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Feb 29, 2024 22:22PM IST

What is BA Psychology?

BA in Psychology is a three-year undergraduate program that covers a variety of topics such as human development, personality, and cognitive functions. It explores social, experimental, clinical, and organizational branches of psychology. The course focuses on the functioning of the human mind and behavior. The BA in Psychology subjects covers topics such as mental health, childhood and development, and scientific fundamentals. After completing a BA in Psychology, graduates can pursue careers in various fields such as Social services, Academics, Research, Mental health development organizations, Counseling, Health education, Social work.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology studies human behavior and the mind. It's considered a liberal arts degree. BA in Psychology is an undergraduate degree programme that focuses on the mind and behaviour. The BA Psychology programme is divided into six semesters, the first four of which are dedicated to theory and practicals and the final semester to internships and projects. Health, Human Development, Personality, and Social Behaviour are among the topics covered in the BA Psychology syllabus. 

BA Psychology admission 2024 varies by college, as some are merit-based and others are based on entrance exams. To be eligible for BA Psychology admission, students must have completed Class 10+2 with at least 50% in aggregate or equivalent marks from a recognised board. There are approximately 31 colleges offering a BA in Psychology course in the Delhi NCR, 20 of which are private, six of which are government, and three of which are public-private partnerships. Amity University, IGNOU, Delhi University, and others are among the top universities/colleges in Delhi NCR that offer a BA in Psychology.

Other BA Psychology colleges include S.K Somaiya Degree College Arts, Science, and Commerce, St. Francis College for Women, and others. BA Psychology fees range between INR 20K and INR 2 LPA. Candidates with a BA in Psychology can be hired by top recruiters such as Apollo Hospitals, Fortis, and Max Insurance to work as mental health technicians, psychiatric aides, and rehabilitation counselors. The annual salary for a BA Psychology graduate ranges between INR 2 and INR 5 LPA. 

Following a BA in Psychology, students can pursue Master's degrees in Psychology, Education, Business Administration, and Social Work. They can continue their education by getting an MA in Psychology, an MBA, an MBA in Healthcare Management, a PGD in Counselling Psychology, an LLB, and so on.

Read on to know more about BA Psychology course.

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BA Psychology Latest Update 2024

  • BA Psychology admission is based on the CUET entrance exam. The CUET UG 2024 exam dates have been announced. The National Testing Agency will administer the CUET UG Exam 2024 from May 15 to May 31, 2024.
  • The National Testing Agency began the CUET UG 2024 registration process on February 27, 2024. Registration is now open online. Candidates who want to take the CUET UG 2024 exam must complete the CUET 2024 registration process.
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BA Psychology Course Highlights

Some of the important highlights of the BA Psychology course admission are listed below:

Course Name BA Psychology
Full-Form Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 
Course LevelUndergraduate
Duration of the course3 Years
Eligibility10 + 2 from recognized board with 50% 
Course FeeINR 20k - INR 2 LPA
BA Psychology Admission Process
  • Merit List 
  • Entrance Exam
Job ProfilePsychiatric Assistant, Clinical Psychologist, Child Psychologist, Career Counsellor, Human Resources Assistant, Social Psychologist, etc.
Top RecruitersVcare Counseling Centre, Veda Rehab and Wellness Private Limited, The Mind Clinic, Mind Care Centre for Counselling, Institute Of Psychiatry, Over a Cup of Tea - Psychological Wellness Centre, Central Institute of Psychiatry, etc.
Average Salary INR 2-5 LPA

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Why Choose a BA Psychology?

BA Psychology offers many profitable career opportunities. Candidates pursuing the degree, have an in-depth understanding of human nature. The field of academia and psychology teaching in schools and colleges offers opportunities for aspirants. A career in problem solving, both theoretical and practical, is also an option for candidates. Research indicates that psychologists have very high levels of job satisfaction. It would therefore be wise to choose psychology.

The BA in Psychology programme is also open to applicants who have a strong desire to serve the community and the greater good. Candidates pursuing a BA in psychology have a number of research options to help them organise and interpret data. Candidates who pursue a BA in Psychology can find work in a variety of fields. Some focus on research — that is, delving deeper into the workings of human behaviour and the mind — while others focus on applying research in clinical, corporate, and other settings. A BA psychology degree will help you gain insights into people's motivations, perceptions, and behaviour, which will give you a different perspective on why people react the way they do and will help you understand people a little better.

In the future, candidates can teach psychology because there is always a high demand for psychological services in schools and colleges. Candidates who are interested in solving human-mind-related problems can pursue this as a career. According to research, psychologists are very happy with their jobs. As a result, majoring in Psychology will be a wise career move.

Candidates who want to help people, do community service, or work in social services can pursue a BA in Psychology. Candidates pursuing a BA psychology degree can conduct various types of research and learn how to organise and interpret data, which is a valuable skill for their future careers.

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Who Should Study BA Psychology?

BA in Psychology is a good choice for students with a liberal arts background who want to work in fields like counseling, education, social work, journalism, or law. A psychology bachelor's degree may be a good choice if you're interested in:

  • Understanding the mind
  • Understanding human behavior
  • Understanding what motivates people
  • Making a contribution to the field 

You don't have to be an extrovert to be successful in a psychology program. However, you must have a desire or interest to understand, connect with and learn from other people. Being empathetic and able to relate to experiences outside of your own is crucial for a career as a psychologist. With a psychology degree, you're well placed to pursue careers in both arts and scientific fields, depending on your personal interests. 

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BA Psychology Eligibility Criteria

The detailed list of eligibility criteria is given below:

  • Candidates have to pass in each and every subject in their 10+2 level
  • Candidates must have completed their 10+2 from any recognized board or its equivalent
  • Candidates should have at least scored 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 depending on the requirement of the college
  • There is no minimum age limit for applying for the BA Psychology course

Required Skill Set for BA Psychology

Candidates considering a career in psychology will have a wonderful and rewarding life! As a field, it has constantly grown and changed over the years, incorporating contemporary thinking into its fold and contributing significantly to the current vision.

Having said that, there are some skills that you will undoubtedly need to develop while pursuing a BA Psychology course in order to become a psychologist, whether your journey ends as a clinical psychologist or a school counsellor. If you're thinking about a career, the following list will help you determine which skills you'll need the most for a BA Psychology.

  • Critical Thinking

Psychology relies heavily on critical thinking skills. Everything you learn in BA Psychology makes you more critical of what's going on in the world around you, as well as your role in it. So, it goes without saying that this is a skill you will develop as you study. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to practise your critical thinking skills on a daily basis, as not everything can be applied uniformly to all people.

  • Emotional Stability

The most skilled psychologists possess deep-seated emotional stability and emotional self-control. You might hear incredibly unsettling stories every day. Some people with certain psychological disorders may experience suicidal thoughts, disturbing feelings, and other potentially frightful situations. Having your wits about you is essential to running your practice in a professional manner.

  • Listening

When it comes to counselling and developing therapeutic interventions to support clients under your care, listening—especially active listening—is crucial. Any information obtained from a client is useful in determining how to help them with their condition. Therefore, having good listening skills will be very helpful if you intend to pursue a BA in Psychology. 

  • Research

After getting a BA Psychology, nothing is done in real practice that hasn't been supported by research and evidence-based practice. This is significant because more research and data are required to properly determine whether or not a given intervention can benefit patients. In the event that your goals are unsupported by research, there may be a risk to the patient as well as to your reputation. In order to advance your practice, you will also need to read scientific journals and conduct independent research.

  • Patience

Considering having a BA in Psychology, there are some things that a degree cannot teach you. Patience is the first. As you can imagine, the fact that patients in this field exhibit behaviour that deviates from what is deemed "normal" makes dealing with them particularly challenging. Therefore, it's critical to maintain motivation while also exercising patience with these clients.

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Top BA Psychology Entrance Exams

Several colleges offer admission to their BA psychology programmes through their own entrance exams. Candidates must obtain the minimum qualifying marks in order to be admitted to the BA psychology course. A high score on any of the BA psychology entrance exams increases one's chances of admission. To judge a candidate, colleges/universities use the scores/rank of entrance exams. A candidate must also pass the entrance exams or interviews of preferred colleges/universities in order to be admitted to a BA psychology degree programme.

Various entrances tests conducted at the national, state or university level for BA psychology course are:

Entrance exams for the BA in Psychology are held by colleges to evaluate and sort the best applicants with the necessary skills and fundamental knowledge of the field. Because this is a competitive exam, candidates must prepare extensively. Candidates must ensure that they are prepared in a timely manner in order to deliver a strong performance. The following is a typical format for BA psychology entrance exams:

  • The paper has a total of 120 marks
  • The total time is 120 minutes
  • The exam is given entirely online
  • Each correct answer earns one mark
  • Each incorrect attempt is worth -1 mark

How to Choose a Good BA in Psychology College?

Choosing the right college for a BA in Psychology can be difficult. Here are some factors that can help you select a good college.

  • Accreditation and Recognition: Prospective students should confirm that the college they are thinking about has accreditation from a respectable agency, like the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or the University Grants Commission (UGC).
  • Faculty: Do your homework on the psychology department's faculty members and seek out seasoned, informed instructors who have a proven track record of success in both teaching and research.
  • Syllabus: A college should provide a thorough and balanced programme that addresses psychology's theoretical and applied facets.
  • Facilities: To support your learning and research, it's critical to inspect the college's facilities, which should include well-stocked libraries and laboratories.
  • Conditions: The college's surroundings are a significant additional factor. Applicants should think about the college's location, how easy it is for them to get to classes, and if it provides the kinds of social and cultural opportunities they want.
  • Placement Opportunities: Take into account the placement options provided by the college and look into the kinds of businesses and organisations that have previously employed graduates.
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BA Psychology Admission Process in India

There are two options for admission to BA Psychology 2024:

  • Entrance-Based BA Psychology Admissions
  • Merit-Based BA Psychology Admissions

The application process for a BA in psychology varies according to the admissions process. Candidates, on the other hand, can apply to their preferred college online or offline. Almost all colleges, however, now process admissions online. Candidates can register on the official website and complete the application form by uploading the necessary documents and providing the requested information. Following the admissions process, the final seat allocation will begin, and all selected applicants will be required to register and pay course fees.

Candidates are ultimately chosen based on their cutoff scores. The university's cut-off score is calculated by adding the entrance exam results. The university's cut-off score is calculated by adding the entrance exam and 10+2 results. Many colleges, however, take a student's Psychology exam scores into account. Candidates who meet the admissions requirements will be assigned to counselling sessions prior to seat allocation.  

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Steps to Apply for BA in Psychology

Both an entrance exam and a merit-based selection process are available for BA Psychology admission. Numerous universities offer direct admission to the BA Psychology programme and admission based on entrance exams. Candidates should have their results from the respective entrance exam boards available when applying for a BA Psychology degree at the universities of choice. The steps one should typically take to get admission are listed below, even though the admissions process differs from college to college.

For Entrance Based BA Psychology Admission

Candidates can apply for BA Psychology courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Check into the application form requirements and deadlines listed by various colleges and universities if you want to an admission to a BA Psychology programme.

Step 2: Register for the entrance exams required for BA Psychology admissions at the colleges and universities you want to attend

Step 3: Once confirmed, save the application process for future use. Also, for admission and other important notifications, keep an eye on the exam or the university's official website

Step 4: After appearing and passing the BA Psychology entrance examination, candidates must fill out an application form for their desired university with personal information such as academic details, entrance examination results, and so on

Step 5: Candidates who successfully meet the university's eligibility requirements are shortlisted for the counselling round (if any) to finalise the admissions process

Step 6: After clearing the counselling session, candidates must pay the university's entrance fee in order to be confirm their admission to the BA Psychology course

For Merit Based BA Psychology Admission 

Candidates can apply for BA Psychology courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Fill out the online BA Psychology application form

Step 2: Pay the registration fee and any additional fees if admission is granted based on merit

Step 3: The shortlisted applicants will receive invitations to the subsequent phases of the hiring process, such as individual interviews or counselling

Step 4: Candidates must submit all the required documents and fee in order to confirm their admission to BA Psychology course

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BA Psychology Fees in India

BA Psychology course fees range from INR 20K to 2LPA. Course fees may vary between BA Psychology colleges. A government-funded institute charges less than a private institute due to its infrastructure and facilities. 

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What is the Difference Between BA Psychology and BSc Psychology?

Students often struggle to make decisions on what course is more suitable for them and which course can create a brighter future for them. Students planning to pursue a psychology course must know the difference between BA Psychology and BSc Psychology. 

Programme DetailsBA PsychologyBSc Psychology
Duration3 years3 years
EligibilityThe candidate needs to be a Class 12 pass in any stream from a recognized board and should have secured a minimum of 45% to be eligible.The candidate should have passed their Class 12 in Science stream from a recognized board and should have secured a minimum of 50% to be eligible.
BA Psychology AdmissionMerit/Entrance ExamsMerit/Entrance Exams
FocusTheory and PhilosophyScientific and Logical

Both the degrees are well-respected, valuable as well as marketable. Whichever program you choose should depend on your interest and preference. A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology can be a great choice if you are interested in going straight to work after graduation or if you are thinking of pursuing a graduate program in something like law or counselling.

If, however, you are thinking about committing to further graduate study in psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology may be the better choice. There are plenty of colleges in India that offer both degrees.

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What is the Difference between BA Psychology vs BA Psychology Hons?

Below is a comparison of BA Psychology and BA Psychology Hons.

ParticularsBA psychologyBA Psychology Hons
Course duration3 Year3 years
Eligibility Criteria55% in 10+2 with English as a mandatory subject.10+2 or an equivalent examination from a recognised board with a minimum of 60% marks in any stream.
Area of FocusThe study of health, human development, and social behaviour, among other topics.The mind, emotions, social development, and individuality are all studied.
AdmissionMerit/Entrance- basedMerit/Entrance- based
Average Course Fees (Per annum)INR 20,000 - 2LPAINR 25,000 - 2,00,000
Top CollegesJesus and Mary College, New Delhi; Jai Hind College, Mumbai; Gargi College, New Delhi; St Xavier's College, Ahmedabad.Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar; Jindal School of Psychology and Counselling Sonepat; Quantum University Roorkee, etc.
Career ProspectsClinical Psychologist,
Mental Health Counselor,
Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, and etc.
Psychology Counseling, Industrial Counseling, Therapy, and etc.
Salary structureINR 2-5 LPAINR 3-4 LPA

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BA Psychology Syllabus

The BA Psychology course differs from one college to the next. Those interested in studying human behaviour and psychology can enroll in a BA Psychology course at one of India's prominent institutions or colleges. The typical UGC suggested curriculum structure is shown below.

BA Psychology Syllabus Semester IBA Psychology Syllabus Semester II
Environmental SciencePsychology of Individual Differences (theory + Practical)
Statistical Methods for Psychological Research- I (Practical + Theory)English Communication
GE – 1Biopsychology
Introduction to Psychology (Practical & theory)GE – 2
BA Psychology Syllabus Semester IIIBA Psychology Syllabus Semester IV
Social Psychology (Practical & theory)Statistical Methods for Psychological Research – II (Practical + Theory) 
Psychological Research (Practical + Theory)Applied Social Psychology (Practical + Theory)
Development of Psychological Thought (Practical & theory)Understanding Psychological Disorders (Practical + Theory)
AEEC – 1GE – 4
GE – 3AEEC – 2
BA Psychology Syllabus Semester VBA Psychology Syllabus Semester VI
Understanding & dealing with Psychological Disorders (Practical + Theory) Counselling Psychology (Practical + Theory)
Development Psychology (Practical + Theory)Organizational Behaviour (Practical + Theory)
DSE – 1DSE – 3
DSE – 2DSE – 4

General Elective Courses

Here is the list of BA Psychology general elective courses:

General PsychologyInter-Group RelationsPsychology at Work
Psychology and MediaYouth PsychologyYouth, Gender and Identity

Ability Enhancement Elective Courses (AEEC)

Emotional IntelligenceEducational PsychologyEffective Decision Making
Psychological Skills in OrganizationStress ManagementSelection and Training

Discipline-Specific Electives (DSE)

Community PsychologyCultural and Indigenous PsychologyHealth PsychologyHuman Resource ManagementProject/Dissertation
Positive PsychologyPsychology of PeacePsychology of DisabilityPsychology for Health and Well-BeingPsychological Perspective in Education
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BA Psychology Subjects

Exploring the subjects and course curriculum of a program helps you gain crucial insights into BA Psychology course with the help of which you can determine whether it aligns with your niche or not. Here is the complete list of BA Psychology subjects:

Introduction To PsychologyDevelopment of Psychological ThoughtsStatistical Methods for Psychological ResearchOrganizational Behaviour
Introduction to Psychological DisordersDevelopmental PsychologyCounselling Psychology Psychology of Individual Differences
Social PsychologyBehaviour and Modification CounsellingPsychiatric Social WorkEnglish Communication
Environmental SciencePsychological ResearchStatistical Methods For Psychological ResearchIntroduction to Counselling
Theories of CounsellingBiopsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyResearch Methodology and Child Psychology
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Top Private BA Psychology Colleges in India

Many of the nation's private academic institutions offer a BA in psychology programme. The admission process is based on past academic performance as well as the outcomes of admission exams. The top private BA psychology programmes in India are listed in the table below.

  • AJMVP New Arts Commerce and Science College, Ahmednagar
  • Gokhale Education Society's HPT Arts and RYK Science College, Nashik
  • St Philomena's College, Mysore
  • Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College, Thane
  • Feroze Gandhi College, Raebareli
  • Smt Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College, Ulhasnagar
  • VAZE College - V G Vaze College of Arts Science and Commerce
  • DAV PG College, Karnal
  • Mahatma Gandhi College, Trivandrum
  • Sheth PT Mahila College of Arts and Home Science, Surat
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Top Government BA Psychology Colleges in India

One of the most well-known professional degrees in India is the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The table below contains a list of some of the top government colleges that offer a BA in psychology.

  • St Xavier's College, Ahmedabad
  • Government Brennen College, Thalassery
  • Gargi College, Delhi
  • Lady Shriram College for Women, New Delhi
  • Satish Chandra Dhawan Government College, Ludhiana
  • Gujarat Arts and Science College, Ahmedabad
  • SCS Autonomous College, Puri
  • Kalika Dham PG College, Sewapuri
  • Koshi College, Khagaria
  • Parul Institute of Arts, Vadodara
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Top BA Psychology Colleges Offering Admission in India

India is home to some very good colleges that are offering BA Psychology. Interested candidates can visit the official website of these colleges and can take admission to any college as per their choice. These colleges include both private and government-aided universities. Every year, the top BA psychology released multiple cut-offs for the diverse psychology undergraduate courses. A candidate must meet the cut-off score set by the board to proceed with counselling rounds for admissions. Check out the BA psychology course in the below-mentioned colleges along with their BA psychology fees.

BA Psychology CollegesBA Psychology Fees (in INR)
Lady Shriram College (LSR), New DelhiINR 53.67 K
Loyola Academy Degree and PG College, SecunderabadINR 57 K
St Ann's College for Women, HyderabadINR 15.50 K
Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, PuneINR 68.50 K
Kristu Jayanti College, BangaloreINR 1.50 LPA
Gargi College, New DelhiINR 13 K
IGNOU Delhi - Indira Gandhi National Open UniversityINR 5.25 K
Jai Hind College, MumbaiINR 5.11 K
Manipal University, JaipurINR 2.25 LPA
Indraprastha College for Women, New DelhiINR 1000 K
St. Xavier’s College, AhmedabadINR 7 K
St Mira College for Girls, PuneINR 4.5 K
KJ Somaiya College of Arts & Commerce (KJSAC), MumbaiINR 2.5 K

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

Candidates can also look at Top Colleges in Delhi University (DU) Based on NIRF Ranking 2024 here!

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Cutoff of BA Psychology for Top Colleges

The BA Psychology cutoff is a set of criteria used to assess an applicant's ability or score on the entrance exam. Admission to these colleges is based on scores that exceed the cut-off percentage. Each college's cut-off is determined by the number of applicants, the difficulty level of the exam, and the results of the entrance exam.

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Career Options After BA Psychology

BA Psychology jobs are available in a wide range of industries and organisations. BA Psychology graduates can pursue careers in Community Health, Counselling, Child Daycare, Prisons, Personnel Administration, and Research. Both the government and the private sector offer a diverse range of employment opportunities. Careers following a BA in Psychology include Child Psychologist, Developmental Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Community Health Officer, Social Worker, and Daycare Supervisor. In India, the average BA Psychology salary is INR 2- 5 LPA.

The BA Psychology course equips students with all of the necessary skills for success. Following graduation, some BA Psychology jobs include:

  • Daycare Director
  • Criminal psychologist
  • Social psychologist
  • psychologist for kids
  • Career Advisor
  • Clinician in psychology
  • Developmental psychologist, health educator, and psychiatric assistant

BA Psychology offers students a wide range of career options, including clinical medicine, counselling, health, and education. The following are the most popular jobs for BA Psychology graduates:

Job ProfilesDescription
Career Counsellor   The role of a Career counsellor is to help people with their career choices. Whether the person is new to the working world, or simply desires a change of profession, a career counsellor will be able to guide them in the best possible direction. They help their clients understand their career paths and guide them toward a bright career. The job of a career counsellor is also to coordinate with academic advisors to help students in making career choices based on their academic majors.
Social WorkerThe role of a social worker is to provide advice, support and resources to individuals and families to help them solve their problems. Social workers specialize in either adult or child social care. Some, called clinical social workers, are therapists who diagnose and then treat individuals who have mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders. A social worker has to deal with challenges ranging from physical and mental illness to child care and crises such as domestic violence. 
TeacherOne can take up teaching and research after pursuing a BA psychology degree. To take up teaching at the university level you need to have a Master’s degree with a qualifying UGC NET exam. One can start as a lecturer at the university level and proceed with studying PhD to become a professor. Many psychology teachers work in public or private high schools as well. 
RecruiterThe job role of a recruiter is to identify skills of an individual and use it for the benefit of an organization. A degree in the field of psychology involves an intense study of how and why people think and act, it is an excellent course of preparation for the field of human resources. By understanding the way people are motivated and how they function, this information can be applied in the workplace. Also, BA psychology students are introduced to many concepts that are relevant to human resources careers, including major concepts like the reward system and motivation factors.
Mental Health CounsellorA mental health counselor provides support to those experiencing mental or emotional distress. They may use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help a person manage anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. Mental health counselors can teach a person healthy coping strategies or self-help techniques, or they can simply give people a space to work out solutions for themselves.


Employment Areas for BA Psychology Graduates

After completing a BA in Psychology, you will be able to work in a variety of fields related to psychology and psychological research. With the recent shift toward a greater emphasis on mental health, the scope for BA Psychology has grown exponentially. There are numerous job opportunities available in both the public and government sectors. Some of the areas of recruitment that offer career options after completing a BA in Psychology in India are listed below:

  • Community Health Service Centres
  • Day-Care Centres
  • Prisons
  • Rehab Organisations
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources
  • Correctional Programmes
  • Welfare Organisations
  • NGO’s
  • Social Work
  • Personnel Administration

BA Psychology Salary

Certain key job profiles are available for BA psychology graduates. There are numerous job openings in both the public and government sectors. The average salary for BA Psychology jobs in India is INR 2 - 5 LPA, with the salary varying depending on a number of factors. Let us look at those profiles and their estimated salaries:

Job ProfileAverage Salary
Clinical PsychologistINR 4.5 LPA
NeuropsychologistINR 5 LPA
PsychiatristINR 5 LPA

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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Courses After BA Psychology

Many career options are available to those who have a bachelor's degree in psychology, which also offers a strong foundation in the field. BA in Psychology can lead to work in the following fields: educational psychology, clinical psychology, counselling psychology, marketing and advertising, and human resources. 

The most popular courses to take after getting a BA in psychology are as follows:

  • Master's in Psychology: Students who wish to specialise in industrial-organizational psychology or counselling psychology or to advance their education in the field often choose for a Master's in Psychology degree.
  • Master of Education (M Ed): A Master of Education can lead to a career in school counselling or educational psychology, which is a field of study that interests students interested in integrating psychology into education.
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA): Students interested in combining business and psychology will find this degree useful as it can lead to careers in marketing, organisational development, or human resources. 
  • Master in Social Work (MSW): If students are interested in working with people to promote social and emotional well-being, families, and communities, they should think about pursuing a Master of Social Work degree. 

Candidates with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology will have a wide range of opportunities in every industry. Candidates can prepare for government jobs or apply for private-sector jobs. Candidates can also further their education in psychology to improve their future job prospects. After completing a BA in Psychology, students may pursue an MA in Psychology or other certification/diploma courses in Psychology. Candidates can also study for a doctorate in India or abroad. 

Following a BA in Psychology, a student can also pursue the following postgraduate or certificate/diploma courses:

  • PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology
  • PG Diploma in Clinical Psychology
  • PG Diploma in Mental Health Counselling
  • PG Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology
  • MA Psychology
  • MA in Applied Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Stress Analysis
  • Certificate Course in Child Psychology
  • Certificate Course in Applied Psychology
  • Certificate Course in School Counseling
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FAQs about B.A. Psychology

Is BA psychology better than BSc Psychology?

Both the programs of psychology are worth pursuing. BA includes few courses in Psychology, and bears more classes in subjects which are outside the significant field region. The BSc degree in the science and arithmetic courses. In BSc psychology, candidates have to attend lab sessions more.

What can you do with a psychology degree?

A psychology bachelor's degree can be the starting point for a career in human resources, marketing, workforce development, social work, counselling, research, or education.

Why do people pursue a psychology degree?

Psychology can be studied for a variety of reasons, such as personal interest or career opportunities. A fascinating field of study is psychology. You will gain a better understanding of human behaviour and thought processes as well as how we act, feel, and think.

Can a candidate who successfully completes an online psychology degree pursue a career in psychology?

Candidates with a recognised online degree can pursue a career in psychology. Candidates can choose to work in marketing, social work, management, real estate, or a variety of other fields.

What are the most popular sports careers after earning a BA in Psychology?

A student can choose from the following top five careers in sports psychology:

  • Psychologist for Academic Sports
  • Coach for Cognitive Performance
  • Sports psychologist in practise
  • Team dynamic counsellor

Are there any scholarships available for BA Psychology students?

There are numerous associations and banks that offer scholarships to BA psychology students. Scholarship programmes are available from both national and state psychology associations. As a result, there are numerous scholarships available for BA in psychology candidates.

Is physics required for psychology?

There are no prerequisites, but Life Science or Biology will be advantageous because psychology focuses on the human brain and sensory systems. If you have a NQF level 4 certificate and an Admissions Point Score (APS) of 21 or more, you are likely to be admitted to a psychology degree programme.

Which major is best suited to psychology?

Science stream. If a student wishes to pursue a BSc in Psychology, he or she must first complete the Science stream in Class 11 and 12.

What is the average salary for a psychology graduate?

The average salary after completing a BA Psychology degree is between 2.5 and 4.5 lakhs INR.

Is a bachelor's degree in psychology worthwhile?

Yes, a bachelor's degree in psychology prepares you for success whether you enter the workforce right away or continue your education at the graduate level. Continue reading for the full breakdown. Psychology is an enthralling science.

Can a commerce student take up BA Psychology after class XII?

Yes. A student from any stream can apply for BA Psychology. The candidate just needs to have passed their class XII from a recognized board and should have secured a minimum of 50% in their boards.

Is maths required for BA psychology?

Yes, Maths and statistics are an important part of the study of psychology programs.

Is NEET compulsory for BA psychology?

You don’t need NEET for psychology. But if you want to become a psychiatrist you need to qualify NEET and complete MBBS.

What is BA Psychology course about?

BA Psychology course is about the study areas like health, personality, human development, social behaviour, cognitive processes, etc..

How long is BA psychology course?

BA psychology is a UG course offered for the duration of 3-4 years depending upon the college.

What is the full form of BA Psychology?

BA Psychology stands for Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

What are some of the top specialisation for BA Psychology?

Some of the top specialisations for BA Psychology are Human Development, Food & Nutrition, Statistics, MBBS, Italian etc.

Is there any entrance exam to get admission in BA Psychology course?

Yes, some of the entrance exams to pursue BA Psychology are Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test, Delhi University Arts, Maharshi Dayanand University Common Entrance Exam, Delhi University Entrance Exam, English and Foreign Languages University Entrance Test, etc.

What are the top colleges in India for BA Psychology course?

Some of the top colleges for BA Psychology are the Institute of Management-Christ University (Bangalore), Gargi College (New Delhi), Miranda House University College for Women (Delhi), Kishinchand Chellaram Law College (Mumbai), College of Social Work (Mumbai), etc.

What is the fee for BA Psychology course?

The average fee for BA Psychology is INR 50,000 to 60,000.

What are some of the major subjects included in BA Psychology course?

Some of the major subjects in the syllabus of BA Psychology are Human Behaviour, Human Psychology, Social Psychology, Psychological Disorders, etc.

How much percentage as an aggregate is required to pursue BA Psychology?

A minimum aggregate of 50% in the qualifying exam is required to pursue BA Psychology.

What is the minimum eligibility to pursue the BA Psychology course?

To pursue BA Psychology, the candidate must have pursued 12th in aby stream or equivalent from a recognised board.

BA Psychology is a UG or a PG level course?

BA Psychology is a UG level course.

What is the duration of BA Psychology course?

BA Psychology is of a total of 3 years duration.
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Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-21-2021

Dear student, Darrang College Tezpur has not yet started its UG admission process for the academic year 2021-22. The official website currently does not contain any information about when the institute plans to commence its UG admission process for the current academic year. You are requested to contact the admissions office of Darrang College Tezpur for information - 

Contact Details: 03712-220014, 225410

The institute currently does not offer admission into any ug psychology programme. 

Other than Darran College, there are several other reputed institutions where the UG intake process for the current academic year has started already. You can find out about such institutions and apply for admission directly through our Common Application Form. Get in touch with our counsellors for more information regarding the admission process now via our toll-free helpline number - 18005729877!


Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on May-03-2021

Dear student, Marian College Idukki does not offer admission into any undergraduate degree programme in Psychology currently. The institute offers admission into the following UG programmes - 

You can look out for some other reputed colleges offering admission into various undergraduate Psychology courses through our Common Application Form. With the help of the same form, you can apply for admission into one of the colleges displayed in the common application form. For more details regarding the direct admission process, call our counsellors @18005729877.


Heena, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Apr-30-2021

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