BA in Graphic Design

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Oct 17, 2023 12:01PM IST

About BA in Graphic Design

BA in Graphic Design also goes by the name Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. It is three years long undergraduate degree course that deals with conceptualisation, designing and execution of an idea. The course includes subjects such as colour theory, typography and layout theory. BA in Graphic Design aims at explaining the contemporary and historical graphic context which further makes the understanding of the communication through visual language easier. 

The course focuses on the principles of design such as contrast, balance, rhythm and movement etc. Students need to have artistic cells in order to pursue a BA in Graphic Design. The course further equips students with consumer insight and exceptional analytical skills to cater designs to the client’s brand image and consumer sensibility. BA in Graphic Design covers topics such as visualisation of 3D and 2D geometric shapes, perceptual and reasoning abilities, observational ability, creative and problem-solving abilities.

In the current age of Visual Market, an appealing vision first captures the attention of the viewer. Such a scenario has rapidly escalated the scope of Graphics which in turn has increased the popularity of BA in Graphic Design amongst the students.

Why Study BA in Graphic Design?

People with creative vision generally go for a career in Graphic Design. To become professionally trained, bachelor’s degree courses like BA in Graphic Design are pursued by the students. BA in Graphic Design helps candidates to secure work in multiple ways. They can find jobs in multinational companies, opt for freelancing, or start their own Graphic Design business.

The BA in Graphic Design makes the students industry-ready and equips them with the skills for work in multiple industries like animation, interior design, fashion, etc.

In India, the Graphic Design industry has great scope for growth. The industry would require more professionals in the future. Therefore, it is evident that students holding a BA in Graphic Design degree will get immense scopes in the industry.

The design industry has evolved a lot. In the Graphic Design sector, computer systems, video editing, and mobile advertising have emerged. For all these branches of work, companies require skilled people. BA in Graphic Design inculcates all the skills required to be a successful Graphic Designer. Hence, those who will pursue this degree will be able to make a bright future in the sector.

Who Should Pursue BA in Graphic Design?

  • First and foremost, students with an intense passion for Graphic Design can opt for the BA in Graphic Design course.
  • Those who understand colour and their compositions and basic design understanding can opt for this course
  • Typography is an important part of Graphic Design. Those who have an understanding of typography will gain a good grasp of the course
  • BA Graphic Design courses can be pursued  by students who possess the ability of beyond-the-box thinking. To select colour pallets or imaginary styles students should have an eye for detail. With this quality, they could easily give shape to their ideas
  • People with digital skills are mostly recruited by top organisations like Spacesavers, Apple etc. So, those who have digital skills and an interest in the subject can opt for this course
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BA in Graphic Design Highlights

Check out the highlights of BA in Graphic Design encapsulated below in order to get a brief insight into the course.

Name of the CourseBA in Graphic Design
Duration of the Course4 Years
Mode of the CourseFull-time mode
EligibilityQualified class 12 with a minimum of 50% marks in a recognised board
Admission ProcessThrough entrance test or merit
Fees of the CourseRs. 30,000 to Rs. 3.1 Lakh P.A.
Top CollegesNational Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), Maeer's MIT Institute of Design (MITID Pune), National Institute of Fashion Design (Delhi), Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD New Delhi), etc. 
Starting Salary of the CourseRs. 2.8 Lakhs
Job ScopeColleges/Universities, Advertising Companies, Start-ups, Online Retailing Companies, Multinational Corporations, Film Industry, Game Websites
Top RecruitersEstoot, Learnifi, O4S, Kreativ Street, WNS Global Services, Yellow Umbrella Group, GoMechanic, Essence Studios, Fagend Group of Industries, ISOLS Group Private Limited, Lorem Figulas
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BA in Graphic Design Eligibility Criteria

For pursuing a BA in Graphic Design it is mandatory for an individual to fulfil the minimum eligibility requirements as prescribed by the desired institutes. Without satisfying the eligibility criteria the candidates cannot apply for admission in the course. Enlisted below are the eligibility criteria that need to be met by a candidate before enrolling for the course.

  • The applicant must have qualified class 12 or HSC in any stream from a recognized board of education.
  • A minimum aggregate of 50% marks in the qualifying examination is required to move forward with a BA in Graphic Design.
  • The aforementioned cut-off marks for the application vary from college to college.
  • Some colleges provide relaxation to the candidates falling under the reserved categories.

Note: Each college has a different set of eligibility criteria. Make sure to go through them before applying for the admission in the course.

BA in Graphic Design Skills Required

BA in Graphic Design allows students to be Graphic Designers. In order to be a Graphic Designer one should possess both hard and soft skills. We have listed out both the hard and soft skills for a better understanding of the matter:

Hard SkillsSoft Skills
Knowledge of Programming LanguageCustomer Service Ability
Adobe PhotoshopOut of the Box thinking
TypographyCreative Imagination
Knowledge of Colour TheoryStrong Interpersonal Skills
Knowledge of SoftwaresTime-Management Skills

Studying BA in Graphic Design India will not be difficult if anyone possesses the above-mentioned required skills. Drawing skills are not necessary to be enrolled in this course. But, being able to draw could be beneficial for BA Graphic Design students.

BA in Graphic Design Admission Process

Admission Process in BA in Graphic Design is separate from college to college. Mentioned below are the admission process an aspirant might encounter while applying for admission in the course.

  • Some colleges conduct an entrance examination to offer seats to the students whereas others accept the score of a common entrance examination.
  • Also, certain colleges grant admission to the students on the basis of merit in the qualifying examination.
  • Each college has a different set of admission processes and a candidate must be aware of them beforehand.

How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam Tests?

To help the students to get through the entrance exams, a few exam preparation techniques are mentioned below:

  • Each of the entrance exams has an individual syllabus. Therefore, one should get acquainted with the syllabus and its exam pattern.
  • Prepare a time schedule to cover the entire exam syllabus
  • The syllabus of the exam must be completed within a specific time frame so that students would get enough time for revision
  • Students should do timely revisions and ensure that all the topics are completely studied and mastered
  • They should try to take mock tests as many times as possible. It would help them to get comfortable with the exam-like ambiance. Apart from that, it will help to practice time management and solve a maximum number of questions within the given time.
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BA in Graphic Design Top Colleges

With the rising popularity of the course, many colleges have started to provide a BA in Graphic Design course. Check out the list of top colleges mentioned below that can be considered for admission by the design aspirants.

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BA in Graphic Design Syllabus

The syllabus of BA in Graphic Design is very vast. Students get to encounter various subjects and topics that help them in inculcating in-depth-knowledge of the subject. Check out the BA in graphic design syllabus mentioned below.

Semester I-

Sketching and drawing-1

Craft design studies-1

Design fundamentals-1

History of art and design

Culture and design studies-1

Semester II-

Sketching and drawing-2

Society, environment and design

Culture and design studies-2

Design fundamentals-2

Visualisation techniques

Semester III-

Information collection and analysis

Introduction to graphic design

Introduction to photography

The design process and thinking

Introduction to design for moving images

Introduction to user experience design

Semester IV-

Digital design tools- visual media

Typography and publication design

Visual ergonomics

Visual identity design

Information system design

Sketching and drawing- 3

Semester V-

User interface graphics

Graphic design project 1

Advertising design

Brand communication design

Advanced illustration techniques

Interdisciplinary elective 1

Semester VI-

Packaging design and printing technology

Graphic design project 3

Portfolio making

Environmental graphic design

Graphic design project 2

Interdisciplinary elective 2

Semester VII-

Design management

Graphic design project 4

Graphic design project 5

Design internship presentation

Degree project proposal study

Semester VIII-

Degree project GD

Global immersion programme

Floating credit course

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BA in Graphic Design Career Options and Job Prospects

With the advancement in technology and growth of the web interface, graphics have taken over. Branding and advertising campaigns have completely become digitalised in the present scenario and visual communication has reached its peak. A plethora of job opportunities is in the basket for the aspirants after BA in Graphic Design. Mentioned below are few of the job prospects and career options an individual can look out for.

  • Graphic Designer    
  • Communications Designer    
  • Web Designer    
  • Interaction Design
  • Service Designer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Art/Creative Designer
  • Brand Identity Designer
  • Logo Designer

BA in Graphic Design Future Scopes

The most beneficial thing about Graphic Design is that careers in this sector are highly-sought after among design professionals. As the Graphic Design industry is growing and will experience the same growth in the future, BA in Graphic Design graduates will be required in the sectors. After pursuing the course, if one wants to get higher studies in the field, then he/she could join a Master’s degree program in Graphic Design. If someone wants to immediately start his/her career, then they can apply for their desired job profiles. 

New projects, and new challenges keep on coming in the Graphic Design industry making professionals more skilled and knowledgeable. So, in terms of skill enhancement, there will always remain a high scope for both new and experienced professionals.

BA in Graphic Design Top Employment Areas

After pursuing BA in Graphic Design India, one will be able to fetch highly-paid jobs. Some of the employment areas where Graphic Design graduates can be hired are mentioned below:

  • Animation Centres
  • Film Industry
  • Advertisement Agencies
  • Gaming websites
  • Publishing Houses
  • Design Institutes/colleges

BA in Graphic Design Job Profiles

Being in the Graphic Design industry is an excellent career choice. All the job profiles that can be pursued after the BA in Graphic Design are described below:

Job Profiles

Job description

Graphic Designer

Creating visual text and images, and making creative content for websites, videos, and print advertisements are the key job roles played by a Graphic Designer

Communication Designer

Using visual elements to deliver the information to the audience is the chief job responsibility played by the Communication Designer

Web Designer

A Web Designer theorises creative ideas with clients, improves the design of the websites, establishes design guidelines etc.

Interaction Designer

An Interaction Designer helps in the process of product design, designs the product goals and determines product interactions.

Service Designer

A Service Designer designs products based on user requirements. They use different kinds of tools to create and design a service.

Multimedia Designer

Multimedia Designer combines graphics with animation and make multimedia content for televisions, films and websites

Product Designer

Product Designers create new product designs as per the needs of the customers. They analyse a new product demand in the market, identify opportunities, and set design requirements.

Art/Creative Designer

A Creative Designer creates different artwork like visuals, creates ideas and concepts, works in coordination with team members, and guarantees that the created product goes with the company standard.

Brand Identity Designer

A Brand Designer shapes a brand and decides on how it should be presented before the audience. A Brand Designer manages all the creative stages with excellent planning and projection.

Logo Designer

A Logo Designer is also a Graphic Designer who creates logos for different companies. To create Logos, they use two-dimensional images. They might work with researchers and advertisement specialists.

BA in Graphic Design Job Salaries

Salaries earned by graduates of BA in Graphic Design are listed below:

Job Profiles


Graphic Designer

INR 3.0 Lakhs

Communication Designer

INR 5.0 Lakhs

Web Designer

INR 3.6 Lakhs

Interaction Designer

INR 7.0 Lakhs

Service Designer

INR 19.8 Lakhs

Multimedia Designer

INR 5.8 Lakhs

Product Designer

INR 9.0 Lakhs

Art/Creative Designer

INR 4.5 Lakhs

Brand Identity Designer

INR 8.5 Lakhs

Logo Designer

INR 2.1 Lakhs

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FAQs about BA in Graphic Design

How long is a BA in Graphic Design course?

BA in Graphic Design is an undergraduate level, four-year-long programme.

I had a commerce stream in class 12th. Can I pursue a BA in Graphic Design?

Yes, candidates from any stream in class 12th can go for a BA in Graphic Design.

What is the minimum eligibility criteria for a BA in Graphic Design course?

An aspirant must have completed class 12th in any stream from a recognised board in order to pursue a BA in Graphic Design. Few colleges also have set a minimum aggregate which varies from institute to institute.

How much is the fee of BA in Graphic Design course?

The fee of BA in Graphic Design varies from college to college. It may range anywhere between Rs. 30,000 LPA to Rs. 3.1 LPA.

Can an individual who is not good at drawing pursue a BA in Graphic Design?

Yes, an individual with not so good drawing skills but great visualisation and creative ability can pursue a BA in Graphic Design.

How much starting salary can I earn after a BA in Graphic Design course?

After a BA in Graphic Design course, an aspirant can earn around Rs. 2.8 LPA. The salary might change depending on the calibre of an individual and the organisation.

Which top colleges provide a BA in Graphic Design?

The top colleges that provide a BA in Graphic Design are ROOTS Collegium (Hyderabad), Indian Institute of Art & Design (IIAD), Maeer's MIT Institute of Design (MITID Pune), Image College of Arts Animation & Technology (ICAT Bangalore), Yeldo Mar Baselios College (YMBC Kothamanglam), Pearl Academy Bengaluru (Bangalore), etc.

What topics are a part of BA in Graphic Design syllabus?

The topics that are a part of BA in Graphic Design syllabus are Sketching and drawing, Craft design studies, Culture and design studies, History of art and design, Visualisation techniques, Information collection and analysis, The design process and thinking, Visual ergonomics, Typography and publication design etc.

Which job profiles are the most popular after a BA in Graphic Design?

After a BA in Graphic Design, the most job profiles that are opted for by an individual are Graphic Designer, Communications Designer, Web Designer, Interaction Designer, Multimedia Designer, Product Designer, Brand Identity Designer, Logo Designer, Service Designer etc.

What is the admission process of getting shortlisted in a BA in Graphic Design?

Students are either shortlisted to pursue a BA in Graphic Design based on the institute level entrance exam or as per the merit in the last qualifying exam.
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Related Questions


Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Jan-15-2024

Dear student, the Government Girls PG College Rewa is yet to announce its BA admission schedule for the academic year 2021-22. The contact details of the admission office of the institute have been provided below - 

 Phone No. : 07662256868

 Mobile No. : 9425329967

The online admission application form is released on the institute’s official website homepage. Interested students can apply for admission into various courses that the institution offers. The aforementioned contact numbers can also clear all your admission-related doubts and queries. 

Also, several similar reputed institutions have already started their BA intake process for the academic year 2021-22. These colleges can be accessed easily through our common application form. Apply for admission into these colleges through our form before the final application submission date. Call 18005729877 for more details regarding this direct admission process.


Kanwaldeep singh, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Nov-22-2023
You can contact the centre once through you have taken admission. You can also contact the university or call on the toll-free numbers for more help.

Prashali Malik, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Dec-30-2022

Dear student, 

Parul University does not offer BA in Graphic Designing programme. However, Parul University courses list includes various design courses such as B.Des, B.Sc Design, M.Des etc. Furthermore, the university also offers design courses at the diploma level. 

If you are interested in making a career in the design field you can apply in any of these programmes. For Parul University admission in design courses, you need to first meet the eligibility criteria and then appear for the Design Aptitude Test (DAT) conducted by the university. A personal interview is also conducted by Parul University for design admission. 

Parul University fees for the first year of B.Des and M.Des courses is Rs 2,53,000 and Rs 1,28,000 respectively. The duration of B.Des course is four years. Whereas M.Des is a two years postgraduate programme. You can apply in any of these courses to get a head start in your professional career.