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Career as Product Designer

Last Updated By Sakunth Kumar on 15 Nov, 2021

Career as a Product Designer

About Product Designer

A Product Designer of a company is responsible for the user experience of a product, which usually includes taking direction on the business goals and objectives from product management. Product Designers are typically associated with the visual or tactile aspects of a product but sometimes they can also play a role in the information architecture and system design of a product.

Some common terms by which Product Designers are also referred to are User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer, Customer Experience Architect, Interaction Designer, or Information Architect. This depends upon the type of the company, its size, and the diversity of the design department and the designer's area of expertise. Some companies also outsource Product Designers and hire them on a project-to-project basis, thus relying on outside consultants and agencies for this function.

Responsibilities of Product Designer

Provided below are the responsibilities of a Product Designer:

  • To visualise and create drawings and design concepts to determine the best product.

  • To present ideas and concepts to relevant team members for brainstorming.

  • To employ design concepts into functional prototypes.

  • To analyse, modify and revise existing designs or products and meet customer expectations.

  • To keep an eye on the current industry trends and market conditions.

  • To coordinate with team members and to ensure accurate efficiency in the design phase.

Eligibility to become Product Designer

Meeting the eligibility criteria for Product Designers is extremely important for any individual who aspires to build a career in this field. It goes without saying that the candidates who do not fulfil the prerequisites will not be considered for the job role of a Product Designer at any company. The list of Product Designer eligibility criteria has been given below.

Educational Qualifications
  • Students must have completed at least graduation in Product Design.
  • Candidates who have completed postgraduation in Product Design.
  • Communication skills
  • Sound visualisation abilities
  • Observation skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Eye for aesthetic design and understanding of customer appeal
  • Artistic & innovative flair
  • Strong knowledge of the industry & market trends
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Meticulous and diligent
Work Experience
  • Relevant work experience in a particular field is mandatory

Courses to become Product Designer

Provided below are the apt courses that students can pursue in order to be a Product Designer:



College Name

B.Des in Product Design

4 Years

B.Sc in Product Design

3 Years

B.A. Product Design

3 Years

B.V.A. Product Design

3 Years

M.Des in Product Design

2 Years

M.Sc in Product Design

2 Years

Types of Job Roles Product Designer

The job roles offered to Product Designers have a wide range and they usually depend upon several factors. Some important facts that contribute to the job role of a Product Designer include the level at which the individual is beginning his/ her career, the size of the organisation, the type of the company, the location of the company, the sector in which the candidate works, etc. With a vast number of companies requiring Product Designers for giving a boost to their merchandise, candidates can seek jobs at various levels and in several industries.

A few of the relevant job roles of a Product Designer are as follows:

Employment Opportunities for a Product Designer

Some of the most prominent sectors in which Product Designers are hired have been mentioned below.

  • Marketing

  • Advertisement

  • Public Relations

  • IT Companies

  • Architectural Industries

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Hardware Companies

  • Software Companies

Top Recruiting Agencies for a Product Designer

Here are the top recruiting agencies that constantly offer employment opportunities to a Product Designer:

  • 1E

  • Sourcewiz

  • Groyyo

  • SalaryBox

  • ApplyBoard

  • Gift My Emotions

  • Techgig

  • Nitco Technology

  • Sprinklr

  • RoundGlass

  • Cvent

  • MouriTech

Planning to choose Product Designer as your career?

Pay Scale/Salary of Product Designer

 The average base salary of a Product Designer is around INR 6,30,528 per annum. Provided below are the starting, mid or senior level salaries extracted by a Product Designer:

Job Profile

Starting Annual Salary (INR)

Mid-Level Salary (INR)

Senior-Level Salary (INR)

Product Designer




Note: The above-mentioned figure is an estimate and may vary from individual to individual and company to company.

Books & Study Material to Become Product Designer

Books are man's best friends. This popular saying holds infinite value even when talking about the professional aspects. Referring through the best books to become a Product Designer is a must for every aspirant who wishes to make a mark in the field. Given below are some of the popular books that help budding Product Designers in their career path.

  • 'Articulating Design Decisions' by Tom Greever
  • 'Thinking in Systems' by Donella H. Meadows
  • 'Exposing the Magic of Design' by Jon Kolko
  • 'The Art of Thinking Clearly' by Rolf Dobelli
  • 'The Design of Everyday Things' by Don Norman
  • 'The Laws of Simplicity' by John Maeda
  • 'Creativity, Inc.' by Ed Catmull

Pros of becoming a Product Designer

  • Product Designers get to experiment with their creative side and explore the most unimaginable ideas for their projects. This not only gives them creative contentment but also keeps exercising their brains for more such ventures.
  • Since a Product Designer is required in almost every field, any candidate seeking a job as a Product Designer can choose from the several sectors and industries available as per his/ her requirements and inclination.
  • If someone does not want to join a company full-time but still wants to get the work experience of a Product Designer, he/ she can be hired as a freelance Product Designer and will need to work with that organisation for a particular project. Many companies hire Product Designers on a freelance basis.

Cons of becoming a Product Designer

  • The salary offered to a Product Designer at the beginning of his/ her career is not much at all the companies. Growth in financial terms is witnessed only after getting a few years' worth of work experience.
  • The job of a Product Designer can be quite hectic at times. Some projects need to be delivered on an urgent basis, therefore not leaving the designer with enough time to let his/ her creative horses loose.
  • It requires candidates to constantly stay relevant by staying updated with the latest trends, software and applications.

FAQs about Product Designer

Can a mechanical engineer be a product designer?

Yes, a mechanical engineer can be a product designer. Knowledge of mechanical engineering can provide an upper hand to a product designer that can widen up his/her career opportunities in the market.

What are the merits of becoming a product designer?

A product designer constantly uses his/her creative cell which evokes contentment. The major advantage of a product designer is that they can work as a freelancer and have immense sectors and opportunities to choose from.

How is a product designer different from a UX designer?

The key difference is that a UX designer makes a product user friendly or easy to use while a product designer ensures that the product is cost-effective and makes sense in the current economy.

Is the product designer a good career choice?

Product designer is an exceptional career choice. The demand for product designers is increasing with each passing day but there is a huge shortage for a skilful product designer in the market. With hard work and an apt skill set, a product designer can make a handsome amount of money.

Is a degree required to be a product designer?

Yes, an aspirant must possess atleast an undergraduate degree to become a product designer.

Which colleges are good to be a product designer?

Some colleges that offer quality education for product designers are Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS), Bangalore, LISAA School of Design (LISAA), Bangalore, Pearl Academy, New Delhi, NID Ahmedabad, NID Bangalore, Anant National University (ANU), Ahmedabad etc.

What qualifications are required to be a product designer?

To be a product designer, an aspirant must have completed his/her education at least up till graduation. Students with graduation in design background get a good grip on the subject and are able to understand the work better. Aspirants with relevant work experience get better opportunities as a product designer.

How much money does a product designer make?

The salary of product designer starts from INR 2,65,000 per annum and goes up till INR 20,00,000 per annum.

What traits are required to be a successful product designer?

To be a successful product designer, an individual must have an innate sense for aesthetics and must understand the business goal. The aspirant is also required to be goal-oriented, creative, convincing and analytical. Having knowledge of coding and technology acts as a bonus for the interested candidates.

What is the duty of a product designer?

A product designer is responsible for solving the user's issues by imagining, creating, and iterating products. He/she aims at improving the existing product and also designs entirely new products for the market.

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