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Jul 26, 2023 17:19PM IST

About Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Design is a one-year course in the field of interior design. Diploma in Interior Design is a basic level course that students who have completed their secondary education or its equivalent can pursue. Students get to learn various aspects of designing residential and commercial interiors. Interior Design is one of the most popular and in-demand design specialisations. A diploma in interior design will provide job opportunities as well as the ability to pursue bachelor's and master's level Interior Design courses. The Diploma in Interior Design syllabus is designed to provide students with practical-level skills in the subject as well as theoretical understanding.

Diploma in Interior Design programmes are available at many reputable colleges and universities. The eligibility for Diploma in Interior Design is 55-60% in XII from a recognised institution. Admission to Interior Design programmes is often merit-based or entrance exam based. Some of the popular Interior Designing entrance exams include the NID Entrance Exam, UCEED, NATA, Pearl Academy Entrance Exam, CEED, and GD Goenka DAT. After completing this degree, students will be able to find work in a variety of fields. The top colleges for Diploma in Interior Design are Apeejay Institute of Design, Parul Institute of Design, SAGE University, Royal Global University and JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Given the high demand for interior designers, a career in this field may be financially rewarding. Some of the popular job Interior Designing job roles are Interior Lighting Designer, Design Coordinator, Automotive Interior Designer and Wedding Decorator.  The starting salary after Diploma in Interior Design is between INR 2.5 LPA and INR 4 LPA. The sector has the potential for significant future growth due to modernization and shifting lifestyles in India's constrained living spaces. Lastly, due to the fact that these courses can lead to employment at numerous reputable companies, many students also choose interior design online courses as well. 

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Diploma in Interior Design Course Highlights

The following are some of the important highlights about Diploma in Interior Design. 

Full FormDiploma in Interior Design
DurationInterior Designing Course Duration is 1 - 2 Years (depending upon the institute)
  • Regular
  • Part-time
  • Online 
AgeNo age limit
Minimum Qualification10+2 pass
Minimum Percentage50%
Exam TypeSemester wise/ Yearly
Average Fees IncurredINR 20,000 - INR 2 LPA
Similar Options of StudyDiploma in Fashion Design
Average Salary OfferedINR 2.5 - INR 10 LPA
Employment RolesAutomotive Interior Designer, Interior Designer, Back end Developer, Front – End Developer, Interior application Developer, Wedding Decorator, Interior Designer, etc.
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What is Interior Designing?

The profession of Interior Design has evolved as a result of the society's constant change and development, which has resulted in an increasing demand for experts in this field. Interior design is concerned with both complex and simple architecture that has evolved over time. The following points clarify the definition of interior design and the role of an interior designer.

  • Interior design is the art and science of improving the interior of a building in order to create a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for those who use it
  • An interior designer plans, researches, coordinates, and manages such home improvement projects
  • Interior design is a multifaceted profession that entails conceptualization, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with project stakeholders, construction management, and design execution
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Why Study Diploma in Interior Design?

Interior designers are in high demand these days. With the changing architectural patterns in society, having people who are experts in the subject has become critical. Some of the reasons why someone should pursue a Diploma in Interior Design are as follows:

  • According to experts, the Indian society will evolve at a faster rate in the coming years, which will lead to standard developments in the design industry. As a result, according to the study, Interior Designers will be in higher demand in the coming years
  • Interior designers are in high demand in the construction industry as well. Without the work of interior designers, the architectural setup of any building is incomplete
  • As a result of the growing construction and architectural industries, job opportunities for Diploma in Interior Design holders have increased over time
  • Interior designers are employed by a variety of organisations, including construction firms, architectural firms, the design industry, and so on 
  • Diploma in Interior Design holders with excellent skills are well compensated in the industry. The more experience an interior designer has, the more likely he or she will be paid well
  • A good businessman understands the significance of establishing a good office. As a result, big business firms hire Interior Designers to design their offices, which helps them attract more customers and clients
  • An interior designer with strong creative and innovative abilities is never short of work. An interior designer is permitted to exhibit their own creations in the market in the field of design
  • Candidates who choose the profession of interior designer have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and on a variety of projects. This will increase the work's interest and zeal
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Who Should Pursue Diploma in Interior Design?

A diploma in interior design calls for patience and consistency, as well as creativity and innovative skills. Candidates with these characteristics should pursue a Diploma in Interior Design. The following are some important facts about who should pursue a Diploma in Interior Design.

  • Candidates with creative and innovative abilities can pursue a Diploma in Interior Design programme and become successful Interior Designers
  • Candidates with an interest in construction and architecture can pursue a Diploma in Interior Design course and then pursue a career as an Interior Designer in these industries, where interior designers are in high demand
  • Candidates with a creative eye who want to design buildings, homes, and other types of architectural setups can enrol in the Diploma in Interior Design programme
  • Candidates pursuing a Diploma in Interior Design will also learn about the fundamentals of design and its applications that can be used in a variety of situations
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Diploma in Interior Design Course Advantages

There are several advantages of pursuing a Diploma in Interior Design:

  • A Diploma in Interior Design provides students with comprehensive knowledge to enter the profession. It gives an understanding of design principles, space planning, colour theory and the use of design software.
  • The practical training given during the course helps to smoothly transition into the role of an interior designer. 
  • As a Diploma in Interior Designing is of a shorter duration, it helps to easily enter the workforce. However, students may not earn as much as they can expect to earn after B.DEs in Interior Design. 
  • Candidates can work as an Interior Designer in various big companies making a successful career.
  • Candidates can also start their own business if they possess good creative and innovative skills.
  • With the growing changes in society, the requirement for interior designers has become inevitable.
  • The scope for interior designers is increasing every passing day. Hence, the chances of getting recruited after completing Diploma in Interior Designing are high.
  • Candidates with other degrees such as BTech etc can do Diploma in interior design and can learn extra skills which will be helpful in developing a good professional portfolio.
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Diploma in Interior Design Eligibility Criteria

Most institutes in India have nearly the same eligibility criteria for the Diploma in Interior Design. Anyone with a secondary school graduation can enrol in this Diploma in Interior Design programme, which is available both online and offline.

Interior Design Diploma applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria in order to get admission:

  • For the Diploma in Interior Design, the applicant must have completed their higher secondary education
  • A recognised state or central board of education must be affiliated with the school where the applicant got his or her 10+2 degree
  • Students who completed a diploma as part of the 10 + 3 educational pattern after finishing class 10 are also eligible to apply for admission to the Diploma in Interior Design course
  • The applicant must have passed the qualifying exam with a minimum score of between 45% and 50%
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Diploma in Interior Design Entrance Exams

Most Diploma in Interior Design courses do not require entrance exams and students are conducted on a merit basis. However, there are top Interior Design colleges that take admission based on scores in entrance exams. Here are some of the Diploma in Interior Design entrance exams:

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Diploma in Interior Design Admission Process

The admission process for a Diploma in Fashion Design may vary from one institution to another. Admission can be entrance exam-based or merit-based. Generally, diploma programmes accept merit-based admissions, but some institutions may opt to admit students via tests. Diploma in Interior Design admission process is either based on 

  • Merit 
  • Entrance Exam

Most colleges have similar admission procedures, and here is a general outline of the admission process for a Diploma in Fashion Design:

  • Students must first shortlist fashion design institutes or schools that offer a Diploma in Fashion Design. 
  • It is important to check the eligibility criteria for the diploma course. Most courses require candidates who have completed high school education. 
  • Fill up the application form and prepare all the necessary documents required for the application process. Submit the application form in the college portal. 
  • Appear for the entrance examination if needed. Candidates are evaluated based on their performance in the entrance examination in such situations. 
  • Appear for a personal interview with the admissions committee if required. Students may also be asked to submit a portfolio of their design work. 
  • Successful candidates have to accept their seats by paying fees within the deadline. 
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Types Of Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Design courses is popular among students who have completed their higher secondary or bachelors and wish to launch a career soon in the field. Several Design schools have Interior Designing Diploma programmes of one to two years to facilitate training within a short duration. The courses are made available to students under various formats such as full-time, part-time and online. Here is a brief description of the types of Diploma in Interior Design courses:

  • Full-Time Diploma in Interior Design: The full-time Diploma in Interior Design gives students training in interior design on a day-to-day basis. The holistic classroom learning experience helps individuals fast-track their careers in this field. The curriculum includes 2D and 3D design, design practices, lighting techniques and project management. Students engage in practical workshops and studio sessions for industrial exposure.
  • Part-time Diploma in Interior Design: The part-time Diploma in Interior Design is ideal for individuals who are passionate about interior design and for some reason cannot undertake full-time courses. Students CAN attend classes flexibly at their convenience during weekends or evenings. They get knowledge of essential topics like design principles, space planning, colour theory and interior decoration.
  • Online Diploma in Interior Design: The online Diploma in Interior Design is a flexible and accessible remote learning option. Through virtual classrooms and interactive modules, students can available courses from anywhere in the world. The curriculum covers design principles, spatial planning, and software skills required for interior design.
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Diploma in Interior Design vs B.Des Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Design is a short term course while B.Des Interior Design in an undergraduate level course. The course curriculum and approach differ for both courses. Here is a comparative analysis between Diploma in Interior Design vs B.Des Interior Design: 

ParametersDiploma in Interior DesignB.Des Interior Design
Course LevelUndergraduateBachelors
Course Duration1 to 2 years3 years
FocusFocused on practical skills, technical knowledge and hands-on trainingBlend of theoretical and practical training
Annual Fees (in INR)20,000-1,00,00050,000-3,00,000
Top CollegesPodder International College, Deccan Institute of Technology, Samana College of Design StudiesNational Institute of Design , NIFT, Pearl Academy
Average Salary (in INR)2,50,000-3,00,0004,00,000-6,00,000
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Diploma in Interior Design Syllabus

There are various subjects covered under Diploma in Interior Design course. All the courses are of paramount importance. Candidates are required to complete the whole set of courses in a given time frame, then only they can claim their degree successfully. The syllabus of Diploma in Interior Design has been provided in the table given below.

Interior Design ProcessInterior Design StylesDesigner Tools
Design Elements & PrinciplesInspiration & Design ConceptColour Theme
Material CollectionPlan - Elevation - Section PrinciplesMeasuring Principles
How to Read Floor PlansTechnical Drawing Oblique Drawing
Isometric Drawing Perspective Drawing PrinciplesVanishing Point Perspective Drawing
Elevation DrawingSection DrawingSketch Drawing Principles
CAD Basic Use (Computer Aided Design Software Basic Use)3Ds Max Basic UseSketch With Photoshop Touches
Drawing Section AA' With FurnitureDimension & Section (BB'/CC'/DD') DrawingSpace Surveying - Client Meeting - Design Brief
Model Making PrinciplesResearching TipsFurnishing Floor Plan Assignment Guide
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Course Curriculum for Diploma in Interior Design

The course curriculum for Diploma in Interior Design contains an overview of the important topics and provides practical training to students. In-hand practice is essential to apply the theoretical rules attained in the class. The curriculum briefly introduces the history and principles of interior design, planning of spaces and layouts, materials and finishes, colours and lighting, furniture design, decoration and styling, architectural drafting and CAD, and residential and commercial design. 

The course gives theoretical understanding and internship opportunities, on-site visits and workshops to expose students to the industry. They are well prepared to start a career in the interior designing industry as interior decorators, interior stylists, interior consultants, etc. 

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Diploma in Interior Design Colleges in India

There are numerous colleges in India that offer diplomas in interior design to qualified candidates. Candidates can apply to these colleges and universities for admission. There are both private and public colleges that offer diploma programmes in interior design. The eligibility criteria for admission to these colleges are nearly the same. Although the fee structure may differ from one college to the next. 

The following is a list of top colleges and universities in India that offer diploma courses in interior design:

Diploma in Interior Design InstitutesPlaceDiploma in Interior Design Total Fees (in INR)Type of Institute
Apeejay Institute of DesignDelhi3,96,000Private Institute
LISAA School of DesignBengaluru4,00,000Private Institute
Institute of Design Environment and ArchitectureNashik2,50,000Private Institute
Parul Institute of Design Vadodara2,00,000Private Institute
SAGE University Indore1,50,000Private Institute
ITM University Gwalior1,48,200Private Institute
Poddar International CollegeJaipur2,45,000Private Institute
RIMT UniversityGobindgarh1,26,500Private Institute
Royal Global University Guwahati3,20,000Private Institute
Sir Vithaldas Thackersey College of Home Science Santacruz44,000Public/Government Institute
Deccan Institute of TechnologyKolhapur88,000Private Institute
JD Institute of Fashion Technology Vadodara3,24,500Private Institute
Centre for Design Excellence, Vivekananda Global University Jaipur50,000Private Institute
JD Institute of Fashion TechnologyBangalore3,00,000Private Institute
AAFT University of Media and Arts Raipur2,25,000Private Institute
JD Institute of Fashion TechnologyIndore2,00,000Private Institute
Kamla Poddar Institute Jaipur1,50,000Private Institute
Samana College of Design StudiesHyderabad2,59,200Private Institute
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University Navi Mumbai3,98,000Private Institute
Godavaribai School of Interior Design Surat1,62,000Private Institute
Shri Rawatpura Sarkar UniversityRaipur2,00,000Private Institute
Swarnim Startup and Innovation University Gandhinagar2,45,000Private Institute
JD Institute of Fashion Technology Bhubaneswar1,36,000Private Institute
JD Institute of Fashion Technology Gurgaon3,25,200Private Institute
SUN Institute of Management Studies Udaipur3,56,000Private Institute
Indian Institute of Food Science and Technology Aurangabad1,57,000Private Institute
AAFT Noida - Asian Academy of Film and TelevisionNoida1,45,000Private Institute

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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Diploma in Interior Design Fee Structure

Diploma in interior design can be done by any candidate who is interested in making a career in the designing field. There are various types of institutes that offer admission in Diploma in Interior Design course. Both private and public institutes offer Diploma in Interior Design admission. However,  Diploma in Interior Design fee for private colleges is a bit higher than public colleges and may vary from one private college to other. On the other hand, Public or government colleges have lesser fees and are more feasible than private colleges. The average Diploma in interior Design fee may vary from INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000, depending on the college.

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Diploma in Interior Design Online Course

Candidates can also do Diploma in Interior Design courses online as well. Diploma in Interior Design courses are offered by various reputed institutes worldwide to candidates in the online mode only. Candidates are not required to go anywhere and can complete Diploma in Interior design course from the comfort of their homes itself. The fee structure for these Diploma in interior design online course is also affordable and are less expensive as compared to offline courses. There is no distinction between the value of the Diploma in interior design courses done either online or offline. Both the course types hold the same value. Below mentioned are some of the courses that candidates can do through online mode. 

Interior Design & Architecture Planning

The course Interior Design & Architecture Planning helps the Candidates to explore and master the domain of interior designing and architecture planning.

Offered By: School of Open Learning, University of Delhi, Delhi

Important Highlights: Given Below are some of the important highlights related to the course

10 months duration

Online and offline sessions

Experts-led training by RKAAD

Placement Assistance

90 Hours class

Practical Training


Syllabus: Candidates are taught following topics in Interior Design and Architecture course

Fundamentals of Drawing and Sketching in Interior Designing

Introduction to Design

Concepts of Geometry

Drafting Skills

Colour Wheel

Design Drawing and Graphics

Basics of Vaastu

Furniture Planning

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Diploma in Interior Design Colleges Abroad

Candidates can also pursue Diploma in Interior Design from colleges across the whole globe. There are various colleges which are famous for providing Diploma in Interior Design. Candidates can apply for admission in these colleges. The eligibility criteria for admission in these colleges may vary from one college to another. Candidates must visit the official website of the particular college in which they wish to apply for Diploma in Interior Design course. Below are some of the top rated colleges which offer Diploma in Interior Design course to overseas students.

Diploma in Interior Design InstitutesCountry
Pratt InstituteNew York
Savannah College of Art and DesignSavannah
Rhode Island School of DesignRhode
Florence Design AcademyFlorence
New York School of Interior DesignNew York
Visual College of Art & DesignVancouver
Whitehouse Institute of DesignAustralia
RMIT UniversityMelbourne
Dublin Institute of DesignDublin
The Interior Design SchoolLondon
Interior Designers InstituteCalifornia
Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London
Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHong Kong
Académie Grandes TerresParis
Crèapole Ecole de Création ManagementFrance
Parsons School for DesignUSA
University of CincinnatiUSA
University of Technology, SydneyAustralia
Billy Blue College of DesignAustralia
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Skills for Diploma in Interior Design

Diploma in Interior Design is a very creative course which deals with both theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject. Candidates who have an eye for creativity and are willing to use their innovative skills to come up with new ideas and themes are mostly suited for this kind of profession. Given below are some of the important skills that are required to pursue Diploma in Interior Design course:

Skills Required for Diploma in Interior Design 
Ability to deal with technical detailsAbility to work in a team
Scientific aptitudeDrawing aptitude
Analytical mindVisual sensitivity
Colour senseAbility to work in a given budget
Good communication skillsKnowledge of textures, materials and trends
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Diploma in Interior Design Career Options and Job Prospects

The Diploma in Interior Design has a wide range of career opportunities. After completing their Diploma in Interior Design course, students are approached with numerous lucrative job opportunities. They can also pursue higher education and enrol in programmes such as Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and so on. Candidates with a diploma in interior design are frequently hired in the film and television industries, construction firms, theatres, exhibition centres, event management companies, and so on. They can find multiple job roles in various domains. 

A list of the most sought-after career opportunities after completing a diploma in Interior Design is provided below.

  • Assistant Designer
  • Wedding Decorator
  • Draftsman
  • Business Head
  • Automotive Interior Designer
  • Setup Designer
  • Design Coordinator
  • Interior Designer
  • Interior Lighting Designer
  • Mid-Interior Designer
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Diploma in Interior Design Recruiters

The following is a list of Diploma in Interior Design Recruiters:

  • CDA Architects
  • Doget Interio
  • Kroma Digital Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Indo Fusion Interiors Pvt. Ltd.
  • Aashray Design Consultants
  • Windchymn Dezign
  • Y-Walls Design
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Diploma in Interior Design Salary

According to Payscale, the average salary for interior designers ranges between INR 2.5 and INR 10 LPA. However, the following are some of the most popular skills and average salaries for interior designers:

Based on SkillsetAverage Annual Salary (in INR)
Autodesk AutoCAD3,00,000
Adobe Photoshop3,00,000
Microsoft office3,50,000
3D Rendering3,50,000

Note: The figures mentioned above are subject to change.

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Skills Learned after Completing Diploma in Interior Design

Candidates learn various subjects related to interior design during the Diploma in Interior Design course. Along with that, candidates also enhance various kinds of skills that are very important to have in order to lead a successful career in the Interior design industry. Along with learning basic concepts about the diploma in interior design, following are the skills that a candidate will enhance during Diploma in Interior Design course

Foundational knowledge of drawing and sketching

Geometry concepts and color wheel

Planning and drawing a layout of the basic room

Overview of technology 

Basics of Vastu

Budget management

Acquire practical skills to execute interior design projects

Know how to differentiate between the 7 Principles of Design

Learn to communicate through sketching 

Analyze the latest design trends

Discover the various tools and tricks designers use daily

Learn about critical elements of design sketching

Know how to use the various computer-aided interior design programs 

Understand how to read and develop a floor plan

Be able to create your own work portfolio

Basics of design and features of modern interior design

How to become a professional interior designer

Industry knowledge about interior designing, professional terminologies, and elements of design

An introduction to building materials

Basics of plumbing, air conditioning, artificial and natural lighting of interiors, ventilation, acoustics, and landscaping of interiors

How to furnish and paint interiors and protect buildings

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FAQs about Diploma in Interior Design

What are some best Diploma in Interior Design colleges in abroad?

Top Interior Design Schools in the World are: Florence Design Academy, Florence, New York School of Interior Design, New York, Visual College of Art & Design, Vancouver, Whitehouse Institute of Design, Australia, RMIT University, Melbourne, Dublin Institute of Design Dublin, The Interior Design School, London.

What is the eligibility for Diploma in Interior Design?

The eligibility criteria for a Diploma in Interior Design is that students must at least complete their secondary or higher secondary level of education from a recognised national or state board. Some institutes have minimum score requirements for admission which is around 50 to 60%.

What are the best Diploma in Interior Design colleges in India?

The best Diploma in Interior Design colleges in India are National Institute of Design (NID), National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Pearl Academy, Arch Academy of Design, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and International Institute of Fashion Design (INIFD).

What are the basic skills for Diploma in Interior Design?

The basic skills for Diploma in Interior Design are creativity and artistic vision to conceptualise aesthetically pleasing interior designs, a strong sense of size and proportion to plan and design interiors, good communication skills to understand the requirements of clients and explain them their ideas and proficiency in computer-aided design (CAD) software for technical drawings and 3D modelling.

What are the job prospects after Diploma in Interior Design?

The job prospects after Diploma in Interior Design are interior designers, set designers, interior stylists, furniture designers, CAD designers and others. With experience, professionals can set up their design studios and open consultancies and work independently. 

Can I become an interior designer with Diploma in Interior Designing?

Yes, you can become an interior designer with a Diploma in Interior Designing. It equips you with the necessary skills and knowledge to begin your career in the field of interior design. Though you will not gain extensive knowledge, it gives a solid foundation in design principles and practical skills for entry-level positions.

Is a Diploma in Interior Design a good course?

Yes, a Diploma in Interior Design is a good course. If you are keen to pursue a career in interior design and want to start early, a diploma can be an excellent option as it typically takes less time to complete. For more advanced knowledge and better job opportunities, a B.Des in Interior Design will be more fruitful. 

Is a Diploma in Interior Design better than a degree?

It is difficult to say whether a diploma or a degree in Interior Design is better. It depends on the academic and career goals of the students. A diploma focuses more on practical skills and hands-on training and is suitable for those who wish to enter the industry quickly. On the other hand, a degree offers more knowledge and higher earning potential.

Which stream is required for Diploma in Interior Design?

There is no particular stream required for a Diploma in Interior Design. Students from any stream be it science, commerce or arts who have completed higher secondary are eligible to pursue a Diploma in Interior Design. They must be passionate about creating and designing interiors and it is the most important requirement for the courses.

Is knowledge of drawing essential to pursue a Diploma in Interior Design?

While knowledge of drawing is not a strict eligibility criterion to pursue a Diploma in Interior Design, however having basic drawing skills will give a good headstart for the course. Interior Designers need to communicate themselves to clients through their drawing and designing ideas. Students are given drawing and sketching courses as part of their curriculum.

Can I set up my own business after a Diploma in Interior Design?

Yes, after completing a Diploma in Interior Design, you can set up your own interior design business. With the knowledge and practical skills gained, you can offer your interior design services to clients. You also need a strong sense of business to work as an entrepreneur.

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Navneet, Student / Alumni

-Answered on July-29-2023
As an alumnus of LPU, I had many friends who did fashion designing and are own working with top brands. LPU has faculty from premier design institutes to sharpen design visualization and execution. Labs and equipment to simulate the industry environment with practical exposure to the fashion industry right from design to merchandising. Option of specialization in Design or Technology. Quality learning has created skilled professionals that are recruit-able much before they graduate.There are 15+ global brands for placement and training,16+ labs to stimulate industry environment and 20+ lifestyle products created every year. School of design alumni are working in best design houses like Anshul Rajwansh (Delhi), Archana Kochhar (Mumbai), Sabeena Bani Ahuja (singapore), Aslam Khan (Delhi), Pam Mehta (Delhi). Companies like H&M, Raymond’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Gini & Jony, Shahi export, Orient Craft selected LPU students. LPU is also a hot ground for fashion start ups Some names include Nidhi & Ankita brand name “Akhyan”, Sumandeep handa brand name “SumanHanda Design ”, Abhishek Harshbardhan brand name “Harshbardhan”, Aditi Brand name “Pankh”, Tanvi Bansal “Modian Designer House” In Academics students do experimental design and production. Students are exposed to fashion shows, craft fairs, industry internships and craft documentation. Intensive exposure to practical work in Pattern making, Draping, Weaving, Printing, Dyeing, Garment Construction labs. Students are given various Live-projects during the course of the program to create commercially viable designs.

jabilli , Student / Alumni

-Answered on Aug-03-2021

Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

-Answered on June-28-2021

Dear Student,

You are free to pursue a variety of courses including a Diploma in Interior Design after class 10th. Click Here to discover the list of top courses, colleges and career scope of Interior Design after class 10th.

To take admission related help, either dial the helpline number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or fill the Common Application Form. Our admission experts would be glad to assist you with the same. For more queries, write back to us in the QnA zone.

Thank You

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