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    BSc Biomedical Science: Course Details, Fees, Eligibility, Admission Process, Career Scope & Jobs, Syllabus

    About BSc Biomedical Science

    BSc Biomedical Sciences is an undergraduate course that can be completed in 3 years. The course deals with the biological principles that govern the functioning of human bodies, mechanisms of diseases and measures to control and cure diseases using advanced tools and technologies.

    BSc Biomedical Science full-time course is covered in 6 semesters and is offered in various colleges in India.  The course helps students get a job like managing medical instruments and records of hospitals, healthcare and laboratories. Candidates can also take medical government job after BSc Biomedical Science course.

    Students who are interested in higher education can pursue a master’s course from institutes in India or abroad.

    BSc Biomedical Science Overview

    BSc Biomedical Science is suitable for those students who have interest in Biomedical Sciences and also possess a scientific bent of mind along with interest in conducting experiments. BSc Biomedical Science subjects and syllabus is structured in such a manner that it provides students with an overall understanding of the Biomedical Sciences. The students with the help of this course understand the concepts behind the scientific basis of Human Health and Diseases, basic aspects of Physiology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Anatomy, etc.

    The BSc Biomedical Science course comes with great career options to explore and the graduate can look for employment opportunities in various sectors including teaching in colleges and universities, working in organisations like hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, labs, etc. The students can work on different job profiles on completion of graduation and some of the interesting profiles include Data Analyst, Research Assistant, Clinical Research Coordinator, Professor, Medical Transcript, Sales Manager etc. The average annual salary offered to the students of BSC Medical Science course after their graduation ranges between INR 1.8 lakhs to INR 4 lakhs. The salary structure depends on the job profile and work experience. If one chooses to teach at university level, the salary structure will be much improved. 

    BSc Biomedical Science syllabus is crafted in such a manner that it trains the students to comprehend the basic functioning of the human body. There are various BSc Biomedical Science colleges in India and BSc Biomedical Science fees may vary from college to college. BSc Biomedical Science admission is done on the merit basis. Once the students graduate from BSc Biomedical Science Course, they can either go for higher education in the related field and pursue MSc Biomedical Sciences or go for lucrative jobs in private and government sectors. 

    BSc Biomedical Science Course Highlights

    Following are the major highlights of BSc Biomedical Science course:

    Course Name

    B.Sc in Biomedical Science


    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)



    Minimum Qualification

    Class XII with PCB

    Admission Process

    Entrance exam or Merit basis

    Course fees

    Rs 30,000 to Rs 90,000

    Starting Salary

    Rs 2.40 Lakhs to Rs. 4.00 Lakhs

    Job Roles

    Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Specialist, Biostatistics Manager, Medical coder, Clinical Data Analyst, Research Assistant, Lab Manager, Imaging Research Scientist

    BSc Biomedical Science Eligibility Criteria

    Following are the minimum eligibility criteria for admission in BSc Biomedical Science course offered in various institutes in India:

    • The candidate must have passed Class 12th from a recognized board.
    • He/ She must be from the PCB stream
    • He/She must have studied Mathematics till Class X.

    BSc Biomedical Science Admission Process

    Admission to BSc Biomedical Science program is considered either through entrance examinations or merit basis.

    Candidates must have a valid scorecard of the entrance examination for admission in a specific institute/ college where admission is considered on a merit basis.

    For merit-based admission, a candidate must ensure to meet the education eligibility criteria for admission in the specific institute. They must fill in the application form of the institute in online or offline mode and wait for the results of admission.

    BSc Biomedical Science Syllabus

    Semester wise syllabus of B.Sc Biomedical Science course is given below:

    • Human Anatomy and Physiology
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Professional Communication
    • Basic Cell Biology
    • Labs

    Semester II

    • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Instrumentation
    • Immunology
    • Environment Studies
    • Principles of Genetics

    Semester III

    • Analytical Instrumentation and its Application
    • Medical Physics
    • Molecular Biology
    • Microbiology
    • Biocomputation

    Semester IV

    • Pathology
    • Techniques for Forensic Science
    • Biochemistry
    • Toxicology
    • Biostatistics

    Semester V

    • Pathology
    • Techniques for Forensic Science
    • Biochemistry
    • Toxicology
    • Biostatistics

    Semester VI

    • Hospital Management
    • Project Work
    • Medical Ethics
    • Labs

    BSc Biomedical Science Subjects

    The candidate must be aware of the BSc Biomedical Science Subjects that are being taught during the course tenure. Mentioned below in the table is a list of BSc Biomedical Science Subjects.

    Principles of Genetics

    Bio-Organic Chemistry


    Medicinal Chemistry


    Cell and Radiation Biology

    Medical Microbiology

    Human Physiology and Anatomy

    Human Pathology


    Molecular Biology


    Principles of Endocrinology


    Endocrine Pathology

    Molecular Biology of the Cell

    Hormones and Reproduction

    Molecular Endocrinology

    Molecular Genetics

    Genetic Engineering and Hormone Biotechnology

    Principles of Human Physiology 

    BSc Biomedical Science Required Skills

    BSc Biomedical Science is a specialised course that requires a strong skill set apart from the apt educational qualification. The students must possess the right kind of skills in order to excel in the field of Biomedical Sciences. To be industry ready and for working with the corporate, the candidates must go through the work ethics manual and other important skills that will help them to sustain for a longer period of time. Some of the common skill sets that are required by the students of BSc Biomedical Sciences are mentioned below: 

    Technical Skills- Technical skills are something that is required in every field in the current scenario. As a student of BSc Biomedical Science, one needs to be technically sound as they are surrounded with equipment that are used extensively in the labs. If any candidate has required technical skills in advance, they will have an edge over other candidates that will also help them in fetching jobs.

    Scientific Knowledge- While the topics and concepts that students learn throughout the course are incredibly important in this course, learning to apply them to various practical problems is another matter altogether. Biomedical Science courses incorporate laboratory practice in their curriculum to enhance their scientific knowledge about the course which is very important. 

    Presentation Skills- Public speaking and presentation skills are an absolute must for the students of BSc Biomedical Sciences. The students are expected to make various presentations throughout their course duration. Presentation skills will help them in getting jobs in the industry. It helps in developing confidence among the students. This is one of the most important skills that students need to possess irrespective of the nature of the course. 

    Teamwork Skills- Teamwork is very important and significant in any field. Teamwork Management, Coordination and Functioning are very important for the students of BSc Biomedical Sciences as well. A misconception in science is always said that people of the science stream work in isolation but it is far from reality. They need more coordination than any other field to succeed. In Biomedical Science, professionals are almost always working in teams, and they don’t always get to choose their teams. Hence, students must have the necessary skills to work efficiently in partnership.

    Research Skills- Research over the years has been found to be very significant in every field. Research skills are required in every organisation as one needs to understand the background of any activity. Research skills refer to the ability of candidates to uncover important information (not known to the audience previously) that can prove instrumental in the field of study. The research includes a lot of hard work as several kinds of literature are studied before reaching a conclusion. 

    BSc Biomedical Science Top Colleges in India

    There are various BSc Biomedical Science colleges in India. The candidates can check some of the top BSc Biomedical Science colleges along with their location and average BSc Biomedical Science course fee mentioned below in the table.

    Top BSc Biomedical Science Colleges


    Average BSc Biomedical Science Course Fees (per annum)

    King George Medical University

    Lucknow, UP

    INR 34,000

    Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women

    New Delhi

    INR 20,000

    Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences

    New Delhi

    INR 58,000

    Acharya Narendra Dev College

    New Delhi

    INR 60,000

    University of Calcutta


    INR 7,000

    DAV College

    Amritsar, Punjab

    INR 8,500

    Mahatma Gandhi University

    Kottayam, Kerala

    INR 33,000

    Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

    Mumbai, Maharashtra

    INR 60,000

    Bundelkhand University

    Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

    INR 18,500

    BSc Biomedical Science Top Colleges in Abroad

    Candidates have the opportunity to pursue BSc Biomedical Science from foreign countries. But, the aspirants must be aware of the colleges and universities abroad where the BSc Biomedical Science course is being offered. Given below in the table is the list of top BSc Biomedical Science colleges located abroad. 

    Harvard University

    Stanford University

    Yale University

    University of California, San Diego

    University of Oxford

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Imperial College London

    The University of Tokyo

    University of Toronto

    Columbia University

    Princeton University

    California Institute of Technology

    Cornell University

    University of Cambridge

    John Hopkins University

    BSc Biomedical Science Career Options and Job Prospects

    The students of BSc Biomedical Sciences can explore multiple career options and job prospects with a decent salary. One can explore the below mentioned job profiles and their respective salaries:

    Job Profile


    Average Salary 

    Biomedical Engineer

    Biomedical Engineers are responsible for designing systems and products including artificial organs, devices that replace body parts for diagnosing medical issues. They can also install, maintain, adjust, and repair or provide technical assistance for biomedical equipment.

    INR 2 Lakh to INR 4 Lakh


    Lecturers are responsible for teaching at colleges and universities and enable the students to know everything possible about the course of BSc Biomedical Science.

    INR 4 Lakh to INR 6 Lakh

    Biomedical Scientist

    Handle different biological samples, screening and testing of lifestyle diseases, development, discovery of medicines and drugs for treatment, etc. 

    INR 1.8 Lakh to INR 3.2 Lakh

    Lab Manager

    Lab Manager is responsible for processing specimens and preparing the proper experimental setup and also maintaining and cleaning the lab and equipment.

    INR 1.8 Lakh to INR 4 Lakh


    Pharmacists are responsible for keeping, dispensing and managing medicines and looking after the overall health care of patients in the setting of Pharmacies or Dispensaries at the required place. 

    INR 72K to INR 4 Lakh

    Sales Engineer

    Sales Engineers work to collaborate with the sales team to understand customer requirements and supply important materials as per the requirement. They also have to promote the sale of company products and to enhance company’s sales. They demonstrate trial installations of equipment, create sales for products or services through sales leads, also plan and modify product configurations to meet the need and demand of customers

    Starting from INR 3 Lakh

    BSc Biomedical Science Top Recruiters

    There are several companies that offer jobs and opportunities to work after pursuing a BSc Biomedical Science course. The candidates can check the list of top firms that hire BSc Biomedical Science graduates here:

    • Apollo Hospital Enterprises
    • Cipla
    • Ranbaxy
    • Reddy’s Lab
    • Fortis Healthcare
    • Discover Medics

    Advancement and Future Scope of BSc Biomedical Science

    BSc Biomedical Science Course in the current scenario is a highly sought-after course because of its demand in the industry. The students are willing to pursue this course because of increasing career and job opportunities associated with this field. After graduation, jobs can be easily found in areas like Management, Consultancy, Research, Laboratory Work, and Education. The job prospects are very high in both India and abroad hence students look out for BSc Biomedical Science courses. Pharmaceutical companies, Forensics Departments, Veterinary Laboratories, Government Organisations, and many other areas look for skilled professionals to support and improve the health care system. 

    BSc Biomedical Science course is one area that also fuels medical advances in many different areas of research. The growth of technology has enabled development in almost every sector including advancement in the field of biomedical sciences as well. Some of the recent developments in this field are mentioned below:

    • Nanorobotics- It is an emerging field of technology as nanorobotics involves the creation of nanometre-sized (tiny) surgical robots. The microscopic size of these technologies helps scientists to perform manipulations of biological matter at the molecular or atomic level. In surgical procedures, nanorobots can be introduced, in a minimally invasive manner, into the body via the vascular system or other parts of the body. Human surgeons can also program them in advance to perform specific functions like searching for pathogens. With the ability to record vital signs like temperature and blood pressure, this technique will be able to test, diagnose, and monitor tissues, cells, and microorganisms in the bloodstream.
    • Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) - Brain-Computer Interfaces are devices enabling signals from the brain to control external activity. These devices work by recording the electrical activity of the brain utilising a monitoring method called electroencephalography (involving placing electrodes on the scalp). For individuals who are suffering from a debilitating loss of motor control, this technology can be a vital ray of hope. While this technology is in the formative years of development and perhaps futuristic, the long-term impact can prove beneficial for humankind and beyond anything we can imagine today.
    • 3D Bioprinting- This involves the use of 3-D printing techniques for biomedical applications such as combining cells, growth factors, and biomaterials for the creation of biomedical parts which can precisely imitate natural characteristics of tissues. These technologies are still under experiment mode and humans have been kept out of it but one must note that these technologies can help in identifying and eliminating serious diseases. 3D bioprinting is a technology which uses a layer-wise method to deposit bio-inks and can create tissue-like structures for use in the fields of tissue and medical engineering for the benefit of mankind.

    FAQs about B.Sc BM

    What are the job roles after completing the BSc Biomedical Science course?

    There are several job roles for students who successfully complete the BSc Biomedical Science course. Some of the job opportunities for BSc Biomedical Science graduates are - 

    • Lab Manager
    • Pharmacist
    • Sales Engineer
    • Lecturer
    • Teacher


    The course duration of BSc Biomedical Science is 3 years.

    The BSc Biomedical Science subject list that will be covered during the course tenure are -

    • Immunology
    • Medicinal Chemistry
    • Pharmacology
    • Cell and Radiation Biology
    • Medical Microbiology
    • Human Physiology and Anatomy
    • Biophysics
    • Molecular Biology
    • Bio-Organic Chemistry

    What is the course duration of BSc Biomedical Science?

    The course duration of BSc Biomedical Science is 3 years.


    What is the full form of BSc Biomedical Science?

    The full form of BSc Biomedical Science is Bachelors of Science in Biomedical Science.


    What is BSc Biomedical Science?

    BSc Biomedical Science course is an undergraduate degree suitable for those students who have interest in Biomedical Sciences and also possess a scientific bent of mind along with interest in conducting experiments. BSc Biomedical Science subjects and syllabus is structured in such a manner that it provides students with an overall understanding of the biomedical sciences.


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