MDU CEE Syllabus 2020

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MDU CEE 2020 Syllabus

Knowing the syllabus of MDU entrance test 2020 well in advance is one of the best ways to start entrance exam preparation. Candidates appearing for the entrance exam should have a brief idea about the exam syllabus of MDU entrance exam 2020. Candidates should note that MDU entrance test 2020 syllabus will vary for each course. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with the MDU entrance test 2020 syllabus so as to organise their exam preparation in a better way.

MDU CEE 2020 Syllabus for M.Sc. Forensic Sciences

  • Atomic Structure

  • Gaseous States

  • Structure and Bonding

  • Chemistry of Elements of Ist transition series

  • Thermodynamics-I

  • Alcohols

  • Metal

  • Quantum Mechanics-I

  • NMR Spectroscopy-I

  • Spectroscopy-II

  • Bacteria

  • The Cell Envelopes

  • Bryophyta

  • Genetics

  • Phylum

  • General characters, origin and evolution of Gymnosperms, Geological Time Table

  • Tissues

  • Chordates

  • Introduction to Ecology

  • Basics of Enzymology

  • Vavilov’s centres of origin of crop plants, Origin, distribution, botanical description, brief idea of cultivation and economic uses of the Food plants etc

MDU CEE 2020 Syllabus for M.Sc. Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Atomic Structure

Gaseous state

Structure and Bonding

Periodic Properties

Critical Phenomenon

Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds

Chemical Bonding

Liquid State

Mechanism of Organic Reactions

s-Block Elements

Solid State

Alkanes and Cycloalkanes

p-Block Elements

Chemical Kinetics


Chemistry of Transition Elements


Arenes and Aromaticity

Coordination Compounds

Thermodynamics-I, II, III, IV

Dienes and Alkynes

Chemistry of f – block elements

Quantum Mechanics

Alkyl and Aryl Halides

Organometallic Chemistry

Physical Properties and Molecular Structure


Acids and Bases, HSAB Concept


Introduction & Rotational Spectrum, Vibrational spectrum, Raman Spectrum, Electronic Spectrum, Photochemistry, Dilute Solutions and Colligative Properties, Phase Equilibrium


Non-aqueous Solvents

Chemical Equilibrium


Theory of Qualitative and Quantitative Inorganic Analysis

Distribution Law

Carboxylic Acids & Acid Derivatives

Bioinorganic Chemistry



Diazonium Salts

Nitro Compounds

Aldehydes and Ketones


Organometallic Compounds

Heterocyclic Compounds

Organosulphur Compounds

Organic Synthesis via Enolates

Synthetic Polymers

Amino Acids, Peptides& Proteins

Ultraviolet (UV) absorption spectroscopy

Infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy

NMR Spectroscopy

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