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Gemology Course Overview

Gemology course is aligned to educate students about gems' physical and chemical properties, their origin and the different techniques to evaluate and design them. These courses can be pursued at certificate, diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Gemology is the science of cutting, valuing and studying all kinds of precious metals or stones. It mainly deals with the study of gemstones. A person who studies the science of gems is known as a Gemologist. In the business of precious metals and gems, they play a paramount role in identifying gems. They distinguish one gemstone from another, both discovered raw and synthesised in the laboratory. Gemologists work in a laboratory where they use various techniques and instruments like microscopes and other grading instruments or computerised tools to find the value of a particular gemstone. Thus, the Geomology syllabus and subjects range from gemstone extraction to manufacturing processes. 

Gemstones are one of the largest mediums of foreign exchange, so students interested in understanding the character and behaviour of gems can apply for the Gemology course. They will be granted admission to this course based on their merit in the qualifying exam. Candidates can apply to different popular colleges such as the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery, NIMS Academy of Jewellery, Arch Academy of Design and others. In India, the average fee for this course is INR 25,000 to 7,00,000, depending upon the type of programme an applicant chooses to pursue. Gemology is a field that comprises many professions like goldsmith, appraiser, scientist, jeweller, lapidary, etc. Therefore, graduates from this course can work as Diamond Grader, Gemologist, Graphics Operator and various other job roles. They can expect to earn an average salary of INR 1.2-10 LPA. Find more details about the Gemology course such as eligibility criteria, admission process, fees and others below.

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Gemology Course Highlights

The following infographic highlights some significant highlights related to the gemology course which are explained in the subsequent table.

Gemology Course Highlights



Course Name



Certificate, Diploma, PG Diploma, UG, and PG


6 months to 2 years (based on the type of programme)

Exam Type


Popular Entrance Exam

NIFT Entrance Exam, GATE, NID DAT, etc.

Selection Process

Merit-Based + Entrance Exam

Eligibility Criteria

Certificate/ Diploma: Candidates must have passed class 12 level examinations from a recognised university in India.

UG: Applicants must have passed their 10+2 exam in the Science stream from a recognised educational board.

PG:  At least 55% aggregate marks in a relevant bachelor’s degree in a related subject from an accredited institution.

Top Colleges in India

Indian Institute of Gemmology, SRDC Diamond Institute, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Xavier’s College, Sidhar Institute of Gemology, etc. 

Total Course Fee

INR 25,000 to 7,00,000

Average Starting Salary

INR 1.2-10 LPA

Top Career Options

Gemologist, Diamond Grader, Researcher, 

Gem Assorter, and more.

Popular Recruiters

Gem Testing Labs, Mining, Jewellery Designing Houses, Gem Exporters, Research Centres, etc.

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Why Choose a Gemology Course?

Gems are the most charming discoveries of the world and the demand to identify them is increasing with the abundance of gems available like emeralds, sapphires and others. The gemology course is the call for any student who wants to dive deeper into the world of gems. 

Why Choose a Gemology Course?

Find some of the reasons to make your decision to pursue this course more intact:

  • Unique Profession 

The study of gems opens the door to a unique profession for the ones interested in it. After the Gemology course, there are different job opportunities available beyond the laboratory which comprise identifying and evaluating the gemstones. 

  • Interest in Gemstones 

Students who have a deep interest in gemstones and jewellery must choose this course to learn about them in detail. 

  • Growing Demand

This course can be selected by students because of its growing demand in the country. With the need for professionals who can identify the gemstones, this course has grown in popularity. 

  • Skills Enhancement 

This course will sharpen identification, evaluation, interpersonal and other skills in the students making them ready for the real gemstone sector.

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What is an Online Gemology Course Degree?

The enthralling study of precious and semi-precious stones is known as gemology. Candidates who take an online gemology course will learn how to recognise and grade gemstones as well as a thorough review of numerous types and qualities of diamonds. Additionally, the online training covers fundamental lapidary skills like polishing, cutting, and placing stones in jewellery.

Lectures, practical exercises, lab work, and individual research projects make up the course curriculum. Topics including chemistry, geology, mineralogy, crystallography, etc. may be covered in lectures. Prospective students learn about equipment used in gem identification, including microscopes and refractometers, in the lab component of the programme. To feel familiar with using this equipment before beginning to grade or appraise gems professionally, they also get to practise using them on actual gems. The study also includes technical and contemporary methods for decorative design. Aspirants will learn about the formation of these substances at depths in the earth as well as variations in the composition of various stones, including differences in occurrence, colour, identification, etc.

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Gemology Course Eligibility Criteria

Gemology comprises many career opportunities for those who have an eye for details and also some interest in studying jewelry or various gemstones. For taking admission in a gemology course, a candidate must ensure that he/she is fulfilling the minimum eligibility criteria of the college. If not, the candidate is not considered for admission in the desirable college. Mentioned below are the conditions that a student must satisfy before applying for admission in Gemology course of a college or university.

Gemology Eligibility Criteria for UG Courses:

  • If a candidate is looking for admission to a bachelor’s or diploma programme in Gemology course, it is mandatory for him/her to qualify or clear class 12 final examination or its equivalent from a recognised board of education like ICSE, CBSE etc.
  • Minimum age limit for a candidate to pursue Gemology course is at least 18 years. There is no maximum age limit.
  • For BSc Gemology courses, candidates must have passed their class 12th in science stream only. 

Gemology Eligibility Criteria for PG Courses:

  • For admission to a master’s programme in Gemology course, the candidate must have passed the graduation from a recognised university.
  • The minimum eligibility criteria for Gemology course varies from college to college. Certain colleges might have set a minimum aggregate score a candidate is required to secure in the qualifying examination. The parameters of eligibility are different in each college.
  • Along with the above mentioned criteria, it is also important to note that there is no age limit for applying in any institution for Gemologist course. However, it has been observed that various institutions prefer enrolling younger students in their Gemology courses. 

Gemology Eligibility Criteria for Diploma Courses:

  • Candidates applying for Gemology diploma course must have completed their class 12th in any stream whether science, arts or commerce from any recognized board in India

Gemology Eligibility Criteria for Diploma Courses:

  • Candidates applying for Gemology diploma course must have completed their class 12th in any stream whether science, arts or commerce from any recognized board in India
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Gemology Course Admission Process

Gemology courses are being offered at many Gemology colleges both in India and world wide. Candidates can choose their respective courses based on their needs and choice.Candidates can take admission in Undergraduate, postgraduate or Diploma courses in Gemology colleges. Many colleges or other institutes offer admission in Gemology courses by conducting an entrance examination. Along with this, various institutions also conduct an interview round in order to select the eligible candidates. 

Admission process for Gemology course is separate in each university or college. A candidate must be aware of the Gemology admission process enlisted below that a student might undergo.

  • Gemology Colleges generally prefer candidates based on the merit in the qualifying examination or its equivalent.
  • There are no such entrance exams in order to get admission in Gemology course. Some institutes also offer admission in Gemology courses online.
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Types of Gemology Courses

Gemology courses can be studied at undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate and diploma levels. Check out the different course levels available across the country below:

Certificate Courses 

This course can be pursued at the certificate level, check some of them below:

Course Name Course Duration 
Certificate in Gem Identification 3  months 
Certificate in Gem Identification and Colored Stones3 months 
Advanced Gem Identification3 months 
Certificate in Diamonds and Diamond Grading2 months 
Professional Certificate in Gemstone Cutting & Polishing2 months 
Certificate Course in Coloured Gemstone Identification3.5 months 

Diploma Courses 

Diploma courses are short-term courses to get a brief of the core Gemology. Students interested can check out these courses:

Course Name Course Duration 
Diploma in Gemology 6 months 
Diploma in Gem Identification 3 months 

UG Courses 

Check the UG Gemology course below:

Course NameCourse Duration
BA in Gems & Jewellery Design 3 years 
BSc in Gemology 3 years

PG Courses 

Check out two of the PG courses available in Gemology: 

Course NameCourse Duration
Master in Gemology Diploma 5 months 
Masters in Gems & Jewellery 15 months 
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Top Colleges Offering Admission in Gemology Course

Gemology admission is offered at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in many institutes across the country. Candidates can check the below mentioned list in order to know about various gemology admission offering institutes in India.

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Gemology Course Entrance Exams

Gemology admission can be done in any undergraduate or postgraduate Gemology course. Diploma or certificates are also available. Candidates can give entrance exams for popular Gemology colleges in order to get admission there. Below are some of the important Gemology entrance examinations mentioned:

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

NIFT conducts an entrance examination for Gemology course annually. Candidates who aspire to become a successful Gemologist can appear for the entrance examination. Candidates can pursue BDes course in Gemology for NIFT. NIFT is one of the most reputed and famous Gemology colleges in India.

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

Candidates who aspire to do a postgraduate Gemology course can appear in the GATE examination which is conducted once in a year. GATE examination is conducted to offer seats in various courses related to Architecture, science and engineering. GATE score can help candidates to get admission in various reputed Gemology colleges across the country.

Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam

An all India level entrance exam is conducted by Aligarh Muslim University in order to provide admission to the candidates in Diploma Gemology courses. Candidates who are willing to become a Gemologist can appear for the entrance examination in this Gemology college.

National Institute of Design Aptitude Test (NID DAT)

Candidates can appear in the NID DAT examination in order to get admission in gemology course or any other courses like jewelry designing etc. This entrance examination is conducted to provide admission to the candidates in undergraduate or postgraduate Gemology courses. 

GD Goenka Design Aptitude Test (GD Goenka DAT)

The aptitude test checks the caliber of candidates in the field of Gemology. After clearing the exam, candidates are offered admission in various courses like BDes or MDes in various Gemology colleges across the country. 

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Gemology Course Syllabus

Gemology is a branch of Mineralogy which deals with following areas:

  • identification
  • testing
  • manufacturing
  • grading
  • cutting
  • polishing
  • appraisal, of precious and semi-precious gemstones used mainly in the jewelry and astrology industries.

Gemology Syllabus provides detailed study on the gems. Gemology Syllabus basically deals with the learning of how to determine and analyze the gems. Candidates who takes admission get to learn following courses in Gemology Syllabus:

  • Grading and Assessment of gemstones
  • Jewelry designing.
  • Jewelry distribution industries.
  • Gem manufacturing and exporting companies.
  • Gem certifying entities.
  • Gemology-based various gems under the microscope.
  • testing natural and synthetic gemstones through the process of imitation.
  • complementary skills such as gem-designing and gem-photograph
  • gemology, coloured stone, jewelry, and pearls.
  • value assessment, historical and jewelry marketing techniques.
  • conditioning, grading or the general assessment of precious metals especially gems
  • Retail jewelry sales.
  • Marketing in jewelry distribution institutions.

Applicability of grading materials such as:

  • polarizing filter
  • magnifying glass
  • spectroscope
  • practice gems
  • gem tweezers
  • microscope.

Gemology Syllabus for Undergraduate Course 

Captured below is the Gemology syllabus that a student might encounter while pursuing Bachelors in Gemology  course. Go through the entire syllabus as they provide an idea of the kind topics that a student would study while studying the Gemology course

  • Introduction of Gems.
  • Optical Properties of Gem
  • Physical Properties of Gem
  • Occurrences of Instruments
  • Crystallography of Gemstones
  • Quality of Gem
  • Stimulants of Gem
  • Chemical Composition
  • Identification of Gem
  • Treatment of Gem
  • Handling of Instruments
  • Species of Gem
  • Mining of Gem
  • Marketing of Gem
  • Synthetic Gem and Identification
  • Applications in Gemology
  • Gem Cutting
  • Individual stones & their stimulants
  • Imitation gemstones & plastics
  • Fashioning of Gemstones
  • Optics, Light and Color
  • Basic knowledge of Techniques employed in Gemological Laboratories
  • Nature of crystals
  • Inclusions in the Most Important Gemstones

Gemology Syllabus for Postgraduate Course 

Candidates who wish to pursue Master’s degree in Gemology can have a look at the variety of topics taught during the Gemology degree. Below is the list of all the topics that are taught in MSc Gemology course:

Gemology SyllabusGemology SyllabusGemology Syllabus


Ornament Designing

Marketing of gems

Optical Properties of various gems

Theme Based Designing
Stimulants of gemsIndividual stones and stimulantsPractical Work
Diamond GradingOptics, Light and ColorDesign Methodology
Advanced Computer DesigningMarketing Advertisements

Evaluating Gemstones


Chemical composition and properties of gemstonesManufacturing ProcessDifferent species of gems
Cost-Based DesigningNature of CrystalsHistorical Designing
Identification and Coloring of different gemsPhysical Properties of various gemsDevelopment of Stones
Metallurgical ProcessesIntroduction to Instruments in Gemology

Handling of various instruments

Mining of GemsDrawing TechniquesSynthetic Gems and Methods of Identification
Gem Cutting--

Gemology Syllabus for Diploma Course 

  • Diamond grading
  • Youth’s jewelry
  • Market oriented designing
  • Accessory design
  • Orthographic views
  • Cost based designing

With the huge increase in knowledge of gems and people’s ability to buy it, the demand for professionals in the field of Gemology has escalated. A gemologist can accelerate their career by working as a freelancer or with jewelry houses. Check out the possible career opportunities and options available for individuals after pursuing Gemology.

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Gemology Course Fees in India

Gemology fees can vary from Rs 50,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/- per semester. Gemology course fees totally depend upon the kind of Gemology College. Different Gemology Colleges have different Gemology fees structure. Some Gemology Colleges are run by the Government hence Geology Course fees are less there. In Gemology Colleges which are run by private entities, the course fees is quite expensive. There are also Gemology Colleges which are semi-private i.e. they are run by both government and private entities. In such Gemology colleges, the course fee is neither too high nor less. 

Candidates who wish to complete Gemology Courses abroad must talk to their respective Gemology colleges administration in order to get concrete idea about Gemology fees structure. Candidates can also check the prospectus for Gemology Courses and look for a detailed Gemology fees plan there. 

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Gemologist Course Required Skills

Gemology Courses can help the candidates in establishing a successful career in the Jewelry and gems industry. The most important factor in deciding the future in any course is the interest of candidates in that particular course. Hence it is of paramount importance to have interest in Gemology; then only candidates can pursue it and become a  successful Gemologist. Below are some of the important skills required in order to become a successful Gemologist:

  • Good analytical skills are required which will help in recognizing the type of gems. Close analysis skills will help in studying the details.
  • Candidates must also make strong evaluation skills which will help them in determining the real gemstones which are naturally manufactured from the one which are synthetic manufactured. 
  • Candidates should have good communication skills. This will help them in talking with a better gesture with the customers.
  • It is also necessary that candidates should have a thorough knowledge about the gems they are working on. This will help them in answering various questions asked by the customers. 
  • One of the important works of Gemologists comprises choosing and distinguishing between real and fake gems. Candidates should know about the techniques of how to distinguish between different types of Gems: Synthetic, coloured, real or fractured-filed. 
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Career Opportunities After Gemology Courses

Gemology courses can help the candidates in becoming good Gemologists. Besides that, candidates can also opt for other varieties of careers such as jewelers,metalworkers,appraisers,and scientists. Below are some of the mentioned career options which can be followed by candidates after completing Gemologist course from their respective institutes:

  • One of the key career options is making a career in the jewelry industry which has great demand for Gemologists.
  • Candidates can also become successful entrepreneurs in the Jewelry business or Gem Business. 
  • Candidates with a Gemology background are required to analyze the purchase and designing of various gems in the market. Along with that, candidates can also play an important role in the sales department as well.
  • Gemologists can make a profession in jewelry designing where they can utilize their knowledge related to gems in order to design jewelry designs. Prior knowledge will also help in formulating a budgeting scheme and also enhancing the making techniques.
  • Gemologists who are skilled in their work and wish to propagate knowledge about Gemology can also conduct Gemology workshops which will induce interest related to Gemology in students and other candidates.
  • Gemologists make the best Jewelry Valuer also. Jewelry designing is one of the foremost work to be done by Gemologists in the jewelry making industry.
  • Gemologists can also work at different laboratories where they are required to study precious metals, mainly gems.
  • Candidates with Gemology course degree can also establish their own laboratories and work on the gems and other precious metals like diamonds etc. 
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Career Options and Job Prospects after Gemology Course

With the huge increase in knowledge of gems and people’s ability to buy it, the demand for professionals in the field of Gemology has escalated. A gemologist can accelerate their career by working as a freelancer or with jewelry houses. Check out the possible Gemology career opportunities and options available for individuals after pursuing Gemology Course. Given below are some of the job profiles related to Gemology


In this profession, candidates are supposed to check the authenticity of the gems. Along with that, Gemologists also have to assign the correct value to the gems and other precious metals.

Jewelry Designer

During the course, candidates are also taught a course related to jewelry designing. In this course, candidates are taught to use precious metals and stones in creative jewelry designing. Jewelry Designers study, design or prepare the creative jewelry designs.

Diamond Grader

In this job profile, candidates have to study diamonds. Candidates note down important diamond properties and make it appropriate for commercial use. 

Gem Assorter

In this job category, candidates have to study the gems and then distinguish them from each other like natural gems, polished gems, synthetic gems etc.


Candidates who wish to do further studies in Gemology can become a researcher. A researcher is required to study different qualities of gems. Along with that they also have to discover new properties related to gems. 

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Top Recruiters for Gemology Course Graduates

Gemologists are in great demand world wide. Candidates can make a successful career in the jewelry industry or any other industry related to precious metals. Below mentioned are some of the names of areas where candidates can work as Gemologists:

  • Gem Testing Labs
  • Jewelry Designing Houses
  • Jewelry Business Companies
  • Mining
  • Gem Exporters
  • Academic Institutions
  • Research Centers
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Salary After Gemology Course in India

Gemology courses can help candidates to endure a successful career in the jewelry industry where they will get a chance to work on all kinds of precious metals. Salary for fresher candidates can vary from 20,000 rupees to 25,000 rupees per month depending on their skills and experience. The kind of package offered to the candidates also depends upon the institution from where candidates have done their Gemology course. Candidates who have gained some experience in this field can also earn upto 2 lakh to 7 lakh annually. 

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FAQs about Gemology

Which Bachelor’s course should I do to become a Gemologist?

Candidates are advised to go for BSc in Gemology in order to have better job prospects. After completing BSc, candidates can apply for MSc also. 

What certificates are required to take admission in Gemology course in India?

Candidates are required to have a degree in class 12 from some recognised board in case they wish to do a Diploma or Certificate or undergraduate or postgraduate course in Gemology in India.

How can I study Gemology abroad?

Candidates can study Gemology abroad by applying in different colleges or universities or any other institutes in different regions. Countries which are famous for providing degrees in Gemology are Australia, the United States of America, The United Kingdoms and Canada. 

What is the eligibility criteria for pursuing higher studies in Gemology abroad?

Candidates can pursue higher education in Gemology abroad. For that, candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree in Gemology through some recognised institution. Along with that, candidates must have a GRE or GMAT score. The English proficiency test is also required to be cleared.


What are the job profiles available for Gemologists in India and abroad?

With the huge increase in knowledge of gems and people’s ability to buy it, the demand for professionals in the field of Gemology has escalated. A gemologist can accelerate their career by working as a freelancer or with jewelry houses. Check out the possible career opportunities and options available for individuals after pursuing Gemology.

  • Jewelry Designers
  • Gemstone Auction Manager
  • Diamond Grader
  • Gem Polishers
  • Stone Setter
  • Gem Assorters
  • Gemologist
  • Engravers
  • Researchers
  • Scientists
  • Graphics Operator

Which are the top colleges for Gemology abroad?


 Following are the names of the reputed colleges for Gemology courses Abroad. Candidates can apply for admission in these colleges after meeting the standard eligibility criteria:

  1. Birmingham City University, UK
  2. George Brown College, Canada 
  3. Green River College, USA
  4. The University of Alabama, USA 
  5. University of Strathclyde, UK 
  6. Royal Holloway, University of London, UK
  7. University of Portsmouth, UK
  8. University College Dublin, Ireland 
  9. University of Aberdeen, UK 
  10.  Mount Royal University, Canada

What is the duration of the course Gemology ?

Gemology is a 3 year course.

What are the popular specializations related to Gemology ?

Some of the popular specializations for Diploma are : Ophthalmic Medicine & Surgery , Cathlab Technician , Aviation , Proficiency in English , Event Management.

I want admission in Gemology. Do I have to clear any exams for that ?

National Institute Of Fashion Technology Entrance Examination , Delhi University Science , Symbiosis Entrance Test , Delhi University Science , Delhi University Arts are some of the exams that you can appear for to get admission in Gemology courses.

What are the top colleges offering Gemology courses ?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Design courses : North India Institute of Technology (Bijnor) , National Institute of Fashion Technology (Bhopal) , Hamstech Institute of Fashion & Interior Design (Hyderabad) , National Institute of Fashion Technology (Bangalore) , National Institute of Fashion Technology (Kannur). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer Gemology or not.
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