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    BSc Interior Design Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    BSc Interior Design Syllabus and Subject Overview

    BSc Interior Design syllabus and subject incorporates a mixture of core and elective subjects. The course is becoming popular among youngsters as demand for the same is very high in the market. The BSc Interior design syllabus aims to provide detailed knowledge about interior design and construction to aspiring students. BSc Interior design subjects are divided across all six semesters as the duration of the course is three years. The primary aim of the BSc interior design syllabus is to provide holistic knowledge about designing whether it is Malls, Complexes, Apartments, Houses, or any Personal or Commercial spaces. The students are trained for designing the interiors of all these places with utmost creativity. They are specially trained to utilize the space to the maximum so that their clients are satisfied and happy. BSc Interior Designing subjects are crafted in such a manner that students also get exposure to a lot of practical classes and learn several aspects of designing from basic to advanced level. The syllabus also includes different design-related software so that they are able to design efficiently.

    BSc in Interior Design syllabus is designed by experts from the related field to provide insights to all the aspects of the course. The candidates are trained through different sessions with the help of computers and they learn the nuances of different courses. The training enables the students to have expertise in CAD, 3-D Designing, and Space Management. The BSc Interior Design course is made keeping in mind the demands and requirements of the industry and the market. The BSc Interior Design syllabus may vary slightly from college to college but the basic concepts and core subjects remain the same everywhere.

    BSc Interior Design Year Wise Syllabus

    BSc Interior Design course syllabus helps in the proper understanding of 3D and 2D Composition and also in learning skills like drawing technical figures, precise size judgment, being creative, and being updated with the latest designs, innovations, and in-depth material knowledge. BSc Interior Design syllabus is divided into six semesters as the course duration is 3 years. Each year has two semesters in it. 

    BSc Interior Design course syllabus focuses on giving and enhancing students' knowledge in creative and innovative thinking, which is a very important asset for achieving success in the design field. The BSc Interior Design course syllabus includes classroom teaching, practical works, design competitions, exhibitions, workshops, project work, market surveys, and internships for exposure to the design world. We have provided the BSc Interior Design subject list taught in the entire course duration of BSc Interior Design.

    First-Year BSc Interior Design Syllabus 

    Given below in the table are the BSc Interior Design course syllabus taught semester 1 and 2.

    Semester 1 Semester 2
    Computers BasicsArt and Architecture History I
    Design sources and Materials IDesign Sources and Materials II
    English: Prose and UsagesFurniture Design I
    Environmental Psychology and Human FactorsFundamentals of Interior Graphics II
    Fundamentals of Interior Graphics IIntroduction to CAD
    Interior Architecture Foundation StudioInterior Design Studio I

    Second-Year BSc Interior Design Syllabus

    Given below in the table are the BSc Interior Design course syllabus taught semester 3 and 4.

    Semester 3Semester 4
    Art and Architecture History IIConcept of Structures
    English Composition & Business CorrespondenceComputer-Aided Design II
    Furniture Design IIInterior Construction II
    Interior Construction IInterior Service Systems
    Interior Design Studio IIInterior Design Studio III

    Third-Year BSc Interior Design Syllabus 

    Given below in the table are the BSc Interior Design course syllabus taught in semester 5 and 6.

    Semester 5Semester 6
    Computer-Aided Design IIIInterior Design Thesis Project
    Estimating and BudgetingManagement & Entrepreneurship Development
    Interior Design Studio IVRestaurant & Bar Design
    Landscape DesignProfessional Practice
    Retail DesignLighting Technology & Applications

    BSc Interior Design Subjects

    Topics covered in BSc Interior Design subjects are very important for students as they must know about each and every BSc Interior Design subject after completing the course. BSc Interior Design course subjects comprises topics such as Technical figures, 3D and 2D Composition, Size judgment, Designs, etc. Candidates can check the BSc Interior Design course subjects mentioned below.

    • Introduction to Design
    • Design Drawing and Graphics
    • Computers Basics
    • Furniture Design
    • Fundamentals of Interior Graphics
    • Concepts of Geometry
    • Design Drawing and Graphics

    BSc Interior Design Common Subjects

    There are many BSc Interior Design subjects that are being taught in colleges and institutes. BSc Interior Design course subject gives knowledge of principles of design, understanding of the psychology of colors, design elements, etc. However, the BSc Interior Design subjects vary from college to college. But there are some common BSc Interior Design course subjects that are taught in almost all colleges and universities. Listed below in the table are the common BSc Interior Design course subjects.

    Interior Design Styling (Residential and Commercial Spaces)Fire Safety and Security Systems
    Analytical DrawingHistory of Crafts
    CAD & 3-D VisualizationsResearch Methodology
    Arts and GraphicsDrawing Techniques
    Model Making WorkshopHistory of Interior Design
    Environmental StudiesBasic Design Principles
    English Language Usage EssentialsMaterials and Construction Techniques
    Introduction to Communication SkillsBuilding Services

    BSc Interior Design Detailed Syllabus

    BSc Interior Design syllabus may vary slightly from college to college but mostly the topics covered for each subject remain the same. The subjects in the syllabus of BSc Interior Design include topics that cover the proper understanding of 3D and 2D Composition. They are also trained for precise size judgment, the latest designs, and innovations with knowledge of other materials. The important subjects of BSc Interior Design and their detailed topics are mentioned below. 

    SubjectsDetails of Topics Covered
    Introduction to DesignDefinitions and meaning of design, Importance of design. Examples of design from nature. Introduction to the principles of design in 2- D and 3-D - unity, balance, symmetry proportion, scale, hierarchy, rhythm, contrast, harmony, focus, use of grids, creating repetitive patterns. Fundamental elements of design in 2-D and their definitions; point, line, shape, form, space, texture, value, color and material
    Introduction To Art and Interior DesignDevelopment of art, Exploration of art forms, Study of ornament in Interior Design, Introduction to Heritage Interiors, Industrial Revolution and its influence on society and culture, Purpose and relevance of Art, General understanding of Interior Design and integration with architecture, Various elements of society
    Interior Design Materials and ApplicationsTimber, cane, bamboo, Wood, Paints, Varnishes (oil and spirit), Masonry 
    Space PlanningBasic anthropometrics, Introduction to design methodology, Problem statements
    Color WheelPrimary, secondary, tertiary colors, color wheel, color schemes color value, intensity, and modification of color hues – tints, shades, neutralization. Color charts – types, making and using. Color harmony, use of color harmony.
    Color PsychologyIntroduction – Physics, physiology and psychology of colors – visible spectrum, colored light, color temperature, color interaction, color blindness. Use of color in various functional contexts – Residential interiors, Non Residential interiors. Use of color in special situations – outdoor/indoor spaces, accessories, art works etc. Color Systems: Munsell, Ostwald, DIN, CIE, OAS, Kupper, Gerritsen, NCS, Color aid system, and color systems in practice, simplified color system, color terminology, special color issues, mixed color effects, effects of texture, using color systems, Problems with color.
    Communication SkillsWritten Skills, Formal letters and specifications, Orientation for improving the skills of grammar
    Concepts of geometryIntroduction to different 3-D forms and primitive forms, shapes and understanding the behavior when combined. Transformations of 2-D to 3-D.
    Design Drawing and GraphicsFundamentals of drawing and its practice, Introduction to pencil exercises, , Interiors and furniture sketching, Building Geometry Simple exercises of object drawings, Architectural symbols, Measuring and drawing to scale
    Creativity and Problem SolvingTools and techniques of creativity, Definitions of creativity, Thinking techniques
    Workshop (Ceramics – Clay/ Plaster of Paris)Introduction to model making, Introduction to the Ceramic materials used for model making, Hand building techniques, Introduction to molds

    BSc Interior Design Entrance Exam Syllabus

    There are some famous and popular BSc Interior Design colleges that grant admission in BSc Interior Design through entrance exams. Thus it is very important for the students to know the list of entrance exams and their syllabus to get admission in top colleges for the BSc Interior Design course. Candidates can check the list of popular BSc Interior Design entrance exams, along with the syllabus given below in the table. 

    Entrance ExamDetailsSyllabus
    AIEEDAll India Entrance Exam for Design, also known as AIEED, is a national level entrance exam conducted for candidates seeking admission into various Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Design offered at ARCH Academy of Design. AIEED is conducted to test candidates’ overall knowledge, creativity and design sensitivity that is required to make a career in the field of design. Syllabus of AIEED
    Pearl Academy Entrance TestPearl Academy is one of the top-ranked institutes for fashion, design, and media. The institute offers more than 30 undergraduate, postgraduate and development programmes through its campuses in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Jaipur. Pearl Academy Admissions include a two-stage process of test known as the General Proficiency Test (GPT) and Design Aptitude Test (DAT)/Media Aptitude Test (MAT) and a round of personal interviews.Syllabus of Pearl Academy 
    NID DATThe National Institute of Design (NID) entrance exam is a national-level test conducted for candidates seeking admission in Bachelor of Design (BDes) and Master of Design (MDes) programmes. NID DAT (Prelims) is a written design aptitude test whereas NID DAT (Mains) comprises a Studio Test and Interview round.Syllabus of NID DAT
    CUETCentral University Entrance Test is a mandatory Common Entrance Test for taking admission to undergraduate courses offered by all 47 central universities. The students need to apply for CUET online which was formerly known as CUCET. It is conducted annually at the university level. Syllabus of CUET

    BSc Interior Design Important Books

    BSc Interior Design course is now available in all the leading colleges and universities and hence the books of BSc interior design are also available everywhere. The candidates must know about the important books of BSc Interior design as there are hundreds of books available both online and offline for BSc Interior design. The students must read good books that will not only help them in scoring good marks but also enable them to qualify for different competitive examinations related to their field. The idea of important books, and their authors will help the students to get proper knowledge about the BSc Interior Design course subject. There are many reference books that are usually available in the library for providing an in-depth understanding of the BSc Interior Design subject. The lists of some of the important books along with their authors are mentioned below.

    Name of the BooksAuthors
    Architecture Drafting and DesignHelper, E.Donald, Wallach, I.Paul
    Architecture Form, space, and OrderChing, Francis D.K
    Architectural Drafting: Structure and EnvironmentBies, D.John
    Decorative Designs Hanks, A.David

    BSc Interior Design Course Structure

    BSc Interior Design course is structured in a unique fashion to provide both theoretical and practical knowledge to the students. The course is divided into six semesters and duration of the course is three years. The course incorporates training through a compulsory internship, projects, classroom teachings, design competitions, etc. BSc Interior Design course structure aims to provide knowledge about principles of design and design elements. The students are also trained for understanding the psychology of colors. They are also given assignments that help them develop creative and innovative thinking that flourishes the idea of designing.

    The Interior Design course structure educates and trains students about the technical ways of building functional and comfortable spaces for the ease of all individuals. The BSc Interior Design syllabus has a mix of both core and elective subjects. The basic outline of the BSc Interior Design Syllabus is mentioned below:

    • VI Semesters
    • Internships
    • Core Subjects
    • Elective Subjects
    • Practical
    • Projects
    • Design Competitions

    BSc Interior Design Teaching Methodology

    BSc Interior Design course uses a variety of teaching methods or a better understanding of this course. Apart from regular and traditional classroom teaching methods, the students are also trained through a lot of practical classes and group-based activities. The delivery method also includes exhibitions, creative workshops, project reports, studio works, design competitions, market surveys, and internships for practical experience of the design industry. One can check the different teaching methodologies and strategies that are followed for the BSc Interior Design Course. 

    • Projects
    • Conceptualized Learning
    • Classroom-Based Teaching
    • Studio Works
    • Market Surveys
    • Practical
    • Seminars
    • Workshops

    BSc Interior Design Projects

    One of the primary components of the BSc Interior Design course is projects as the nature of the course demands the same. Students are assigned different projects based on their areas of interest and they try to incorporate all their theoretical learning into their projects. The project helps students in getting hands-on experience and training in industrial work. The students need to complete the assigned project by the end of the sixth semester. Some of the common popular BSc Interior Design project topics are:

    • Natural Connections – Tackling Nature-Deficit Order in the Workplace
    • Free Spirit – Alcohol-Free Temperance Bar and Retail Space
    • Euphoria – Experiential Festival Eatery
    • Wabi-Sabi – Upcycle Store and Studio
    • Studio & Store – Sticky + Frictionless Cosmetic Retailing

    FAQs about B.Sc Interior Design Syllabus

    What is the BSc Interior Design course syllabus?

    The BSc Interior Design course syllabus are as follows - Introduction to DesignDesign Drawing and GraphicsComputers BasicsFurniture DesignFundamentals of Interior GraphicsConcepts of GeometryDesign Drawing and Graphics

    Is there a distance course in BSc Interior Design?

    Yes there is a distance education available in BSc Interior Design.

    What are the required skills for doing an BSc Interior Design course?

    BSc Interior Design required Skill Sets are -Graphic skillSketching SkillsIntellectually CuriousCreative mindInnovative InquisitiveAnalytical SkillOrganizational SkillsAttention to detailProblem solving skills

    BSc Interior Design syllabus is divided into how many semesters?

    BSc Interior Design is divided into six semesters.

    What is the eligibility criteria for the BSc Interior Design course?

    Candidates must have completed 10+2 from a recognized university with minimum of 50% marks.
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    Baljinder Dhaliwal, Student / Alumni

    Hi.......Interior design is a fast-growing professional field where students can get a career as an Architect, Estate manager, Furniture designer etc. LPU School of Interior & Furniture Design is among the top-ranked Colleges in India that offers diploma, B.Sc., M.Sc., and integrated courses after 10th/12th/Graduation. The focus is on providing a professional degree offering skills in practical interior design and execution and full-scale furniture design and fabrication through rigorous studio work and hands-on workshops. With faculty drawn from various domains like product design, interior design, graphic design, UX designer, mechanical, electronics, architecture, fine arts etc., the school focuses on critical inquiry through theoretical and applied interdisciplinary research. It is completely worth pursuing Interior Design at LPU. At LPU, one of the world's leading universities, the applicant is required to have 50% aggregate marks in 10+2 (with English) or equivalent, subject to qualifying LPUNEST or UCEED or Under Graduate NID DAT (Prelims) or Under Graduate NIFT. For a candidate, who has not studied English as a subject, the condition of English may be waived off provided the candidate in his qualifying exam has studied in English medium. Last year the highest salary bagged by the interior design students of LPU was 12 LPA by Bullspree and the average was 4.6 LPA. The companies where LPU students got employment are Bullspree, Collins India, Elerx, Hafeez Constructors, McKinley & Rice, Soben, Dharam Consulting, Hettich India, Luxotic Homes, Navigus, Pepperfry, R Tech Infra, Space 5, Thence, Wooden Street, Xoxoday, Asian Paints, Citiyano De Solutions, Essential Environments, Adorno Crafts, Casa Mobilia, Sensen Networks, Visions, Artico Homes, Sleek International, Omar Moujaes Architect (Dubai), PVR, Habitat Architects, Christopher Charles Benninger Architects (Pune), IDDC (Instrument Design Development Centre) in IIT (Delhi), VastuNidhi Architects (New Delhi), Studio KIA (Gurgaon), Hemant Vora & Associates (Mumbai), L’vista, (Mumbai), Form Space and Design Architects (Bangalore), Sankraman Design Studio (Mumbai), K2 Concepts (Gurgaon), Sleek (Chandigarh), Al Rakha Group, Green Vision Architects, AKTC-Aga Khan Trust for Culture (Afghanistan), Capital Region Development Authority (Kabul), Total Environment Builders, Wagma Designs, etc. In addition to laying sound conceptual foundations, complimented with intensive studio work for interior and furniture design, the programme focuses on developing skills of critical enquiry through inputs on design research methods and a dissertation. Further, the programme provides a choice of interdisciplinary minor areas of specialization and opportunities to connect with industry through visits and internships to broaden the horizon of design thinking and professional work options. The students are prepared for professional practice and execute designs using emerging technologies, keeping in mind sustainable practices and ethical issues to enhance the comfort, safety, utility and aesthetics of the built environment. All the Best!!!!

    Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

    INIFD Bhubaneswar does provide an undergraduate degree course in Interior Design, known as B.Sc in Interior Design. The programme is crafted to upgrade the designing skills of the students to the professional level. The duration of the B.Sc in Interior Designing is 3 years and it includes a one-year Diploma & 2 years advanced diploma course.

    Candidates willing to register for the B.Sc in Interior Design must have cleared 10+2 or its equivalent examination. The students are shortlisted based on the marks obtained in the qualifying exam.

    To make the application process of INIFD Bhubaneswar easy, feel free to either dial 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or fill the Common Application Form. Our admission experts would be glad to provide you with the necessary assistance.

    Have more questions? Write back to us in the QnA zone.

    Thank You


    Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

    Dear Student,

    NIFT Kannur does not provide a UG course for B.Sc Interior Design. The institute offers undergraduate programmes in Design that include B.Des (Textile Design), B.Des (Knitwear Design), B.Des (Fashion Design), B.Des (Fashion Communication) and B.F.Tech (Apparel Production).

    Other than NIFT Kannur, there are plenty of Interior Design colleges that are located in Kerala. Some of the top colleges are:

    Assumption College, Kottayam

    St Teresa's College (STC), Ernakulam

    IIKM Business School (IIKM), Calicut

    Yeldo Mar Baselios College (YMBC), Kothamanglam

    Jayamatha Private I.T.I (JPITI), Trivandrum

    You can also go through the list of Most Popular Design Colleges in South India. To get admission in any of the aforementioned desired colleges, just dial the helpline number 1800-572-9877 or fill-up the Common Application Form.

    You can also write back to us in the QnA zone to get more answers to your queries.

    Thank You

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