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    BSc Hons Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    BSc Hons Syllabus & Subjects Overview

    BSc Hons has been a much-favored course among undergraduate science students. It is an advanced academic course that provides all-inclusive knowledge in science-based subjects. It is a more standard degree than a general one. Both conceptual and hands-on learning is provided through the BSc Hons syllabus. The course is fruitful enough to form a strong understanding of the related subjects. The BSc Hons subjects can be studied in different domains like Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Biology, Botany, etc.  A detailed study on the BSc Hons course subjects instills a research-based mindset in the learners. To help them to make their research skill stronger, some prestigious universities include dissertations in their BSc Hons course syllabus. Whichever domain is opted for, the BSc Hons subjects build up the required skills and help the students to be prepared for their desired professional careers.

    BSc Hons Year Wise Syllabus

    BSc Hons Syllabus incorporates both the basic science and specialization subjects. In the syllabus, all the BSc course subjects are included as per the UGC guidelines. Students are suggested for an elaborate study of the BSc Hons course syllabus. After completing the syllabus of a specific domain, students will gain a level of understanding that is required for further higher studies. BSc Hons subjects included in the syllabus aim at developing academic, professional, and entrepreneurial competencies. To meet this target, students are trained through a syllabus that is age-appropriate and requirement-based. 

    A general year-wise syllabus for the Bachelor of Science Hons is mentioned below:

    BSc Hons Year I Syllabus

    Check out the First-year syllabus of BSc Hons

    Semester ISemester II
    Basic MicroscopyWaves and Optics
    Human DevelopmentComputer-Oriented Numerical Methods
    ChemistryEnvironmental Science
    EnglishDifferential Equations
    Real AnalysisGeneral Elective -I
    Programming LabThermodynamics and its Applications









    BSc Hons Year 2 Syllabus

    Mentioned below is a general syllabus second year of BSc Hons:

    Semester IIISemester IV
    Mathematical PhysicsElements of Modern Physics
    Physical ChemistryDatabase Management Systems
    Digital SystemsAnalog System
    General Elective -IIOrganic Chemistry
    Communication Systems and Mass MediaSkill Enhancement Course-II
    Skill Enhancement Course - 1General Elective-III
    Group TheoryComputational Biology










    BSc Hons Year 3 Syllabus

    The table below lists the general subjects taught in the BSc Hons 3rd year:

    Semester VSemester VI
    Java ProgrammingStatistical Mechanics
    Multivariate CalculusCore Elective -III
    SpectroscopyProfessional Ethics
    Core Elective-ICore Elective -IV
    Physical ScienceDissertation
    Core Elective - IIViva Voce
    Elective Lab-










    Stream Wise BSc Hons Syllabus

    As it is mentioned before, there are various streams in the BSc Hons course. The BSc Hons Syllabus is prepared based on the objective of the course curriculum. Some of the well-known streams are listed below:

    BSc Hons in Computer StreamBSc Hons Science Stream
    BSc Hons Aviation StreamBSc Hons Arts and Humanities Stream
    BSc Hons in Design StreamBSc Hons in Paramedical Stream





    BSc Hons Streamwise Syllabus for Popular Specializations

    Among the diverse specializations of BSc Hons, students need to be familiarized with the BSc course syllabus of the disciplines they have chosen for their degree. The BSc Hons syllabus for some of the specializations is highlighted below:

    BSc Hons Physics Course Curriculum

    The BSc Hons course topics taught under the Physics specialization are as follows:

    Electricity And MagnetismAnalog Systems And Applications
    Thermal PhysicsAnalog Systems And Applications Laboratory
    Thermal Physics LaboratoryQuantum Mechanics And Applications
    Elements Of Modern PhysicsQuantum Mechanics Laboratory
    Elements Of Modern Physics LaboratoryDigital Systems And Applications
    Waves And OpticsDigital Systems And Applications Laboratory
    Waves And Optics LaboratoryElectricity And Magnetism Laboratory
    Mathematical PhysicsElectromagnetic Theory
    Mathematical Physics LaboratoryElectromagnetic Theory Laboratory
    MechanicsGeneric Elective Papers
    Solid State PhysicsEnvironmental Studies
    Solid State Physics LaboratoryCommunication Skills
    Statistical MechanicsInternship















    BSc Hons Chemistry Course Curriculum

    The syllabus of the Chemistry specialization includes the following topics:

    English CommunicationAnalytical Chemistry
    Environmental ScienceBiomolecules, Polymers, and Drugs
    Inorganic ChemistryDiscipline Specific Elective (DSE)
    Physical chemistryDiscipline-Specific Elective Laboratory
    Inorganic Chemistry Lab-
    Physical Chemistry Lab-









    BSc Hons Zoology Course Curriculum

    BSc Hons Course syllabus for Zoology Specialization involves the following:

    Non-chordates I: Protista to PseudocoelomatesAbility Enhancement Core papers: Communicative English/Hindi
    Principles of EcologyAbility Enhancement Core papers: Environmental Science
    Systematic & Animal Diversity: NonChordateAnimal Behaviour
    Lab based on Principles of EcologyGenetics
    Systematic & Animal Diversity Lab PapersEvolution & Population Genetics
    Diversity of ChordatesPractical Based on Genetics
    Practical Based on Diversity of ChordatesPractical Based on Animal Behaviour
    Cell BiologyPractical Based on Evolution & Population Genetics
    Practical Based on Cell BiologyImmunology
    EndocrinologyDevelopmental Biology
    BiochemistryPractical Based on Immunology
    Mammalian PhysiologyPractical Based On Developmental Biology
    Practical Based on EndocrinologyGeneric Elective: Chemistry/Botany
    Practical Based on Mammalian PhysiologyDiscipline-Specific Elective (DSE) Papers
    Practical Based on BiochemistryPractical Based on DSE Papers


















    BSc Hons Computer Science Course Curriculum

    BSc Hons Computer Science topics taught under its syllabus are as follows:

    Digital LogicProgramming Fundamentals using C
    Digital CircuitsProgramming Fundamentals using C Practical Papers
    Computer Organization and ArchitectureData Structure and Data Structure Using C
    Computer Organization LabData Communication and Networking
    Basic Electronic Devices and CircuitsComputer Networking and Web Design
    Basic Electronic Devices and Circuits LabOperating Systems
    Computational MathematicsOperating Systems Lab
    Computational Mathematics LabIntroduction to Algorithms
    Microprocessor and its ApplicationsAlgorithm Labs Papers
    Internet TechnologyObject Oriented Programming System
    Software EngineeringData Base Management System
    Software Engineering Lab PapersTheory of Computation
    OOPs Lab using JavaProject
    Skill Enhancement Course: Computer Graphic, Sensor Network, and IoTSkill Enhancement papers: Information Security, Ecommerce

















    BSc Hons Economics Course Curriculum

    The table below shows the syllabus topics of the BSc Hons Economics specialization:

    Introductory MicroeconomicsManagerial Economics
    Introductory MacroeconomicsIntroductory Econometrics

    Mathematical Methods for


    Research Methodology
    Intermediate MicroeconomicsIndian Economy
    Intermediate MacroeconomicsDevelopment Economics
    Data AnalysisEnvironmental Economics
    Rural DevelopmentIssues in Development Economics
    Statistics for EconomicsInternational Economics
    Public EconomicsIssues in Indian Economy
    Money and Financial Markets-














    BSc Hons Nursing Course Curriculum

    The following course topics are studied in the BSc Hons Nursing:

    BiochemistryMedical-Surgical Nursing
    MicrobiologyCommunity Health Nursing
    Nursing FoundationsGenetics
    Obstetrical & GynaecologicalNursing including Midwifery
    NutritionCommunication and Educational Technology
    Nursing ManagementCommunity Health Nursing
    Library WorkMedical Surgical Nursing
    Regional LanguageMental Health Nursing
    English , SociologyNursing Research & Statistics
    Introduction to computersChild Health Nursing
    Co-curricular activities 















    BSc Hons Subjects

    Students of Bachelor of Science Hons study different ranges of BSc Hons course Subjects in their course curriculum. With the emergence of new courses, the number of BSc Hons subjects have been increased. BSc Hons course syllabus includes subjects like compulsory or core subjects, practical papers, general optional papers, papers, etc. The number and type of subjects depend on the universities and the specific BSc Hons courses they offer. Tabulated below are a few BSc Hons Streamwise subjects that the students can check to gain an idea on the matter:

    PhysicsChemistryEconomicsZoologyComputer Science
    VibrationsChemical BondingIntroduction to EconomicsInvertebratesComputer Programming and Its Basics
    Wave OpticsElectrochemistryWelfare EconomicsGeneticsComputer Organization
    Electricity and MagnetismSpectroscopyCost and RevenueBiostatisticsData Structures
    Quantum MechanicsAtomic StructureTheory of ProductionMicrobiologyPython Programming
    Nuclear PhysicsClasses of Organic CompoundsMicroeconomicsQuantitative BiologyHTML programming
    Linear and Digital Integrated CircuitsCoordination ChemistryMacroeconomicsEnvironmental PhysiologyOperating systems
    Computer Fundamentals and ProgrammingThermodynamicsTheory of Consumer BehaviorCell BiologyLinux
    -Computer Applications in ChemistryIndian EconomyDevelopmental BiologyComputation
    -Quantum MechanicsGlobal EconomyAnimal PhysiologyIT















    BSc Hons Elective Subjects

    There are numerous Bachelor of Science Hons elective subjects covered under the BSc Hons course syllabus. Usually, the elective subjects are selected from a list of courses that are supportive to the BSc Hons syllabus of a specific domain. The BSc Hons subjects taught as elective papers can be specialized one that provides some additional scopes for careers. The two most important benefits of these kinds of BSc Hons course subjects are as follows:

    ·    These subjects extend the knowledge acquired through the core papers

    ·    The skills developed through the core papers are further nurtured through these subjects

    There are different types of elective subjects. For courses like BSc Hons in Biochemistry, students need to study three elective courses including Discipline Specific Electives (DSE), General Elective Course (GSE), and Dissertation/Project. In some courses, the internship program is also included as elective papers. The number of electives completely depends on the universities and their program-specific syllabus. Here is a list of a few popular elective courses studied in the BSc Hons courses:

    BSc Hons Elective Courses for Chemistry

    Some of the elective courses included in the Chemistry Hons syllabus are as follows:

    ·    Basic Analytical Chemistry

    ·    Analytical Clinical Biochemistry

    ·    Chemoinformatics

    ·    Chemical Technology & Society

    ·    Green Methods in Chemistry

    BSc Hons Elective Courses for Zoology

    Following are a few of the elective subjects of BSc Hons Zoology courses:

    ·    Human Physiology

    ·    Food, Nutrition & Health

    ·    Environment & Public Health

    ·    Insect Vector & Diseases

    ·    Animal Diversity

    ·    Animal Cell Biotechnology

    BSc Hons Lab Subjects

    BSc Hons Lab Subjects are the ones that require laboratory class teaching. Often the BSc Hons course subjects studied as compulsory or core papers involve lab training. Through the teaching of such subjects, students get actively involved in the learning process. The lab subjects help to connect academic learning with real-job activities. Along with a deepened understanding, students gain experimental skills, communication skills, etc. Numerous BSc Hons Subjects are taught as lab subjects. Listed below are a few of them:

    Lab Subjects of BSc Physics Hons

    Given below is a list of a few BSc Physics Hons lab subjects:

    ·    Electricity And Magnetism Laboratory

    ·    Mathematical Physics-I Laboratory

    ·    Thermal Physics Laboratory

    ·    Electromagnetic Theory Laboratory

    ·    Digital Systems And Applications Laboratory

    ·    Analog Systems And Applications Laboratory

    ·    Quantum Mechanics Laboratory

    ·    Solid State Physics Laboratory

    Lab Subjects of BSc Zoology Hons

    A few of the lab subjects included in the BSc Hons course syllabus of Zoology specializations are as follows:  

    ·    BSc Systematic & Animal Diversity: NonChordate

    ·    Principle of Ecology

    ·    Diversity of Chordates

    ·    Genetics

    ·    Animal Behaviour

    ·    Evolution & Population Genetics

    Lab Subjects of BSc Computer Science Hons

    A few of the lab subjects of the BSc Computer Science Hons course are listed below:

    ·    Computer Network

    ·    Data Structure Lab

    ·    Algorithm Labs

    ·    Web Design Practical

    ·    Operating Systems Labs

    ·    Software Engineering Lab

    ·    OOPs Lab using Java

    Lab Subjects of BSc Chemistry Hons

    Listed below are BSc Hons subjects on which lab training is provided in the BSc Chemistry Hons course:

    ·    Inorganic Chemistry

    ·    Physical Chemistry

    ·    Periodic Table

    ·    Atomic Structure

    ·    Units and Management

    ·    Thermochemistry

    ·    Chemical Bolding

    ·    Electrochemistry

    ·    Equations and Stoichiometry

    Syllabus for BSc Hons Distance Programs

    At the distance learning program, BSc Hons course syllabus are also offered on different specializations. The BSc Hons syllabus of distance education is often similar to the regular courses. The only difference lies in the duration and the mode of instruction. Students who prefer distance education of the Bachelor of Science Hons. should be well aware of its syllabus. The following table will give a general idea of the BSc Hons distance learning syllabus:

    Core CoursesDiscipline-Specific Elective Courses
    Skill Enhancement CoursesGeneric Electives
    Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses-



    Specializations offered in BSc Hons

    Students of different science streams can pursue BSc Hons courses on their preferred specializations. When a student decides to pursue a BSc Hons degree, he/she needs to gather information on the BSc Hons streamwise subjects. The BSc Hons course syllabus essentially helps the students in many ways. Among all the benefits, one of the significant ones is that it develops critical thinking abilities which in the future exist as a distinctive quality among learners.  Of many specializations some of the major ones are tabulated below:

    BSc Hons PhysicsBSc Hons Zoology
    BSc Hons MathematicsBSc Hons Chemistry
    BSc Hons EconomicsBSc Hons Agriculture
    BSc Hons BiochemistryBSc Hons Statistics
    BSc Hons BotanyBSc Hons Horticulture
    BSc Hons AviationBSc Hons Psychology
    BSc Hons Home ScienceBSc Hons Aeronautics
    BSc Hons Computer ScienceBSc Hons Biotechnology

    BSc Hons Entrance Exam Syllabus

    Different entrance exams are conducted for the admission of BSc Hons students. Through these entrance exams, candidates’ potential is assessed. Institute-level and national-level entrance exams are there for the Bachelor of Science Hons aspirants. These entrance exams are MCQ based and mostly conducted online. A few of the popular entrance exams and their syllabus are mentioned below:

    Entrance ExamsAbout the examSyllabus
    CUETCUET is a national-level entrance test accepted by 45 Central and other participating universes. Admission to the UG level courses is now done based on the candidates’ scores earned in this exam.CUET Syllabus for BSc Hons Entrance Exam
    UPCATETUPCATET Entrance exam is taken for offering admission to various undergraduate courses like BSc Hons Agriculture, BSc Hons Horticulture, BSc Hons Forestry, etc. This exam is conducted by the Banda University of Agriculture and Technology. This exam is conducted in offline mode.UPCATET Entrance Exam Syllabus
    AGRICETAcharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University conducts this entrance exam to offer admission to BSc Hons in Agriculture degree courses.AGRICET Entrance Exam Syllabus









    BSc Hons Important Books

    Students must have adequate knowledge of the BSc Hons books as they are one of the best resources of knowledge. Students may take help from these books to study the BSc Hons course subjects. Usually, universities recommend books for a particular course along with the syllabus. However, a few of the books and their authors’ names are mentioned below for the Bachelor of Science Hons students:

    Chemistry Books:

    ·    Organic Chemistry(Vol. I) by S M Mukherji, R P Kapoor and S P Sing

    ·    Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd

    ·    Physical Chemistry by G. M. Barrow

    Computer Science Books:

    ·    Microprocessors and Interfacing written by Douglas V. Hall

    ·    Advanced Microprocessors by Ray and Bhurchandi

    ·    Fundamentals of Data Structures in C, Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Susan Anderson

    ·    Computer Graphics by Hern & Baker

    Biochemistry Books

    ·    The Cell: A Molecular Approach by Cooper, G.M. and Hausman

    ·    Biophysical Chemistry, Principles & Techniques by Upadhyay, Upadhyay, and Nath

    Zoology Books

    ·    Zoology for Degree Students by Agarwal V.K

    ·    Invertebrates BY R.L Kotpal

    ·    Ecology and Environment by P.D Sharma


    BSc Hons Course Structure

    BSc Hons course structure is designed based on the requirements of learners, industry, and institutes. The coursework of a Bachelor of Science Hons is formulated in such a way that it encourages a gradual process of learning. At the beginning year of the course, the basic understanding is enhanced, and then gradually advanced BSc Hons course subjects are introduced. In the mid-semesters, both theoretical and practical knowledge are offered. Elective papers are studied in the mid semesters though they can vary according to the course and university. The end semesters usually include dissertations, fieldwork, projects, viva voce, etc. However, given below is a general framework of the BSc Hons course:

    ·    Core Course

    ·    Discipline Specific Elective Course

    ·    Generic Elective

    ·    Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course

    ·    Skill Enhancement Elective Course

    ·    Lab Classes

    ·    Dissertation/Project

    ·    Workshop

    ·    Seminars

    ·    Fieldwork

    FAQs about BSc Hons Syllabus

    How many types of BSc Hons are there?

    There are plenty of BSc Hons courses. Students can pursue this degree in different subjects like Physics, Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany, Nursing, etc.

    Which group is easy in BSc Hons?

    All the groups are easy if studied with interest and dedication.

    Is BSc Hons good for the future?

    Yes, BSc Hons is good for the future. As the students get specialized in a particular domain, they get much preference from employers over the BSc General Students.

    How many papers are there in BSc Hons?

    The number of papers depends on the college and its course structure.

    What if I fail in BSc Hons?

    If anyone fails in BSc Hons program, he/she can appear in the supplementary /compartmental examination
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