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Career as Travel Planner

Career as a Travel Planner

About Travel Planner

A travel planner is a person who is responsible for making travel arrangements for a client based on their requirements. He also provide advises and suggestions about the destination, mode of transport, hotel accommodation, car rentals and tours to take. 

Some major responsibilities of a travel planner are planning a list of all the requirements of a client, designing packages for clients falling inside their budget, recording and updating the information of clients on the database, explaining transportation, flights and hotels accommodation options available for the clients. Besides this, travel planner provides a day by day itinerary to the clients which include all the activities and tours. The final plan also includes booking of hotels and transportation. Sometimes travel planners visit hotels, resorts and restaurants to check the quality of services which will be offered to clients. 

Candidates who are interested in planning and managing travel-related activities may choose a career as a travel manager. It must be noted that those who are applying for a job as a travel planner should have personal travel experience and strong customer service skills. Travel planners are mostly hired by individuals and companies to plan and organise a trip for them. Apart from this, they are also hired by tour and travel companies. 

    Eligibility to become Travel Planner

    Candidates must meet the minimum eligibility criteria set out below

    Education: Candidates with a bachelor or master degree in travel, tourism or any equivalent specialization may apply for a job as a travel planner. The eligibility requirements for career a travel planner will vary for all companies. Candidates may check the job description of the company to know more details about education requirements. 

    Experience: Career as a travel planner requires a lot of experience. Candidates must have some experience in the industry so that they provide some best recommendations and options to the clients. They can work at any junior-level position in any travel agency to get some experience about the industry before applying for a job as a travel planner. Besides this, they can also work independently by starting a travel agency for local places. 

    Skills: It is necessary to have some good communication skills for a travel planner. There are many other skills which may help a travel planner to get growth in his career. 

    • Technical ability
    • Time management
    • Organisation
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Analytics
    • Customer service
    • Literacy
    • IT
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Project management
    • Problem-solving skills

    Types of Job Roles Travel Planner

    A travel planner spends the majority of his time in an office environment. He has to take care of confirmation of all activities including the accommodation, transportation and destinations which are promised to the client. His roles and responsibilities depend on the job profile and type of industry. Some common profiles available for a travel planner are 

    • Holiday Planner
    • Travel Agent
    • Travel Consultant
    • Office Manager
    • Travel Coordinator
    • Travel Executive

    Employment Opportunities for  Travel Planner

    Travel planners are hired mostly by travel agencies and tour management companies. Every company offers different kinds of roles to a travel planner. Candidates may select any of the sector listed below for applying for a job as a travel planner. 

    • Airlines
    • Taxi companies
    • Railways
    • Touring and travel agencies
    • IT Industries

    Top Recruiting Agencies for Travel Planner

    Check out some top recruiting agencies available for a travel planner. 

    • Cox and Kings
    • Thomas Cook
    • MakeMyTrip
    • Travelguru
    • Club Mahindra Holidays
    • Expedia
    • Yatra
    • SOTC
    • Kesari Tours
    • Goibibo
    • Travelite

    Planning to choose Travel Planner as your career?

    Pay Scale/Salary of Travel Planner

    The average salary of a fresher in this profile is around 21k to 22 k per month. The average salary offered to a travel planner will totally depend on the location, experience and skills of the candidate. Any experience candidate in travelling sector will surely get more salary than a fresher. They can check the table provided below to know the average salary of starting level, mid-level and senior-level of a travel planner. 


    Starting Salary per annum (in INR)

    Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)

    Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)

    Travel Planner




    Books & Study Material to Become Travel Planner

    A travel planner should be experienced enough to offer good recommendations and deals to the clients. He should be able to plan a trip that matches the expectations of that client. Apart from this, he must make sure that the budget of the trip does not exceed the limit decided by clients. There are many other things such as time management, good communication skills and negotiation skills which are required for being a good travel planner. He can develop his skills by reading books related to travel and tour planning. Some recommendations for travel manager are provided below. 

    • Start Your Own Travel Business: Cruises, Adventure Travel, Tours, Senior Travel by Entrepreneur Press
    • Explore India by The Unscripted Life
    • My Travel Journal by The Unscripted Life
    • The Wordless Travel Book by Jonathan Meader
    • How to Be Your Own Travel Agent:  A Practical Guide to Vacation-Planning for the Independent Traveler by Nina Thomas
    • Drowned Under by Wendall Thomas
    • The Easy Way Out by Stephen McCauley

    Pros of becoming a Travel Planner

    • Travel planner doest require any particular degree to start his career.
    • Travel planning provides an option of part-time earning for the students.
    • A career as a travel planner is full of adventures and excitement.
    • Three are many opportunities available for a travel planner. He can choose his option according to his interest and expertise.

    Cons of becoming a Travel Planner

    • Travel Planners has to take care of all major and minor thing which are covered in the plan offered to the client.
    • Sometimes travel planner has to suffer a loss if he misses any promise made to the client.
    • They have to visit the hotel and other destinations to check the quality of service which will be offered to the client.
    • Travel planners have to deal with different kinds of requirements and problems while planning a tour/ trip for a client.

    Paths for Being Travel Planner

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