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B.Sc Computer Science vs B.Sc Physics - Which is the Best Option after Class 12?

Kumari Neha
Kumari NehaUpdated On: July 15, 2020 11:56 am IST

B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Physics are two popular courses with different career prospects and scope. Students can read this option to figure out the best course among B.Sc Physics vs Computer Science after Class 12th. 

B.Sc Computer Science vs B.Sc Physics. Which is the best course to choose after Class XII?

Computer Science and Physics are two fundamental subjects, the implementation of which is quite high in the field of research and technology. The most basic course that a student can choose in either of the two fields is Bachelors of Science (B.Sc). Both B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Physics are equally important with diverse career prospects. The subject matter of both the courses may vary at the basic level but as one goes for in-depth research, they realise that research work in physics is incomplete without computer science and vice versa. The contribution of both computer science and physics professionals is needed at higher-level research.

However, one cannot study both B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Physics courses at the same time, as the curriculum and subjects vary for both courses. However, there is always a scope for broad minds and curious students. A student interested in both Computer Science and Physics can choose one of them as the main subject and the other they learn out of interest through an online medium, distance or part-time course.

In this article, we have made a comparison between B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Physics which will help a student analyse their interest and help them choose the apt B.Sc course after Class XII:

Comparison between B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Physics

The following table shows the major comparison between B.Sc Computer Science and B.Sc Physics:

Course Name

BSc Computer Science

B.Sc Physics


3 years

3 years


Class XII in any stream

Class XII in Science Stream

List of Entrance Exams











Admission Process

Entrance examination

Entrance examination

Average Fees

INR 20,000 to 1 Lacs per Annum

INR 10,000 to 1 Lacs per annum

Top Job Roles after Graduating

  • Programmer

  • IT Analyst

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Systems Support Engineer

  • Network Support Engineer

  • Physicist

  • Physics Lecturer

  • Lab Assistant

  • Subject Matter Expert (SME)

  • Technician

Top Recruiting Organizations

HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, CTS

Indian Railways, Staff Selection Commission, Banking sector, Government Sector Services.

Career Growth

Candidates who pursue higher studies after B.Sc Computer Science can expect better growth in career.

Candidates can apply for government jobs after B.Sc Physics.To get exposure to research work and teaching, the candidate must go for higher studies in a relevant field.

Highest Salary Range

Rs 6 lakh

Rs 6 lakh

Average Salary

Rs. 3- 4 Lakhs

Rs. 3- 4 Lakhs

Top Colleges

List of Government Jobs

  • CDAC)- Trainee/Scientist

  • NIC- Scientist Technical Assistant

  • DRDO- Scientists

  • ECIL- Trainee

  • NTPC- Engineering Executive Trainees

DRDO- Trainee

ISRO- Scientist/ Technical Assistant

BARC- Scientist/ Technical Assistant

ONGC- Trainee/ Technical Assistant

BHEL- Scientist/ Technical Assistant

NTPC- Trainee/ Technical Assistant

List of Government Recruitment Tests

CDAC, ISRO entrance test

BARC entrance test, ISRO entrance test

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Reasons to Pursue B.Sc Computer Science

There are umpteen reasons to opt B.Sc Computer Science course. Before choosing the course, have a look at some of the reasons which will help you analyse whether you really want to pursue B.Sc Computer Science course or opt:

  • Students who are interested in computers and want to learn about the software and hardware can pursue B.Sc Computer Science course. The course will help the student learn concepts like a programming language, operating system, database, networking, software testing, web technology.

  • Computer science enthusiasts who are looking forward to making a career in a futuristic industry of IT and technology can opt B.Sc Computer Science course.

  • B.Sc in Computer Science helps students gain basic concepts and understanding computer science, information technology and intermediary subjects. After the completion of the bachelor’s course, a student can go for higher education for an advanced level of study and seek knowledge in the field of technology

  • Pursuing a B.Sc in Computer Science not only provides professional growth but also opens up opportunities in the research-oriented field. Those who are interested in science and technology and want to go for research work can opt computer science course.

  • By the end of 3 years B.Sc Computer Science course, a student becomes well versed in programming languages, algorithms and database which are essential concepts and highly in demand at the industry.

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Job Opportunities after B.Sc Computer Science

The job opportunities for B.Sc in Computer Science graduates are quite broad as the technology is growing rapidly and the need for computer science graduate is quite high in research and development.

A B.Sc Computer Science student can either go for lucrative jobs in the private or government sector or they can opt for research in the relevant field. The job roles for B.Sc Computer Science candidates are available in Multi-National Companies (MNC’s), Hardware companies, Networking Companies, Software Consultancies, Banks, Academic Institutes, Government agencies etc.

Some of the job roles available for B.Sc Computer Science graduates are as follows:

Programmer: As a programmer, you will be responsible for creating codes in various computer languages like Java, Python, C#, JavaScript etc. A programmer also debugs and runs code to generate the expected results. The demand for the programmer is high for software development.

Computer Scientist: Enthusiast computer science students must always go for research and development in technology. As a Computer Scientist, you will get an opportunity to work on new technology. You can make a contribution in the field of robotics, Artificial Intelligence, virtual reality etc.

The higher education after B.Sc Computer Science is recommended to pursue a career as a Computer Scientist.

IT Analyst: An IT Analyst is needed in every big organisation. He/she is the person who is responsible to study the functioning and connectivity of systems in the organization and help design the best structure for the flow of information.

They ensure that the organisation is functioning properly through techniques incorporated.

Hardware Engineer: If you are more interested in computer hardware than the software, then you can opt for a hardware engineer as a career. As a hardware engineer, you will be responsible to design and deal with the hardware components of systems. He/ She can resolve problems associated with the hardware parts and increase the efficiency of computers for its usage for different work.

Systems Support Engineer: A system support engineer is needed in every organization. They are the one resolves problems of employees at workplace like system efficiency, internet connection and Its infrastructure. They are hired as professionals in the IT department of the organisation.

List of B.Sc Computer Science Colleges in India

Reasons to Pursue B.Sc Physics

If you are planning to opt B.Sc Physics, then you must have studied Physics in Class XII. Physics is an interesting and vast subject. If Physics is one of the subjects that interest you but you are not sure about its implementation and scope in future a and check some of the reasons to opt Physics course:

  • Students who are creative and want to explore and experiment thing that involves quantitative reasoning and problem-solving skills can opt B.Sc Physics course. Understanding of basic Mathematics is needed to understand the concepts of Physics.

  • B.Sc Physics is a good course for candidates with a good imagination in understanding the scientific phenomena and an urge for discovery for the benefit of humankind.

  • B.Sc Physics is Versatile course. The course helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. B.Sc Physics student gets a chance to explore the fundamental theories and concepts associated with Physics

  • After the completion of B.Sc Physics, a candidate can opt for higher education in relevant disciplined from top institutes like IITs or research institutes and make a bright future.

  • Soon after the completion of course, a candidate can go for a job in private or government sectors.

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Job Opportunities after B.Sc Physics

Physicist: A Physicist studies and discovers the interaction between the atomic particles in a matter or energy. They are associated with experiments and research to reach a conclusion.

B.Sc Physics is the most fundamental course that a student must study to become a Physicist. Higher education like M.Sc Physics and PhD are needed to become a successful Physicist.

Geophysicist: A geophysicist studies the physical aspects of the earth like earth gravity, magnetic field effect, seismic, components of earth etc. As a professional, a geophysicist works in the oil and gasoline industry as they know about the composition in the earth’s surface.

They also examine rocks and evaluate their compositions. They help in the exploration of underground water or petroleum. A y geophysicists assist in the protection and sustainability of the environment. They also play a major role in predicting natural calamities and monitor them to avoid minimum loss.

Nanotechnologist: A Nanotechnologist examines matter on a nanoscale. They are responsible to design and conduct experiments to observe organic and inorganic particles and help in research work in healthcare, engineering, information technology etc.

A Nanotechnologist works to create a small and efficient chip and even smaller computer parts while designing a product. They test pollutants and studies the smallest fragments of it. They can also be involved with bio-systems to store the minute amounts of DNA or other biological fragments for testing purpose. They also manipulate cells other chemicals of the body.

Lab Supervisor: As a lab Supervisor, you will be responsible to handle technical equipment and tools and assist in the experiment and testing. A B.Sc Physics graduate can work as Lab Supervisor in private firms, clinics, laboratories or institutes.

Technician: A B.Sc Physics graduate can work in private organisations as a technician or tech support jobs. There is always a vacancy for the technical job role in companies. Candidates can apply for a job soon after the completion of course.

List of B.Sc Physics Colleges In India

Hope the above information will help students choose the right course after Class XII. For the latest education news and updates, stay tuned to CollegeDekho!


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