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    MTHM Course

    About Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM)

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) is a two-year master level program opted by the candidates who are looking to make a career in tourism and hotel management. As the tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace, the hotel industry is benefiting from it. The growth in the hotel industry has further opened up gates for many employment opportunities. This postgraduate program is ideal for those applicants who wish to improve their expertise by exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of tourism and hotel management to accelerate their careers. Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) will offer candidates with techniques, in-depth knowledge and important information essential for being a successful manager. The program is open for all the candidates who have completed their bachelor education in hotel and tourism management. MTHM is spread over 4 semesters with each semester consisting of many important topics such as Strategic and Sustainable Management in Tourism and Hospitality, Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality, Hospitality Operations Management and Revenue Management. 

    MTHM programme imparts both theoretical and hands-on learning on different management tactics. Throughout the Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) course, candidates are given real-time scenarios so that they can earn some practical experiences from the environment. The candidates are trained on how to manage the tourists’ requirements and cater the best services to them. Both of these tasks are performed with some specific skills and the MTHM course helps the learners to develop those skills. After pursuing the course, candidates get recruited for some leading positions in the industry. The common recruitment areas where the MTHM graduates work are hotels, tourism organizations, restaurants, etc.

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Who Should Pursue?

    • After the completion of graduation, candidates look for some management courses that will train them to work in designations like general managers, tour management executives, etc. MTHM includes in-depth knowledge and this course is ideal for professionals who want to upgrade their careers or want to shift to a new position.
    • Those who are interested in pursuing a higher degree in the field of tourism education can enroll in the MTHM course.
    • In both ways, the Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) trains the candidates for a better career.

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Benefits

    MTHM comes with a plethora of benefits for tourism and hotel management students. Some of them are discussed below:

    • With the MTHM course, candidates become aware of the national and international tourism industry.
    • The strong understanding gained at each stage of the course helps the candidates to achieve the professionalism the industry requires
    • The Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) works on the excellency of the candidates and creates a strong foundation for the advancement of their career. With this programme, candidates become able to handle the industry needs with expertise.
    • The MTHM if pursued with dedication ensures success and a good salary package at all levels of tourism and hotel management career.
    • Those who are finally awarded the MTHM degree can earn Rs 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs as an average starting salary. And this figure increases with time and work experience.
    • Those who are eager to explore all the aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry can be extremely benefitted from the course. Because it gives an overall understanding of general management, marketing, sales, etc.
    • As a course, the Master of Tourism and Hotel Management focuses on instilling leadership qualities in candidates. The existing talent gets improved with the course and as a result candidates’ employability improved.

    Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Highlights

    Check out all important details about the Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) from the table given below.




    2 Years

    Exam Type


    Course Fees

    INR 12,000- INR 3.0 lacs

    Minimum Qualification Requirement

    Bachelor's degree in degree in Tourism and Hotel Management 

    Average Initial Salary

    INR 2.0 to 4.9 lacs per annum

    Selection Process

    Personal interview and Entrance Exam

    Minimum Aggregate Score Requirement


    Objective of Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM)

    The Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) aims at providing practical as well as theoretical knowledge to the students who are looking for a career in the hotel industry. The program will help the students to expose to real-life situations and allow them to face them confidently. MTHM will further help the students to manage the tourism activities and providing the tourist with the best services and facilities. The program thus aims at updating the candidates with necessary skills handling the customers and tourist int he resorts and hotels. The main objective of Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) is to prepare the students with managerial skills so that they can be placed on leading management positions in the tourism industry, hotels and restaurants. 

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) Eligibility Criteria

    Candidates who are applying for admission in the Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) program will have to satisfy all the eligibility criteria decided by the college. The eligibility criteria depend from college to college but collegedekho has provided common eligibility criteria for admission in the program. 

    • He/ She must have cleared any bachelor degree such as. Bachelor of Arts in Tourism and Hotel Management (B.A.Tourism and Hotel Management),  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) or any other degree from hospitality/ hotel management with a minimum percentage requirement of 55%. 
    • The minimum percentage required for admission may vary depending on the college you are entering.

    Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Admission Process

    Candidates applying for MTHM Program need not appear for any entrance examination to get admission unless there is not any institute based entrance examination. There are many institutes available for Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) admission that conducts their own entrance examination. Admission to those colleges will be done on the basis of percentage/ scores of percentiles in the exam while the rest of the college will grant admission directly on the basis of performance in the qualifying degree. Candidates who have applied for admission must be sure that they satisfied the minimum percentage limit and also they have provided correct information while filling the admission form. 

    So, it is evident that for MTHM courses admission candidates either have to go for merit-based admission or they will require to appear on an entrance examination to get into the course. Detailed below are both the process in brief:

    Merit-Based Admission Process

    • Candidates need to visit the websites of their preferred institutes that offer the MTHM programme
    • An application form dedicated to the course must be filled up with personal and academic details. Often the institutes keep a common application form for all the courses.
    • The application form should be submitted along with the application fees. Candidates need to submit the essential documents in support of their candidature.
    • The institutes evaluate the applications and select the candidates based on their merit scores in the previous qualifying examination.
    • The selected candidates then complete the rest of the admission process and get enrolled in the course.

    Entrance-Based Admission Process

    • For the entrance-based admission candidates, institutes/colleges ask the candidates to register for the exam
    • An application form for the exam needs to be filled up and submitted along with the exam fees
    • On the prescribed date, candidates will appear on the exam
    • After the result declaration, the colleges will prepare a merit list based on the entrance exam scores
    • Selected candidates will be invited to the counselling session and post document verification, they will be offered final admission

    Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Course Fee

    The course fee of Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) offering colleges is one of the major factors for the students while they are selecting a college. The average tuition fee for the MHTM generally ranges from INR 12,000-3.0 lacs. Students who are selecting the college may search for colleges falling under their budget. All the colleges allow the students to submit the fee semesterly or annually. Besides this, there are some colleges that offer loan facility to the students who are finding difficulty to submit the fee. 

    Top Institutes offering Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Program

    Check out the complete list of some of the well-known institutes offering admission in the Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) program. Candidates can apply to any of the MTHM colleges by filling our Common Application Form



    Indira Gandhi National Open University

    New Delhi

    University of Kashmir


    Manipal Academy of Higher Education


    Pacific Institute of Hotel Management


    National Institute of Hotel Management & Tourism


    NIMS School of Hotel Management - Nightingale Institute of Management Studies


    Lyallpur Khalsa College


    GH Raisoni College of Hospitality and Management


    Pacific University


    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) Syllabus

    Check out some of the major topics mentioned in the syllabus of Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM)

    Effective Sales Management

    Quantitative Methods for Business

    Financial Management in Tourism and Hospitality

    Revenue Management and Hotel Analytics

    Gaming and Casino Management

    Service Management for Tourism and Hospitality Industry

    Hospitality Operations and Management

    Strategic and Sustainable Management in Tourism and Hospitality

    Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality Industry

    Strategic Brand Management

    Tourism Management

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) Career Options and Job Prospects

    Candidates have numerous opportunities available after the completion of Master in Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM). Every hotel and tourism industry needs a good manager, candidates may apply to any of them after checking the job profile. Besides this, they can also search for jobs at Travel Agencies, Hotels, Restaurants, Aviation Companies, event management companies, Tour Operating Companies, visitor bureaus, etc. Some of the major job profiles available after this master-level program are Senior Manager (Business Development), Travel Agent, Tour Management Executive, Tour Coordinator, Tourist Guide, Restaurant Manager, Reservation Agent, Travel Planner and Consultants, Housekeeping Manager and many more. Every job profile needs a relevant skill set, candidates are thus advised to find out the jobs based on their specialisation. Apart from applying for the job, students may opt for further education in hotel and tourism management. 

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Future Scopes

    • The MTHM provides huge scopes for the future. As the candidates are trained to work in higher positions in the industry, one can be sure of getting the target job at the end of the course
    • The most common areas where the candidates are employed after the MTHM courses are travel agencies, aviation organizations, event management companies, hotels, etc.
    • As the MTHM graduates are trained in various strategies of the tourism and hospitality sector they are highly desirable in the industry. Not only in India, but these graduates are also in high demand in the international tourism sector
    • The tourism industry has witnessed huge growth in recent years and it is expected that the industry will continue to grow and create more job opportunities for professionals
    • Not only in the tourism sector, but the candidates are also eligible for the other sectors as well. The management knowledge they gain through this course helps them to work in any management-related job profiles

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Job Roles

    The graduates after pursuing the Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) are well positioned all over the world. Some of the prestigious job profiles they secure are as follows:

    Senior Manager- A Senior Manager in the business development sector ensures the clients get high-end service. Other than that, he organizes and manages all the operations performed in tourism and hotel management-related organizations.

    Tour Management Executive- A tour management executive plans and arranges the travel. The professionals working in this field ensure that the arrangements are executed properly so that the tourists get immense support from them.

    Event Manager- An Event manager organizes different events for promotions, business, and other causes. They plan, arrange and ensure that the messages of the events reach the audience and that the business or product is properly promoted.

    Housekeeping Manager- The overall management of the housekeeping department is operated by a Housekeeping Manager. Their job responsibilities include ensuring the highest cleanliness, managing guidelines of infection control, and confirming the highest level of tourist care.

    Restaurant Manager- A restaurant manager prepares staff schedules, recruits employees manage budget and checks cost control, tracks food stocks, etc. Apart from that, they are liable for managing restaurant operations, employees, and customer complaints.

    Travel Agent- A travel agent takes care of the travel needs of customers, offers advice and ensures their bookings of flights, trains, etc.

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM) Salary

    After pursuing the Master of Tourism and Hotel Management (MTHM), the candidates can be assured of getting a good remuneration. Salary is one of the most important reasons why professionals come to pursue this course. For them, the purpose of pursuing such a course is to get a salary hike. The salary depends on some important factors like job positions, organizations, the status of the company, and work experiences. Listed below are the annual average salaries of some MTHM job profiles:

    Job Role

    Annual Average Salary

    Senior Manager

    INR 16.0 Lakhs

    Tour Management Executive

    INR 2.5 Lakhs

    Event Manager

    INR 4.0 Lakhs

    Housekeeping Manager

    INR 4.9 Lakhs

    Restaurant Manager

    INR 4.3 Lakhs

    Travel Agent

    INR 2.9 Lakhs

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) Best Books

    Check the important books for Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) provided in the table below.

    Books Authors
    Hotel And Hospitality Management: Housekeeping Prakash Talwar
    Setting the Table: The Transforming Power of Hospitality in Business Daniel Meyer
    Food and Beverage Service R. Singaravelavan
    Hotel Management and Operations Michael J. O?Fallon and Denney G. Rutherford
    Hotel Front Office Management James A. Bardi

    FAQs about MTHM

    What are the top colleges offering Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) courses ?

    Following are some of the top colleges offering Hotel Management courses : Institute of Hotel Management catering & Nutrition (Lucknow) , Shree Shakthi College of Hotel Management (Hyderabad) , Munnar Catering College (Cochin) , Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition (Chennai) , CHTS Institute of Hotel Management Catering and Tourism (Lucknow). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) or not.

    What is the average fee for the course Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) ?

    The average fee for Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) is INR 200000 per year.

    What is the duration of the course Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) ?

    Master of Tourism and Hotel Management(MTHM) is a 2 year course.
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