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    MSW Course Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    MSW Syllabus & Subjects Overview

    Master of Social Work is a two-years long postgraduate degree. This MSW course syllabus not only prepares students for a successful career, but it also benefits society by allowing them to work for the betterment of individuals and the community as a whole. A social worker is one of the most noble professions in history. They contribute to society by improving the overall functioning of their community. Aspirants should keep in mind that this course requires a lot of patience, work ethic, empathy, and selflessness. It is a giving profession that entails putting smiles on the faces of those around you.

    The MSW syllabus is divided into four semesters. MSW course syllabus covers topics like Healthcare, Childcare, Psychology, Sociology, and so on. Along with core semester MSW subjects, the course includes other specialisations for specific skill development. The course does not require an internship, but it does require extensive study and research throughout the duration of the course.

    MSW Year Wise Syllabus

    The MSW syllabus is divided into core and elective subjects. They may differ depending on the university/ college. The MSW course syllabus aims to provide students with access to all important aspects of the curriculum. MSW syllabus is divided into two parts: a mandatory set of courses covering all foundation areas in literature and an elective set of courses aimed at developing job-specific skills and knowledge. The general MSW subjects over the 4 semesters have been provided below:

    Semester 1Semester 2
    History and Philosophy of Social WorkSocial Exclusion and Inclusive Policy
    Social Problem and Social DevelopmentRehabilitation and Resettlement
    Social Work Research and Quantitative AnalysisSocial Work Methods
    Human Growth and DevelopmentVisual Culture
    Social Work Practical-I (Structured Experience Laboratory and Research Methodology Practical)Social Work Practical-III (Concurrent fieldwork – Community Placement)
    Social Work Practical-II (Skill Development Assessment)Social Work Practical-IV (Learning Social Work through Participatory Approach)
    IT in Social SectorCommunity Intervention and Entrepreneurship Development
    Semester 3Semester 4
    Ideology and Ethics of Social WorkSocial Work Administration 
    Social Legislation and Labor WelfareCorporate Social Responsibility
    Vulnerable Children and their DevelopmentTribal Anthropology and Social Work 
    Social Work Practical-V (Concurrent fieldwork – Agency Placement)Fundamentals of Medical Social Work
    Social Work Practical-VI (Micro Level Study on Social Exclusion) Block Field Work Placement

    Specializations Wise MSW Syllabus

    Despite the various types of specialisation available in the MSW Program, the MSW course syllabus remains the same with the exception of one subject that candidates choose as a major MSW subject based on their specialisation.

    In the Master of Social Work programme, students can choose from a number of specialisations, such as Family and Children's Welfare, Medical and Psychiatric Social Work, And Urban and Rural Community Development. Here is a quick overview of these specialisations:

    Family and Child Welfare: This MSW course subject specialisation teaches about matters pertaining to family and child welfare. Aspirants receive training to assist others in resolving these problems and maintaining a happy family life. They are also taught about family ethics, problem-solving methods etc. in this specialisation.

    Medical and Psychiatric Social Work: This MSW course subject is a type of medical social work that involves supporting and caring for people who are mentally ill or require psychiatric guidance. Their job is to teach their clients how to deal with mental illnesses and to assist them in curing them.

    Urban and Rural Community Development: This MSW course subject; Urban and Rural Community Development is a specialisation that teaches how to improve the life approach and standard of living of the underprivileged population. It also includes meeting the community's economic and non-economic needs.

    Criminology Administration: This specialisation entails teaching to support family members affected by the actions of offenders. They also help survivors navigate the legal system from the time they report to trial and beyond.

    MSW Subjects

    The MSW course syllabus is divided into four semesters over the course of two years. MSW subjects differ from one college to the next. However, the core MSW subjects of the MSW curriculum largely remain unchanged. Along with the core MSW subjects, the course emphasises field work-related activities.

    The MSW course subjects are mostly the same across all colleges, but they differ depending on the institution's course module. However, the overall MSW course subjects are very similar but are presented in a different order depending on the teaching method. The course teaches students a unique approach to nursing, childcare, and health. The core MSW subjects and elective subjects are listed below.

    Core MSW Subjects

    Check out the core MSW Subjects here:

    • History of Social Work
    • Social Work Research and Quantitative Analysis
    • Rehabilitation and Resettlement
    • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Elective MSW Subjects

    Provided here are the elective MSW Subjects

    • Social Work Administration
    • Disaster, Crisis, and Intervention
    • Medical Social Work
    • Children, Families, and Couples
    • Forensic Populations and Settings

    Syllabus for MSW Distance Programs

    MSW Distance Education programmes last between a duration of 2 and 5 years. The time required to complete the MSW course entirely depends on the time provided by the candidates. MSW distance education courses are extremely beneficial for candidates who are unable to attend regular classes.

    The requirements for MSW distance learning admission vary depending on the colleges. The majority of admissions are granted based on merit. During the admissions process, candidates must submit their caste certificate along with other necessary documents. Candidates from any stream are eligible to enroll in the MSW distance education programme. Here is semester-wise MSW syllabus:

    MSW Syllabus First Year
    Semester ISemester II
    History and Philosophy of Social WorkPsychology for Social Work
    Social Science Concepts for Social WorkSocial Case Work
    Community WorkSocial Work Research
    Field Work (Concurrent)Social Action and Social Movements
    -Rural Camp
    MSW Syllabus Second Year
    Semester IIISemester IV
    Social Welfare ManagementDevelopment Theory and Practice
    Marginalised Communities: Issues and ChallengesUrban and Rural Community Development
    Social Policy & Social LegislationPoverty and Livelihood
    Field WorkEnvironment and Disaster Management

    MSW Entrance Exam Syllabus

    Colleges offering MSW admission screen applicants based on their performance on written tests or skill assessments, followed by a personal interview. Top Master of Social Work Entrance Exams (MSW) are DUET, BHU PET, TISS NET, AMU and DSSW. 

    Topics covered under the MSW Syllabus for Entrance Exam are Meaning, Nature, and Scope of Social Work, the Relationship between Social Work and other Social science Fields, Social Work and Associated Ideas: Social Development, Social Welfare, Social Services, and Social Reform. At the National level, there are programmes and services for Family Welfare, Children Welfare, Woman Welfare, Youth Welfare, and Aged Welfare, Social Issues and Laws Governing Society.

    MSW Important Books

    The MSW programme is designed for those who want to specialise in social work. The topics covered in the MSW course syllabus/module are more than sufficient. However, some books are also written by authors who have shared their thought processes which help students in exploring more theories and ideas related to the subjects. 

    The best books for the MSW course provided below make up a significant portion of the MSW Subjects and help readers become more skilled and knowledgeable.

    Name of the BookName of the Author
    International Social WorkCox, David & Manohar Pawar
    Social Work Education in IndiaK.K. Jacob
    Social Work Practice - A Generalist Approach. Yagna J. Stephen & Johnson C. Louise
    Sociology: A Systematic IntroductionHarry. M. Johns
    A Dialectic Journey of Theory and PracticeJ.M. Papa
    Social Work and Human DevelopmentCrawford, Karen and Janet Walker
    Personality DevelopmentElizabeth Hurlock
    Applied Psychology for Social WorkIngleby Ewan

    MSW Course Structure

    The MSW course syllabus is primarily made up of materials from the social work, healthcare, and elective subject areas, providing the knowledge needed to work in the various job sectors. A student's mind is sharpened in this field to overcome the daily challenges they face in their job, their studies, and other similar aspects. The MSW course structure include the following:

    • Core subjects
    • Field Works
    • Workshops
    • Debates/ Research

    Methodology and Techniques for MSW Teaching

    MSW is a course that focuses on various aspects of healthcare, social work, and other related fields. The course is designed to meet the requirements and provide the most exposure, and the MSW course subjects address the same. MSW courses are affected differently by learning strategies. The prime methodology and techniques adopted for MSW Teaching are as follows:

    • Assignments
    • Course Module Books
    • Case Studies/Research Work
    • Fieldworks

    MSW Projects

    The MSW Project, also known as a mini-thesis, is required to be completed at 

    the end of the semester. As a result, students should view their projects as an excellent opportunity to integrate what they have learned during the MSW programme and apply what they have learned to their future working profession. The following are some of the project topics:

    • Barriers To Housing Faced By Transitional Age Foster Youth When Transitioning Out Of Care
    • Recognizing Child Abuse In The Classroom
    • The Experience Of Trauma And Psychological And Behavioral Problems In Adult Children Of Alcoholics
    • Perception Of Mental Health Among The Latinx Community

    When the course is completed, the student will be a professional with experience gained throughout the course.

    FAQs about Master of Social Work Syllabus

    How many types of MSW are there?

    Top Five MSW Specializations to consider are as follows:Mental Health and Drug AbuseChild and Family Social WorkCommunity and Social WorkSchool-Based Social WorkCriminal Justice and Social Work

    Is MSW good for the future?

    Yes, MSW is good for the future. After earning a Master's degree in social work, candidates will be able to apply for jobs in a variety of fields. Job opportunities in the medical field are always plentiful. MSW graduates with a medical specialisation can work in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centres.

    How many papers are there in MSW?

    The entire two-year MSW degree programme consists of 19 core papers, including fieldwork practicum. The first and second semesters generally consist of six core subjects. The third semester has around four core subjects.

    What if I fail in MSW?

    If an individual fails the MSW paper, the university may conduct re-examinations, improvement exams or other such measures for them.

    What percentage is good in MSW?

    It varies by university, but a minimum percentage of 50%-60% is generally required to qualify for next semester.
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    Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

    Dear student, Walchand College of Arts and Science Solapur has not yet initiated the MSW admission process for the academic year 2021-22. Even though the tentative MSW admission schedule of Walchand College of Arts and Science Solapur is not available on the official website, you can find out the “Admission Enquiry Form” over there. You have to provide your basic personal details and leave your enquiry. Also, you can contact the admissions office of the institute - 

    Phone - (0217)2651863 Biotechnology :(0217) 2651323

    Also, do not forget to check out our common application form for more colleges offering the MSW programme. Some of these colleges have already begun their intake process for the current academic year. Colleges that are yet to initiate their MSW admission process, you can pre-register so that our counsellors can contact you when the admission process begins. Want to find out more? Call 18005729877 now and talk to our counsellors.


    Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

    Dear student, Madras Christian College is yet to begin the PG, which includes MSW, admission process for the academic year 2021-22. Although the official website of the institute says that the postgraduate admission process for the academic year 2021-22 is scheduled to commence from May end onwards but the institute is yet to release the online application form for the same. Here are the contact details of the MCC admission office from where you can find out when the institute intends to kickstart the MSW or PG admission process for the academic year 2021-22 - 

    Tele - 044-22390675 / 22396772

    Email -

    Also, you can use our common application form to apply for MSW admission in other MSW offering colleges. These colleges offer admission based on the merit of the applicants. You can select your college from a wide range of colleges and apply for admission now. You can also seek assistance from our academic counsellors who will help out from the beginning of the application process till you secure a seat in your favourite institution. Call 18005729877 for more details regarding the admission process. All the best!

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