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    BA Sociology Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    BA Sociology Syllabus & Subjects Overview

    BA Sociology is one of the most sought-after courses in the stream of Arts and Humanities. Sociology is all about Social Science and its related study. It deals with different Human Behavior, Social Life, Human Relationship, Social Changes, etc. BA Sociology provides an in-depth study of all these social aspects. BA Sociology syllabus includes all the important aspects of society. Through the BA Sociology subjects, students understand everything in a correct manner. The BA Sociology course demonstrates that our society is diverse in nature.

    The BA Sociology course subjects give complete knowledge of social issues like Poverty, and Illiteracy and teach how to eradicate and bring the best possible solutions for these problems. Some important topics covered through the syllabus are Demography, Cultural Sociology, Applied Sociology etc. By pursuing the course, the students gain an insight into Social Work and its significance in today’s world too. The BA Sociology course syllabus is usually formulated based on the learning requirements and experts’ opinions. Therefore, all-inclusive learning can be expected from the BA Sociology course. This course aims to develop knowledge and learning ability on the subjects. The knowledge given throughout the course helps the students to understand our society in a better way.

    BA Sociology Year Wise Syllabus

    BA Sociology course syllabus is completed through six semesters. At the initial stage, teaching is imparted on the basic principles of Sociology to give an idea of what Sociology is all about. Then, students gradually get to know about Social Problems, Anthropology, India’s Social Movement etc. In some colleges/universities, soft skill subjects/skill-based subjects are also included in the BA Sociology syllabus. The course aims to make the students ready for higher studies in the same domain. BA Sociology course comes with various objectives. Some of them are mentioned below:

    ·    The BA Sociology subjects aim to make the students able to critical thinking

    ·    After learning the course, students are expected to be able to evaluate the social structure, cultural structures, social organizations, their activities etc.

    ·    The course targets to enable the students to understand both traditional and contemporary aspects of Sociology

    ·    Giving an insight into the sociological theory is also an important objective of the course and BA Sociology subjects

    ·    The course aims to giving an idea of the socialization process, social media and its roles on society etc.

    ·    Apart from that, knowledge of social issues, methods of research etc are also the target teaching area of the BA Sociology course

    Tabulated below is the semester-wise BA Sociology syllabus. The syllabus can vary from college to college. But the core concepts of the course are usually the same for all institutions that offer BA in Sociology courses.

    BA Sociology1st-year syllabus

    The first year of the course includes the following BA Sociology subjects:

    Semester ISemester II
    Principles of Sociology IPrinciples of Sociology - II
    Indian SocietySocial problems in India
    Social PsychologySocial Anthropology
    Skill-based subject (Elective)Skill-based subject (Elective)






    BA Sociology 2nd-year syllabus

    The second year of the course contains the following BA Sociology course subjects:

    Semester IIISemester IV
    Classical Social Thinkers IClassical Social Thinkers II
    Social Movements in IndiaResearch Methodology and Statistics
    Social DemographyPolitical Sociology
    Soft Skills - IIISoft Skills - III
    Environmental StudiesEnvironmental Studies








    BA Sociology 3rd-year syllabus

    The BA Sociology course syllabus for the third year has the following topics:

    Semester VSemester VI
    Rural SociologyMedical Sociology
    Urban SociologyMedia, Society and Communication
    Industrial SociologyProject
    Sociology of DevelopmentExtension Activities
    Value Education-

    BA Sociology Subjects

    BA Sociology subjects are different academic subjects based on Sociology. The sole purpose is to train the minds for sociological imagination, social issues, and others. BA Sociology syllabus includes both the core and elective papers. Core papers are taught almost in all semesters. Elective or optional papers are taught after a few core subjects are introduced to the students. The BA Sociology course subjects also incorporate projects. In some colleges/universities, skill-based subjects are also important learning content in the syllabus. Like the syllabus, the subjects of BA Sociology may be different for different institutions. After studying all the BA Sociology subjects students will be able to understand sociology and its impact on society.
    Listed below are the subjects taught in the BA Sociology course:

    Individual and SocietyCollective Behaviour
    Social InstitutionsPersonality and Culture
    SocializationPublic Propaganda, Public Opinion
    Marriage and FamilySocial Change
    Caster and Class in IndiaSocial Mobility
    Social Change in IndiaSocial Processes
    Roots of Hindu Social OrganizationSocial Control
    Poverty and UnemploymentCrime and Delinquency
    TerrorismEconomic Organization
    Problems of Women and ChildrenPolitical Organization
    ReligionSocio-Religious National Movement
    Social Reform MovementsTribal Movements
    New Social MovementsPopulation Theories
    Population Programmes and PoliciesSources of Population Data


    BA Sociology Common Subjects for All Semester

    Sociology is the Common Subject for all the semesters of the BA Sociology courses. As it is previously mentioned Sociology is the study of Social Sciences. BA Sociology deals in a broader way of that study. As it is all about Sociology and its different aspects, every BA Sociology subject included in the syllabus is based on it. Whether it is Social Anthropology or Political Sociology or Sociology of Development, the chief subject is Sociology. Throughout the course, it is an effort to give an explain Sociology from different perspectives. Hence, the most important Sociology related subjects are included in all the semesters of BA Sociology course.


    BA Sociology Optional Subjects

    BA Sociology Optional Subjects are taught to the students to portray different aspects of Sociology. The BA Sociology subjects taught as optional papers help the students to understand the subjects in a better way. These subjects take the learners deeper into the subjects. The purpose of such subjects is to make the student understand the allied topics of sociology. Without understanding these topics, the overall learning would not get complete shape. One of the important benefits of these BA Sociology course subjects is that they enhance the power of understanding, expand the knowledge area and develop the potential of identifying the key areas of Sociology. Like the compulsory subjects, the optional subjects may vary according to the format of BA Sociology syllabus, a college or institute follows. The following list shows the BA Sociology Optional Subjects:

    ·    Sociology of Development

    ·    Economic Sociology

    ·    Women Studies

    ·    Sociology of Education

    ·    Sociology of Indian Society

    ·    Social Anthropology


    Syllabus for BA Sociology Distance Programs

    There are different universities in India that offer BA Sociology courses in Open Distance Learning Mode. The BA Sociology course in distance education is offered to provide an in-depth study of Sociology. The objective of the course is to present a perspective of Sociology beyond the discipline. The BA Sociology syllabus for distance education includes both core and elective topics. The BA Sociology subjects included in the syllabus improves the skills and abilities of the students. For example, a learner’s reading and writing potential get improved by practicing the assignments and course exercises. Likewise, the student’s critical understanding level and analytical skills are also improved through the learning process of the course.

    The BA Sociology course syllabus of distance education includes all the age-appropriate topics. Students get a comprehensive understanding of the BA Sociology course subjects through this course. One of the most important benefits of distance learning the course is that the students can pursue the course at their pace. The 3-year course can be completed within 6 years. The study materials and the BA Sociology course syllabus is designed to support all the features of distance education. The syllabus structure may be different for different universities that offer the course through distance mode. But, in all cases, subject themes remain the same. The BA Sociology course syllabus include core, specific elective, generic elective and skill enhancement subjects. A general idea of the BA Sociology course subjects included in the distance learning education mode is given here:

    Core Topics

    Specific Elective Topics

    Introduction to Sociology

    Tribal Cultures of India

    Sociology of India

    Environmental Sociology

    Political Sociology

    Indian Sociological Traditions

    Sociology of Gender


    Sociology of Religion

    Visual Anthropology

    Social Stratification

    Urban Sociology

    Sociology of Kinship


    Sociological Research Methods


    Skill Enhancement Subjects

    Generic Electives

    Tourism Anthropology

    Disaster Management

    Public Health and Epidemiology

    Sustainable Development

                                       Ability Enhancement Core Papers

    Environmental Studies

    English Communication skills


    BA Sociology Entrance Exam Syllabus

    There are some colleges that offer BA Sociology admission through entrance exams. These colleges want to test the students’ potential and basic understanding level of the subjects. Some of the popular entrance exams for BA Sociology course are JMI Entrance Exam , CUET etc. Exams like CUET Sociology contain objective type questions. It is a computer-based test conducted by NTA once in a year. Mentioned below is the BA Sociology syllabus for CUET Exam:

    Structure of Indian SocietySocial Change and the Polity
    Social Institutions: Continuity and ChangeSocial Change and the Economy
    Social Inequality and ExclusionArenas of Social Change
    The challenges of Unity in DiversityNew arenas of Social Change
    Process of Social Changes in IndiaSocial Movements

    BA Sociology Important Books

    BA Sociology books are very crucial in completing the course. These books detail the subjects the course deals with. Universities or colleges mostly recommend subject-specific books for the course. BA Sociology course subjects are elaborated in both textbooks and reference books. One can find topic-related books for the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology course. There are plenty of options available in the market. Books of any subject support the syllabus structure of the course. They help in detailing the matters a topic deal with. Books could be an alternative approach to the learning of the syllabus. They can make a great difference for the learners of BA Sociology. The BA Sociology subjects included in the syllabus helps to facilitate the understanding of the students. Another benefit of the BA Sociology books is that they help in taking a structural approach to course preparation. The book recommendation by the universities can vary. Listed below are some of the important books that one can refer to as their course guide.

    Text BooksReference Books
    The Principles of Sociology by Franklin HenrySociology- An Introduction by Gelles J. Richard, Ann Levine
    Social Problems in India by Bhattacharya, S.KReconceptualising Caste, Class & Tribe Sharma by K.L
    An Introduction to Social Anthropology by Jha, MakhanPoverty Alleviation and Housing Problem by Kohli and Sharma
    Introduction to Anthropology by Beals, R, & HaijerPoverty and Underdevelopment by  Attachand
    Introduction to Social Anthropology by Majumdar, D.N. & T.N. MadanCultural Anthropology by Richney. H. Crapo
    An Introduction to Social Anthropology by Lucy, MairClassical Social Theory by Craib, Ian
    Masters of Sociological Thought: Ideas in Historical & Social Context by Coser, Lewis. AIntroduction to History of Sociology by Barnes, H.E
    The Making of Sociology by Fletcher, RonaldPopulation Theories and Demographic Analyses by Ghosh B.N
    Social Movements in India by Rao M.S.AMethodology for population studies and development by Mahadevan and P.Krishnan
    The Sociology of Social Movements by Banks, J.ASocial Demography by Ford. T.P. and D’ Jong G.F
    Social Background of Indian Nationalism by Desai, A.PSociological Theory and Social Structure by Merton, Robert k
    From Untouchable Dalit: Essays on The Ambedkar Movement by Selliot, ElmerSociological Theory: Its Nature and Growth by Timasheff, Nicholoas
    Principles of Population Studies by . Bhende, Asha. A and Tara KanitkarPolitical Sociology by Ali Ashaf and Sharma B.N.
    Fundamentals of Demography by  Hans Dr. RajBA Sociology Course StructurePolitical Sociology by Bhattacharyya.D.C

    BA Sociology Course Structure

    BA Sociology course can broadly be divided into two categories core and elective subjects. The course curriculum engages students to learn by engaging themselves in social campaigns with more emphasis on practical learning, attending lectures of eminent guest teachers of the nation and worldwide, group discussion between the students which provide them with a friendly fun atmosphere to open up and learn etc.

    Sociology projects are designed meticulously so that they unfurl an amazing and engrossing opportunity for students from humanities and science backgrounds. They also prepare the students who want to opt for further studies. Real-time and challenging social issues for the project work give the students a captivating platform to grow themselves. Some of the most sought-after project topics for undergraduate programs are the Sociology of food, Juvenile Justice System, Drug abuse in Youth, Sociology of gender, Race Nationality and Ethnicity etc. Sociology projects are designed in such a way that it helps the students to understand social issues in a better way and provide a road map for the solution.

    FAQs about B.A. Sociology Syllabus

    What are the ways to opt for after BA Sociology?

    As career options, you can choose to be Journalist, Administrative Supporter, Family Counsellor etc.

    Which group is easy in BA Sociology?

    All the groups are easy in BA Sociology course.

    Is BA Sociology good for future?

    Yes, BA Sociology course is good for future. There are plenty of scopes for BA Sociology graduates both in the private and Govt. sectors

    How many papers are there in BA Sociology?

    Though it depends on the syllabus of the BA Sociology of a college/university, but usually around 25-30 papers are divided into 4-5 papers for each semester.

    What if I fail in BA Sociology?

    If you fail in BA Sociology, you need to reappear for the exam
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