Selection committee* of the University) * Selection committee will be comprising of Head (DSW), Director Sports, Dy. Director Sports, Concerned Coach and VC Nominee. The program has Industry Interface Tie-ups with industry content delivery by industry experts Projects in collaboration with industry Internships to engage deeply in hands-on real-life situations Undergraduate Research: A student can avail an option of undergraduate research to go beyond the obvious. The Student going for the research option will have to study four courses as Open Minor or Generic elective courses and the final year Capstone project of the UnderGraduate program will also be associated with the research options.

priyal gogna, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Mar-04-2022
Yes you can continue studies at LPU even if there is a gap. Right now gap is not important, its the zeal to move forward that is important. You can bring the marksheets of your previous qualification, class 10 marksheet and an affidavit stating the reason behind the gap. You are welcome at LPU.