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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

MBA Technology Management Overview

Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in Technology Management, often known as MBA Technology Management is two year MBA degree programme and is also a growing popular degree offered at numerous universities or business schools across India. The programme assists students in their preparation for advanced positions in the technological field.

Technology management is a potential MBA specialisation that is accessible in full-time MBA, part-time MBA, distance learning MBA, online MBA, executive MBA, or 1-year MBA formats, all of which are meant to develop IT and management skills. An MBA Technology Management programme is designed to develop corporate executives who are not just proficient at managing current technology but also understand how to adapt to its rapid changes in the workplace. Moreover, the programme teaches students how to expand their knowledge across numerous technologies while emphasising creativity as a strategy of leadership. 

An MBA Technology Management programme is a step up from a bachelor's degree in IT specialization, and the graduate is frequently far ahead of those with only bachelor's degrees. In addition to their past academic performance, applicants must take the Common Admission Test (CAT) or any other entrance exam accepted by the business school, such as XAT, MAT, GMAT, NMAT, SNAP, and so on, to be admitted to this programme.

Among the top MBA Technology Management colleges in India are Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Amity Business School, Osmania University, IITs, Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology, Chandigarh University, and others. Candidates often pay between INR 5 lakhs and INR 25 lakhs for the course.

Graduates of the MBA in Technology Management programme can pursue further studies in the same field or apply for a variety of high-level employment in the IT-Management sector. They can function as an IT Manager, a Technical Program Manager, a Project or Product Manager, an IT Supervisor, an Information Systems Manager, Computer Systems Analyst, or a Chief Technology Officer. Graduates with little work experience can expect to earn between INR 4-10 lakhs per year after completing this programme. After obtaining work experience, abilities, academic certification, and more, the salary can reach sky-high limits.

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MBA Technology Management Highlights

Check all the important details about MBA Technology Management from the table given below.

Short NameMaster of Business Administration in Technology Management
Full NameMBA in Technology Management
LevelPost Graduate
Duration2 Years
SpecialisationTechnology Management
Exam TypeSemester
Minimum Qualification RequirementBachelor Degree 
Selection ProcessEntrance Exam + Scores in Bachelor’s degree
Average Initial SalaryINR 4 to 8 lacs per annum
Minimum Aggregate Score Requirement50%-60%
Employment OpportunitiesAcademic Institutions, Consulting Services, Healthcare Organizations, Insurance & Financial Companies, Technology Company
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Why Study MBA Technology Management?

Whether an aspirant is recently completed his/her undergraduate degree or has been in the field for some time, studying graduate courses may be precisely what they need to boost their career. Believe it or not, an MBA in Technology Management (or Tech MBA) is not just for people with a business background. This programme focuses on how technology and management work together to encourage the ongoing development of fundamental managerial skills while providing the practical knowledge required to effectively define holistic company processes and establish strategies that drive innovation. 

Let us now look at why earning an MBA in Technology Management can be a wise investment in anyone's career.

  • Develop Advanced Technical and Management Skills: One of the most essential reasons to pursue an MBA Technology Management is to graduate with a completely new set of skills. A tech MBA teaches students how to address business challenges through the use of proper quantitative and qualitative methodologies, as well as technology tools such as various types of software and hardware. Students will also learn transferable skills such as dynamic leadership, analytical and critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative ways to express themselves.
  • Diverse Specialties and Career Options: Pursuing a tech MBA does not limit applicants to studying business in one specific field; as previously said, the abilities they will learn are highly transferable regardless of the type of work they conduct. The flexibility to select from a varied selection of specialisations allows individuals to focus on their current industry or branch out to a new one. Some of the most trending specialisations that aspirants can add to their tech MBA are Finance, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Healthcare Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, etc. 
  • Building a Broad Professional Network: Networking, networking, networking! It is never too early or late to start networking. Building a professional network is critical for career progress and success, whether they are in undergrad, graduate school, a new position, or the same one they started 10 years ago. Aspirants will develop professional ties with instructors, faculty, other students, and alumni while pursuing an MBA Technology Management. Developing these long-term relationships may help to open doors to opportunities that might not otherwise be available.
  • More Career Opportunities: Looking for work can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Graduates apply to hundreds of jobs each month, writing cover letter after cover letter in an attempt to get their application noticed - having an MBA Technology Management degree may help their resume land at the top of the recruiter's pile. While certain positions will require an MBA, for those who do not, this degree provides a great method to stand out from the crowd.
  • Confidence Boost: Many students suffer from imposter syndrome and the sensation that they are unprepared for their first full-time job following graduation. Regardless of the cause, it can be tough for graduates to apply for jobs when they lack confidence in their talents and skill set. By pursuing an MBA Technology Management degree, candidates not only gain hard skills related to technology such as data analysis and risk calculation, but they also develop soft skills such as time management, communication, leadership, and strategic thinking. These vital abilities will help them build confidence in the workplace and succeed.
  • Competitive Starting Salary: The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the most sought-after degrees in the world, particularly in India. Earning a graduate degree often results in a greater starting salary than a bachelor's degree alone. Having said that, entry-level graduates can expect to earn between INR 5 lakhs and INR 13 lakhs per year after completing this degree. MBA Technology Management graduates continue to have a good return on investment (ROI).
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Types of MBA Technology Management

MBA Technology Management is an attractive MBA specialisation after a bachelor's degree. MBA Technology Management is provided to students in three modes: full-time, part-time and online or distance mode. The details of each of the modes have been discussed below:

Full-time MBA Technology Management

During the full-time MBA Technology Management programme, students are expected to attend regular classes and not get involved in any full-time professional activity. A full-time degree ensures that students get a comprehensive curriculum best suited for technological professionals. 

Part-time MBA Technology Management

Part-time MBA Technology Management courses do not require time away from the office. It is designed for professionals who intend to carry forward their studies while juggling professional responsibilities. It focuses on the area of management education and training with special emphasis on technology management and conforming to challenges that arise in contemporary technology-driven organisations

Online/ Distance MBA Technology Management

An online or distance MBA in Technology Management provides added accessibility and flexibility to the course. Students do not need to regularly attend classes and can pursue them from the comfort of their homes through live classroom teaching or recorded sessions. They are cheaper options than on-campus learning. 

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MBA Technology Management Entrance Exams

All the colleges taking applications for MBA Technology Management will shortlist students on the basis of their performance in the entrance exams. There are several MBA entrance aptitude-based tests that are conducted in the country which the students can take to enrol themselves in prestigious colleges. Applicants can check out the MBA Technology Management entrance exams which they can opt for: 

MBA Technology Management Entrance Exam

Full Form 

Conducted By 


Common Admission Test



Management Aptitude Test

All India Management Association (AIMA)


Xavier’s Aptitude Test

XLRI Jamshedpur


AIMS Test for Management Admissions

Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS)


Symbiosis National Aptitude Test

Symbiosis International (Deemed University)


Graduate Management Admission Test



Common Management Admission Test

National Testing Agency (NTA)

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MBA Technology Management Eligibility Criteria

Most MBA programmes provide training in basic business principles needed by any manager including subjects like corporate finance, economics, strategic planning, marketing, and accounting alongside the core subjects based on the specialisation that aspirants choose. Like any other MBA programme, the eligibility criteria for an MBA in Technology Management are also the same. 

  • Candidates must have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study or an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution or university.
  • For this programme, an aggregate of at least 50% marks or equivalent grade B on the UGC 7-point scale in graduation is necessary.
  • Colleges and universities also choose students based on their performance on entrance exams (like CAT, CMAT, NMAT, MAT, XAT, SNAP, etc.), personal interviews, and group discussions.
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MBA Technology Management Admission Process

  • Candidates will be selected on the basis of their marks in the entrance exam and academic degree
  • Candidates may check the official website of the college to know the entrance exams accepted by the college.

  • Some of the entrance exam conducted for admission in the MBA in Technology Management are GMAT/ XAT/ CAT/ NMAT

  • Selected candidates may visit the college to confirm their admission. 

If you want to know the detailed admission process of MBA Technology Management for any particular college, you can ask your questions on the Collegedekho QnA zone

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FAQs about MBA Technology

What is the average salary scope of graduates after doing MBA Technology Management?

As a hub of many IT MNCs, India is one of the finest countries for MBA Technology Management graduates, with numerous career prospects in cities such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, and Gurugram. The average compensation offered to a fresher is INR 4-9 lakhs per annum, while applicants with 5 years of experience or more are awarded INR 10-15 lakhs per annum.

What are the top colleges offering MBA Technology Management courses ?

Following are some of the top colleges offering Management courses : Indian Institute of Management (Kozhikode) , Department of Management Studies - IITR (Roorkee) , Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore) , Faculty of Management Studies (Delhi) , Sydenham Institute of Management Studies Research and Entrepreneurship Education (Mumbai). You can explore these colleges on our website to check if they offer MBA - Technology Management or not.

Who is a Software Project Manager?

A software project manager is the most significant individual on a team since he or she is in charge of managing software projects and plays an important role in their successful completion. He/she deals with a variety of challenging conditions in order to complete these tasks. In truth, a project manager's responsibilities span from intangible tasks like team morale boosting to highly visible customer presentations, for which, an MBA Technology Management degree is perfect.

Who is an Information Security Manager?

An Information Security Management establishes and administers the controls that an organisation must apply to ensure that the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of assets are properly protected from threats and vulnerabilities. This position is in charge of the cybersecurity of a programme, organisation, system, or enclave.

What are the entrance exams that are available for aspirants to give to pursue the MBA Technology Management course?

The choice of university/college/business school will determine the aspirant’s chosen entrance exam to give in order to pursue an MBA Technology Management degree. Some of the most demanded entrance exams that colleges accept widely for this degree are CAT, XAT, GMAT, NMAT, MAT, CMAT, SNAP, and many more. 

Does IIT Delhi provide MBA Technology Management?

The MBA Full Time Programme with a specialisation in Telecommunication Systems Management is a hallmark of the techno-managerial excellence delivered to scholars at DMS, which is available to IIT Delhi students. This programme is comprehensive in nature, involving all business functions such as information systems, finance, marketing, strategic management, and human resources management, with an emphasis on Telecommunications Systems Management, which provides a solid foundation in Telecom Technology, Business, and Regulation.

Can I study MBA Technology Management abroad?

MBA Technology Management has evolved into one of the most popular programmes among students worldwide. Students have been willing to take an MBA degree overseas in recent years because it offers up a wide range of job prospects for them. The top nations for this course include the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Singapore, and others.

What is executive MBA Technology Management course?

The Executive MBA programme, which is a two or three-year degree with a concentration on 'Technology Management,' is designed to meet these objectives and enable managers to actively contribute to the evolution of core competencies in the Indian sector. This programme is aimed to provide working executives with management training.

What is an online MBA Technology Management course?

The online MBA Technologies Management is a 2-year degree that blends standard business management skills with the specialised knowledge required for modern technology. The ability to use technology to make a firm more productive is a common skill seen in most programmes. After receiving your degree, you will most likely be able to combine your people management skills with your technical expertise to excel in business management positions.

What is the difference between MBA Technology Management vs MSc Technology Management?

While each degree programme provides solid educational support for people seeking to further their careers, the MBA Technology Management programme places a significantly larger emphasis on business practises and management components, preparing graduates to become leaders in their area. The MS or MSc in Technology Management, on the other hand, investigates IT from the perspective of the organisation of which the department is a part and focuses on management abilities precisely as they relate to an IT department. This is why an MBA in Technology Management is a preferable option for most IT managers.

Who should study MBA Technology Management course?

The programme's lessons in business principles and management solutions are particularly suited for IT professionals who wish to be involved in strategic business decisions and directing technical teams. Technical skills are not taught to students here. The MBA Technology Management is best suited to IT professionals who currently have strong technical skills but want to expand their careers into higher-level leadership jobs that necessitate a deeper business foundation.

What is the scope of MBA Technology Management?

MBA graduates can pursue a wide range of options in the field of technology management. Another sector where understanding business processes, financial modelling ideas, business strategy, and exposure to IT can help a person succeed is technology/digital consulting. IT corporations in MBA universities commonly provide pre-sales, sales, and account manager positions to students pursuing this programme. Furthermore, graduates can readily obtain positions as project/program/product managers.

What are the skills required for an MBA Technology Management degree?

MBA Technology Management studies software engineering, computer programming, software testing, computer security, and management-related disciplines all at the same time. To excel in these fields at the master's level, an individual must have the following skill sets: computer and digital literacy, data management and analytics, technical writing, flexibility and foresight, project management, data mining, and so on.

What is the duration of the course MBA Technology Management?

Like any other conventional MBA full-time degree, an MBA degree specialising in Technology Management in India is a two-year postgraduate degree programme. The degree is also a UGC Accredited course that is globally validated and industry-accepted. This MBA degree is divided into 4 semesters of 6 months each and consists of a perfect blend of IT and management-related subjects and learnings for aspirants. 

Why should I study MBA Technology Management?

Over the previous decade, India's IT sector has grown by more than 20%, with no signs of slowing. It exported software worth more than USD 120 billion in prior fiscal years, making it India's largest exporting industry. Studying for an MBA in Technology Management provides students with numerous opportunities to work in the IT and management domains of various companies. If you want to be a part of a growing industry and enjoy challenges, this programme is for you.

What is the difference between MBA Technology Management and MBA Business Analytics?

IT and Business Analytics is not the same thing. As a result, the topics taught in MBA will be considerably different, even though the fundamentals would be comparable. All that is taught in an MBA programme is how to manage business administration and various businesses. In the MBA Technology Management programme, you will learn about the standard methods used by prominent firms in the IT industry. On the contrary, an MBA in Business Analytics studies involves making decisions based on prior data.

What are some of the core subjects that you study in the MBA Technology Management programme?

Some of the core subjects that aspirants study while pursuing an MBA Technology Management programme are Intellectual Property Rights, Managing Technological Innovation, Economic Analysis for Business, E-Business Management, Software Project & Quality Management, Data Mining & Business Intelligence, Business Research Methods, Legal Aspects of Business Applied Operations, Technology Forecasting, Assessment Information Management Technology and many more. 

What is the difference between MCA and MBA Technology Management?

MCA, or Master of Computer Applications, is a postgraduate course that focuses on technology. It will immerse you in the theoretical and practical worlds of computer applications, software, and languages. On the contrary, MBA Technology Management is concerned with the planning, development, operation, and utilisation of technology goods and services in order to improve productivity and bring value to an organisation. IT expertise is frequently combined with business administration abilities in study courses.

What is the selection process for an MBA in Technology Management?

Only applications that include the appropriate certifications and other papers as attachments and have completed their application form precisely and completely will be accepted. Candidates will be shortlisted, and those who are chosen will be asked to take the entrance examination and attend a personal interview. The applicants' final results will be announced when they have gathered the marks from their bachelor's, entrance exam scores, and personal interviews.

Is BBA compulsory to pursue an MBA Technology Management?

No, it is not at all mandatory for aspirants to pursue a BBA before applying for an MBA Technology Management programme. A candidate needs to complete a 3 years / 4-year undergraduate or bachelor's degree in a relevant field of study or discipline to pursue this programme alongside qualifying entrance exam scores.

What are the further studies options after completing MBA Technology Management?

Aspirants after finishing or completing MBA in Technology Management can either pursue a job in the same field or can also pursue study further and choose from a plethora of courses that are available in the field of Technology Management. Graduates of the MBA Technology Management programme can pursue MPhil and Ph.D. degrees in IT Management disciplines. There are other short-term courses that aspirants can pursue to constantly improve their skills and knowledge.

Who is a Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

The chief technology officer (CTO) is the top executive in charge of an organization's technological requirements, opportunities, and difficulties. With digital transformation being such a high strategic priority for so many firms, the CTO function has evolved as a crucial participant in the enterprise C-suite. These leaders, who frequently collaborate with CIOs, are frequently at the forefront of breakthrough technological products and services. By implementing these tools, they can assist their firms to achieve improved efficiencies and performance.

Who is an IT/Technology Manager?

IT Managers are MBA Technology Management graduates who are in charge of ensuring the efficient and secure operation of all operating systems, related applications, equipment, and software utilised by a wide range of public and private sector companies. They also plan, manage, control, and analyse electronic IT and data activities. They help in the design, development, implementation, and organisation of programmes, policies, and procedures.

What is the difference between MBA Technology Management and MBA in IT?

The MBA Technology Management programme prepares students to manage research and assess technology-related strategies in businesses and organisations. An MBA in IT, on the other hand, will prepare you to manage both IT systems and workers by integrating traditional business knowledge with specific courses in information security, telecommunications, and IT project management.

What is the average fee for the course MBA Technology Management?

The course fee of an MBA degree specialised in Technology Management varies from one university to another. The fees totally depend upon a variety of factors like the goodwill of the institute, the location, curriculum, rankings, reputation, alumni status, whether it is a private or government institution, and many other factors. Having said that, the average course fee for this programme can range anywhere between INR 5 lakhs to INR 25 lakhs. 

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-Answered on Feb-05-2024
Hi there, LPU offers several MBA programs with various specializations such as HR, Finance, Hospitality, Healthcare and many more. The admission for the next academic session has begun. You can register and book your LPUNEST slot. If you are awaiting your result then you can take provisional admission as well. Good Luck

Subhashri Roy, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Jan-05-2024

Dear student,

Around 126 colleges are accepting XAT score 2024. Some of the top MBA colleges accepting XAT score 2024 include the following:

You can also check out the XAT score vs percentile 2024 to predict your chances of getting into the XAT participating colleges. 

For admission-related assistance, please fill out our Common Application Form or call on our toll-free number 1800-572-9877. 

Thank you.


P sidhu, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Dec-20-2023
LPU NEST 2024 Application Form has been released via online mode. Exam Dates have been announced. It stands for Lovely Professional University National Eligibility and Scholarship Test. LPU NEST exam is conducted in different slots from January and April onwards. It is a university level entrance exam which is conducted for various courses including B.Tech, MBA etc. Candidates who want to get admission in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes can enrol in the exam. No. of LPU graduates are working at various MNC’s at high paying packages across the globe. Mittal School of Business, which attracts students from various parts of the world, is one of India’s foremost ‘Business Schools’ recognized for its industry-oriented and technology focussed curriculum, interactive and hands-on pedagogy, accompanied by intensive industry interface which also involves training of national and international industry professionals. A multidisciplinary campus and multicultural environment suffused with student activity ensures all round development of its graduates, grooming them for successful entrepreneurship and global careers. LPUs Mittal School of Business exhibits a rich diversity among students and faculty who flock to this centre of excellence from all parts of the country and across the globe. We believe that innovation and excellence flourishes in an environment that embraces diverse perspectives and nurtures free expression which ultimately helps them to adjust to any work environment while celebrating divergence.

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MBA Technology Management Colleges in India

MBA in Technology Management is a comparatively newer MBA specialisation in India and is offered by handful of colleges. Here is a list of the most prominent colleges that provide MBA Technology Management courses in India: 

MBA Technology Management College


Alagappa University

Tamil Nadu

Amity Business School (ABS) 


Osmania University


MIT Art Design and Technology University


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Study MBA Technology Management Abroad

MBA Technology Management abroad is designed for students who would like the opportunity to acquire proficiency in and develop knowledge of the important aspects of Information Technology (IT) Management. The course content is focused on key areas of information technology and business enterprises. It aims to equip students with skills to capture, organise and present information and data to enhance efficient communications and minimise error.

The top MBA Technology Management courses abroad have been enlisted below: 



University of Washington

United States

Coventry University 

United Kingdom

University of Windsor


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology


Red River College


National College of Ireland


Manipal Academy of Higher Education-Dubai

United Arab Emirates

University of Sydney


University of East Anglia

United Kingdom 

Clarkson University

United States 

Ohio University

United States

RMIT University


Cardiff Metropolitan University

United Kingdom

University of Greenwich

United Kingdom

University College London 

United Kingdom 

La Trobe University


Cardiff University

United Kingdom 

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MBA Technology Management Course Curriculum

The course curriculum of MBA Technology Management emphasises to learn the principles of Management Information System for organizations and to understand its uses and functions. It also helps to understand strategies of technology policy and ethics and the policy and innovation of technology. 

  • The core objective of this program is to turn out future managers, who would fully meet, the dynamic, challenging and competitive needs of the industry.
  • It provides a strong conceptual base in management aspects like Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources Management and develops skills for the application of concepts to businesses.
  • It equips students with an analytical mind to comprehend and handle complex situations related to the Management of Technology which is Technology Forecasting, Search, Selection, Transfer and Creation of New Technology.
  • There are class lectures, assignments, projects, internships, seminars, report writings and discussions to carry forward the courses. 
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MBA Technology Management Course Fees

The cost of MBA Technology Management is estimated to be higher than other specialisations however this does not hold true. There are universities that provide MBA Technology Management at a cheaper cost. Generally, the tuition fee depends on the reputation, goodwill, teaching faculty and infrastructures provided by the colleges. The following table represents the cost of MBA Technology Management in Indian colleges: 

MBA Technology Management College

Annual Fees (in INR)

Alagappa University


Amity Business School (ABS) Noida

11.8 lakhs

Osmania University

1 lakh

MIT Art Design and Technology University

4.52 lakhs

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MBA Technology Management Syllabus

Syllabus of MBA Technology Management is provided below

Semester I

Semester II

Foundations of Technology Management

Technology Forecasting and Assessment

Technology, Creativity and Innovation

Technology Transfer Management

Information Technology for Business

Technology Projects, Appraisal and Evaluation

Organisational Behaviour and Inter-personal skills

Business Research Methods

Principles of Marketing

Economic and Legal Environment

Accounting for Management

Financial Management

Second Year

Semester III

Semester IV

Production & Operations Management

Strategic Management of Technology

International Business & Strategic Alliances

Supply Chain Management

Functional Specialisations


Consumer Behaviour

Product Management

Services Marketing

Promotion and Distribution Management

Financial System and Services


International Finance

Strategic Financial Decisions

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Human Resource Management

Performance Appraisal and Counselling

Organisational Development and Team Building

Industrial Relations and Labour Laws

Leadership and Change Management


Technology Specialisations


Intellectual Property Rights

Research and Development Management

Business Process Re-engineering

Total Quality Management

Environment and Social Aspects of Technology




Knowledge Management


Requirements Management

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MBA - Technology Management Career Options and Job Prospects

With an MBA degree in Technology Management, you can find job roles such as:

  • Information Systems Director
  • Information Systems Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Project Manager
  • Computer & Information Research Scientist
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Hardware Engineer

According to Payscale, for most of the above-mentioned profiles, the starting salary with an MBA degree in Technology Management can range between Rs. 9 Lakhs – Rs. 11 Lakhs per annum. With a few years of experience under your belt, you can expect to earn between Rs. 15 Lakhs – Rs. 20 Lakhs per annum. With senior/ leadership roles and number of years in the profile, your pay package will start above Rs. 20 Lakhs per annum.

For research and analyst based profiles, the salary will range between Rs. 4 Lakhs per annum and can go upto Rs. 10 Lakhs per annum at the level. The salary-deciding factor also depends upon the MBA in Technology Management College that you have graduated from. 

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MBA Technology Management Salary

Graduates in MBA Technology Management have a good scope of income in India and abroad. In India, companies offer INR 6 to 10 lakhs to technology management graduates. The salary scale differs depending on the position they get into and fluctuates depending on several factors. The popular MBA Technology Management job roles along with average annual salary are given below: 

MBA Technology Management Job Roles

Average Annual Salary (in INR)

Systems Analysts

7.3 lakhs

SAP Administrators

5.5 lakhs

Business Analysts

6.8 lakhs

IT Project Managers

14.7 lakhs

Strategic Managers

19 lakhs

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MBA Technology Management Skills

As more and more industries are technology-driven, there is a greater need for technological leaders who can handle businesses.MBA Technology Management course combines traditional and contemporary theory along with practical skills for the management of information systems and technology aspects of businesses. To successfully bridge the gap between technology and management, students must possess the following skills:

  • Strategic Thinking: It is required to plan, help identify and anticipate future technological needs and improve efficiencies of current systems. 
  • Strong Communication Skills: They must be able to establish strong bonds with team members and company leaders to launch initiatives using new technologies and systems.
  • Sustain Pressure: There may be privacy breaches and system glitches, so MBA Technology Management professionals have to be on their toes. They have to find solutions quickly.
  • Attention to Detail: Technological mistakes can result in huge losses for companies. Therefore it is necessary to minimize the potential for error and identify and correct expected problems before they occur. 
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