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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

About Diploma in Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design is the art of fashioning and designing new pieces of jewellery. An individual with a good sense of fashion and ornaments made of gemstones, amber and coral, precious metals, beads, shells, etc. may take up the course of Diploma in Jewellery Design. The course trains and helps a jewellery enthusiast build a strong artistic vision in order to create a technical sketch, modelling the same with computer-aided design (CAD) software and picking the ideal stones that further lead to production. The six months to one-year course teaches the mechanics of how jewellery is made to attract most customers.

Besides, Diploma in Jewellery Design is a course where the students are taught about dealing with precious metals, gemstones, diamonds etc. for making wearable jewellery pieces. From the course, students will learn about the work methods, how to analyse the shape and texture of metalwork, and all the necessary methodologies. Classification of pieces of jewellery, cost analysis, technical sketching, market research, and computer-aided design are some of the aspects students will learn from the course. With these learning of Diploma courses in Jewellery Design, one could start a career in the jewellery designing field.

The industry of jewellery design in India is growing at a rapid pace and the course of Diploma in Jewellery Design offers a launchpad for an aspiring designer with a mix of technical, artistic and commercial skills. Read on to find details about the course including its eligibility criteria, admission process, syllabus and career prospects.

Highlights of Diploma in Jewellery Design

The major highlights of Diploma in Jewellery Design are mentioned below:-

Course Name

Diploma in Jewellery Design


1 Year

Minimum Age

17 years

Eligibility Criteria

Pass in Class 10th/12th with a minimum of 40% marks

Annual Fees

Rs 40,000 to Rs 1,00,000/- 


Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 4,50,000/- LPA

Employment Sectors

Mines, Jewellery Houses, Precious Stones Consultancies, Laboratories, Jewellery Designing Companies, Antique Houses, Auction Houses

Why Study Diploma in Jewellery Design?

There are hundreds of reasons for pursuing A Diploma in Jewellery Design. Mentioned below are a few of them:

  • An enthusiast cannot move on to the Jewellery Design industry without the right knowledge and professionalism. The Diploma in Jewellery Design course equips the students with the appropriate knowledge and craftsmanship.

  • As a beginner’s level course, the Diploma in Jewellery Design effectively builds foundation-level knowledge. Students can learn about how to cut stones, polish them and test different gems and materials. Metals colouring, enamellings, electroplating, etc. are also taught in the course.

  • With the progress of time, jewellery designing task has not been restricted to pen and paper only. Modern-day jewellery-making students need to learn about computer-aided jewellery designing also. The Diploma in Jewellery Designing syllabus includes that and teaches computer-based jewellery making to the learners.

  • With a large number of jewellery designers, the competition in the industry is very high now. So, to create a name in the industry, one must be unique in their creation. The Diploma in Jewellery Design teaches all sorts of skills so that the students could retain exceptionality in their work.

  • The course helps to learn about professional approaches, different art movements, materials’ characteristics etc.

  • This course lends the students innumerable opportunities for using their creative minds and training themselves according to the industry requirement.

  • From a Diploma in Jewellery Designing course, students learn about communication skills, teamwork, time management skills etc. As a course, this diploma-level program is quite beneficial to explore the student’s potential in the domain

  • Some institutes offer government-authorized certification at the end of the course that features lifetime verification of certificate along with free job assistance

Who Should Pursue Diploma in Jewellery Design?

Check out who should pursue Diploma in Jewellery Design here:

  • A Diploma in Jewellery Design is all about Jewellery Designing. Those who have a passion for the profession of jewellery designing can opt for the Diploma in Jewellery Design course.
  • Jewellery Designers should have a creative flair of mind. So, those who think that they can come up with new jewellery designing ideas frequently can pursue this course.
  • As a Jewellery Designer, one should be a passionate learner. Therefore, individuals who have a passion for jewellery making and are eager to learn from the work environment can go for this course.
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Diploma in Jewellery Design Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the course may vary from college to college. Provided below is the eligibility criteria for Diploma in Jewellery Design:

  • Candidates who want to take up this course must have passed 10/10+2 from a recognized Board of education with at least 40%-50% marks in aggregate.
  • As a prerequisite, one should have a strong creative instinct.

  • Having basic computer skills would be an added advantage.

Diploma in Jewellery Design Required Skills

As a Jewellery Designer, one should have some specific skills to grasp the learning from the Diploma in Jewellery Design course in a proper way. A few of those skills are mentioned below:

Knowledge of Gemstones

Creative Thinking and Vision

Basic Knowledge on Designing

Abilities to Work with Tools

Strong Hand-eye Coordination

Time Management Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Eye for Detail

Knowledge on Market Trends

Strong Communication Skills

Diploma in Jewellery Design Admission Process

Colleges that offer Diploma in Jewellery Design shortlist/select candidates on the basis of the marks they have obtained in the qualifying examination. The merit-based admission is explained here in the following section:

Merit-Based Admission

Step 1: The students choose a Diploma in Jewellery Design college/institute and gather information like application dates, fees, eligibility criteria, etc.

Step 2: Then they fill up the application form with all the required details like name, contact details, academic qualifications, previous examination scores, etc.

Step 3: After filling out the application form, the institutes evaluate the application form and accept only the valid ones.

Step 4: Among the accepted forms, the admission authority selects the most suitable one in terms of merit.

Step 5: In some institutes, the selected candidates get a screening call from the Admission Director

Step 6: Based on their performance, candidates get an offer letter and secure their seat by paying admission fees

How to Prepare for the Screening Test?

Jewellery Designing Screening Tests are conducted to test the students’ aptitude for jewellery design. Language Fundamentals are also assessed through such tests. The screening tests are usually conducted by design institutes and their concerned departments to measure the basic understanding level of the students. To get through such screening tests students should be prepared on the basic level for domain-based knowledge, language skills, current affairs, general awareness of the jewellery making industry, etc.

Diploma in Jewellery Design Top Colleges

The Design Institutes of India play a vital role in equipping learners with skills, knowledge and techniques behind the design. The students need to choose the ones that promise to help them become industry-accredited jewellery designers. There are a large number of colleges for Jewellery Designing in India. Among them some top colleges are mentioned below that provide Diplomas in Jewellery Design courses:

Name of College


International School of Design (INSD)


Indian Institute of Gem and Jewellery (IIGJ)








Amity School of Fashion Design


Pearl Academy


Symbiosis Institute of Design






JD Institute of Fashion


Diploma in Jewellery Design Abroad Colleges

There are many colleges abroad that offer Diplomas in Jewellery Design courses. A few of them are mentioned below:

  • The Glasgow School of Arts, Glasgow, UK

  • Pratt Institute, New York City, USA

  • MIT- Cambridge, USA

  • University of Arts, London, UK

  • Royal College of Arts, London, UK

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Diploma in Jewellery Design Syllabus

The syllabus of the Diploma in Jewellery Design is usually prepared in a manner through which students get an understanding on all the important aspects of Jewellery Designing in 1 year. To give you an idea of the topics you might encounter while pursuing Diploma in Jewellery Design, we have provided a detailed syllabus/curriculum of the programme. Get the course content included in the Diploma in Jewellery Designing syllabus from the table below:

Semester I

Semester II

Introduction of Jewellery Designing

Costume Jewellery

Basics of Design

Diamond Grading


Practical: Formal and Conventional Designing

Jewellery Terminologies

Costing and Pricing

Practical: Designing and Rendering

Science of Gemstones

Note: The syllabus may vary from institute to institute.

Diploma in Jewellery Design Online Courses

With the advancement of technology, online courses have become popular in the designing industry. Students these days prefer online courses because of their flexible timing and mode of operation. The 1-year course is divided into some fixed hours of classes. For example, AAFT online conducts 5 hours of classes a week for the Diploma in Jewellery Design course. The learning is imparted through live virtual classes. Along with the virtual training, students get on-demand video lectures, recorded classes, etc.  

In online courses of Diploma in Jewellery Design, students are provided with downloadable learning materials which are often termed e-content. It is a self-paced learning process through which students get adequate learning on 3D Jewellery designing, 2D Jewellery designing, etc. Different computer-based methodologies like creating 2D jewellery with the help of photoshop, illustrations, etc are taught to the students. Apart from that, through the online Diploma in Jewellery Design courses, students are provided with the knowledge of the different designing software and methods of using them. A few of the colleges offering online training sessions on Diploma in Jewellery Design are AAFT online, ARCH colleges, Indian Institute of Skill Development Training, IIG India, etc.

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Diploma in Jewellery Design Career Options and Job Prospects

Diploma in Jewellery Design offers a lot of flexibility and the perfect guidance to build your portfolio to land better jobs. Jewellery design is one such creative field that gives you the opportunity to either work for an established company or launch your own business. From jewellery export houses to film and television industry, the requirement of skilled jewellery designers has only increased over the years. 

While many believe jewellery design professionals can only find jobs in the private sector, one may also explore government positions at museums, antique houses, etc. Some of the popular job positions for an individual with a diploma in jewellery design are given below:

  • Jewellery Designer

  • Exhibition Manager

  • Manager in a Museum & Art Gallery

  • Fashion Consultant

  • Gem Grinder

  • Gem Polisher

  • Gemstone Appraiser

  • Jewellery Setter

  • Jewel Business Owner

  • Engraver

  • Freelance Jewellery Designer

Following are the employment sectors/industries that one may find a job in:

  • Gem Retailing

  • Garments and Design Firms

  • Marketing Industry

  • Manufacturing Industry

  • Hospitality Jobs

  • Gem Wholesaling

  • Mines

  • Jewellery Houses

  • Precious Stones Consultancies

  • Laboratories

  • Jewellery Designing Companies

  • Antique Houses

  • Auction Houses

  • Museums

Diploma in Jewellery Design Future Scope

The future scopes of Diploma in Jewellery Design professionals are high in terms of higher studies and career opportunities. In the following section, both opportunities are explained for the students:

Higher Studies

After pursuing the Diploma in Jewellery Designing, one can go for higher studies if he/she wishes to do so. Students can opt for UG or PG level specialisation courses in Jewellery Design as a higher study.

Career Opportunities

Jewellery Designing is a very lucrative career option. After pursuing the Diploma in Jewellery Design course, one can start their career as a Designer, Entrepreneur, Jewellery setter, etc. Holding the certification from a reputed institute will aid them in getting recruited by some top jewellery designing organisations.

Diploma in Jewellery Design Top Recruiting Companies

A few of the top organisations where the students can get employed after the completion of the course are as follows:

  • Prune India
  • Malabar Gold and Diamond
  • Navrattan
  • Orra Jewellers
  • Gitanjali Jewellers
  • Schachter Jewellery
  • Inter gold India Limited
  • Tanishq by Tata group

Diploma in Jewellery Design Job Roles

With a portfolio of work, students can explore multiple career paths after pursuing the Diploma in Jewellery Design course. A few of the most popular jobs roles are described below:

Job Roles

Job Descriptions

Jewellery Designers

Jewellery Designers create different jewellery designs and are engaged in multiple works. They perform different tasks like enamelling, engraving, electroplating etc.

Jewellery Merchandiser

As a Jewellery Merchandiser, one has to estimate the market demand, identify the best vendor and offer jewellery products according to the needs. As a Jewellery Merchandiser, one can set up their own small or medium-sized jewellery business.

Fashion Jeweller

The persons who are specialised in jewellery designing and whose work is limited to the fashion industry are known as Fashion Jeweller

Jewellery Consultant

A Jewellery Consultant shows different jewellery to customers as per their needs and specifications

Gemstone Appraiser

Gemstone Appraisers are involved in different tasks like identification of gems, grading and appraising them.

Jewellery Blogger

A jewellery blogger is an individual who writes about the jewellery, posts pictures of accessories, promotes a brand through writing etc.

Diploma in Jewellery Design Job Salaries

After pursuing the Diploma in Jewellery Design course, students get hired with decent salaries though the average salary depends on the designations, organisations and work experiences. Mentioned below are some of the jewellery designing jobs and their salaries:

Job Roles


Jewellery Designers

INR 3.5 Lakhs

Jewellery Merchandiser

INR 3.8 Lakhs

Fashion Jeweller

INR 3.5 Lakhs

Jewellery Consultant

INR 2.7 Lakhs

Gemstone Appraiser

INR 2.8 Lakhs

Jewellery Blogger

INR 3.0 Lakhs

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FAQs about Diploma in Jewellery Design

What is a Diploma in Jewellery Design course?

A Diploma in Jewellery Design is a diploma level programme that builds a strong artistic vision of a jewellery enthusiast. Through the course, an individual learns all the processes related to jewellery design including technical sketch, modelling, computer-aided design (CAD), picking suitable stones and production.

Can I go for a Diploma in Jewellery Design after completing class 10th?

Yes, a certain Diploma in Jewellery Design can be done after class 10th.

How much aggregate score should I get to pursue a Diploma in Jewellery Design?

The aggregate score to pursue a Diploma in Jewellery Design may vary from college to college, however, it is generally between 40%-50%.

What is the course duration of a Diploma in Jewellery Design?

The course duration for a Diploma in Jewellery Design is 1 year.

What important topics are taught in the Diploma in Jewellery Design?

The important topics that are a part of the Diploma in Jewellery Design are Basic design creation, types of creation, creation of different types of jewellery such as rings, necklace, pendants, bracelets, earrings, rendering, gemmology, marketing, designer collection etc.

How much is a fee for a Diploma in Jewellery Design?

For Diploma in Jewellery Design, the annual fee may vary from Rs 40,000/- to Rs 1,00,000/- depending on the institute.

What job profiles are generally considered after a Diploma in Jewellery Design?

After completion of a Diploma in Jewellery Design, the job profiles that are considered are Jewellery Designer, Manager in a Museum & Art Gallery, Exhibition Manager, Fashion Consultant, Gem Polisher, Gem Grinder, Gemstone Appraiser, Jewellery Setter, Jewel Business Owner, Engraver etc.

How much money can I make annually after Diploma in Jewellery Design?

After a Diploma in Jewellery Design, a candidate can make Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 4,50,000/- LPA in the initial stages. The salary is likely to increase with time and experience.

Is there any age criteria to pursue a Diploma in Jewellery Design?

Certain colleges do have age criteria for a Diploma in Jewellery Design which is around 17 years. However, there are few colleges that have not set an age bar and any candidate who fulfils the qualification criteria can pursue the course.

What are some famous employment sectors that offer the job after Diploma in Jewellery Design?

Some famous employment sectors that offer a job to the candidates after a Diploma in Jewellery Design are Gem Retailing, Marketing Industry, Manufacturing Industry, Garments and Design Firms, Hospitality Jobs, Gem Wholesaling, Mines, Jewellery Houses, Laboratories and Precious Stones Consultancies.
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Anil kumar, Student / Alumni

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1 year ka h sir

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12th pass with pcm (2010)

Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

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Dear Student,

After completing the engineering programme, you are free to go for the Diploma of Jewellery Designing through correspondence. To pursue the course you are required to have completed class 12th. Here are a few colleges that provide the desired programme.

Ellen School of Art And Design (ESAD), Jaipur

Vogue Institute of Art and Design (VIAD), Bangalore

JD Institute Of Fashion Technology (JDIFT), Bangalore

To find out more options, you can dial 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or fill the Common Application Form. Our admission experts will reach out to you. For more queries, write back in the QnA zone.

Thank You

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