What is a Good Score in AFCAT?

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Updated On: February 13, 2024 11:16 am IST | AFCAT

What is a good AFCAT Score? This question often irks the mind of many candidates. Find the answer here. Also, find out the next steps after the AFCAT exam.

What is a Good Score in AFCAT

What qualifies as a good score in AFCAT? This is a common concern for applicants taking the Air Force Common Admission Test . Each year, the Indian Air Force selects candidates based on their performance in both the SSB interview and the written AFCAT exam. Applicants often wonder about the marks needed for success in the SSB interview and AFCAT written test. Strong preparation increases your likelihood of being chosen for these crucial stages. The question of the maximum marks required in the AFCAT final merit list is on the minds of thousands among the vast pool of applicants. A commendable score in AFCAT, coupled with an excellent AFSB interview , significantly enhances your chances. So, what truly constitutes a good AFCAT score? The answer unfolds in the following article. Explore the entire article to uncover what is a good score in AFCAT 2024 and more.

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AFCAT 1 2024 Important Dates

Here are the official AFCAT 1 2024 exam dates for the interview and other events:


AFCAT 1 2024 Exam Dates

AFCAT Online Application Begins

December 1, 2023

Last Day for Application Submission

December 30, 2023

AFCAT 2024 Application form Correction Window Dates

January 8 to 9, 2024

AFCAT 2024 Admit Card Release Date

January 30, 2024

AFCAT Exam Date 2024

February 16 to 18, 2023

AFCAT Result 2024 Date

To be announced

Date for the Release of Cut-off Marks

To be announced

AFSB Notification 2024

To be announced

AFCAT Final Merit List 2024

To be announced

AFSB Interview Dates 2024

To be announced

Declaration of Final Results

To be announced

What is a Good Score for AFCAT 2024?

Determining what is a good score in AFCAT 1 2024 depends on your goals and the competition in your preferred branch. However, considering past patterns and expert insights, here's a breakdown:

Minimum Qualifying Score

Aim for at least 140-160 marks out of 300 to proceed to the next stages, including the AFSB interview and medical test. This range has been typical for previous AFCAT cut-offs.

Safe Zone for AFSB Interview Shortlisting

Target a score of 170-190+ to increase your chances of being shortlisted for the interview across most branches (excluding the Flying Branch, which may have higher score requirements).

Competitive Scores for Top Ranks and Preferred Branches:

  • Flying Branch: Experts recommend surpassing 200 marks for competitiveness in this highly sought-after branch.
  • Technical & Ground Duty Branches: Scores above 190 significantly enhance your chances in these branches.

Factors Affecting Cutoff & Competition

  • Number of Applicants: Higher competition due to more applicants can elevate the cut-off.
  • Exam Difficulty Level: An easier exam may lead to a higher cut-off as more candidates score well.
  • Vacancy Availability: More vacancies can result in a lower cut-off, easing the selection ratio.

AFCAT 1 2024 Expected Cutoff

Estimating the precise cutoff for AFCAT 1 2024 is challenging, given factors like the number of applicants, exam difficulty, and available vacancies. Yet, drawing from historical trends and expert insights, here's a detailed breakdown of the anticipated cut-off range:

Overall AFCAT 1 2024 Cutoff

Many experts foresee the overall AFCAT 1 2024 cutoff falling between 152 and 155 marks out of 300. The projection can be slightly higher than the 2023 AFCAT 1 cut-off too (155), considering factors like increased competition and potentially more challenging exam content.

Branch-Specific Cutoff Expectations

  • Flying Branch: Expect a notably higher cut-off, possibly exceeding 200 marks. This branch sees intense competition, and only top scorers secure interview opportunities.
  • Technical & Ground Duty Branches: Scores above 190 should position you well for these branches. The cutoff might vary slightly based on the specific branch.
  • General Duty Branch: Traditionally, this branch tends to have a lower cutoff, perhaps around 165-175 marks. However, a higher score significantly enhances your chances even in this category.

Previous Years' AFCAT 1 Cutoff

Take a look below at AFCAT 1 exam cutoffs from 2015 to 2022:

AFCAT Exam Year


EKT Cut Off

AFCAT 1 2023



AFCAT 1 2022



AFCAT 1 2021



AFCAT 1 2019



AFCAT 1 2018



AFCAT 1 2017



AFCAT 1 2016



AFCAT 1 2015



How Much Score is Enough for AFCAT 2024?

Every year, thousands of applicants from all around the country take the AFCAT written test. However, there are not many of these applicants who can make the final merit list. For instance, individuals who obtained 157 out of a possible 300 points on the AFCAT written test in the year 2022 are invited to the SSB interview but are unable to place their names on the final merit list. So, to participate in the AFSB, you must have earned more than 160 in the written test, and you must do well in this round to be included on the final merit list.

In other words, your selection is certain if you receive more than 150 on the AFCAT written test and more than 50% on the SSB interview. As you are aware, the AFCAT exam only selects 150 to 180 students for the Indian Air Force. In contrast, 1.5 to 2.0 lakh people complete this application form. Now you know that the applicants' chances of making the final merit list from the written test are merely 0.00001%.

Does AFCAT Scores Affect the AFCAT Merit List?

Yes, your AFCAT score is crucial for your final merit list of AFCAT 2024 standing, but it's not the sole determinant. Let’s break it down:

AFCAT Score's Significance

  • Your AFCAT score directly contributes to your final merit list score.
  • While the exact weightage may vary slightly by year and branch (typically around 60-70%), it plays a significant role.

Other Contributing Factors

  • AFSB Interview: This holds the remaining 30-40% weightage in your final merit list score. Your performance in group discussions, individual interviews, and psychological tests during the AFSB interview significantly influences your overall ranking.
  • AFCAT Medical Test : Passing the medical test is mandatory, but it does not directly impact your merit list position.

Impact of AFCAT Scores

  • A higher AFCAT score provides a robust starting point and enhances your chances of securing a favourable rank on the AFCAT 2024 merit list.
  • However, even with a decent AFCAT score, a subpar AFSB interview performance can adversely affect your ranking.
  • On the flip side, a stellar AFSB performance can potentially offset a slightly lower AFCAT score to some extent.

How Many Candidates Make It to the AFCAT Merit List?

The total number of candidates who make it to the AFCAT merit list varies every year. Check out the table below to learn about the figures:

AFCAT Exam Year

No. of Merit List Candidates

February 2023 317
July 2022


January 2022


July 2020


January 2020


July 2019


January 2019


July 2018


January 2018


July 2017


January 2017


What After the AFCAT Exam?

After the completion of the AFCAT 1 2024, applicants will be shortlisted for the interview rounds. Only those candidates who have qualified for the cutoff issued by the conducting body can be a part of the interview process.

Soon after the AFCAT result 2024 , a 5-day long interview process will be held with rounds such as CPSS, Interview, Psychological Test, Group Test, etc. A final merit list will be released keeping in mind the performance of an individual in all the aforementioned rounds.

After the merit list, candidates will be called for a medical exam based on which they will be offered final recruitment in Ground Duty or Flying Duty branches.

How to Get a Good Score in an AFCAT AFSB Interview 2024?

After the AFCAT result is released, candidates need to focus entirely on the upcoming 5-day-long interview rounds which involve three tests i.e., Psychological Tests, Personal Interview and GTO. Firstly, this interview comprises personality testing which means no matter how you have performed in your past exams, this is a new chance to showcase yourself in a new way.

How to Get a Good Score in AFCAT AFSB Interview?

So, check out the top 5 tips explaining how to get a good AFCAT AFSB Interview Score:

  • Read the Newspapers daily. It helps in staying updated with current affairs, increasing vocabulary and enhancing communication skills.

  • Try to learn about the basics of the Indian Air Force including the commands, ranks, missiles, aircraft etc.

  • Pick up a few outdoor sports and try playing them every day. You also need to exercise regularly. Doing so will increase the stamina and evoke a sense of team spirit which will come in handy during the test of physical strength in the AFCAT AFSB Interview.

  • Focus on maintaining a balance between physical and mental strengths.

  • Take proper 7-8 hours of sleep every day. It will help in removing exhaustion, increasing focus, and keeping the body and mind fresh.

Dos and Don'ts for AFCAT

AFCAT Exam Day Instructions: What to Carry, Reporting Time

Lastly, aspirants must have a confident mindset and a challenging spirit. So, even if you don’t make it to the final merit list, you should still give your 100% in the AFSB interview. Forget about your AFCAT Scores and focus on the interview. This was all about the AFCAT's good score. To know more details about the selection process, you can check out the AFCAT Physical and Medical Standards !

In case of any queries either dial the helpline number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or write to us in the QnA Portal. For admission-related assistance, fill out our Common Application Form .

Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for more updates on the AFCAT Exam !

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Is 200 a safe score in AFCAT?

No, 200 is a decent AFCAT score. The AFCAT cut-off marks fluctuate from year to year and are also affected by the amount of individuals who take the exam. A score of 200, on the other hand, is doubtful or hard to predict to be enough to gain a spot in the Air Force.

Is 176 a good score in AFCAT?

A 176 on the AFCAT is a decent score. The AFCAT cut-off marks fluctuate from year to year and are also affected by the amount of individuals who take the exam. A score of 176, on the other hand, is unlikely to be enough to gain a spot in the Air Force. 

Is 140 a good score in AFCAT?

No, an AFCAT score of 140 is not a good score. The AFCAT cut-off marks fluctuate from year to year and are also affected by the amount of individuals who take the exam. A score of 140, on the other hand, is unlikely to be enough to gain a spot in the Air Force. 

How much is the total AFSB interview score in AFCAT?

The SSB interview is an essential part of the AFCAT selection process. It is a thorough evaluation of your personality, leadership skills, and preparedness for a career in the Indian Air Force. A panel of experienced officers will interview you and ask you a series of questions about yourself, your motives, and your principles. To be eligible for a recommendation, you must obtain at least 150 points out of 300 in the SSB interview. However, the greater your score, the more likely you are to be suggested.

How long is the AFCAT AFSB Interview process?

The Officer Intelligence Rating Test (OIRT) and the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PP&DT) are administered on the first day. The primary assessments, which include psychological tests, group tests, and interviews, will take place over the following four to five days. The fifth day is reserved for applicants who have applied for the Flying Branch to take the Computerised Pilot Selection System (CPSS) test.

How many students managed to get a place in the AFCAT Merit List 2021?

According to the IAF AFCAT 2021 Merit List: https://afcat.cdac.in/AFCAT/assets/images/news/JUL_2021/Selection-List-Jul-21-courses.pdf, a total of 214 candidates were selected for the AFCAT merit list in 2021. The cutoff score for the Flying Branch was 190 and the cutoff score for the Ground Duty Branches was 185.

Can I make it to the merit list with an AFCAT score of 185?

With an AFCAT score of 185, it is impossible to predict if you will make the merit list. The cutoff score for the AFCAT merit list changes each year based on the number of candidates who take the exam and the number of vacant positions. The AFCAT 1 merit list cutoff score in 2023 was 155. However, due to a rise in the number of students taking the test, the cutoff score might be higher in 2024.

What all factors are considered before preparing the final merit list of AFCAT?

The factors considered before preparing the final merit list of the AFCAT 2024 are:
- AFCAT written exam score (40%)
- SSB interview score (60%)
- Medical fitness

The final merit list is created by giving the SSB interview score 60% of the weight and the AFCAT written test score 40% of the weight. The merit list includes candidates who have been deemed medically fit.

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