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How to Become a Tour Coordinator

About Tour Coordinator

Tourism is becoming increasingly competitive and expanding at an unprecedented rate. A Tour Coordinator is someone who is qualified to assist with travel planning. They help in all areas that make the tour more comfortable and cost-effective. Graduates with an MBA in Hospitality and Tourism Management, as well as those with a Postgraduate Diploma/Diploma in Tourism Studies or Travel Management, are hired by Indian and International Tourism Agencies or Departments.

A Tour Coordinator also works with the client to create a comfortable schedule that meets their needs. His assistance with travel planning includes transportation, convenient schedules, hotel accommodations, and other types of travel arrangements that must be decided before departing for the destination. He also chooses the location, time, and dates based on availability, with the assistance of directors and managers, to add value to the tourist's time and money.

Tour Coordinator handles all the tour planning activities of theatrical and musical groups. Besides this, he also plans and promotes tours for college students and alumni members. His planning includes travel arrangements, transportation, hotel accommodations and schedules during the tour. A Tour Coordinator coordinates with the managers and directors to plan a tour with dates, time and locations. Besides this, he is also responsible for making arrangements and schedule as per the need and requirements of the client. Sometimes a Tour Coordinator travels with the client or a group to resolve problems schedule change or travelling issues. 

Responsibilities of a Tour Coordinator

Check some of the major responsibilities of a Tour Coordinator provided below.

  • Conducting post-tour analyses, evaluations and reports response

  • Designing brochures and invitations

  • Planning tour schedule as per the need of the client

  • Communicating with the hotel managers and transport department to arrange travel arrangements for the tour

  • Keeping the travel and accommodation expenses within the budget

  • Negotiating with tour operators on the domestic and international tour packages

Eligibility to become Tour Coordinator

Check the minimum eligibility criteria for a career as a Tour Coordinator provided below.

Education Required

  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration or Hotel Management

  • One year of work experience in the hotel or travel industry

  • Master degree in Business Administration will help the candidates apply for a higher profile

  • Knowledge of important destinations of the country and travel industry


Some of the skills required for a Tour Coordinator are listed below.

  • Good communication skills

  • Bargaining skills

  • Organisational skills

  • Presentation skills

  • Problem-solving skills


Types of Tour Coordinators

Check out the different types of Tour Coordinators listed below:

Inbound Tour Coordinators

  • Inbound tour Coordinators, also known as inbound tour operators, are responsible for bringing tourists to a specific country, either as a group or through individual tour packages
  • They are in charge of overseeing the plans in the host country
  • The tours offered by inbound tour operators are designed specifically for non-residents visiting the country

Outbound Tour Coordinators 

  • Outbound Tour Coordinators are also in charge of transporting tourists to other countries
  • They are a type of tour operator that promotes international destination tours. It can be either for pleasure or for business

Tour Coordinator for Domestic Travel

  • Domestic tour Coordinators or operators provide tour and travel packages in the tourist's home country
  • Domestic tour operators primarily coordinate tours for residents of a specific country who will travel within their country

Receptive Tour Coordinator 

  • RTOs, or receptive tour operators, provide tourism products in other markets
  • These tourism products are either sold as part of a tour package or separately, and they can be sold to both travel agents and traditional tour operators

Tour Coordinator on the Ground

  • Ground Tour Coordinators or operators are essentially local businesses that provide the travel services required for a specific destination
  • They own employee Coordinators, vehicles, hotels with negotiable rates, and other elements to provide travellers with a full-service experience


Steps to Becoming a Tour Coordinator

The steps below provide a general overview of how to become a Tour Coordinator.

Making a Decision

Before pursuing a career as a Tour Coordinator, thorough research into the pros and cons of this Career Profile should be conducted. Before choosing a career, one should consider the job prospects as well as the annual salary packages.

Subject Selection

At the 10+2 level, there is no requirement to choose a specific stream or subject. However, coursework in Travel and Tourism is required in order to work as a Tour Coordinator. Candidates with a higher level of education are preferred.

Preparation for Entrance Exams

Admission to the Travel and Tourism course requires scores in a specific Entrance exam chosen by the institute. Qualifying scores in the CAT, MAT, XAT, or GMAT are required for an MBA degree. A NET score is required for a Doctorate.

Choosing the Right College/Institute

Before enrolling in an institute, aspirants should conduct thorough research on its ranking, placement, faculty, and internship opportunities. After passing the entrance exam, candidates must choose a college and adhere to the admission requirements of that institution.

How to Become a Tour Coordinator in India?

Indian students are permitted to pursue a variety of tourism courses ranging from certificate courses to PhD programmes. Students can enrol in courses with specialisations such as Travel and Tourism Studies, Hospitalities and Tourism Management, and many others. A student who wishes to pursue this career should train their minds and begin preparing after finishing high school. The following is a brief description of how to become a Tour Coordinator.

School-based Preparation

After completing a 10+2 degree from a recognised board, students with a 50% score can pursue certificate, diploma, and various degree courses in Travel & Tourism studies and many more. A student who wishes to pursue higher education should begin preparing for entrance exams such as the CAT, GRE, GMAT, and others during his undergraduate studies.

Preparation for Graduation

A bachelor's degree with 55% aggregate marks in the same branch is required for PG courses in order to earn an MBA with a specialisation in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Admission to the MBA programme requires the completion of entrance exams such as the CAT, MAT, and others. Students who want to pursue postgraduate studies in another country should try to prepare for exams such as the GRE, TOEFL, and GMAT so that they can pass those exams without missing a year.

Preparation for the Postgraduate Level

After completing a postgraduate degree, a student who meets the eligibility criteria can enrol in PhD courses after passing the relevant entrance exam. An aspirant should begin preparing for PhD entrance exams during their PG stage so that they can qualify on time.

Tour Coordinator Training Programs

A Tour Coordinator manages the needs of staff and professionals from all over the world who are involved in a tour. A Tour-Coordinator must have a bachelor's degree in business, eco-tourism, accounting, or communications. Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Business and Hotel Management are required. Furthermore, additional education and certificate courses in a foreign language can strengthen a resume.


Courses to Become a Tour Coordinator

The table provided below contains all the courses to become a Tour Coordinator. 


Total Fee (Approx)

Top Colleges for Business Administration

Bachelor of Tourism and Management

Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 1.50 lakh

BBA in Hotel Management

Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 3.00 lakh

BBA in Tourism Management

Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 2.00 lakh

Master of Tourism Management

Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 2.50 lakh

PGD in Travel and Tourism Management

Rs.20,000 to Rs. 5.00 lakh

Master of Tourism and Hotel Management

Rs.15,000 to Rs. 2.50 lakh

If you are looking for admission to any of the course provided above, you can fill our Common Application form or call on our toll-free number 1800-572-9877. Our experts will help you apply for admission to well known Business Administration Colleges of India

Types of Job Roles Tour Coordinator

An ideal Tour Coordinator is good with numbers, multitasking, organization skills, good sense of humour, friendly in nature and able to work diligently. Although his job role will vary with the type of industry, some of the skills such as negotiation skills and communication skills will help him to apply for a job in any sector. There are various job roles available for a Tour Coordinator as listed below.

You can ask more questions about the Tour Coordinator on the Collegedekho QnA zone

Employment Opportunities for Tour Coordinator

Tour Coordinators are majorly hired by touring and travel agencies. Besides this, they are also hired by Multi-National Companies (MNCs) to organise tours for their employees. You can check some other job opportunities available for a Tour Coordinator from the graph provided below.

Employment Opportunities for Tour Coordinator

Top Recruiting Agencies for Tour Coordinators

Some of the major recruiting companies for Tour Coordinators are listed below.

  • Cox and Kings

  • Thomas Cook

  • Yatra

  • Goibibo

  • MakeMyTrip

  • Club Mahindra Holidays

  • Expedia

  • Travelite


Benefits of Career as a Tour Coordinator

Being a tour Coordinator combines great pleasure with a struggle for survival. However, this field offers a variety of advantages. Here are a few of these advantages.

Pay: The pay is competitive and rises as one gains experience. The pay for a tour Coordinator ranges from INR 2 to INR 10 LPA on average. The level of expertise and experience affects the highest pay.

Job Security: Tour Coordinators with years of experience working in the field and a strong portfolio are in high demand. Candidates with over 15 years of experience may receive INR 12 LPA.

Positive Career Impact: Negotiation and communication skills are important in the field of tour guiding. The trip coordinator is in charge of trip-related duties. One's credibility grows as they manage more projects.

Higher Education: There are certificate and short-term diploma programmes available for candidates who are employed. Hospitality and tourism management courses are offered as part of full-time degrees. However, a doctorate is another option.

Experience: Being a tour Coordinator is a unique and responsible profession. Tour Coordinators get to visit various locations and interact with alluring customers.


Skills Required to Become a Tour Coordinator

To stand out in the job market and draw in more clients, tour Coordinators need to possess a certain set of skills. The table provides an overview of the qualifications a tour Coordinator must have.




Problem Solver





Managerial Skills

Employment Sector/Industry for Tour Coordinator


Planning to choose Tour Coordinator as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Tour Coordinator

A Tour Coordinator is hired by some MNCs, specialist firms, and international business travel management companies in addition to travel agencies. A Tour Coordinator with 2 to 4 years of experience can expect to earn INR 4 - INR 5 lakhs per year. The graph below depicts the job opportunities for a Tour Coordinator.

Pay Scale/Salary of Tour Coordinator


Average Annual Salary in India 

The average annual salary for a tour Coordinator has been tabulated below:

Name of Organization

Starting Salary




INR 3-4.5 LPA


Gender wise Salary

The gender wise salary for a tour Coordinator has been tabulated below:


Starting Salary






Experience wise Salary

The experience wise salary for a tour Coordinator has been tabulated below:


Starting Salary





Books & Study Material to Become Tour Coordinator

A Tour Coordinator should have a good knowledge of the tourism industry and some of the important tourist destinations in the country. Some of the books listed below will help a Tour Coordinator learn some important skills required for a successful career in tourism management.

  • Explore India by The Unscripted Life

  • The Easy Way Out by Stephen McCauley

  • Love Delhi by Fiona Caulfield

  • Enjoying India: The Essential Handbook by J.D. Viharini

  • Drowned Under by Wendall Thomas

  • The Wordless Travel Book by Jonathan Meader

Pros of becoming a Tour Coordinator

  • You get to explore different kinds of industries

  • A tour coordinator may also start his tourism and travel company

  • A career as a Tour Coordinator allows you to explore different parts of the world

  • This profile is well suited to candidates who are looking for a part-time job opportunity

Cons of becoming a Tour Coordinator

  • Good communication and presentation skills are required for this position

  • Tour Coordinator has to plant the trip as per the requirements of the client. Besides this, you have to take care of the budget decided by the client

  • Salary of Tour Coordinator will totally depend on his experience and performance

  • You will have to deal with different kinds of people daily

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FAQs about Tour Coordinator

What is the average salary of Tour Coordinator?

Average salary of Tour Coordinator will vary depending on his experience and skills. He can ear up to 2-3 lakh per annum in the initial stage of career.

Where can a Tour Coordinator apply?

Tour Coordinator can apply to the Tourism industry, IT companies, Tourist Destinations and Hotels.

How to become a Tour Coordinator?

You can start your career as a Tour Coordinator by completing a bachelor degree in business administration or tourism management. Once done, you can apply for a job as a Tour Coordinator. It must be noted that completing a master degree in the relevant stream may help you to apply for higher positions.

What job profiles are available for Tour Coordinator?

Some job profiles available for Tour Coordinator are Travel Agent, Tour Operator, Tour Guide, Travel Consultant and Event Planner.

What are the pros of a career in the tourism industry?

You will get an opportunity to explore different parts of the world. Besides this, you will get to know about the history and importance of many historical monuments of the country.

What are the major recruiters for Tour Coordinator?

Some of the major recruiters for Tour Coordinator are Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook, Yatra, Goibibo and MakeMyTrip.

Who are the responsibilities of a Tour Coordinator?

Some of the major responsibilities of a Tour Coordinator are planning trips, making travel and accommodation arrangements and preparing schedule as per the need of the client.

What courses are available to become a Tour Coordinator?

Some of the courses available to become a Tour Coordinator are Bachelor of Business Administration, BBA in Hotel Management and Bachelor of Hotel Management.

What skills are required to become a Tour Coordinator?

Some of the important skills required to become a Tour Coordinator are Good communication skills, Presentation skills, Problem-solving skills and Negotiation skills.

What is the eligibility criteria for career as a Tour Coordinator?

You must have completed a bachelor or master degree in business administration in order to become a Tour Coordinator. Besides this, a work experience of 1-2 years will also be required.

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