M.Sc Oceanography - Course Overview

Duration: 2.0 yrs | Mode: Regular| Avg. Fees: 40,000 / Year


About M.Sc Oceanography

Master of Science in Oceanography is a two-year postgraduate course offering a degree in the study of underwater world and sea. It mainly deals with the study of biological and physical properties of the oceans and how the underwater world differs from the land and their properties.

Oceanography is also known as the marine science and the professionals who study about oceans are known as oceanographers. Oceanography is a very research-oriented job as it required in-depth knowledge of oceans, its physical and chemical properties and how it affects the weather and the coastal areas.

Aspirants planning to pursue a career in marine science should possess good tolerance to motion and sea sickness, high endurance, and shall have adequate knowledge about oceans and other essential attributes. The program covers a wide range of subjects such as marine organisms, waves, ocean currents, the geology of the seabed, fluid dynamics, ecosystem dynamics, chemical substances at the sea floor etc. 

M.Sc - Oceanography Syllabus

First Year:

Introduction to Oceanography

Micro sales in the Ocean

Description of the Oceans

Physics in Marine Environment

The relations of biology and chemistry

Introduction to Oceanography Concepts

Geology in Marine Environment


Chemical Tracer Distribution - Advection & Diffusion

Oceanic Data Interpretation Physical Processes in Oceanography Biological Oceanography


Second Year:

Laboratory and Field Experience

Biology of Ocean

Introduction to Field Oceanography

Current Challenges Faced by the Ocean

Water Mass Identification, Temperature-Salinity Analysis

Study of Physics

Field Trip


Study of Geology and Chemistry

Data Collection, Interpretation and Presentation Physical and Chemical Properties of Seawater & Marine Products Marine Geology & Geophysics

Career Options and Job Prospects

After completing M.Sc in Oceanography can go for a research Ph.D. degree for better salary packages and employment opportunities. Students can seek jobs and good opportunities both in public and private sector. The popular employment areas for oceanographers both in public and private sector are following:

  • Geological Survey of India
  • Department of Oceanography
  • Oil India
  • Meteoroloical Survey of India

The entry-level salary of an oceanographer is Rs. 4 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh, this figure may vary as per relevant experience and area of specialization. Listed below are suitable job profiles for oceanography postgraduates:

  • Oceanographers
  • Marine Biologist
  • Marine Scientist
  • Marine Geologist 

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