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Career as Reservation Agent

Last Updated On 19 May, 2020

How to Become a Reservation Agent

About Reservation Agent

A reservation agent is a person who arranges reservations for the clients as per their need and requirements. Some of the major tasks performed by the reservation agent are checking the availability of transportation or accommodation on the dates decided by the client, making reservations based on the budget and requirements of the customer, providing payment and confirmation details to the clients, selling and promoting reservation packages and clearing the questions of the costumers. Since the tourism industry has grown substantially over the years, the demand for good reservation agents has also gone up. Candidates who have good communication, as well as customer service skills, are perfect for this profile. Besides this, students who have knowledge about this field and want to earn some money while working part-time can also choose this profile.

A good reservation agent must be capable of working under minimal supervision and have excellent customer service skills. He should also have excellent knowledge of savings and deals available for the customers. Companies hire reservation agents to sell their packages as well as promote deals. A reservation agent can also work individually by providing best and affordable deals to the clients.  

Eligibility to become Reservation Agent

Candidates should satisfy the minimum eligibility requirements decided below:

Education: Candidates looking for a job as a reservation agent must have completed a master or bachelor's degree in the relevant stream. Some companies hire only Certified Travel Associate (CTA) or Certified Travel Counselor (CTC). They can check the eligibility criteria mentioned in the job advertisement before applying.

Experience: Companies from this sector prefer experienced candidates. Candidates must have at least 1-2 years of work experience in the field to get a job. Those who have some part-time work experience as a reservation agent can also apply for this profile. 

Skills: Selling any package is not an easy task. Candidates must possess some skills to promote the sales of the organisation. Companies hire only those candidates who are capable of increasing their sales. Some of the important skills required for a job as a reservation agent are listed below.

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Organisational skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Proactive attitude
  • Salesmanship

Types of Job Roles Reservation Agent

There are many job roles available for a reservation agent. Candidates can find out about the role suiting their skills and qualification and then apply accordingly. Every profile has its own eligibility criteria depending on the type of hiring companies. Some of the job roles are listed below

  • Air Ticketing Executive
  • Ticket Reservation Executive
  • Sr. Executive Reservation and Ticketing
  • Travel desk executive

Employment Opportunities for Reservation Agent

Reservation agents are in demand in many sectors. They are hired by companies in both the private and public sectors. Besides this, they can also start their own business. Some of the major sectors where they can apply are listed below.

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Airlines
  • Travel
  • Telecommunication
  • Railways
  • Real estate agents
  • IT Industries

Top Recruiting Agencies for Reservation Agent

Some of the major recruiting companies hiring Reservation agents are

  • OYO
  • Accor
  • Marriott International
  • Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
  • Le Meridien
  • Keys Hotels

Planning to choose Reservation Agent as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Reservation Agent

The annual salary of the Reservation Agent depends upon the skills as well as experience of the candidates.  The initial salary of a Reservation agent might not be good but the salary goes on increasing with the increase in experience.


Starting Salary per annum (in INR)

Mid Level Salary per annum (in INR)

Senior Level Salary per annum (INR)

Reservation Agent




Books & Study Material to Become Reservation Agent

There are many books available for a reservation agent. Candidates can select any of the books as per their convenience. Some of the books might help the candidates to know new strategies and real-life applications of the tourism industry. 

Pros of becoming a Reservation Agent

  • Reservation agent helps the clients to find out the best available deals in the market.
  • The income is not fixed. They can earn more by completing more and more deals.
  • Reservation agents can work from anywhere they want
  • This profile provides an option of working part-time. 

Cons of becoming a Reservation Agent

  • Some times reservation agent has to suffer loss to provide the services promised to the client
  • Work timings of the reservation agent are not fixed. They may have to work 7 days a week
  • They have to work hard to sell their product, sometimes they may find it difficult to sell even a single package.
  • Experience is required in this field.

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