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    Bachelor of Fine Arts Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    BFA Syllabus & Subjects Overview

    BFA syllabus focuses on subjects and topics associated with the fine arts. Fine arts require a variety of tools and methods so that they can artistically represent any social cause. Instead of being practised for their practical value, fine arts are done primarily for their beauty and aesthetic value.

    Bachelor of Fine Arts is the official name for BFA. BFA programmes last 3 to 4 years, depending on the concentration. A BFA course syllabus focuses on visual, performing, or fine arts like pottery, painting, or animation. BFA is sometimes also referred to as visual arts. Merit-based admissions for BFA are made in addition to being based on entrance exams. UPSEE, AUCET, CUET, and others are some of the popular BFA entrance exams. In the best colleges, registration begins in May and lasts through August. In BFA colleges, the typical course fee ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 3,00,000.

    The BFA Syllabus covers topics like history, graphics, painting, and illustration. There are numerous specialisations available for the Bachelor of Fine Arts, including BFA Applied Art, BFA Painting, and BFA Photography. Following graduation, candidates have the option of pursuing an MFA or finding BFA employment opportunities in the publishing industry, media outlets, marketing companies, schools, and colleges. The average BFA salary in India is between INR 25,000 and 50,000 per month. The opportunity to develop skills in the thriving fields of painting, photography, singing, and other fine arts is offered by these courses.

    BFA Year Wise Syllabus

    Fine arts and design are the focus of BFA subjects. The BFA programme is a three-year undergraduate programme that focuses on the fine arts. The Bachelor of Arts Fine Art Syllabus focuses on covering all aspects of arts such as clay modelling, still life, Indian art history, landscape, and so on.

    The BFA course syllabus includes both theoretical and practical instruction. In addition, the BFA subjects list includes both core and elective BFA course subjects. Core BFA subjects are subjects that are essential for students' learning. Elective BFA subjects are optional subjects that add flexibility and variety to the BFA course syllabus. The following is a list of BFA course subjects organised by semester:

    BFA Syllabus First Year
    The table below contains the BFA subjects from the first year:
    Semester ISemester II
    Part I History of Indian Art (From prehistory to 6th century Ad) Part II Fundamental of ArtPart I History of Indian Art (From prehistory to 6th century Ad) Part-II Fundamental of Art
    Still LifeLandscape (practical) or Clay Modelling
    Internal/Sessional worksInternal/Sessional works
    BFA Syllabus Second Year
    The table below contains the BFA subjects from the second year:
    Semester IIISemester IV
    Part I History of Indian Art (From 7th century AD to 18th century AD) Part II Fundamental of ArtHead study
    Landscape IIClay Modelling II
    BFA Syllabus Third Year
    The table below contains the BFA subjects from the third year:
    Semester VSemester VI
    Appreciation and Fundamentals of Visual ArtsDesign-2D & 3D
    ElectiveResearch Project

    Stream Wise BFA Syllabus

    The Bachelor of Fine Arts programme offers a variety of BFA specialisations based on the student's interests and professional goals. Students can choose from any of the following Bachelor of Fine Arts specialisations if they want to refine their hidden talents. 

    Some of the most well-known BFA specialisations are as follows:

    BFA course syllabus for specialisation in Painting

    BFA syllabus in Painting courses cover art history, drawing from life, and other topics. Aside from painting fundamentals, students learn various types and techniques of sculpting, animation, photography, and printing.

    ·        The average BFA Painting fee is INR 2,00,000

    ·        A BFA Painting individual's annual salary is INR 3,50,000 LPA

    BFA course syllabus for specialisation in Applied Arts

    The BFA syllabus in Applied Arts is a creative specialty that teaches the beauty of everyday objects. This Bachelor of Fine Arts degree covers all aspects of product creation, including sculpture, music, and interior design.

    ·        A BFA in Applied Arts costs around INR 2,00,000 on average

    ·        A BFA Applied Arts graduate can expect to earn INR 4,00,000 LPA on average

    BFA course syllabus for specialisation in Animation

    BFA syllabus in Animation covers the various forms, methods, and other important aspects of animation. It includes, among other things, 3D animation, computer graphics, and character design.

    ·        A BFA Animation typically costs INR 2,50,000

    ·        A BFA Animation earns an average of INR 4,00,000 LPA

    BFA course syllabus for specialisation in Pottery & Ceramics

    A student pursuing a BFA in Pottery & Ceramics will learn the fundamentals of pottery as well as advanced techniques. Among the techniques, BFA course syllabus covered are slip casting, mould manufacturing, hand building, and others.

    ·        A BFA Pottery & Ceramics degree typically costs INR 1,50,000

    ·        A BFA Pottery & Ceramics Individual's annual salary is INR 4,00,000 LPA

    BFA course syllabus for specialisation in Textile Design

    The BFA course syllabus in Textile Design programme covers a wide range of textile design topics, such as knitting, printing, weaving, and weaving. Color, needlework, and texture are among the BFA course details taught in this degree.

    ·        A BFA Textile Design course costs around INR 1,000,000

    ·        A BFA Textile Design Individual earns an average of INR 4,00,000 per year

    BFA Subjects

    BFA course syllabus aims to introduce students to all the critical facets of design and fine arts. The BFA course subjects are extremely relevant and helpful for the students because the aspirants are exposed to the requirements and trends of the industry.

    The BFA course subjects are structured to assist students in becoming proficient design professionals and aesthetic creators. The specifics of this Fine Arts course are that it allows students to gain a thorough understanding of the pipeline of production in 2D and 3D animation while incorporating in-depth traditional concepts of drawing and painting through the BFA course subjects

    The specialisation a candidate has selected has a significant impact on the BFA course syllabus/curriculum. However, the primary BFA subjects that are typically taught in the BFA programme are listed below:

    BFA Subjects (Theory)
    PunjabiCultural History of India
    Health EducationHistory of Indian Art
    Environmental StudiesBasics of Computer Fundamentals
    AestheticsDesign & Communication Practice
    Human Values & Professional EthicsMarket Research
    MuralVisual Graphics
    BFA Subjects (Practical)
    Geometry PerspectiveSketching & Drawing
    Lettering LayoutClay Modelling & Sculpture
    Printmaking2D Art & Design
    Computer GraphicsCommunication Illustration
    Communication DesignAdvertising Art
    Market ResearchVisual Arts Process & Practices

    BFA Common Subjects for All Semester

    The following topics are covered in every core BFA syllabus:

    • Geometry 
    • Perspective 
    • Calligraphy 
    • Pictorial Design/Painting Printmaking
    • Appreciation and Foundations of Visual Arts Design in 2D and 3D 

    BFA Optional Subjects

    The following are the elective BFA course syllabus:

    • Economics
    • Psychology
    • Fine Arts
    • Physical Education
    • Home Science

    BFA Lab Subjects

    The following are the Lab/Practical BFA courses subjects:

    BFA Subjects (Practical)
    Geometry PerspectiveSketching & Drawing
    Lettering LayoutClay Modelling & Sculpture
    Printmaking2D Art & Design
    Computer GraphicsCommunication Illustration
    Communication DesignAdvertising Art
    Market ResearchVisual Arts Process & Practices

    Specializations offered in BFA

    As previously stated, a BFA programme typically lasts three to four years and is divided into six to eight semesters. Typically, BFA courses are offered in a variety of specialisations. Candidates may choose any of the specialisations of their choice and major in that BFA subject. 

    Some of the popular BFA specialisations include:

    BFA Specialisations
    PaintingApplied Arts
    Plastic ArtsPottery & Ceramics
    Textile DesignMusic
    Drama & TheatreDigital Arts
    DanceGraphic Designing

    Syllabus for BFA Distance Programs

    Bachelor of Fine Arts is a common Undergraduate degree for students in college. Education is less expensive, and incidental expenses such as purchasing books are less expensive because the College bears these costs. Bachelor of Fine Arts can be completed in two years through Distance Learning.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    • Candidates must have a minimum of 45% in their 12th Boards
    • Candidates from any subject in the 12th grade can pursue BFA Distance Education

    Bachelor of Fine Arts distance learning course follows the same curriculum as the traditional BFA course syllabus. Weekend classes at BFA colleges are required of all enrollees. The average fee of a BFA in distance learning is between INR 12,000 and INR 25,000.

    BFA Entrance Exam Syllabus

    Every exam paper will contain objective type questions, ranging from 100 to 200 in number. The examination lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. The BFA exams will be divided into two sections. The first section of the BFA Syllabus for Entrance Exam will consist of MCQ-based questions as well as basic Aptitude, Ability, and Skills. The second section of BFA Syllabus for Entrance Exam will consist of subjective questions such as visual communication testing candidates' drawing and creative abilities. Candidates who pass the entrance examination are invited to an interview where they are asked about their communication skills, interests, and portfolios. Because the BFA admission portfolio is important, students are encouraged to work on it for at least 8 to 12 months before applying for admission.

    BFA entrance examination is required for admission to universities that offer BFA programmes. The BHU BFA exam, the Delhi University BFA exam, and other entrance exams are held. There are three types of entrance exam syllabus:

    • Completely Aptitude Test: In the aptitude-based examination, students are tested on general knowledge, quantitative ability, reasoning, and other skills.
    • Visual Communication and Drawing: In order to pass the visual communication-based examination, students must pass fine arts tests such as drawing, painting, art history, and so on.
    • Aptitude and drawing-based examinations are held at prestigious universities such as Delhi University, BHU, and JNU.

    General BFA Syllabus for Entrance Exam followed by most of the entrance examinations are:

    Theory Section 

    • General knowledge questions about various popular and well-known events, as well as the artist forum of India and the West
    • Information about various social and cultural activities, for example Art and Culture History
    • Basic understanding of Indian art materials, climate change, and various colour formats such as line, form, shape, light, and technique

    Practical Section

    • The Effects of Drapery Falls and Folds
    • Still, life in 3D pencil
    • Dimension and perspective effects

    BFA Important Books

    There are numerous reference books available for students to rent or buy. These books can help students better understand the concepts as well as ace the BFA course syllabus.

    Some popular books on the BFA subject are listed below:

    BFA Reference Books
    Name of the BooksAuthors
    Designers PosterRockport
    Designer's Guide to ColourJames Stockton
    Commercial Art TechniquesRaviraj
    Colour- A Workshop for artists and designersDavid Hornung
    Calligraphy TodayAjit Mukherjee

    BFA Course Structure

    Bachelor of Fine Arts courses are designed in such a way that Fine Art is emphasised as a major field of study. BFA is a three-year undergraduate degree that is divided into six semesters. As part of the BFA course syllabus/curriculum, students are taught core subjects, as the main goal of this undergraduate course is to ensure that students have the opportunity to learn about everything in detail.

    There are also elective subjects included in the BFA course syllabus/curriculum. Students benefit from the elective subjects because they make the course more diverse and flexible. Students are expected to work on a research project during the final semester. This research project allows students to learn more about a specific topic in greater depth and detail. It also introduces students to research ethics and methodology.

    The following is the course structure for the Bachelor of Fine Arts programme.

    • 6 Semester
    • Primary Subjects
    • Subjects of Choice
    • Projects for Research

    The BFA teaching methods are primarily concerned with introducing students to all of the important and necessary aspects of fine arts. Candidates who want to contribute to the development of the Indian Arts stream through digging, innovation, preservation, and so on are best suited for this course. The methodology includes traditional classroom-based instruction. This gives students the opportunity to ask any questions or concerns they may have about the topics.

    When they begin working on their research projects, they also have one-on-one sessions with their professors. These one-on-one sessions allow students to ask questions about the project and thus perform to their full potential. The following are general teaching methodologies and strategies:

    • Conventional Classroom-Based Teaching
    • Seminars
    • One-on-one sessions for Research Dissertation

    A research project is required of candidates for the BFA programme. Students can learn and comprehend a subject in greater depth and detail thanks to this research project. Additionally, it gives students the chance to learn about research techniques, ethics, and methodology. Here are a few examples of earlier research projects:

    • Investigating the role that fine arts play online. What are some ways that the fine arts can be incorporated into the creation of websites?
    • Does the switch to digital movies have a negative impact on cinematic art? Are they actually eradicating the joy of watching movies?
    • Can acting done through motion capture be regarded as real acting? Should motion capture actors be given the same recognition as real actors?
    • Can you classify video games as fine art?
    • Does the way people appreciate written art change as more people listen to audiobooks?

    FAQs about Bachelor of Fine Arts Syllabus

    How many types of BFA are there?

    A Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree teaches students about the history, skills, methodology, and industries associated with their chosen artistic field. Visual arts, theatre and dance, film and photography, music, and creative writing are the five major BFA categories.

    Is BFA good for the future?

    There are many BFA job opportunities available, and it's crucial in this field to have a portfolio that includes examples of your work in addition to your degree. Your chances of finding work once you've completed your BFA may improve if you add an art certification or arts diploma course.

    How many papers are there in BFA?

    The number of BFA papers varies depending on the candidates' choice of university and specialisation.

    What if I fail in BFA?

    You will almost certainly pass the BFA paper if you fail the BFA paper. Due to the fact that it is the first year examination, the university may conduct re-examinations, improvement exams, or any other mode for students who failed in their respective papers.

    What percentage is good in BFA?

    It varies by university, but a minimum percentage of 50%-60% is generally required.
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    Soumavo Das, Student / Alumni

    The School of Visual Arts at MIT WPU offers a four-years BFA (Applied Arts) programme. This programme helps students to become a part of the growing visual arts and design sector. The course puts an emphasis on the practical aspects through the elective projects besides the theoretical aspects of visual arts and design. The MIT APU fees for BFA is Rs 1,45,000 annually. Any student having 50% marks in aggregate in the Class 12 examination can apply for the BFA course at MIT WPU. Applicants must appear in the two-round UGPET exam as a part of the MIT WPU selection process. Students with a Valid UCEED score can directly appear in round 2 of the UGPET exam. MIT WPU offers a number of merit scholarships to make its fee structure more accessible to a larger demographic. These include Dr. Vishwanath Karad Merit Scholarship, MIT-WPU Merit Scholarship, Scholarships to Rank Holders, and Scholarships to Elite Sportspersons, among many others. Students need to meet any one of the entrance test criteria to be eligible for these MIT WPU scholarships.

    Shreya Sareen, CollegeDekho Expert

    Dear Student,

    BFA or Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate degree offered at Avantika University, Ujjain. The duration of the course is 3 years (6 semesters) + 1 year Optional (4 years = 8 Semesters). The annual fee for BFA is INR 97,000. The detailed BFA fee structure at Avantika University, Ujjain is provided below.



    Tuition Fee

    INR 80,000

    University Fee

    INR 5,000

    Development Fee

    INR 12,000

    Total Fee

    INR 97,000

    If you want to apply for admission at Avantika University, Ujjain or explore more suitable colleges, feel free to reach out to our admission experts by dialling the student helpline number 1800-572-9877 or fill up the Common Application Form. In case of more questions, write back to us in the QnA zone.

    Thank You


    Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

    Dear student, the following pointers will explain to you the detailed eligibility criteria which you have to fulfil to be eligible for MFA admission in any reputed institution - 

    • You should have a BFA degree from any recognized university

    • You should have obtained at least 50% aggregate marks at the qualifying examination level

    • You can also apply with a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate of 50%

    Some institutions conduct their own entrance examinations for the eligible candidates and then conduct a personal interview before the seat allocation process whereas, some institutions carry out a merit-based admission process. 

    You can find out the best MFA offering colleges through our Common Application Form. Apply for MFA admission through our application for a guaranteed seat in a reputed institution. Call 18005729877 for more details regarding the admission process.

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