M.Sc Marine Biology - Course Overview

Duration: 2.0 yrs | Mode: Regular| Avg. Fees: 50,000 / Year


About M.Sc Marine Biology

Master of Science in Marine Biology is a two-year postgraduate program which deals with the study of oceans and its biological manifestations. Marine biology is mainly concerned with the study of all the living organisms in oceans. Marine biology covers a wide variety of subjects such as biochemistry, pathology, ecology, anatomy, ocean farming, development , reproduction, parasitology, conservation etc.

Professionals who specialize in the respective course are known as marine biologists . They main function of the marine biologists is to collect and interpret the biological data and study the behavior of different species and research about the ongoing environmental problems and their solutions.

Aspirants who have an affinity towards adventures, marine life and have an ability to work for long hours should opt for the course. There are various study topics in the field of marine biology and can choose as per their interests. Candidates must posess a curiousity for marine environment and have an ability to conduct research. 

M.Sc - Marine Biology Syllabus

First Year:

Fundamentals of Marine Ecology

Biological Oceanography

Fundamentals of Environment Science

Chemical Oceanography


Marine Pharmacology

Marine Botany

Coastal Zone Management 

Biology of Marine Organisms


Second Year:

Marine Geology



Marine Pollution 

Fundamentals of Marine Botany

Marine Food Technology

Marine Monitoring 

Marine Technology

Fundamentals of Fishery Science

Popular Specializations of M.Sc - Marine Biology