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Career as Education Counsellor

Career as a Education Counsellor

About Education Counsellor

An Education Counsellor is the professional who is responsible for providing counselling and career advice to the students in order to help them choose the right course, tackle the different academic challenges and help them reach their academic goals. The major responsibilities of an Education Counsellor are to assist students in terms of course & program selection, school adjustment, class scheduling, and career planning. Moreover, an Education Counsellor is also responsible for helping students overcome their personal, social, or behavioural problems that may affect their academic performance.

Eligibility to become Education Counsellor

The candidates who wish to pursue their career as an Education Counsellor must fulfil the given below eligibility criteria:

  • The candidate must have passed a Master’s degree in M.Ed/MA/M.Phil/Counselling or an equivalent from a recognised institution.

  • Some states also require the candidate to have a working experience of at least 1-2 years as a Teacher/ counsellor.

  • The candidates can also go for certification and specialised counselling course to get high paying career options.

When and Where to Start

After completing class 12th in any stream, the candidates will have to go for a Bachelors degree. The candidates can pursue their Bachelors in Education in any of the stream (B.Ed, B.El.Ed, etc.).

After completing Bachelor’s, the candidate will have to pursue their Master’s degree in Education or counselling from a recognized university. The candidates will also have to attend an internship in the last year of their Master’s degree.

After completing the Master’s degree, the candidates can either go for PhD or they can directly apply for the post of an Education Counsellor in preferred school/college. 

If the candidates want to go for a PhD, they will have to choose a specific area of specialization in the course and apply for a job in Universities after completing their PhD.

Types of Job Roles Education Counsellor

Elementary School Counselor: An Elementary school counsellor is a person who is responsible for providing education counselling to the students at Elementary Schools. These professionals are also responsible for meeting with the parents of the students and understanding their concern to counsel them.

Middle School Counselor: A Middle School Counselor is the person who is responsible to organise council meetings with the school authorities and oversee the academics regulations conducted for students. They also provide improvement suggestions to the authorities for the betterment of students.

Secondary School Counselor: Secondary School Counsellors are the professional who provides career assistance to the students who are in secondary schools. These professionals are responsible for helping the students choose their career path, higher education course and right college.
Career Coach: A Career Coach is a professional who understands the career goals of the students and provides them with suggestions and career guidance through which they can meet their career goals.

Employment Sector/Industry for Education Counsellor

Some of the popular employment sectors or industries where Education Counsellors are recruited are listed below:

  • Government/Public/Private schools
  • Placement Consultancy Sectors
  • Colleges/Institutes
  • Online Career Counselling Services

Top Recruitment Companies/Agencies/Organisations

The top recruitment companies/agencies/organisations for an Education Counsellor are listed below:

  • CBSE Schools
  • Career Guide
  • Mindler
  • Career Futura
  • IDream Career

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Pay Scale/Salary of Education Counsellor

The pay scale for an Education Counsellor depends upon the type of School and experience of the professional. The average pay scale for an Education Counsellor on the basis of experience level is given in the table below:

Job Role

Starting Salary Package (INR)

Mid Level Salary Package (INR)

Senior Level Salary Package (INR)

Elementary School Counselor




Secondary School Counselor




Middle School Counselor




High School Counselor




Career Coach




Note: The salary structure mentioned above is indicative only and is subject to change unconditionally.

Books & Study Material to Become Education Counsellor

Some of the popular books and study material for an Education Counsellor are given below:

  • CliftonStrengths for Students: Your Strengths Journey Begins Here by Gallup

  • Guidance and Counselling for Children and Adolescents in Schools (India) by Namita Ranganathan and Toolika Wadhwa

  • Guidance and Counselling by H.S.Sidhu and Nisha Duggal

  • The Complete Guide to Graduate School Admission: Psychology, Counseling, and Related Professions by Patricia Keith-Spiegel and Michael W. Wiederman

Pros of becoming a Education Counsellor

  • You can make a difference by helping students make their career
  • A lot of perks and privileges by working with schools
  • Creative job with new challenges every day

Cons of becoming a Education Counsellor

  • Lower salary at starting

  • High-pressure job

  • Requires high specialisation and experience

Paths for Being Education Counsellor

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