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Mar 26, 2024 18:31PM IST

MA Political Science Course Overview

MA Political Science is a two-year postgraduate programme in India that studies political theory and practice, as well as the description and analysis of the political system and political behaviour. It also covers topics such as national and international political systems, public administration, historical and contemporary political systems, government policies and procedures, international relations, and public affairs. The MA in Political Science course syllabus includes topics such as Political Sociology, Marxian Ideology, Public Administration, Contemporary Political Theory, and International Politics, among others.

The MA Political Science course accepts applications from candidates who have completed a bachelor's degree in Political Science or equivalent with a percentage of 50% or above. However, a BA in Political Science is not required so as to pursue an MA in Political Science.

Several prestigious MA Political Science colleges, such as Hindu College, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Gargi College, and others, offer admission to candidates who pass the CUET PG entrance exams. However, some colleges, like Presidency College, Chennai, accept students solely on the basis of merit. The annual fees for an MA in Political Science range from INR 20k to INR 80k. However, IGNOU, TNOU, Nalanda Open University, and a few other universities offer MA Political Science distance learning programmes; the course fees range from INR 10k to INR 25k.

There are many opportunities for an MA in Political Science graduate; all they have to do is seize them. Jobs in government agencies, relations departments, colleges, universities, diplomatic offices, public policy organisations, etc. are available to them. Various positions include those in government agencies, relations departments, colleges and universities, diplomatic offices, public policy organisations, legislative analysis, corporate public affairs, legislative coordination, and so forth. Following the course, candidates can pursue Political Science jobs in Government Agencies, Relations Departments, Colleges and Universities, Public Policy Organisations, Legislative Analysts, Corporate Public Affairs Advisors, Legislative Coordinators, and Diplomatic Offices, among others. The average MA Political Science salary can range between INR 2 - 8 LPA. 

One of the most well-liked as well as advantageous options for students who want to work in politics after becoming a Master of Arts in Political Science is a PhD in Political Science.

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MA Political Science Latest Updates

MA Political Science admissions are mainly based on the CUET 2024 entrance exam. The CUET PG 2024 will be held between March 11 and March 28, 2024, at 326 CUET PG exam centres. Before beginning their CUET PG 2024 preparation, candidates must carefully read the newly updated CUET PG exam pattern 2024 and then prepare according to the CUET PG syllabus 2024 that has been released by the exam authorities. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will issue the CUET PG admit card 2024 on March 7, 2024.

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MA Political Science Course Details

The following are some of the most important highlights of the MA Political Science course:

Full FormMaster of Arts in Political Science
MA Political Science Course Duration2 years
MA Political Science EligibilityBA degree with a minimum of 50% in Political Science or a related field
MA Political Science Admission Process
  • Entrance Based
  • Merit Based
MA Political Science Entrance ExamsCUET PG, TISSNET, AUCET
MA Political Science Distance EducationYes
MA Political Science SubjectsPolitical Theory, Public Administration, International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Public Laws. etc.
MA Political Science FeesINR 20k - INR 80k
MA Political Science SalaryINR 2 - INR 8 LPA
MA Political Science JobsPolitical Consultant, Academician, Activists, PR Executive, Archivists and Political Content Writer, etc.
MA Political Science Employment AreasUniversities, Administration, Campaigns, Political Houses, etc.
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Why Choose an MA Political Science?

Some reasons to choose an MA in Political Science include:

  • Professional skills: An MA in Political Science can help you develop skills like writing, communication, negotiation, and analytical reasoning. These skills are useful in many fields, including government, public policy, international relations, and political consulting.
  • Career options: An MA in Political Science can prepare you for a wide range of careers, including law, education, journalism, politics, civil services, and more.
  • Understanding of government operations: A political science program can help you understand how governments operate and interact, and how laws affect social and political change.
  • Understanding of political systems: An MA in Political Science can help you understand how individuals affect political agencies or state policies, and how these political systems impact individuals.
  • Understanding of political history: In the UK, a political science degree can offer a deep understanding of political history, including institutions that may have been around for centuries. 
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MA Political Science Entrance Exams

Various reputed colleges and universities in India hold MA Political Science entrance exams. Candidates must pass these exams in order to get admission to the MA Political Science programme at that university. Some of the important entrance exams held by some of India's prestigious universities are as follows:


Common University Entrance Test PG, also known as CUET PG, is a computer-based exam for admission to 195 participating universities' postgraduate programmes in subjects like MA, MSc, MCom, and LLM. 


TISS National Entrance Test (TISSNET) is administered by Mumbai's Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It is an entrance examination administered at the university level for admission to PG programmes offered by TISS in fields like social work, human resource management, and public development studies. 


The Andhra University in Visakhapatnam conducts the state-level entrance exam known as the Andhra University Common Entrance Test (AUCET). It is used to admit students to a variety of post-graduate programmes in management, teaching, commerce, science, and other fields offered by colleges connected to Andhra University and Dr. BR Ambedkar University, Srikakulam.

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How to Prepare for MA Political Science Entrance Exam?

In order to perform well on the entrance exam, candidates are advised to adhere to the following points: 

  • Start Early: This allows students time to review the syllabus and ensures that they cover all the essential material.
  • Joining Coaching: Taking classes or hiring a tutor specifically for passing the entrance exam is a good idea if you want to focus on your areas of weakness and gain practice and understanding of the material. 
  • Perfectionism comes from Practice: To minimise needless stress the day before the exam, candidates should practice and revise their preparation.
  • Attend the Mock Exam: This will help you gain the confidence you need to write the exam correctly. It will assist you in self-evaluation and enable you to concentrate on your areas of academic weakness.
  • Understanding the Exam Paper Pattern: A thorough knowledge and comprehension of the syllabus and the paper pattern is essential to preparing well for the entrance exam.
  • Efficient Time Management: It's important to remember your priorities, especially when it comes to your weaker subjects and the regular practice of solving numerical problems. A schedule ought to be created, and the applicant ought to adhere to it scrupulously.
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MA Political Science Admission Process in India

Every college has a different admissions procedure for its MA Political Science course. Either merit or the entrance exam, though, determines MA Political Science admission. Some colleges require applicants to take an entrance exam, but most colleges have a direct admissions process where students are accepted based only on their graduation scores. To be eligible for MA Political Science Admission, candidates must meet the eligibility criteria, or they will be rejected.

MA Political Science Course Eligibility Criteria

The MA in Political Science eligibility criteria may differ by college. However, the MA Political Science eligibility criteria that are generally accepted in most reputed colleges in India are the following:

  • MA Political Science applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies in Political Science or arts/humanities from an Indian university
  • To be eligible for MA Political Science admission, candidates must have a minimum of 45% - 50% in all three years combined (depending on the university)
  • Candidates applying for the MA Political Science course must have completed all of their undergraduate courses and subjects
  • Candidates with a final degree can apply for admission to the MA Political Science programme
  • Candidates who are still in their undergraduate final year must have taken final exams and passed all of them, along with the final marksheet 

Note: Candidates who do not have a final marksheet or who have failed any subject in their undergraduate course are ineligible for admission to the MA Political Science programme. 

MA Political Science Admission Process 2024

The MA Political Science Admission Process 2024:

Merit Based MA Political Science Admission Process 

For the merit based admission process, upon completing the MA Political Science application form, candidates must provide all required information, including proof of eligibility and category, among other details, before submitting the form. Then, based on the colleges' cut-off list, a shortlist of candidates will be created. Students who meet the cutoff will be contacted to proceed with the MA Political Science admissions process.

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Entrance Based MA Political Science Admission Process

Colleges that use entrance exam results to determine admission to MA Political Science courses follow a different procedure than other colleges. In order to register for the exams, students must first fill out the form found on the university's official website. The admission test must then be taken by them. Institution to institution may differ in the specifics and format of the entrance exam. Prior to their admission to the institute, the students might be invited for one more round of in-person interviews and counselling. Admissions will then be offered to the student based on the outcome of the entrance exam and, if necessary, a personal interview.

Skills Required for MA Political Science

To fully understand the MA Political Science course and its subjects, candidates need to have the following necessary skills:

  • Public Relation
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Data Skills

Candidates must also have the skills stated in the table below in addition to the previously mentioned skills. These are the types of skills that are not only necessary in college but also in the workplace. In addition, candidates who want to excel in the MA Political Science programme and go on to have successful careers in that field need to have the following skills:

  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Management skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Goal-oriented
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Intellectually curious
  • Inquisitive
  • Organizational skills
  • Interpersonal skills
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Direct MA Political Science Admission Process Without Entrance Exam

Most colleges and universities use merit to determine MA Political Science admissions. Candidates for the MA Political Science programme will be admitted based on their performance on a written 10+2 exam, a series of in-person interviews, and/or a relevant qualifying exam. In such cases, candidates are typically shortlisted based on both their academic record and their performance on a previous relevant exam.

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Types of MA Political Science

Depending on the student's preference, the MA in Political Science is one of the new courses that can be taken full-time or online. The course details for the MA in Political Science are as follows:

Types MA Political Science EligibilityMA Political Science Duration
Full-Time MA Political ScienceA Bachelor of Arts in Political Science or an equivalent degree from any recognised university with at least 50% aggregate marks or an equal CGPA + Score from the entrance exam2 Years
MA in Political Science Distance EducationA minimum of 50% aggregate marks or an equal CGPA in the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science or an equivalent degree from any recognised university.2-5 Years

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MA Political Science Course Fees in India

The average MA Political Science course fee ranges between INR 20K - 80K. The MA Political Science course fees for government colleges are lower than those for private colleges. The MA Political Science fee structure in government colleges is regulated by the government, so it is always kept in check. However, MA Political Science Course fees for private colleges may differ from one another. Different private colleges use different criteria to regulate their fee structures.

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MA Political Science Syllabus

The two-year post-graduate MA in Politics programme is divided into four semesters. The general syllabus for MA Politics is summarised down semester by semester in the tabulated format that most colleges use in their curricula.

The course structure and syllabus for MA Political Science are basically the same in all colleges and universities in India. Core courses and electives form the foundation of an MA in Political Science programme. To finish the degree, candidates must pass all of the subjects. A complete overview of the MA Political Science syllabus can be seen in the section below:

MA Political Science Semester 1 SyllabusMA Political Science Semester 2 Syllabus
Western Political Thought (From Plato to Hegel)Political Sociology
Contemporary Political TheoryPolitical Thinking Since Marx
Research MethodologyComparative Politics
Ancient Indian Political ThoughtIndian Constitutional System
Practical Work/ExercisePractical Work/Exercise
MA Political Science Semester 3 Syllabus MA Political Science Semester 4 Syllabus
Public AdministrationConcept and Issue in Political Science
International PoliticsPost Cold War International Relations
Politics in IndiaState Politics with Special Reference to U.P
Modern Indian Political ThoughtIndian Administration
Practical Work/ExerciseDissertation and Viva-Voce

MA Political Science Subjects

MA Political Science subjects are the same for most of the colleges and universities in India. Various kinds of subjects are taught in a time period of 2 years of MA Political Science course. The division of subjects may vary from institute to institute. Candidates have been provided with a detailed analysis of MA Political Science subjects in this section. While going through this section candidates must keep a very important fact in mind that the subjects taught at various institutions may differ from the subjects mentioned here. In order to have a detailed knowledge about the subject and syllabus structure, candidates must visit the official website of the respective institute or check the prospectus of the concerned college or university.

MA Political Science subjects are divided into two groups: Elective Subjects and the Core Subjects. Both the categories have been discussed below as follows:

MA Political Science Core Subjects

  • Political Theory
  • Public Administration
  • International Relations
  • Comparative Politics
  • Public Laws

MA Political Science Elective Subjects

Here is the list of MA Political Science Elective Subjects:

MA Political Science Elective Subjects
Ethics and PoliticsIndian Strategic ThoughtKey Ideas in Contemporary Critical Theory in IndiaAmbedkar in Contemporary IndiaGandhi, Autonomy and Discourse
Dalit-Bahujan ThoughtContemporary Explorations in TagoreDiscourses on Hindu NationalismCulture and Politics in IndiaSocial Conservatism in India
Global Justice and the SouthPolitics and Ethnic Conflicts in J&KIdentities and Political Transformation in IndiaNationalism in Comparative PerspectiveThe Politics of Identity in Comparative Perspective
Themes in CitizenshipDemocracy and Human Rights in IndiaReligious Nationalism and Political ViolenceSociety, State and Politics: Comparing India and IsraelThe State in Diverse Political Traditions
Theory and Practice of DemocracyDevelopment Process and Politics in IndiaConstitutionalism in Comparative PerspectivePolitics of South Asia in Comparative PerspectiveSocial Movement and Revolution
Critical Traditions in Political TheoryThe Modern State in Comparative PerspectiveComparative Federalism: Theory and PracticeSecurity StudiesThe Politics of Violence in South Asia
State Politics in IndiaIndian Polity in State-Society InteractionsElections and Electoral Process in IndiaPublic Institutions and GovernanceInstitutions, Development and Poverty
Democracy and Violence: Contestation, Convergence and DiscourseSocial Exclusion: Theory and PracticePakistan and the WorldState and Society in PakistanGender in International Relations
Law, Crime and Politics in IndiaCollaborative Governance Transforming Engagements in Public ManagementCorporate Citizenship and Governance: Theories and PracticesPolitical in Local GovernanceEnvironmental Policies & Politics
Politics of KnowledgeMarx’s Politics: Labor, Equivalence, RightsPolitics and PsychoanalysisPolitical Theology DebatesBlack Radical Tradition
Comparative Political TheoryEgalitarianism: Theory and PracticeTheorizing the Politics of DiversityInterpreting Indian Classical TextsModern Indian Political Thinkers
Regions and RegionalismIndia in World AffairsPower Transition and the Dynamics of Foreign Policy in International RelationsConflict Analysis‘Worlding’ International Relations: Perspectives from the Global South
Islam and International RelationsInternational Relations of South AsiaThe United States of America in the Transforming Global OrderChina’s Role in the Contemporary WorldCitizenship and Borders
North America in Comparative PerspectiveContemporary Debates in Indian FederalismPolitical Parties and Party system in IndiaInternational Political EconomyKey Texts in Political Philosophy
Public Policy

MA Political Science Open Electives

Here is the list of MA Political Science Open Electives subjects:

MA Political Science Open Electives
Ethics and GovernanceUnderstanding the InternationalPolitical Institutions and Processes in IndiaGender StudiesSecurity: An Interdisciplinary Discourse
DevelopmentEnvironmentHuman Rights: Challenges and ConcernsResearch Methods in Political ScienceDigital/Social Media and New Public
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MA Political Science Books

Some of the MA Political Science Books are listed below for students' reference.

Name of the BookName of the Author
Making Political Science Matter: Debating Knowledge, Research, and MethodSanford F. Schram; Brian Caterino
A Model Discipline: Political Science and the Logic of RepresentationsKevin A. Clarke; David M. Primo
Political Science in America: Oral Histories of a DisciplineMichael A. Baer; Malcolm E. Jewell; Lee Sigelman
Political Research: An IntroductionLisa Harrison
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MA Political Science Scholarships

Scholarships offered by government and private organisations for Master of Arts in Political Science are available to students based on a number of criteria, including annual income and merit score. The MA Political Science scholarships, along with their qualifications and advantages, are listed below:

MA Political Science ScholarshipsEligibility CriteriaAmount
NSP Post Matric Scholarships Scheme for MinoritiesStudents who passed the previous final exam with a grade of at least 50% and whose parents' annual income does not exceed INR 1 lakh PAINR 10,000
Post Matric Scholarship for Minorities (Karnataka)Students with a family income of less than INR 2.5 lakh per year and who earn more than 50% in their previous qualifying examINR 30,000
NEC Merit ScholarshipMust be a permanent resident of one of the states in the Northeast and not be getting any other financial support.INR 25,000 PA
Swami Vivekananda ScholarshipThe candidate must be a resident of West Bengal permanently and enrolled in a school in the state that has received government recognition.INR 5,000 Per Month
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Top MA Political Science Colleges in India

There are various reputed MA Political Science colleges in India where a candidate can apply for admission. Most of the reputed institutions conduct entrance exam in order to select eligible candidates for MA Political Science Course. However, there are also MA Political Science colleges that offer admission on the basis of merit list only. 

Here is a list of MA Political Science colleges, along with their fees tabulated below.

MA Political Science CollegesCityMA Political Science Course Fee Structure-1st year
Lady Shri Ram College for WomenNew DelhiINR 17,800
Presidency CollegeChennaiINR 870
Ahmedabad University, Amrut Mody School of Management (AMSOM)AhmedabadINR 250,000
Madras Christian College [MCC]ChennaiINR 50,000
Hindu CollegeNew DelhiINR 18,000
Ramjas CollegeNew DelhiINR 14,500
Presidency UniversityKolkataINR 2,500 
Gargi CollegeNew DelhiNR 16,000 
St. Xavier’s CollegeKolkataNR 5,000 
Modern College of Arts, Science & CommercePuneNR 10,000 
Lady Brabourne College (LBC)KolkataNR 28,500 
Kamla Nehru College for WomenNew DelhiNR 15,000 
Banasthali Vidyapith UniversityJaipurNR 50,000 
IP College for WomenNew DelhiNR 15,000 
Nizam CollegeHyderabadNR 25,000 
Osmania University College For WomenHyderabadNR 3,000 
Abeda Inamdar Senior CollegePuneNR 12,000 
Government Jamuna Prasad Verma Post Graduate Arts And Commerce CollegeBilaspurNR 1,200 
Vinayakrao Patil Mahavidyalaya AurangabadNR 5,000 
Loganatha Narayanasamy Government CollegePonneriNR 20,000 
Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE)BhopalNR 25,000 
Ranchi UniversityRanchiNR 3,000 
B.J.B Autonomous CollegeOrissaNR 45,000 
Anugrah Narayan College - [ANC]PatnaNR 25,000 
Government Maharani Laxmi Bai Girls PG College (MLB)BhopalNR 1,200 
St. Xavier’s CollegeRanchiNR 25,000 
CSJM UniversityKanpurNR 8,000 
Lucknow UniversityLucknowNR 9,000 
Kalindi CollegeNew DelhiNR 12,000 

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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What is the Difference Between an MA in Political Science and the MA in Public Administration?

Both the MA in Political Science and the MA in Public Administration are comprehensive post-graduate degree programmes. However, these two-degree courses' academic syllabuses differ slightly from one another.

For better understanding, the two courses are compared in tabular form below, along with the associated fees and expected salaries:

ParticularsMA Political ScienceMA Public Administration
QualificationMasters of Arts in Political ScienceMasters of Arts in Public Administration
Course OverviewThe MA in Politics course covers political behaviour and system description and analysis, as well as the theory and practice of politics.The objective of the MA in Public Administration programme is to concentrate on subjects such as Public participation, Communication Development, Good Governance, Building New Liberal States, Universal Welfare, Environmental Concerns, Social Development, etc.
Eligibility CriteriaGraduation degree with at least 50% marksGraduation degree with at least 50% marks
Admission ProcessEntrance Exam /MeritEntrance Exam /Merit
Average Annual Fees  INR 20k – 80k  INR 6k – 65k
Job OptionsBudget Analyst, Campaign Organizer, Budget Examiner, Public Opinion Analyst, Corporate Social Policy Issues Analyst etc.  Administrative Officer, Party Manager, Consultant, Teacher, etc.
Average Annual SalaryINR 2 – 8 LPAINR 3 – 7 LPA
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Career Options After MA Political Science

Those with an MA in Political Science can choose from a wide range of careers. Upon completing their MA in Political Science programme, candidates can look for jobs involving research. Students pursuing an MA in Political Science have a wide range of employment options in both public and government sector. Various job roles that graduates of MA Political Science may find themselves in have been covered in this section.

The table below lists some of the most pursued professional jobs available to MA Political Science graduates, along with their corresponding salaries.

JobsDescriptionAverage Annual Salary
Budget AnalystThe budget analyst's responsibilities include examining budget estimates for completeness, accuracy, and conformance with procedures and regulations, as well as analysing budgeting and accounting reports to ensure expenditure controls.INR 3 LPA
LobbyistIn addition to developing and carrying out lobbying strategies for clients, a lobbyist's duties and responsibilities also include representing clients before the White House, Congress, and all federal agencies, making sure that clients' positions and policies are communicated to government officials and other relevant parties, responding to communications from the government and other parties and sharing them with team members and clients, and researching and analysing proposed laws and regulations. INR 8 LPA
Political scientistA political scientist investigates the beginnings, progression, and functioning of political systems. may research issues like public opinion, political judgement, and ideology; they may also examine the composition and functions of governments and other political bodies.INR 6 LPA
Legislative AnalystLegislative analyst’s oversee the operations of various branches of government at all levels, from local to federal, act as legislators' administrative and financial resource, recommend fiscal policy, and study legislation and financial matters that are relevant to their employers.   INR 4 LPA
Political CommentatorPolitical commentators are able to provide incisive analyses of political issues to a wide range of audiences by drawing on their expertise in political behaviour and governance systems. They also possess exceptional awareness of current political issues and events, as well as the capacity to gather and evaluate political data.INR 5 LPA

MA Political Science graduates can work in several kinds of fields, including information technology, accounting firms, media and news, banking, and finance. Following an MA in Political Science, the following careers are available, along with recruiters and average salaries:

Job Designations Hiring CompanyAverage Salary
Policy AnalystTimes of India, Zoho, ZeeINR 5 LPA
Legislative AssistantAxis Bank, HDFC, CapgeminiINR 3.3 LPA
Public Relations OfficerGreen Trends, Tata Motors, HCL TechINR 5.8 LPA
Media StrategistZee, NDTV, Muthoot FinanceINR 4.7 LPA
Campaign ManagerPaytm, TCS, TVS Credit ServicesINR 3 LPA
Budget Examiner/Budget Analyst National Center For Atmospheric Research (Ncar),  CryptoMize, The EconomistINR 3 LPA
Corporate Social Policy Issues AnalystJPMorgan Chase & Co., Peace and Collaborative Development Network (PCDN)INR 8 LPA
Public Opinion AnalystUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)INR 4.5 LPA
Corporate Public Affairs AdvisorPeepal Advisors, IDRC, Coca-Cola Company, Dow CorporateINR 5 LPA
State LegislatorVitasta Consulting Pvt Ltd, Randstad, Quest Global, and StashfinINR 7 LPA
Legislative CoordinatorGovernment of National Capital Territory of DelhiINR 6 LPA
Political ScientistLinkedIn, UNjobsINR 9 LPA
Political CommentatorCryptoMizeINR 6 LPA

Top Recruiters for MA Political Science

The top recruiters for MA Political Science is listed below:

  • KPMG
  • Paytm
  • HDFC 
  • The Hindu
  • Times of India
  • United Nations
  • Indian Administrative Service
  • Indian Financial Service
  • BPSP HR Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and many others in the public and private sectors. 

MA Political Science Employment Areas 

The following are some of the most important job areas for MA Political Science graduates:

  • Public Policy Organizations
  • Intelligence Wings
  • Social Work Organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Politics
  • Public Relations Departments
  • Diplomacy
  • Embassies
  • Government Agencies

MA Political Science Salary

Depending on knowledge and skill set, a typical salary for an MA in Political Science is between INR 3 and 8 LPA. The MA in Political Science pay is influenced by a number of variables, including work experience, location, and job title. The pay ranges for different job roles for an MA in Political Science graduate are listed below:

MA Political Science JobsMA Political Science Average Salary
ArchivistINR 8 LPA  
College ProfessorINR 7 LPA
Civil Servant (varying pay grades according to seniority of position)INR 50k – INR 8 LPA
Public OfficerINR 10 LPA
School Teacher (varies pay grades according to the teacher specialization)INR 3 – 6 LPA
Writer/AuthorINR 3 – 5 LPA
ActivistINR 2 – 3 LPA
Policy AnalystINR 4 LPA
Public Relations OfficerINR 3 LPA
Political ReporterINR 3.9 LPA
Media StrategistINR 4.2 LPA
Campaign ManagerINR 3 LPA

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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Courses After MA Political Science Degree

Following the completion of the MA in Political Science courses, candidates may choose to pursue postgraduate study to advance their political science expertise and improve their employment opportunities. The following are suggested courses that one can take following an MA in Political Science:

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What is an Online MA in Political Science Degree?

An online MA in Political Science is a two-year postgraduate program. It can help students develop a deep understanding of politics, political institutions, and governance. The program provides online lectures and a degree that has a value equal to the regular degree.

Here are some online MA Political Science programs:

  • College Vidya: Offers online lectures and a degree that has a value equal to the regular degree
  • LPU Online: Offers specialized knowledge of Indian and International politics
  • SMU: A two-year postgraduate program divided into four semesters
  • Offers the flexibility of timings according to the schedule you decide
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FAQs about M.A. Political Science

What is MA Political Science?

MA Political Science is a course that examines various aspects of international politics.The degree qualifies an individual for jobs such as elected official, lobbyist, and more.

Which university is the best for MA Political Science?

Top universities for MA Political Science include Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur, Osmania University College for Women in Hyderabad, Institute for Excellence in Higher Education (IEHE) in Bhopal, KLingaya University, Faridabad, etc.

What is the duration of the course MA Political Science ?

MA Political Science is a 2 year course.

What are the popular specializations related to MA Political Science ?

Some of the popular specializations for MA(Master of Arts) are : Education , Vaishnavism , Food and Nutrition , Applied Psychology , Liberal Arts.

What is the average fee for the course MA Political Science ?

The average fee for MA Political Science is INR 10000 per year.

I want admission in MA Political Science. Do I have to clear any exams for that ?

English and Foreign Languages University Entrance Test , Calcutta University Entrance Exam , Jammu University Entrance Test , Acharya Nagarjuna University Post Graduate Common Entrance Test , Banaras Hindu University Postgraduate Entrance Test are some of the exams that you can appear for to get admission in M.A. Political Science courses.

What are the top colleges offering MA Political Science courses ?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Arts and Humanities courses : St. Andrew College Of Arts Science & Commerce (Mumbai) , Maharaja Agrasen College (Delhi) , Hansraj College (Delhi) , A.G. Teachers College (Ahmedabad) , Ramnarain Ruia College (Mumbai). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer M.A. Political Science or not.

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Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-05-2021

Dear student, Hindu College Guntur does not offer an MA Political Science programme. At the UG level too, Hindu College Guntur offers Political Science with the following subject groups at the bachelor’s degree level - 

  • Social Work and Economics

  • History and English

  • Economics and Computer Applications 

  • Economics and History

You can take a look at our common application form. Through this form, you will be able to find out some renowned MA political science colleges that have begun their admission process for the current academic year. Call 18005729877 for any help or admission-related queries! 

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Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Dec-17-2020

Dear student, the official website of Swami Sahajanand College Bokaro does not contain any details regarding the PG courses which are offered which is why it is hard to guess whether or not you are looking for the right thing at the right place. Swami Sahajanand College Bokaro offers admission into various UG programmes in the Science, Commerce and Arts streams but no details regarding the PG courses or the PG admission process is available. 

However, there is one place where you will find the perfect answer to your queries and that is our Common Application Form. Through this application form, you will be able to find out a score of reputed colleges offering admission into the MA in Political Science programme as well as apply for admission. For any kind of assistance or to resolve your admission-related queries, kindly call this number - 18005729877 which will connect you with one of our counsellors.


Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Dec-09-2020

Dear student, yes, you can apply for MA Political Science admission in regular mode even if you have done your graduation from a reputed open university. In order to find out the list of some top MA Political Science colleges or institutions offering admission in regular mode, you can click on the given link - CollegeDekho CAF. Through this form, you will be able to find out those institutions which are currently offering admission into the MA Political Science programme in regular mode for the academic year 2020-21. Also, you can apply for admission through the same form. All the admission-related steps will be explained to you by our counsellors. To talk with our counsellors, kindly dial 18005729877 - our student helpline toll-free number. 

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