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Apr 11, 2023 10:24AM IST

About MA History

Master of Arts in History or MA History is a two-year postgraduate degree programme which is offered at different Indian Universities for those who had studied History at the undergraduate level and want to pursue a postgraduate degree in the same specialization. In this two-year postgraduate degree programme, students get to know about all those major historical events which took place not only in India but globally. The entire syllabus is taught over a duration of two years and divided across four semesters. 

The MA History syllabus and subjects cover topics like ancient and medieval India, modern India, world history, Indian politics and government, literature, economic history, current international relations issues, etc. Candidates who are interested in taking this course should hold a bachelor's degree in history or any other related subject. Admission to MA History colleges is based on merit or through competitive entrance exams. The course fee for MA History varies college to college. For government colleges, the average MA History course fee ranges from INR 2,600 to INR 10,000 and for private colleges, it ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 40,000. MA History graduates can work for the government in places like museums, archaeological divisions, educational institutions, etc. They can also work as a historian, curator of a museum, archivist, archaeologist, librarian, etc.

The MA History salary for a graduate is around INR 3,75,000 annually. Also, graduates have the option to continue their education by pursuing a PhD in History or another field of specialization, such as political science, cultural studies, linguistics, museum studies, etc.

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MA History Course Highlights

The table below summarizes the MA History course highlights:

Course LevelPostgraduate
Full FormMaster of Arts in History
Duration2 years
Examination TypeSemester-based
Eligibility CriteriaBachelor's degree in history with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized university
Admission Process



Course Fees

INR 2600 – INR 10,000 (government colleges)

INR 10,000 – INR 40,000 (private colleges)

Job ProfilesArchaeologist, Archivists, Auctioneer, Research Assistant, Historian, Documentation Specialist, Teacher, Museum Curator, etc
Employment AreaMuseums, archaeology department, academic institutes, etc
Average SalaryINR 3,75,000 per annum
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Why Study MA History?

MA History course gave us a better understanding of how things were and how we might go about creating a better future. A deeper understanding can aid in managing and organizing our societies in a way that benefits everyone. Since it is an advanced course, students who have completed a BA in history may find it helpful for their careers. MA History course presents a wide range of opportunities. Mainly, government employment is quite high after pursuing this course. The graduates can find employment as high school teachers, museum curators, archivists, archaeologists, auctioneers, etc. In addition to this, as writers, editors, or analysts, the graduates will develop strong writing, analytical thinking, and research skills and can earn a decent salary.

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MA History Eligibility Criteria

In India, a number of universities and affiliated colleges provide an MA in History. Most colleges and universities have their own requirements for MA in History applicants. Therefore, the following are the standard criteria that are most often used:

  • Students must have received a graduate degree in any discipline from a recognized institution or college
  • Students must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum average of 50%
  • Students must pass the entrance exam with the institute's required cutoff score before moving on to the personal interview if required
  • The age restriction for MA history admissions is not specified by the institutions
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MA History Syllabus

Both Indian and global history are emphasized in MA History. The curriculum includes various facets of historical events, languages, cultures, and a thorough understanding of those significant events to help students analyze history more effectively. 

Some of the detailed MA History  subjects offered in almost all the colleges and universities have been listed below:

SemesterMA History Subjects
MA History Semester 1 SyllabusAspects of Ancient India
State and Society in Medieval India
History of Tamil Nadu
MA History Semester 2 SyllabusState and Society in Medieval India
Modern India
Indian Government and politics
Interdisciplinary course- History through literature
MA History Semester 3 SyllabusModern India 
World history
Computer application in Historical studies
Contemporary Issues in International Relations
Special Course-Research Methodology
MA History Semester 4 SyllabusHistoriography
History of Tamil Nadu
The economic history of India
History of the Cholas/ History of the Guptas
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How to Apply for MA History?

Admission to MA History is granted in two ways: merit-based or through an entrance examination. The application process for MA History varies depending on the admission procedure. However, applicants can apply to their preferred MA History colleges online. Students must fill out the required information in an online application form on the official website of their respective universities to apply for MA History courses online.

For Entrance Based MA History Admission

Candidates can apply for MA History courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Check into the application form requirements and deadlines listed by various colleges and universities if you want an admission to a MA History course.

Step 2: Register for the entrance exams required for MA History admissions at the colleges and universities you want to attend

Step 3: Once confirmed, save the application process for future use. Also, for admission and other important notifications, keep an eye on the exam or the university's official website

Step 4: After appearing and passing the MA History entrance examination, candidates must fill out an application form for their desired university with personal information such as academic details, entrance examination results, and so on

Step 5: Candidates who successfully meet the university's eligibility requirements are shortlisted for the counselling round (if any) to finalise the admissions process

Step 6: After clearing the counselling session, candidates must pay the university's entrance fee in order to be confirm their admission to the MA History course

For Merit Based MA History Admission 

Candidates can apply for MA History courses by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Fill out the online MA History application form

Step 2: Pay the registration fee and any additional fees if admission is granted based on merit

Step 3: The shortlisted applicants will receive invitations to the subsequent phases of the hiring process, such as individual interviews or counselling

Step 4: Candidates must submit all the required documents and fee in order to confirm their admission to MA History course

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MA History Admission Process

There are two ways of getting admission into the MA History programme offered at various institutions/universities:

Based on Entrance Exam: For admission to the MA History course, many universities hold entrance exams. On the basis of the entrance test scores of the candidates, final admission is granted by these universities/institutions

Based on Merit: For admission, various universities and colleges give consideration to the applicants' qualifying exam scores when allocating seats in the MA History course. This process is also known as the direct admission process.

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MA History Entrance Exam

There is no specific exam for the MA in History. However, some institutes hold university-level entrance exams, such as:

CUET: The Central University Entrance Test (CUET) will give students a single window opportunity to apply to these participating universities / institute(s) across the nation for admission to various MA History programmes of the participating central universities. No weight will be given to class 12th results when determining admission to undergraduate programmes at central universities; admission will solely be based on CUET PG scores.

IPU CET: Admission to undergraduate and graduate programs at Indraprastha University is determined by a common entrance test.  The exam is conducted in computer-based mode. Candidates must clear the entrance exam to get admission to MA History. Counseling sessions will be organized for the students for those who passed the test. 

DSAT: Admission to undergraduate and graduate programs is granted through the Dayanand Sagar Admission Test. Both online and offline testing is available for the national examination. The test is held computer-based in 82 cities across India.

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MA History Colleges

Some of the best colleges in India that offer this course, as well as their admission process are listed below.

College NamesAdmission Process
Miranda House College, New Delhi Merit-Based
Hindu College, New Delhi Entrance Based
Presidency College, Chennai  Merit-Based
St. Stephens College, New Delhi  Merit-Based and Interview
Loyola College, Chennai  Merit-Based
Madras Christian College, Chennai  Merit-Based
PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore Merit-Based
Government Arts College, Coimbatore Merit-Based
Ethiraj College for Women, Chennai  Merit-Based
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MA History Course Fee

The MA History fee structure varies from college to college. However, the average MA History course fee ranges from INR 10,000 - INR 40,000. Though compared to private institutions, government colleges charge much lower course fees.

Here is a list of top colleges that offer MA History courses, along with their fees:

CollegesAverage Fee
Jesus and Mary CollegeINR 13,500
Lady Shri Ram College for WomenINR 18,000
AMU - Aligarh Muslim UniversityINR 25,000
BHU - Banaras Hindu UniversityINR 3,000
The Hindu CollegeINR 18,000
Ramjas CollegeINR 15,000
Presidency University, BangaloreINR 2,500
St Xaviers CollegeINR 18,000
University of Hyderabad - UOHINR 7,000
Miranda HouseINR 15,000

 Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change. 

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Course Comparison: MA History vs MA Political Science

The table below explains the differences between MA Political Science and MA History.

ParametersMA HistoryMA Political science  
Overview It is the examination of the impacts of past occurrences on the present.It is the study of politics and administration.
Syllabus It is a broad subject that covers issues such as global history, Indian history, and historical occasions that also involve politics.It is a comprehensive subject that is solely concerned with the structure of the government, its laws, democracy, policies, political ideas, ideologies, and so on.
Eligibility CriteriaCandidate must be having a bachelor’s degree in history or related subject from a recognized institution.Candidate must be having a bachelor’s degree in any stream from a recognized institution.
Average Annual Fees INR 10,000INR 10,000
Job Profile Graduates can work in museums, archaeology departments, academic institutes, and etc as historians, museum curators, archivists, archaeologists, high school teachers, and so on.They can work in politics, law, business, media, or public services as a manager, administrator, lecturer, political content writer/journalist, consultant, and so on.
Average Salary INR 3,70,000 – INR 6,00,000INR 3,00,000 – INR 5,00,000
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MA History Skills Required

Candidates must have the knowledge and abilities necessary for a deeper understanding of the subjects in order to pursue an MA in History. It requires exceptional skills, and the courses will equip them with knowledge and abilities like analytical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and effective communication. The following are some of the important skills needed for the MA in History:

Good communication skillsAnalytical skills
Management skillsLearning ability
Team working abilityComprehension skills
Aware of the chronology, terms and conceptsInterpretation skills 
Research skillsDecision-Making
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MA History Career Options and Job Prospects

Candidates with a master's degree in history can pursue a variety of positions in both the public and private sectors. Students can also find work in companies as archaeologists, historians, history experts, archivists, and many other positions. The average annual salary for professionals with a history degree is around INR 6 lakhs. Other career options for history graduates include excavating new sites, learning about history, cultures, traditions, and languages, and teaching history. With a Masters degree in History, the candidates can target one of the following job titles as career options.

MA History graduates have a plethora of job opportunities. And most of these jobs are in the private sector. Graduates can work in areas such as:

  • At the museum as curators, archivists, and so on
  • As an archaeologist, you will work in archaeological departments
  • Media outlets as a journalist, writer, editor, and so on
  • Tourism jobs include tour guides, museum guides, archivists, and so on
  • Surveys and research

Some of the most sought job opportunities with descriptions are listed below:

Job OptionsJob DescriptionAverage salary
HistorianTheir job is to study and research historical documents in order to draw conclusions and communicate them through writing and publishing.INR 5,00,000 – INR 7,00,000
Museum CuratorThey are experts in the history of natural elements such as metals, terracotta, textiles, paintings, and so on. Their job is to keep records of each item, such as the item's age, where it was acquired, conservation methods, and so on.INR 2,00,000 – INR 5,00,000
High school teacherTheir responsibility is to impart their knowledge. They prepare and offer classes to high school students on the topic of history.INR 3,45,000 – INR 6,00,000
ArchivistThey specialise in preserving ancient documents & records, mending parchments & paper manuscripts, and microfilming the papers. They can acquire positions in museums, libraries, national and state archives, etc.INR 4,45,000 – INR 6,00,000
ArchaeologistIt is a research-based employment that frequently needs fieldwork. They might dig, examine coins, read inscriptions, and other things as part of their work. For the preservation of 3,600 sites, heritage organisations, museums, and other research facilities, the archaeological survey of India employs archaeologists.INR 3,50,000 – INR 6,50,000

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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MA History Salary

Each job profile's salary expectations are determined by experience, skills, capabilities, and other factors. The average annual salary offered to history graduates with less than one year of experience is around INR 3,75,000. However, candidates can expect a raise in their salary after gaining experience.

Level of ExperienceAverage Salary
0 - 1 yearINR 3,75,000 - INR 5,00,000
1 - 3 yearsINR 5,70,000 - INR 6,00,000
Above 5 yearsINR 6,25,000 - INR 10,00,000

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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Scope after MA History

After completing the course, students will be able to pursue opportunities in a variety of fields, including archaeology, historical research, academics, historical fiction, monument restoration, and museums. Students can also pursue doctoral or postdoctoral degrees in history, such as an MPhil or PhD. Students can also conduct their own research and write papers and books about historical events. They can also prepare for the civil services exam, which is becoming increasingly easy for history graduates to qualify for. 

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FAQs about M.A. History

What are the popular specializations related to M.A. History ?

Some of the popular specializations for M.A. (Master of Arts) are : International Law , Peace Studies , Criminology & Criminal Justice Administration , Population Studies , Enterpreneurship Skill.

I want admission in M.A. History. Do I have to clear any exams for that ?

Acharya Nagarjuna University Post Graduate Common Entrance Test , TATA Institute of Social Sciences National Entrance Test , Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test , Banasthali University Aptitude Test , Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test are some of the exams that you can appear for to get admission in M.A. History courses.

What are the top colleges offering M.A. History courses ?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Arts and Humanities courses : Presidency College (Berhampur) , Shri Ram College of Commerce (Delhi) , Loyola College (Chennai) , K. J. Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce (Mumbai) , Kishinchand Chellaram Law College (Mumbai). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer M.A. History or not.

What is the duration of the course M.A. History ?

M.A. History is a 2 year course.

What is the average fee for the course M.A. History ?

The average fee for M.A. History is INR 10000 per year.
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