M.Sc Geoinformatics - Course Overview

Duration: 3.0 yrs | Mode: Regular| Avg. Fees: 70,000 / Year


About M.Sc Geoinformatics

M.Sc in Geoinformatics is one of the most popular career choices among candidates these days. There is a great demand for professionals with the background of Geographic Information System (GIS). This technology is still in its initial years in India and is used to address the problems related to geosciences and its related fields.

During the program students learn about various subjects such as Global Positioning Systems ( GPS), Spatial Decision Supports Sytems and GIS. Geoinformatics has multiple applications and is used in all the major industries like infrastructure, infrastructure development, agriculture, defence management, traffic management, forestry, and disaster management.

The course is two-year long and is divided into four semesters during which candidates learn different techniques of the geospatial database and how to create multiple layers of data which is later transformed into three-dimensional model/system which helps in solving various problems efficiently and makes decision-making easier. 

M.Sc - Geoinformatics Syllabus

First Year:

Energy & the Environment

Principles of  Remote Sensing, GIS & GPS

Groundwater Hydrology and Modelling

Integrated Watershed Management

Applied Mathematics

Advances in GIS and Other Current Trends


Second Year:

Fundamentals of Computers & Programming

Principles and Applications of Cartography

Project Management

Communication & Proficiency Skills


Laws & Policies of Remote Sensing

Statistical Techniques

Digital Image Processing & Information Extraction

Laws & Policies for Maps

Popular Specializations of M.Sc - Geoinformatics

Career Options and Job Prospects

After pursuing M.Sc in Geoinfromatics candidates can find jobs in both private and public sector as their applications is almost in every discipline. The top recruiters who hire successful postgraduates of the course are:

  • National Remoting Sensing Agency, NRSA Hyderabad
  • Indian Space Research Organization, ISRO
  • Indian Council of Agricultural Research, ICAR
  • North East Application Centre
  • National Informatics Centre ICAR
  • State Electricity Boards
  • Space Application Centres

Students can also pursue higher/ research studies in the same field like Ph.D. in Geoinformatics. The average annual salary after a master’s degree and professional experience is Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh. Following are the popular job roles for geoinformatics graduate:

  • GIS Technician
  • GIS Manager
  • GIS Developer
  • GIS Applications
  • Research Associate
  • GIS Professional
  • GIS Applications Specialist