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    Fashion Journalism

    About Fashion Journalism

    Fashion journalism includes conducting research and writing about the latest fashion trends. Journalists learn about fashion by working with stylists, interviewing fashion designers, and attending fashion shows, photoshoots, and conferences. A fashion journalist's job is to write copy about style and fashion for trade and advertisement journals, fashion magazines, newspapers, and online fashion forums. Since the majority of fashion journalists work in the media and entertainment industry, which is expected to add over 2.7 lakh jobs in the next three years, a career in fashion journalism could be financially rewarding in the future. To work as a fashion journalist, a student can earn a qualification in various fashion design courses at the associate, graduation, post-graduate, or certificate levels. To become a fashion journalist, candidates must enrol in courses such as BSc in Fashion and Apparel Design, BDes Fashion Communication, and many others. Each institute has its own set of fees, but the typical course fee range is INR 50,000 to 20,000.

    Fashion Journalism or Fashion Media is a leading segment of the fashion industry that aims at publishing fashion content through various media outlets such as newspapers, websites, magazines, blogs, television, social media and books. A fashion journalist focuses on fashion trends or events and delivers relevant information through vivid media platforms. While pursuing a fashion journalism course, an aspirant learns about the history of the fashion industry and theories of communication. It also talks about the role of strategies and marketing of magazines or newspapers along with fashion styling and fashion photography.  After pursuing a fashion journalism course, an individual can explore various options that include writing, social media and photojournalism. Keeping in mind the vast scope of fashion journalism, several colleges across the nation are offering the course to the aspirants. The course not only opens up multiple doors of opportunities for the candidate but also lends deep insight into the fashion and media industry.

    Fashion Journalism Course Highlights

    Captured below are the highlights of the fashion journalism course. Go through it to get a better understanding of the same.

    Course Name

    Fashion Journalism

    Programme Offered

    Diploma, Certificate

    Eligibility Criteria

    Must have qualified class 12th from a recognised board of education

    Selection Process

    Either through merit or entrance exam

    Average Course Fee

    Rs. 50,000 

    Average Initial Salary

    Rs. 1,04,000

    Areas of Employment

    Print Media, Television, Social Media

    Why Choose Fashion Journalism?

    A fashion journalist can be entertaining while working because they get to travel and explore fascinating cities. Senior positions pay well, and the work is very glamorous. You frequently receive free clothing, sometimes even high-end items. People in the fashion industry are idolised, and the social opportunities are numerous. Because of the fashion industry's explosive growth, fashion journalism is a very popular and useful course. It is a glamorous platform for meeting up with celebrities, models, designers, and famous people. 

    Types of a Fashion Journalist

    Here are the different categories of fashion journalists mentioned below:

    • Fashion Blogger: A fashion blogger regularly publishes blogs with eye-catching images and content on trending and popular topics. On various social media platforms, fashion-related suggestions or posts are made by style bloggers. A fashion blogger is a person who publishes fashion-related blogs and uploads images of outfits, jewellery, and accessories online
    • Reporter: Reporters conduct interviews, gather data, and put everything together to create a comprehensive news story. Additionally, journalists will convey information through written or spoken news reports, documentaries, and feature stories. A wide variety of news stories are covered by reporters, some of whom focus on sports, fashion, or politics. A reporter should be able to differentiate between various story types
    • Article Writer: A person who writes short pieces, such as food articles, product reviews, or travel essays, is known as an article writer. He or she could write for a variety of publications, employing precise language to make the piece informative and interesting to read. In commercial, scientific, and medical journals, essays are frequently requested, so it is advantageous to possess advanced knowledge
    • Fashion Photographer: A fashion photographer uses pictures to illustrate stories about fashion. They combine their knowledge of fashion with their talent for taking visually appealing photos of both models and clothing. Fashion photographers can work as independent contractors or for fashion magazines
    • Fashion Editor: A fashion editor revises manuscripts for errors in spelling, grammar, and style. Together with writers, editors make sure that articles adhere to accepted standards of taste and style while also being factual, insightful, entertaining, and error-free. Editors of fashion are involved in the creation of stories as part of the overall publication preparation process

    Fashion Journalism Eligibility Criteria

    Check out the eligibility criteria of fashion journalism elaborated below. A candidate must note that it is essential to meet these requirements before applying for admission in the desired course.

    • The eligibility depends entirely on the course a candidate is willing to pursue

    • For diploma and certificate courses, the candidate must have completed class 12th or intermediate from a recognised board of education

    • Certain diploma courses also consider an individual who has qualified class 10th

    • Some colleges set a minimum aggregate score. A candidate needs to score either equal or more than that in the qualifying examination in order to get through the admission process of the college

    How to Become a Fashion Journalist?

    Candidates interested in becoming Fashion Journalists should take the following steps:

    Step 1: 10+2 completion

    Students must have completed a 10+2 level of education in any stream with a cumulative grade point average of 50% or higher from a recognised board.

    Step 2: Entrance Examination

    Entrance exams are conducted by a number of universities and colleges to determine admission. The applicants must take the entrance test for the relevant colleges and universities. The popular entrance exam for degrees in fashion journalism is listed below.

    Popular Entrance Examination







    Step 3: Bachelor’s

    Students must enrol in bachelor's level programmes after successfully completing their 10+2 in any stream. The well-liked bachelor's degree programme for a career as a fashion journalist is mentioned below.

    Popular Bachelor's Level Programmes 


    BA (J&MC) 


    BA in Mass Communication 

    BA in Journalism

    BJMJ (dual degree) 

    Step 4: Post Bachelor
    After earning a bachelor's degree, a candidate has a variety of options for pursuing a career as a fashion journalist. The two options that a candidate may think about are described below.

    Option 1: After completing the journalism undergraduate programme, students will start working in the field as entry-level positions. After gaining some experience, they will enrol in a master's degree programme in the relevant specialisation.

    Option 2: The applicant will continue his or her studies without taking a break during the academic year after completing a bachelor's degree programme. He or she can begin working in the sector after earning a master's degree.

    Popular Master’s level programmes

    MA (J&MC) 


    MA in Mass Media 

    MA in Journalism 

    MA in Mass Communication


    Fashion Journalism Admission Process

    Described below are various admission processes that a candidate goes through after filling the application form of a college.

    • Certain colleges offer admission to the candidate as per merit. If a candidate is successful in meeting the cut-off set by the college, he/she is considered for admission in the course

    • Some colleges also conduct separate entrance exam to assess the aptitude of the candidate. It may include a written examination, personal interview or group discussion rounds

    • Admission to fashion journalism is also offered through first come first serve basis. Admission to candidates is provided until all the seats are filled for the desired course

    Fashion Journalism Entrance Exams 

    Most of the top universities grant admission to Fashion Journalism students based on their performance in the entrance exams. These entrance exams are given at the national, state, and institute levels. Admission is usually different from one college to the next. The general entrance exams, however, have been mentioned below:

    • NPAT
    • UPES DAT
    • AIEED (All India Entrance Examination for Design Test)
    • UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design)
    • National Institute of Fashion Technology Entrance Test 

    Top Fashion Journalism Universities 

    Top Universities in the India for Fashion Journalism are:

    • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
    • Xavier’s School of Communications, Mumbai
    • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi
    • National School of Drama, Delhi
    • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
    • Zee Institute of Media Arts, Mumbai
    • Garden City University, Bengaluru
    • Asian College of Journalism, Chennai
    • Annapurna International School Of Film And Media, Hyderabad

    Fashion Journalism Syllabus

    Go through the syllabus of fashion journalism that you are most likely to encounter while pursuing the course.

    Fashion News Writing

    Work Placement

    Producing a Publication

    Interviewing, Photography and Styling

    Fashion Journalism for Internet and Broadcast Media Research

    Theoretical Studies

    Fashion Criticism

    Media Analysis

    Fashion and Contemporary Culture

    Feature and Fashion Writing

    Gender Studies

    Cultural Studies

    Work Placement

    Design History

    Major Project

    Principles of Communication

    Editing and Principles of

    Layout and Design

    Communication: Theories

    Models and Skills

    Fundamentals of Journalism

    Mass Communication:

    Concepts and Processes

    Photo Journalism

    Media Management and


    Public Relations

    Basic of Camera Light and


    Note: It should be noted that the syllabus varies from college to college. The above-tabulated format just provides you with the rough idea of the general syllabus.

    Required Fashion Journalism Skills

    To become well-known, fashion journalists must possess certain skills or abilities. Here are a few of them listed below:

    • Language proficiency is essential to this industry. It's essential to have solid language skills.
    • Ability to envision your piece and locate appropriate photo opportunities
    • Possibility of observing fashion trends
    • Skills in communication
    • Personality traits
    • Ability to network
    • Possessing proficiency with Microsoft and Photoshop

    Fashion Journalism Career Options and Job Prospects

    Fashion journalism is the most trending course at present due to the immense growth of the fashion industry. People are keen to know about everything, from low-key fashion trends to the lifestyle of high profile celebrities. The course not only provides the freedom to explore in the media and fashion industry but also lends them numerous possibilities. Check out the career options and job prospects an individual can consider after pursuing the fashion journalism course.

    • Fashion Journalist

    • Fashion Illustrators

    • Communication Manager

    • Trend & Forecast Analyst

    • Fashion Merchandisers

    • Fashion Stylists

    • Fashion Writer

    • Fashion Critic

    • Fashion Editor

    Fashion Journalism Salary 

    Salaries in this field are primarily determined by the organisation and the position that an individual holds. At the start of their career, they can work for free or be paid a stipend. They eventually receive an average salary of more than INR 3,000,000 - 500,000 per year.

    Fashion Journalism Future Scope

    After fashion journalism, candidates can begin their higher education. After graduating, a student may pursue a master's degree in the desired field. If a student has already earned a master's degree, they may pursue a PhD at an accredited university. Candidates may look for or begin employment. Also, following graduation, you can look for a respectable internship at a credible media organisation. Internships look good on a resume when applying for jobs in the field. A good job is very likely to be obtained after an internship.

    Benefits of Fashion Journalist

    Following that, you will have several job options in fashion journalism both in India and abroad.

    • Salary: An entry-level fashion journalist can expect to earn around INR 2,00,000 or more per year. As a person gains experience, his or her remuneration rises in proportion to the quality of work performed in the past
    • Job Security: All fashion journalists are paid well. If they have gained sufficient experience in the field of journalism, they have a high level of job security
    • Unique Experience: A career as a fashion journalist has a lot of additional advantages. First of all, it requires a lot of travel because one of the many duties is to cover different fashion shows or events taking place around the world. Second, there is a chance to collaborate with seasoned fashion industry professionals like models, editors, designers, etc
    • Career Goals Opportunities: The media and entertainment industries employ the majority of fashion journalists. Future employment opportunities for fashion journalists are expected to be enormous as the Media and Entertainment sector is predicted to grow by 13.5% between 2014 and 2024 and reach USD 43.93 billion in revenue

    Fashion Journalist Abroad

    Students from other countries also prefer to study fashion journalism. Large cities such as Rome, Paris, Milan, and New York offer excellent opportunities in this field. Other countries, such as the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, offer UG and PG courses in fashion journalism to aspirants. However, before pursuing Fashion Journalism abroad, candidates should keep the following points in mind.

    • Ranking of the University: Before applying, candidates should review the rankings of various universities and colleges released by various organisations around the world or in the country where they intend to enroll
    • Admission and Eligibility Requirements: Applicants should review the admission and other requirements, including those for entrance exams, English proficiency exams like the TOEFL or IELTS, work experience, and more
    • Work and Student Visas: Each nation has unique requirements for obtaining a work or student visa. The current visa regulations for both study and employment must be thoroughly understood prior to applying for any course
    • Fees & Scholarships: Since studying abroad is already expensive, it is advisable to become thoroughly informed about the fee schedules of various institutions as well as the availability of and requirements for scholarships at such institutions

    Fashion Journalist Abroad Eligibility Criteria

    The following qualifications must be met in order to enrol in the course:

    • Candidates must be well-rounded academically and have passed their 12th grade or its equivalent from an accredited board. The various colleges have an impact on the overall percentage
    • The candidates should aim for a score above 70%, though
    • The candidates must succeed on an English language proficiency exam, such as the TOEFL or IELTS. For the IELTS, a score of 6-6.5 is required. For the TOEFL, the overall score ranges from 0 to 100
    • Candidates for postgraduate admission must have graduated from an accredited college or university in the relevant stream

    Other Requirement 

    The applicants must provide two letters of recommendation in addition to a list of references.

    Fashion Journalism Abroad Colleges

    Top Universities in the abroad for Fashion Journalism are:

    • University of East London
    • London Metropolitan University, London
    • University of the Arts, London
    • University for the creative arts, London
    • University of Winchester, London
    • Fullerton College, USA
    • Academy of Art University
    • Fashion School of Fashion and Design, France

    FAQs about Fashion Journalism

    Is math necessary for fashion journalism?

    Math is an important element of journalism. Journalism typically necessitates data and statistics research. A good journalist must be able to understand and interpret numerical data, which requires math skills.

    What level of education is required to work as a fashion journalist?

    Candidates must enrol in courses like BSc in Fashion and Apparel Design, BDes Fashion Communication, and many others in order to become fashion journalists. Each institute has a different set of costs. An estimated INR 50,000 to 20,000 is the typical course fee range.

    What are the career opportunities in the field of fashion journalism?

    The Indian job market for fashion journalists is currently very promising. There are numerous job openings in a variety of fields. After breaking into the industry, a fashion journalist's typical job roles include: 

    • Fashion critic
    • Fashion journalist
    • Editor
    • Photographer
    • Contributor on the side

    Is a career as a fashion journalist a good one?

    A career as a fashion journalist could be a lucrative option in the future because the majority of fashion journalists work in the media and entertainment industry, which is expected to create over 2.7 lakh jobs in the next three years.

    Where can you find fashion journalists?

    Fashion journalists' work can be found in a variety of places, including newspapers, magazines, blogs, social media, and television.

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    In case of admission related enquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to our admission experts by simply dialling the toll-free number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or filling-up the Common Application Form. For more questions, write back to us in the QnA zone.

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    Navneet, Student / Alumni

    As an alumnus of LPU, I had many friends who did fashion designing and are own working with top brands. LPU has faculty from premier design institutes to sharpen design visualization and execution. Labs and equipment to simulate the industry environment with practical exposure to the fashion industry right from design to merchandising. Option of specialization in Design or Technology. Quality learning has created skilled professionals that are recruit-able much before they graduate.There are 15+ global brands for placement and training,16+ labs to stimulate industry environment and 20+ lifestyle products created every year. School of design alumni are working in best design houses like Anshul Rajwansh (Delhi), Archana Kochhar (Mumbai), Sabeena Bani Ahuja (singapore), Aslam Khan (Delhi), Pam Mehta (Delhi). Companies like H&M, Raymond’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Gini & Jony, Shahi export, Orient Craft selected LPU students. LPU is also a hot ground for fashion start ups Some names include Nidhi & Ankita brand name “Akhyan”, Sumandeep handa brand name “SumanHanda Design ”, Abhishek Harshbardhan brand name “Harshbardhan”, Aditi Brand name “Pankh”, Tanvi Bansal “Modian Designer House” In Academics students do experimental design and production. Students are exposed to fashion shows, craft fairs, industry internships and craft documentation. Intensive exposure to practical work in Pattern making, Draping, Weaving, Printing, Dyeing, Garment Construction labs. Students are given various Live-projects during the course of the program to create commercially viable designs.

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