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    B Arch - Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus & Subjects Overview

    The Bachelor of Architecture, or B Arch, is considered to be one of the top courses for students majoring in sciences. The five-year professional Bachelor of Architecture is suitable for students who want to pursue careers as architects. The entire Bachelor of Architecture course curriculum covers topics including architectural design, different types of structures, building construction, and architectural appreciation, among others. The Bachelor of Architecture syllabus over the full five-year period is covered in the sections that follow.

    For the ease of students, the Bachelor of Architecture five-year course is divided up into ten semesters. Each semester contains a fixed number of Bachelor of Architecture subjects, classes and projects for which students are graded and given credits. To help students in building the skill sets necessary to succeed in this competitive profession, each year has a different phase. Students have to choose elective subjects in addition to their core subjects. Each college would offer different electives from the others.

    The course curriculum is designed in such a way that the Bachelor of Architecture syllabus can be broken down into two stages over the course of five years, each consisting of ten semesters: Stage 1 and Stage 2. The School of Planning and Architecture is one of the most prestigious architectural institutes, that generally adheres to this.

    Stage I will comprise - Years 1, 2, and 3, while Stage II will include Years 4 and 5.

    Stage I: This covers semesters 1 through 6, and it consists of fundamental and elective subjects and topics that help in students' knowledge development for uncovering architectural filaments.

    Stage II: This includes a full semester of practical training and the remaining time is spent on in-depth analysis and ideation research. Following research training and studio courses, students are now free to choose electives based on their interests.

    In order for students to develop the intrinsic abilities of reflection, evaluation, repetition, and research needed for a solid architectural background, choice-based learning is integrated throughout the course.

    Bachelor of Architecture Year Wise Syllabus

    The syllabus for B. Arch in various colleges differs depending on semester classification and other criteria. The following are some common subjects that are offered in most institutions and are divided into semesters.

    Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus First Year

    The table below has detailed Bachelor of Architecture First Year Syllabus-

    Architectural Design IArchitectural Design II
    Visual Arts and Basic Design IVisual Arts and Basic Design II
    Computer Applications IComputer Applications II
    Building Construction IBuilding Construction II
    Theory of Structures ITheory of Structures II
    Environmental StudiesClimate-responsive Design
    Model making and WorkshopSurveying and Leveling
    Human Settl. & Vernacular Arch.History of Architecture I
    Professional Communications ISociology and Culture
    -Professional Communications II

    Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus Second Year

    The table below contains a comprehensive Bachelor of Architecture Second Year Syllabus.

    Semester IIISemester IV
    Architectural Design IIIArchitectural Design IV
    Visual Arts and Basic Design IIIVisual Arts and Basic Design IV
    Computer Applications IIIComputer Applications IV
    Building and Construction IIIBuilding and Construction IV
    Theory of Structures IIITheory of Structures IV
    Water, Waste, and SanitationElectrification, Lighting & Acoustics
    Site Planning and Landscape StudiesSolar Active and Passive Systems
    History of Architecture IIHistory of Architecture III
    Art and Architectural Appreciation IArt and Architectural Appreciation II
    Research Elective IResearch Elective II

    Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus Third Year

    The Bachelor of Architecture Third Year Syllabus is presented in the table below.

    Semester VSemester VI
    Architectural Design VArchitectural Design VI
    Building Construction VBuilding Construction VI
    Theory of Structures VTheory of Structure & Design II
    HVAC. Mech. Mobility & Fire SafetyGreen Systems Integration
    Energy System & RenewablesSustainable Urban Habitats
    History of Architecture IVSpecifications & Contracts
    Design Methodology IIContemporary Architecture
    Art and Architectural Appreciation IIIArchitectural Theories
    Arch. Research- Elective IIIArt & Architectural Appreciation IV
    Arch. Research- Elective IV-

    Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus Fourth Year

    The Bachelor of Architecture Fourth Year Syllabus is presented in the table below.

    Semester VIISemester VIII
    Architectural Design VIIPractical Training
    Working Drawings-
    Project Management-
    Architectural Appreciation IV-
    Arch. Research Seminar-
    Arch. Research- Elective V-
    Arch. Research- Elective VI-

    Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus Final Year 

    Bachelor of Architecture Final Year Syllabus information is provided in the table below.

    Semester IXSemester X
    Architectural Design IXArchitectural Design Thesis
    Professional PracticeThesis Design Research
    Urban Design StudiesProfessional Practice
    Arch. Research Dissertation/ Art Thesis-
    Arch. Research- Elective VII-
    Arch. Research- Elective VIII-

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    Bachelor of Architecture Subjects

    The subjects taught in the Bachelor of Architecture are mostly similar for all the colleges, but it varies depending on the institution's course module. But, the overall Bachelor of Architecture subjects are quite similar but put in a different order, depending on the tea ching method.

    Bachelor of Architecture SubjectsBachelor of Architecture Subjects Details
    Architectural DesignThe fundamental design principles utilized in architecture are introduced in this course, along with the role that communication plays in providing design information.
    Theory of StructuresThis subject provides an overview of the fundamental structural principles and behaviors of structural elements. Additionally, it explains the fundamental ideas behind statically determining beams, arches, and frames.
    Environmental StudiesThis course aims to raise awareness of numerous environmental problems and explains how adopting a sustainable lifestyle may alter social norms.
    History of ArchitectureThis subject provides information on the development of architecture across ancient civilisation. It also gives a broad overview of how architectural elements related to culture and religion have changed over time.
    Urban Design StudiesThe fundamental ideas and principles of urban design are introduced in this subject, along with methods for identifying and resolving urban problems. This topic also includes a methodological examination and solutions for the problem in urban design.

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    Bachelor of Architecture Common Subjects for All Semester

    Architectural drawing, art and design, building construction, and structural theory are examples of common branch subjects. To give students a strong foundation for subsequent study in various facets of architectural research, these are covered throughout the Bachelor of Architecture course. The list of common  Bachelor of Architecture subjects may vary college to college. Some of the common subjects are- 

    • Visual Arts and Design
    • Building Construction
    • Theory of Structures
    • Theory of Structures
    • Building Science & Services
    • Architectural Design
    • Design Applications
    • History of Architecture

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    Bachelor of Architecture Optional Subjects

    The Bachelor of Architecture syllabus is largely built on a choice-based total system in which students choose from a set range of optionally available Bachelor of Architecture subjects depending entirely on their interests. Topics for electives primarily come from the following six outstanding streams:

    • Art Appreciation
    • Behavioral Studies 
    • Gender and Architecture
    • Architecture Photography Journalism
    • Facade Engineering
    • Tall Buildings
    • Modular Coordination
    • Earthquake-resistant buildings
    • Construction Mechanism
    DesignEmerging Concerns 
    • Urban Planning 
    • Hospital Design 
    • Campus Planning 
    • Interior Design 
    • Industrial Design
    •  Exhibition Design 
    • Theater and Set Design 
    • Parametric Design 
    • Biomimicry in Design 
    • Smart Buildings 
    • Urban Resilience 
    • Disaster Risk Management
    Professional Practice ManagementEnvironment
    • Information Systems 
    • GIS Applications Architectural Entrepreneurship 
    • Design Outreach as Social Responsibility
    • Environmental Impact Assessment
    • Solar Design
    • Renewable Energy Systems 
    • Energy Simulations
    •  Climate Change and Cities

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    Bachelor of Architecture Lab Subjects

    Bachelor of Architecture is a professional course which provides students with hands-on practical knowledge. The Bachelor of Architecture lab subjects could be different based on different colleges. Here we have accumulated year wise Bachelor of Architecture lab subjects in the tables presented below- 

     Bachelor of Architecture Lab Subjects (First Year)

    Bachelor of Architecture First SemesterBachelor of Architecture Second Semester
    Basic DesignArchitectural Design Studio – I 
    Descriptive Geometry-IDescriptive Geometry-II 
    Architectural WorkshopBuilding Construction-II 
    Building Construction-IDocumentation and Measured Drawing
    Communicative English-

     Bachelor of Architecture Lab Subjects (Second Year)

    Bachelor of Architecture Third SemesterBachelor of Architecture Fourth Semester
    Architectural Design Studio – IIArchitectural Design Studio – III
    Building Construction – III Architectural Graphics & Communication
    Surveying LabComputer Application – I (2D & 3D)Building Construction-IV

     Bachelor of Architecture Lab Subjects (Third Year)

    Bachelor of Architecture Fifth SemesterBachelor of Architecture Sixth Semester
    Architectural Design Studio – IV Architectural Design Studio – V 
    Working Drawing – I Working Drawing – II 
    Interior Design StudioLandscape Design Studio

     Bachelor of Architecture Lab Subjects (Fourth Year)

    Bachelor of Architecture Seventh SemesterBachelor of Architecture Eighth Semester
    Architectural Design Studio – VI Architectural Design Studio – VII
    Architectural DetailsPre Thesis Seminar
    Structural Drawing and Details -

     Bachelor of Architecture Lab Subjects (Final Year)

    Bachelor of Architecture Ninth SemesterBachelor of Architecture Tenth Semester
    Office Training-
    Site Supervision Work and
    Field Documentation and
    Architectural Details
    Critical Appraisal of
    Field Observation Studies

    Specializations offered in Bachelor of Architecture

    Given below in the table are the different specializations and Bachelor of Architecture Course Subjects offered in Bachelor of Architecture-

    SpecializationSubjectsSubject Details
    DesignArchitectural Designing, Visual Arts and Basic DesignThese Bachelor of Architecture subjects explain design concepts, space articulation, visualizing the basic structure through drawings, and other simple and advanced techniques such as two-dimensional graphic design to fulfill the objective of becoming a vital communication tool in architecture.
    TechnologyLighting and Acoustical Design, Theory of Structures, Electrification These subjects introduce the theory underlying the building design's use of structures, electrification, lighting, and acoustics.
    HumanitiesArt and Architecture Appreciation, Urban Design StudiesThese subjects provide an introduction to the fundamental ideas of urban design, city comprehension, and problem-solving at the building-interface level. These issues include appreciation of structure, color, new designs, etc.
    Environment/SustainabilityWastewater Management, Climate-Responsive DesignThese subjects introduce climate factors and how architecture adapts to changing climatic circumstances. Moreover, it helps the students to discover the ideas behind developing bioclimatic building designs, studying drainage and water supply norms and standards, taking into account plumbing design in structures, etc.

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    Syllabus for Bachelor of Architecture Distance Programs

    Distance education in the B Arch Program is available from a number of colleges. The Bachelor in Architecture course may be taken through distance learning for a total of seven years. There is no upper age limit for taking this course online. To take this course, candidates must meet the basic requirements in order to be eligible i.e. Students should have obtained a 10th+3-year diploma from any reputable central or state government college with a minimum aggregate percentage of 50%

    The Bachelor of Architecture syllabus for the distance program's course is the same as that of the on-campus program, although given the number of semesters and length of the program, the courses, projects, and thesis may vary.

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    Bachelor of Architecture Entrance Exam Syllabus

    Some of the Major Bachelor of Architecture Entrance Exams are-

    Joint Entrance Examination JEE Advanced and JEE Main- JEE exams are required for admissions in top government colleges in India, such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the National Institute of Technology (NIT), the School of Planning and Architecture, and others.

    The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA)- It is a national-level undergraduate exam conducted by the Council of Architecture (COA) for admission to India's top private colleges.

    Other than the above mentioned exams, many private institutes conduct entrance exams to get admission to their colleges. These include the Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology Entrance Examination (KIITEE), the BS Abdur Rahman University B. Arch Entrance Exam (BSAUEEE), and the Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science Engineering Entrance Examination (HITSEEE).

    These architecture entrance exams cover subjects such as 

    • Mathematics
    • General Aptitude
    • Drawing 
    • Reasoning
    • Situational Judgment
    • Basic Techniques of Building Construction
    • General Knowledge and Current Affairs
    • Color Theory
    • Graphics and images, and so on

    The JEE exam format for Mathematics and Aptitude is computer-based, whereas the exam format for Drawing Skill is paper-based.

    The exam would take about three hours to complete. All of the key topics for the entrance exam should be covered throughout preparation, according to the question patterns. To get a sense of how the questions would be phrased, the candidates could consult the question papers from the previous year.

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    Bachelor of Architecture Important Books

    Efficient learning in B Arch is possible only when students make sure that they follow the best material in terms of books according to their Syllabus. Given below is a list of the best books that students should follow for BArch along with their authors’ names-

    SubjectBook TitleAuthor
    Modern World ArchitectureThe Sourcebook of Contemporary ArchitectureVidiella
    Architectural DesignTime saver standards for Architectural Design - Technical Data for Professional PracticeWatson, McGraw-Hill
    Sustainable ArchitectureThe Green Building RevolutionJerry Yudison

    Bachelor of Architecture Course Structure

    The B.Arch program is aimed to teach students how to manage learning spaces for optimal utility and to plan and design buildings. Core mathematics are not frequently used in this subject. The program structure includes subjects that focus on things like

    • Design
    • Software
    • History/Tradition
    • Structures
    • Environmental Science/ Connections/Supply

    The Bachelor of Architecture Syllabus includes topics including urban design, interior design, housing, quality, pricing, and cost estimation, as well as topics like environmental studies and architectural graphics.

    The students can learn about the numerous methods and applications used in the world of architecture through these disciplines. Drawing, building with graphics and 3D models, and other innovative and independent talents would be beneficial in this course.

    Depending on the Bachelor of Architecture subjects and the project, each semester includes between 26 and 30 credits. To pass Bachelor of Architecture subjects, students must achieve the minimum necessary credit score. The grading scheme differs from college to college. For instance, the credit system at NIT and IIT Kharagpur are two very distinct things. The completion of Bachelor of Architecture will be determined by the thesis project in the final year.

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    Navneet, Student / Alumni

    You can get admissio in Diploma in Architectural Assistantship [Lateral Entry] Duration : 2 yrs. (4 Semesters). Eligibility Criteria (Qualifying Exam) Pass with 50% aggregate marks in ITI (in Technical Field) 1 year or 2 years Certificate course after 10th Or 2 years Diploma from SLIET Or 10+2 (vocational) (in Technical Field) Or 10+2 (Non Medical) or equivalent from any recognized Board or Council. (5% relaxation to North-East states and Sikkim candidates or Defence Personnel and their Dependents or Wards of Kashmiri Migrants)

    Anshika, Student / Alumni

    Selecting an institute is one of the difficult tasks. I would recommend LPU for B.arch because being an alumnus I know how the education is imparted and what efforts they are doing for their children. The way they are providing education is commendable. The architecture department is approved by COA and serves to create professionals who have a manual and computerized planning and designing skills on leading design software. The programmes are structured in five groups taking care of every dimension of the growing and ever-changing design industry viz. Core Courses, Supporting Courses, Skill Development Courses, Management Courses, Elective Courses. The academics focus on developing students' creative skills by encouraging experimentation with new materials and processes with great concern for material conservation. Many companies visit LPU for recruitment like DLF, India, Larsen and Toubro, Reliance Infrastructure, Design Forum, Arcop India, Atkins, Ansal’s API, Satelier’s, Omaxe, Quark City, Sahara City Homes, Hettich India, Kaff Kitchen Solutions, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, Indian Army, Military Engineering Services, Architectural Design Houses [National and International] and many more. So, definitely, you should go for LPU. Thanks

    lipika dhingra, Student / Alumni

    B.Arch department aims to make learning an exciting experience, which inspires learners to reach their full potential and to innovate, experiment and imbibe the latest trends in the field. Keeping in step with the global trend the architecture discipline serves the purpose to create professionals who have manual as well as computerised planning and designing skills on leading design software. The programmes are structured in five groups taking care of the every dimension of the growing and ever changing design industry viz. Core Courses, Supporting Courses, Skill Development Courses, Management Courses, Elective Courses. The academics focus on the development of student's creative skills by encouraging experimentation with new materials and processes with great concern for material conservation. The curriculum is benchmarked against the most renowned institutions of the world Being an alumni of LPU I would like to capture your attention on the following placements: The below mentioned are the list of the companies which are there in this field Living space, Ldh. ; Habitat architects, ldh. Avinash khosla and associates, ldh. Cube architects, Ldh. 3D studios, Ldh. Ravinder khosla association, ldh. Design cell, LPU Rajindra associates, Jalandhar Dham consultants, Chd. Sthapti Architects, Chd. DLF, India Larsen and Toubro Reliance Infrastructure Design Forum Arcop India Atkins Ansals API Sateliers Omaxe Quark City Sahara City Homes Hettich India Kaff Kitchen Solutions Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Indian Army Military Engineering Services Architectural Design Houses [National and International

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