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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

About BA Tamil

BA Tamil course lasts for a total of three years. Students are either offered admission in this full-time undergraduate programme based on their performance in an entrance exam or the last qualifying exam. Through BA Tamil course, students have the opportunity to learn about linguistics from the perspective of grammar as well as literature. The emphasis is solely on teaching Tamil, but students are often taught English Literature, Environmental Science, and one core subject. 

Candidates interested in this programme must have passed the 10+2 level or intermediate examination in any stream with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks from a recognised board of education. The average annual course fee at top BA in Tamil colleges is generally around INR 2,000 - INR 8,000. 

Since BA Tamil is a full-time program, no dual degrees are offered in conjunction with it. The prospects are good, and students who complete this course will be able to find multiple job opportunities. News Anchor in Tamil, Accountant in Private Firms, School Teachers for Tamil Language, Computer Operator, and other job profiles are some of the various employment options where a student can extract good remuneration. The average annual salary for these job profiles ranges between INR 2,00,000 to INR 6,00,000. After completing the course, students can pursue advanced degrees like MA in Tamil.

BA Tamil Course Highlights

Captured below are the highlights of BA Tamil Course:




BA in Tamil



Full Form

Bachelor of Arts in Tamil


3 Years



Minimum Percentage


Average Fees

INR 5000 - INR 1,00,000

Average Salary

INR 2,00,000 - INR 10,00,000

Employment Roles

Lecturer, HR Manager, Content Writer, Operations Manager, Graphic Designer, Primary School Teacher, Marketing Manager, Computer Operator, Customer Service Representative (CSR) etc


Translation Firms, Consultancy Firms, Schools, Colleges etc

Why Choose BA Tamil Course?

The following are the reasons why a student must select BA in Tamil course as their undergraduate degree program:

  • Students will be able to comprehend the fundamentals of ancient contemporary Tamil language from both a classical and modern perspective
  • The best and most adaptable course and wisest choice for a student's future
  • The communication, analytical, and research-related skills of a student will all improve as a result of this course
  • By using vocabulary and grammar to comprehend the fundamentals of Tamil, students can educate themselves
  • Once students have finished and gained a thorough understanding of Tamil literature course, they can begin writing poems, short stories, and novels with the proper words and grammatical corrections
  • Students can test their abilities in a variety of employment settings. They have a wide range of options, including becoming a Tamil news anchor, an accountant in a private firm, a teacher of Tamil in schools, a computer operator, and many more
  • Students can begin their careers as professors or lecturers of Tamil language in various colleges and universities of Chennai after completing their postgraduate studies and a doctorate
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BA Tamil Eligibility Criteria

To enroll in a particular course, a student must meet certain requirements. The following qualifications are necessary before applying for admission in BA in Tamil:

  • The student must have passed 10+2 or intermediate exam in any stream
  • The student must have acquired at least 50% marks from any accredited board of education
  • The main requirement for admission is earning good grades in the 10+2 level or intermediate examination. This mark is used to determine how admissions are handled
  • Some colleges also hold a weighted personal interview round. Students must therefore do well in this round

BA Tamil Admission Process

Students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria set by the universities in order to be admitted to the BA Tamil program. Admission application forms are available both online and offline. The following are the specifics of the admissions process:

Online Admission Process

The following are the details of the BA in Tamil admissions process's online entry method:

  • Students are required to register their names by giving their email addresses, mobile numbers, and passwords
  • They need to fill in all the blanks with their personal and academic information
  • Further, students need to pay the application fees online using net banking, credit card, or debit card
  • Candidates will receive a receipt for the application form confirmation after the payment is successful. To save for later use, they need to save the receipt
  • The college authority will inform the students of additional counselling procedures and admission after they are chosen

Offline Admission Process

The following are the details of the offline application process for BA in Tamil admission:

  • Candidates should visit the college soon after registration begins to pick up the admission form and the college prospectus
  • They need to complete the admission form with all required information, and create a demand draught (DD) for the required application fees
  • Before the application form's closing date, students should submit the application form and the demand draft
  • Candidates can look up their names on the cut-off list two days prior to admission to determine if they are admitted or not.

How to Apply for BA Tamil?

The BA Tamil course description can be found on the university's website. Students must register for the appropriate stream, and notification for the application form will be sent via email or letter. Once the application form is released, the necessary details must be filled out and the application fee must be submitted on time.

BA Tamil Selection Procedure

Many BA Tamil colleges in India select students for admission based on their performance in entrance examinations. Some universities and colleges accept application forms based on grades earned in high school.

Popular BA Tamil Entrance Exams

Multiple colleges hold entrance exams in order to admit students. Some colleges conduct entrance examinations at both the state and national levels. The following are a few of the most popular BA Tamil entrance exams:


Overview of the BA Tamil Entrance Exams

Students should be aware of the syllabus and exam pattern well in advance of the exam date. This information can assist students in effectively preparing for the exam. In general, the exam pattern looks like this:

  • Pen and paper tests are often used as the mode of examination
  • The exam is usually given in English and Tamil languages
  • The exam usually consist around 150 questions in total
  • The exam has a total time limit of around 120 minutes
  • Most of the entrance exams have no negative marking scheme

BA in Tamil Course Specialisations

The BA in Tamil programme offers the following course specialisations:

Specialisation Courses



It is the scientific study of the Tamil language, its meaning, language analysis, and so on.


It is the study of Tamil literature, both classical and modern.


It is the study of various ancient Tamil stories.


It involves researching Tamil poetry.


It deals with the study of Tamil language.

Literary History

It is the examination of Tamil literature's early history.

BA Tamil Top Colleges

The following are the top 10 colleges that provide admission in BA in Tamil program:

Top Colleges


Average Annual fees in INR

Average Placement Package in INR

Loyola College


INR 2,000 – INR 8,000

INR 1,00,000 - INR 2,50,000

Presidency College


INR 3,000 – INR 6,000

INR 2,00,000 - INR 3,00,000

Madras Christian College


INR 2,000 – INR 5,000

INR 2,50,000 - INR 3,50,000

Kamadhenu College of Arts and Science


INR 3,000 – INR 6,000

INR 2,00,000 - INR 4,00,000

Quaid-E-Millath Government College for Autonomous


INR 2,000 – INR 7,000

INR 2,70,000 - INR 3,00,000

Loganatha Narayanasamy Government College


INR 2,000 –  INR 8,000

INR 1,00,000 - INR 3,00,000

Queen Mary’s College


INR 3,000 – INR 6,000

INR 2,50,000 -  INR 3,50,000

PSG College of Arts and Science 


INR 4,000 – INR 5,000

INR 2,60,000 - INR 3,70,000

Ponnaiyah Ramajayam Institute of Science and Technology


INR 3,500 – INR 7,000

INR 2,10,000 - INR 3,20,000

Pachaiyappas College


INR 2,000 – INR 6,000

INR 2,00,000 - INR 3,00,000

Distance Learning for a BA in Tamil

The BA Tamil distance education course programmes can benefit students who lack the resources to finish their higher education. The following institutions provide distance education for the BA in Tamil program:

College Name

Course Description

Average Annual Fees in INR

Annamalai University

Give a brief description of the BA in Tamil course from both a modern and a classical standpoint.

INR 4,000

Alagappa University

Overall discussion of Tamil Literature, Linguistics, and so on.

INR 6,000

Bharathidasan University

Give a brief description of the BA in Tamil course that will help the students in improving their competency and knowledge of Tamil literature.

INR 5,000

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BA Tamil Syllabus

The BA Tamil curriculum is divided into three years and six semesters. The curriculum includes both core and elective subjects. The syllabus is designed with the goal of ensuring that students understand the concepts related to the Tamil language as well as the grammar.

The following are some of the core topics:

  • Modern Literature
  • English
  • Journalism
  • Environmental Education
  • Tamil

The following is the syllabus for the BA in Tamil course:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Language Course I - Tamil/ Other language

Language Course II - Tamil/ Other language

Language Course III - Tamil/ Other language

English Language Course

English Language Course II

English Language Course III

Core Course I

Core Course III

Core Course IV

Core Course II

First Allied Course I

Second Allied Course I

First Allied Course I

First Allied Course II

Second Allied Course II

First Allied Course II

Environmental Science

Non-major Elective I

Semester 4

Semester 5

Semester 6

Language Course IV - Tamil/ Other language

Core Course VII

Core Course XI

English Language Course IV

Core Course VIII

Core Course XII

Core Course V

Core Course IX

Core Course XIII

Second Allied Course II

Core Course X

Major Based Elective II

Second Allied Course III

Major Based Elective I

Major Based Elective III

Non-major elective II

Skill Based Elective II

Extension Activities

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BA Tamil Career Options and Job Prospects

The BA in Tamil has a wide range of career options, including advanced degrees and research, teaching in India and abroad, the publishing industry, and media outlets like radio and television. Students also develop the skills they require to have a successful career through BA Tamil. Depending on specialisations and required skills, there are various career options available for BA Tamil graduates.

Professional fresher jobs for BA Tamil graduates are as follows:

  • Teacher
  • Proofreader
  • Content Writer
  • Translator
  • Copywriter
  • Reporter

Following completion of the BA in Tamil course, the following job profiles are available:

Job Profile

Job Description

Average Salary in INR

News Anchor in Tamil

Responsible for presenting national news from the studio in the local regional language-Tamil.

INR 3,00,000 - INR 3,50,000

Accountant in Private Firms

Responsible for preparing assets, creating data, monitoring, and checking the company's financial accounts.

INR 1,50,000 - INR 3,00,000

School Teachers for the Tamil language

In charge of teaching regional Tamil to school students

INR 3,00,000 - INR 4,00,000

Computer Operator

Graduates in Tamil with computer knowledge can work as computer operators in a variety of computer institutions, schools, and other settings.

INR 2,00,000 - INR 2,50,000

BA Tamil Employment Areas 

In recent years, BA Tamil graduates have a wide range of employment options in the public and private sectors. The following fields offer opportunities for graduates to be hired:

  • Educational Sector
  • Journalism
  • Print media
  • Radio And TV

After earning a BA in Tamil degree, students have a wide range of career options at their disposal. They can work as a Teacher, New Reader, Journalist, Computer Operator, Accountant, and many other jobs in a variety of organisations. Following completion of this course, there are numerous employment opportunities in business organisations, the fire service, lobbying firms, news media, publishing firms, political organisations, the police, the tourism industry, consulting firms, financial organisations, public works, municipal planning, banks, marketing research firms, law firms, multinational corporations, etc.

BA Tamil Salary 

The salary of BA Tamil in India is between INR 3,00,000 to 10,00,000. Graduates with a BA in Tamil will earn a range of salaries based on their educational background, grades, and skills.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary


INR 4,00,000


INR 3,00,000

Multimedia Reporter

INR 3,50,000 to INR 4,50,000

Tamil Linguist

INR 4,00,000

Public Relation Officers

INR 4,00,000 to INR 5,00,000

Scope for BA in Tamil

This course has a bright future ahead of it, with plenty of great job opportunities. The following is a brief discussion of the course's future scope: 

  • The most adaptable course and wisest choice for a student's future career is a BA in Tamil. With the help of this course, students will be able to comprehend the fundamentals of the old contemporary Tamil language from both a classical and modern standpoint
  • Students may choose to pursue a master's degree, an MPhil, or a PhD in Tamil in the future. A similar course to a BA in Tamil is a Masters or MPhil degree. However, master's degree students are required to study this course in greater detail and can learn more about Tamil literature. To pursue a PhD in Tamil, student must conduct research on a Tamil language topic and write a dissertation in Tamil
  • The BA in Malayalam course is related to this BA in Tamil course in that students learn about the Malayalam language, its origins, and scope. Another course that is related to this BA in Tamil is a BA in Kannada, which requires students to study Kannada linguistics, literature, and philosophy
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FAQs about B.A. Tamil

What subjects are there in a BA in Tamil?

The programme aims to impart thorough knowledge of Tamil language history and culture. Both core and elective papers are offered in the BA Tamil course. Common BA Tamil courses include subjects like English, Journalism, Modern Literature, and Tamil.

What is the minimum percentage needed for admission to BA in Tamil course?

Admission to BA in Tamil course requires at least 50% in the qualifying exam.

Does BA in Tamil course offer distance learning?

Yes, this BA in Tamil programme offers distance learning.

Is taking a BA in Tamil course costly?

No, BA Tamil is not very costly, and the average yearly costs for pursuing it are very low.

Should I take an entrance exam in order to enroll in BA Tamil?

The admission process of BA Tamil completely depends on the college chosen by the candidate. The selection process may include an entrance exam or offer admission based on merit.

What courses are taught in BA Tamil?

Linguistics, Literature, Fiction, Poetry, Philosophy, and Literary History are the best courses taught in BA Tamil.

What jobs are available after completing BA in Tamil?

Tamil Teacher, Proofreader, Content Writer, Translator, Copywriter, and Reporter Career are few popular jobs available after completing BA in Tamil.

Is a Bachelor of Arts in Tamil a good degree?

BA in Tamil is a good degree. It is especially useful in preparing for the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and the Provincial Civil Services Exam (PCS), as many preliminary exam questions cover subjects such as Indian politics, history, and general knowledge.

What is the duration of the course B.A. Tamil ?

B.A. Tamil is a 3 year course.

What are the popular specializations related to B.A. Tamil ?

Some of the popular specializations for B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) are : Architecture , Logic , Economics , Philosophy.

What is the average fee for the course B.A. Tamil ?

The average fee for B.A. Tamil is INR 5000 per year.

I want admission in B.A. Tamil. Do I have to clear any exams for that ?

English and Foreign Languages University Entrance Test , Andhra Pradesh Residential Degree Colleges Common Entranc Test , Delhi University Entrance Exam , Delhi University Science , Delhi University Arts are some of the exams that you can appear for to get admission in B.A. Tamil courses.

What are the top colleges offering B.A. Tamil courses ?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Arts and Humanities courses : A.G. Teachers College (Ahmedabad) , Jesus and Mary College (New Delhi) , St. Xavier's College (Kolkata) , Institute of Management-Christ University (Bangalore) , Gargi College (New Delhi). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer B.A. Tamil or not.
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Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Jan-15-2024

Dear student, the Government Girls PG College Rewa is yet to announce its BA admission schedule for the academic year 2021-22. The contact details of the admission office of the institute have been provided below - 

 Phone No. : 07662256868

 Mobile No. : 9425329967

The online admission application form is released on the institute’s official website homepage. Interested students can apply for admission into various courses that the institution offers. The aforementioned contact numbers can also clear all your admission-related doubts and queries. 

Also, several similar reputed institutions have already started their BA intake process for the academic year 2021-22. These colleges can be accessed easily through our common application form. Apply for admission into these colleges through our form before the final application submission date. Call 18005729877 for more details regarding this direct admission process.


Kanwaldeep singh, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Nov-22-2023
You can contact the centre once through you have taken admission. You can also contact the university or call on the toll-free numbers for more help.

Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-21-2021

Dear aspirant, there is no maximum age limit to apply for admission into the BA courses. But, we suggest you get in touch with the admission officials of PKR Arts College for Women, Erode to confirm whether or not it has any maximum age limit for BA Tamil Literature admission. Also, do not forget to find out about the other eligibility conditions which you have to fulfil to be eligible for BA Tamil Literature admission at PKR Arts College Erode. 

Phone No : 04285-222128, 04285-222258 

Mobile: +91 98427 29393 

Email :

If you face any obstacles, then please contact our counsellors through our toll-free number 18005729877. They will direct you towards our Common Application Form and you can take admission directly into those institutions where age is no bar for the wishful learners. Our counsellors will be with you throughout the entire admission process. All the best!