MSc Marine Biology

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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

About MSc Marine Biology

Master of Science in Marine Biology is a two-year postgraduate program which deals with the study of oceans and its biological manifestations. Marine biology is mainly concerned with the study of all the living organisms in oceans. Marine biology covers a wide variety of subjects such as biochemistry, pathology, ecology, anatomy, ocean farming, development, reproduction, parasitology, conservation etc.

Professionals who specialize in the respective course are known as marine biologists. The main function of the marine biologists is to collect and interpret the biological data and study the behaviour of different species and research about the ongoing environmental problems and their solutions.

Aspirants who have an affinity towards adventures, marine life and have an ability to work for long hours should opt for the course. There are various study topics in the field of marine biology and can choose as per their interests. Candidates must possess a curiosity for the marine environment and have an ability to conduct research. 

 MSc Marine Biology Highlights 

The candidates can check the major highlights of MSc Marine Biology Course mentioned below.

Course Name 

MSc Marine Biology


2 years 


B.Sc in Marine Biology, Zoology, Botany, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Fisheries or Aquaculture

Admission Process 

Entrance Exam 

Average Course Fees

Rs 50,000 per Year

Average Salary

Rs 5.20 Lakhs per Annum 

Career Options 

  • Marine Biologist

  • Senior Coordinator Research Analyst

  • Marine Conservationist 

  • Marine Ecologist

  •  Dive Operations manager

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MSc Marine Biology Eligibility Criteria

The students must fulfill the below mentioned eligibility criteria to pursue postgraduate courses in marine biology. The students usually do Masters in Science (MSc) in Marine Biology.

  • The students must have completed a graduation degree in any discipline of life sciences such as Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Marine Biology, Aquaculture, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry.
  • The students must obtain a minimum of 55-60 percent marks in bachelor’s degree to take admission at the postgraduate level in courses such as MSc in Marine Biology and related courses.
  • There are some reputed colleges and universities that conduct their own entrance examination for admission to MSc in Marine Biology. The students will have to appear for the entrance examination in such cases. Apart from direct admission being offered on the merit basis, they take top entrance exam to check the caliber of the students to grant admission in PG programs. 

 MSc Marine Biology Admission Process

The candidates can check the admission procedure for taking admission in MSc Marine Biology.

  • The university that offers  MSc Marine Biology course conducts its own entrance exam for admission. 

  • Selection is based on candidates performance in the entrance examination and marks obtained in the qualifying examination. 

Entrance Exam for MSc Marine Biology

The candidates can check the top entrance exams conducted for admission into top institutes which offer Marine Biology given below.

  • JRF

MSc Marine Biology Top Colleges in India 

The students who are willing to study MSc Marine Biology usually target the best colleges in India that offer MSc Marine Biology. The students can check the below mentioned top seven institutes in India.

  •  Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala
  • Annamalai University, TamilNadu
  • Pondicherry University, TamilNadu
  • College of Science and Technology, Andhra Pradesh
  • Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat
  • Karnatak University, Karnataka
  • Andhra Pradesh University, Waltair
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MSc Marine Biology Syllabus

The MSc Marine Biology Syllabus is divided into 4 semesters in the entire course duration. The candidates can go through the entire course curriculum of MSc Marine Biology mentioned below.

MSc Marine Biology Syllabus for First Year:

The candidates can check the MSc Marine Biology Subjects taught in the 1st year mentioned below.

Fundamentals of Marine Ecology

Biological Oceanography

Fundamentals of Environment Science

Chemical Oceanography


Marine Pharmacology

Marine Botany

Coastal Zone Management 

Biology of Marine Organisms

MSc Marine Biology Syllabus Second Year:

The candidates can check the MSc Marine Biology Subjects taught in the 2nd year mentioned below.

Marine Geology



Marine Pollution 

Fundamentals of Marine Botany

Marine Food Technology

Marine Monitoring 

Marine Technology

Fundamentals of Fishery Science

MSc Marine Biology Course Subjects

The students who wish to become a Marine Biologist must earn a MSc Degree of 2 years in the related field. They can look at the following syllabus and must have an idea about the same before doing the course.

  • Marine Biochemistry
  • Marine Chemistry
  • Dynamic oceanography
  • Marine Biology Dissertation
  • Marine Ecology practical
  • Marine microbiology
  • Sedimentology
  • Marine Microbiology practical

MSc Marine Biology Required Skill 

The candidates must possess few special skills if they want to pursue marine Biology. We hae provided the list of required skills needed for MSc Biology course below.

Technical Skills- The students of microbiology as a technician must possess laboratory skills like sequencing, and they must be aware about standard operating procedures. They also know how to write risk assessments and must have strong numerical and IT skills. 

Passion- Marine Biology is a specialized course and only those students can do justice with this course who is passionate about doing marine biology and spending time with the aquatic environment. The students who are interested in aquatic life can only excel in this field.

Soft Skills- Apart from having an excellent numerical and statistical skill, the students must possess presentation skills and soft skills to represent them at the global platform. They also must possess good observation skills and must have patience to deal with clients across the globe. They should also have good oratory and writing skills. They should be able to communicate well and be an effective team leader.

Analytical Mind- The job of marine biologists or aquatic analysts requires a lot of precision and they must have an analytical mind. They must be methodological enough to analyze and interpret all forms of data.

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MSc Marine Biology Career Options and Job Prospects

There is a broad range of career options for a candidate with an M.Sc Marine Biology. They can choose to opt for fieldwork, go into academic research, opt laboratory work etc. The list of job roles available are as follows:

  •  Marine Biologist

  • Senior Coordinator - Marine Conservation

  • Research Analyst

  • Marine Conservationist 

  • Marine Ecologist

  •  Dive Operations manager

MSc Marine Biology Job Roles

There are varieties of job roles that the students of Marine Biology can do after their graduation or post graduation. The students can choose jobs as per their interests and expertise. Some of the common jobs that the students can do are mentioned below. 

Marine Biologist

A Marine Biologist is responsible for understanding and doing research on oceans and different types of saltwater environment. They also carry our numerous experiments, observe data and analyze them.  They also take care of injured animals and try to rehabilitate them.

Fisheries Biologist

Fisheries Biologists are responsible for understanding the aquatic ecosystem. They also determine the population dynamics of the aquatic system and the impacts on them. They are also experts in recognizing different kinds of fish and other types of marine life.

Biological Technician

A Biological Technician is responsible for taking care of all the laboratory equipment. They also set up equipment along with maintaining and cleaning laboratory equipment and instruments. A biological technician also collects samples of blood, biological samples of food and bacteria cultures for laboratory analysis. 

Aquatic Biologist

An Aquatic Biologist is responsible for studying organisms in lakes, streams and ponds. They also assess all types of aquatic life and inhabitants. The aquatic terrestrial ecosystems, wildlife habitat, fish and similar other aquatic populations are assessed by aquatic biologists.


A Professor is responsible for teaching and creating awareness on different issues related to marine biologists. They also talk about policies, planning, and management of aquatic lives. They conduct expeditions on fishing and research vessels.

Fishery Data Manager

A Fishery Data Manager operates and maintains all the data and oversees the activities that take place in a fishery. They are responsible for monitoring the growth off fishing, maintaining equipment, prepping, and screening cultivation areas.

Reef Restoration Project Manager

A Reef Restoration Manager is responsible for over viewing restorations. They ensure that the restoration can keep functioning well smoothly without any problems. They play a very important role to rule out all the possibilities of error. 

Top Recruiters in Marine Biology Sector

The students who have studied MSc Marine Biology course can work both in private and government sectors.  The demand for Marine Biologists has increased over the years as there are many research projects being carried out by the leading companies of India. There are many recruiting areas for Marine Biologists such as universities, marine research institutes, international organisations, commercial companies, government agencies, and non-profit organisations. Some of the top recruiting companies for MSc Marine graduates are mentioned below. 

  • Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
  • Jacobs Engineering Group Inc
  • Pfizer Inc
  • Meteorological Survey of India
  • National Institute of Oceanography
  • Vertex Infosoft Solution Pvt Ltd
  • Department of Oceanography
  • Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture
  • Il India
  • Geological Survey of India
  • WaterSports Simple India Pvt Ltd.

MSc Marine Biology Salary

The students must keep a note of the average salaries for some prominent job profiles in marine biology as mentioned below.  The references of job salaries will help the students to choose the right profile for themselves. 

Job Profile

Salary per annum (Average)

Biological Technician

Rs. 5-7 lakhs 

Aquatic Biologist

Rs. 7-9 lakhs

Marine Biologist

Rs. 5-9 lakhs

Fisheries Biologist

Rs. 6-8 lakhs

Reef Restoration Manager

Rs. 6-8 lakhs


Rs. 7-10 lakhs

Scope of Msc Marine Biology in India and Abroad

MSc Marine Biology course is an interesting course and there are wide ranges of job profiles that the students can look for after graduating in Marine Biology. The students must possess scientific skills and research skills for carrying out most of the roles related to Marine Biology. The students specialize in technical skills. The students can find jobs in different areas such as invertebrate biodiversity, fisheries biology, coastal management, reef ecology of marine pollution.  

In order to be successful and growing in the field of Marine Biology, the students must have relevant experience along with the degree. The jobs related to Marine Biology are more suitable for those who are keen in doing field work and also comfortable in doing contractual basis work for short terms. The students must be able to work with varied team members and they should have the capability to work with both government and local people. The ability to lead a team can always be beneficial and the work can be done more easily. The scope of working abroad is very high after doing a Msc Marine Biology course.  

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FAQs about M.Sc Marine Biology

What is the aim of MSc Biology course?

M.Sc in Marine Biology is a postgraduate degree programme that involves the advanced study of oceans and its biological manifestations. It mainly involves the study of living organisms in oceans. Biochemistry, pathology, ecology, anatomy, ocean farming, development, reproduction, parasitology, conservation are some of the major topics covered in the syllabus of M.Sc Marine Biology degree programme.

What is the duration of M.Sc Marine Biology course?

The duration of the M.Sc Marine Biology course is 2 years.

What is the minimum eligibility criteria for admission in M.Sc Marine Biology course?

The candidate must hold a B.Sc degree in Marine Biology/ Zoology/ Botany/ Biochemistry/ Microbiology/ Biotechnology, Fisheries or Aquaculture for admission in M.Sc Marine Biology course

How to apply for admission in M.Sc Marine Biology?

Candidates who want to take admission in M.Sc Marine Biology course must apply at the respective university and appear in the entrance exam for admission. Selection is based on candidates performance in the entrance examination and marks obtained in the qualifying examination.

Which colleges in India offer M.Sc Marine Biology courses?

Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kochi, Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry University, Andhra University College of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, Berhampur University, Pondicherry University are the colleges in India that offer M.Sc Marine Biology course.

What is the fee of M.Sc Marine Biology course?

Fee structure of the M.Sc Marine Biology course varies institute-wise. The average fees are Rs 50,000 per year.

What is the scope of M.Sc Marine Biology course?

A candidate with an M.Sc Marine Biology degree can opt for fieldwork, laboratory work or go into academic research.

What are the job opportunities available after an M.Sc Marine Biology course?

A candidate with a degree in M.Sc Marine Biology can choose to work at onboard ships, laboratory or research centres. Marine Biologist, Research Analyst, Marine Conservationist, Marine Ecologist, Dive Operations manager are some of the job roles available for them.

What is the salary of a candidate with an M.Sc Marine Biology degree?

The salary of a candidate with an M.Sc Marine Biology degree varies according to the job roles and years of experience. The average pay scale of a Marine Biologist in India is Rs 9.00 Lakhs per Annum.

Is there an entrance exam for admission in the M.Sc Marine Biology degree programme?

Yes. The institutes in India offering M.Sc Marine Biology degree programme conducts its own entrance exam for admission.
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Lam Vijaykanth, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Feb-10-2023

Dear Student, 

Top institutions that offer M.Sc in Marine Sciences are provided below. 

·Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala

·Karnatak University, Karnataka

·Andhra Pradesh University, Waltair

·Annamalai University, TamilNadu

·Pondicherry University, TamilNadu

·College of Science and Technology, Andhra Pradesh

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Lam Vijaykanth, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Feb-01-2022

Dear Student,

Sorry to inform you that you are not eligible for M.Sc Marine Biology courses. Instead of that, you can continue with an integrated five-year programme or M.Sc in Agriculture. 

The candidates eligible for Marine Biology are