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    Jewellery Designing Syllabus & Subjects 2023

    Jewellery Designing Year Wise Syllabus

    There are various courses available in the Jewellery designing course like UG, PG, Diploma and Certificate courses. But the candidates willing to make a career in Jewellery designing prefer doing a full-time course and pursue graduation. Generally, the universities and colleges divide the course curriculum semester wise. So, there are two semesters in one year. The candidate must be aware that the actual syllabus for jewellery designing courses may vary from college to college. 

    We have provided the syllabus for Jewellery designing which is commonly followed by most of the universities at UG level. Candidates can check the famous Jewellery designing subjects taught during the entire course duration. The year-wise  syllabus for the jewellery designing course mentioned below.

    Jewellery Designing First Year Syllabus

    Listed below are the syllabus of Jewellery Designing for Semester 1 and 2.

    Semester 1Semester 2
    Fundamentals of Design IFundamentals of Design II
    Visualisation and Drawing TechniquesColour Techniques
    Jewellery illustration IFinancial Management and Accounting
    Basics of Organisational managementHistory of Art and Culture
    Communication SkillsIndian & International Jewellery Markets
    Socio-cultural History of JewelleryJewellery Illustration II
    Advertisement & Brand management of JewelleryBasics of computer applications

    Jewellery Designing Second Year Syllabus

    Listed below are the syllabus of Jewellery Designing for Semester 3 and 4.

    Semester 3Semester 4
    Markets and consumer behaviourTechnical Drawing
    Ornament designing ISocio-Economic foundation of Jewellery
    Theme based designingOrnament Designing II
    Design developmentDesign illustration
    Environment scienceProject (Textile Crafts of India)

    Jewellery Designing Third Year Syllabus

    Listed below are the syllabus of Jewellery Designing for Semester 5 and 6.

    Semester 5Semester 6
    Retail Marketing & Sales promotionDiamond grading and sorting
    Cost Assessment TechniqueGemology
    Beading ArtCAD
    Metal DecorationAccessory Designing
    Traditional Indian DesigningPortfolio Development
    Technical DrawingProject and Internship

    Jewellery Designing Syllabus and Subject Overview

    Jewellery Designing course is one of the demanding courses in the current scenario because of increasing market share of this industry. Jewellery designing is a three years undergraduate level and for two years at postgraduate level course. Students can also opt to for diploma or certificate level jewellery designing courses to enhance their skills and opt for jobs. Jewellery Designing courses cover a wide range of syllabus related to Jewellery making and designing. Jewellery Designing syllabus is crafted for  students to learn from basic to advanced level of jewellery designing such as Elements of Design, Techniques of Design, Diamond Grading, Computer Skills, Stone Cutting and Crafting, etc. Students must meet the eligibility criteria for doing Jewellery designing and related courses at different levels. 

    Students can pursue jewellery designing courses both as part time or full time as per their convenience. One can explore several career opportunities after doing a Jewellery designing course. There are wide ranges of scope after doing a Jewellery Designing course as they can pursue higher education  in Jewellery Design or they can start doing jobs in many jewellery designing companies. The organizations that offer jobs after doing Jewellery Designing courses include Tanishq, PC Jewellers, PP Jewellers, Reliance Jewels, etc. The students of  Jewellery Designing can work on several important profiles related to this field and they can work as Jewellery Manager, Brand Manager, Production Manager, CAD Designer, Jewellery Designer, Retail Store Manager, Production Manager, Diamond Grader, Gemmologist, Designers, etc. 

    Jewellery Designing Subjects

    Jewellery designing courses offer  many specializations. There are different subjects taught for each specialization at different levels. Thus, the candidates need to check the list of Jewellery Designing Subjects taught to the candidates while pursuing the course.

    Manual DesigningJewellery DesignGemology
    Costume JewelleryManual Design GemologyMetallurgy
    Diamond GradingGold and Precious MetalsComputer Graphics
    CAD DesigningDesign TheoryMetallurgy & Casting Process
    Export ProcedureMaterials for DesignHistory of Art 
    History of JewelleryCommunication SkillsCommercial Skills
    Digital RepresentationMetallurgy & Casting ProcessProduct Business Planning
    Setting of Gemstones in JewelleryElements of DesignAccessory Design

    Jewellery Designing PG Syllabus

    The candidates generally pursue PG after completing their graduation to get a broader knowledge about the course and for that they must be aware of the Jewellery designing subjects taught at postgraduate level. Listed below is the PG course curriculum of jewellery designing.

    Jewellery DesignGemology
    Gold and Metals designingComputer Graphics for Jewellery Designing
    Communication SkillsCostume Jewellery
    Manual DesigningCAD Designing 
    MetallurgyIntroduction to Computers & Elementary Mathematics
    Manual Design GemologyDiamond Grading

    Syllabus for Diploma in Jewellery Designing

     The course duration of Diploma in Jewellery Design is one year so there are two semesters in the entire course duration. Listed below are the list of  Diploma in Jewellery Design subjects that is taught in the various colleges and institutes of India.

    Semester 1Semester 2
    History of ArtGemmology
    History of JewelleryMetallurgy
    BookkeepingProduction and marketing
    CAMRetail Management
    Design CreationRendering
    Diamond GradingEnvironmental Studies
    MerchandisingDesigner collection
    Client DesigningCreation of Accessories
    Corel DesigningPersonality Development
    ManufacturingCommunication Skills

    Specialization offered in Jewellery Designing

    Listed below are the different specializations in the Jewellery Designing Course.

    Jewellery Design: Quality Control (QC) CourseGemstone Identification Course
    Jewellery Photography CourseDiamond Grading Course
    Gemology CourseJewellery Design: Stone Setting
    Jewellery Design: Engraving & EnamellingJewellery Design: Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating
    Basic Jewellery DesigningComprehensive Jewellery Designing
    Diploma programme in Jewellery Design & TechnologyBDes Jewellery Design
    BA Jewellery DesignBCom Jewellery Design & Technology
    BSc Jewellery Design and ManagementBBA Jewellery Design and Management
    BVoc in Jewellery DesignMaster of Jewellery Design (MJD)
    MVoc in Jewellery Design

    MDes in Jewellery Design

    Jewellery Designing Specialization Wise Syllabus

    Jewellery Designing Syllabus varies with different specializations that are being offered for doing courses in the field related to Jewellery designing. The inclination of the students differ from each other and they want to specialize in different subjects related to Jewellery Design. The students must check the detailed syllabus in order to finalize the right specialization for them so that they can be an expert in that field. 

    Jewellery Designing Specializations


    BDes Jewellery Design 

    Elements of Design, Design Foundation for Jewellery, Gemology, Setting of Gemstones in Jewellery, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Manufacturing Costume Jewellery, Rendering Techniques, Metallurgy and Casting process (Design Theory), Retail Management, Designing with different techniques and ideas, Merchandising, Branding, Digital Representation, Marketing and Advertising, Materials for Design, Accessory Design, International Market, History of Art and Jewelry, Diamond Grading, Export Procedure, Design Theories and Practices, Product Business Planning, Advanced CAD, Methods and Instruments for Design, Indian Market and Manufacturing Process

    BA Jewellery Design

    Introduction to Jewellery Design, Design Concepts, Cultural Studies, Material Exploration, Communication Skills, Computer Skills, Gemology, Body And Adornment (Ergonomics, Anthropometry), International Language, Jewellery Rendering & Presentation Methods, Design Studio (Experience/Skill based design collection), Design Studio (Logic and Data-based system design project), Design Studio (Intuition based design collection), Professional Visual And Presentation Methods, Design Studio (Handcrafted High Fashion Exquisite Jewellery Design Collection)

    BCom Jewellery Design & Technology

    Fundamentals of Jewellery Design & Gemology, Drawing & Rendering (Metal & Gemstones), Orthographic Views, Indian & International Jewellery Markets, Diamond Grading & Sorting, Theme Based Designing, History of Jewellery, Cost-Based Designing, Historical Designing,  Advertisement & Brand Building, Advance Computer-Aided Designing, Manufacturing Process, Accessory Design, Marketing

    BSc Jewellery Design and Management - Jewellery designing

    Introduction to Jewellery Design, Metal and Stone Rendering Techniques, 3D Design Methodologies, Researching and Developing Theme Based Designs, History of Jewellery, Design and Colour Theory, Jewellery Products & Classification, Designing for Luxury and Retail Jewellery Segments, Metal and Stone Rendering Techniques, 3D Design Methodologies, Researching and Developing Theme Based Designs, Designing for Domestic & International Markets, Research-Based Project, Portfolio Development


    Basic Qualities of a Gem, Methods Employed in Gem Mining, Physical & Optical Properties of Gems, Synthetics, Composites, Imitation Gemstones, Systematic Identification of Gemstone Groups, Individual Stones & their Stimulants, Gem Cutting Techniques, Crystallography & Applications in Gemology, Instruments in Gem Identification, Limitations and Precautions,

    Diamond Grading

    Introduction to Uniqueness of Diamond and Journey from Mines to Cutter, History of Cuts, 4 Cs: Grading for Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat and, Identification of Diamond & Diamond Stimulants, Cutting & Polishing Process, Study of Round Brilliant Cut, Basics of Polished Diamond, Grading using International Standards

    Jewellery Manufacturing

    Properties of Metals, Fusing and Soldering, Cold Joining, Finishing, Patinas, Stone Setting, Alloys, Manufacturing Terminology, Utility & Limitations of Important Tools, Cutting & Blending Pattern and Texture, Mechanism & Chains Casting Technology, Hollow Form and Platinum Jewellery

    BBA Jewellery Design and Management

    Communication Skills, Principles of Management, Jewellery & Gem Business in India, Computer Applications, Quantitative Techniques, Accounting Practice, Organisational Behaviour, Business Economics, Instrumentation Study, Business Taxation, Management Accounting, Ornament Designing, Gemmology, Marketing Management, E-Commerce, Salesmanship & Retailing, International Trade, Entrepreneurship Development, Advanced Jewellery Workshop, Human Resource Management, Production Management, Financial Management, Management Information System, Legal Aspect of Business

    Basic Jewellery Designing

    Geometry of Design, Color Philosophy, Form & Texture Exploration Metallurgy Overview, Design Process and Prototyping, Visualization & Representation Techniques and FreeHand Object Drawing,  Traditional Indian Jewellery Presentation, Knowledge of Gems, Basic 3D Drawing, Stone Rendering, Metal Rendering, Jewellery Making Techniques Demonstration,  Basic Technical Drawing

    Comprehensive Jewellery Designing

    Visual Studies, Gem Knowledge, Presentation Techniques Rendering of faceted and phenomenon stones at an advanced level, Market Research, Computer-Aided Jewellery Designing (CAD) Techniques for visualisation and representation, as well as freehand object drawing Geometry of design, Color Philosophy, Advanced Technical Drawing Understanding various jewellery markets, Design Projects Based on Market Research

    Jewellery Design: Finishing, Polishing & Electroplating

    Overview of Electroplating Equipment and Chemicals, Tools and Equipment Overview, Magnetic polishing, finishing operations, polishing techniques such as cutting and buffing with various brushes, Finishes and textures, Steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning working with polished components, Various plating and galvano solutions, Experiment with silver and gold plating, Part plating methods and the usage of pen players, Safety, Storage, and Quality Control

    Jewellery Design: Engraving & Enameling 

    Metalwork fundamentals, Enamel varieties, Enamel preparation and application, Techniques such as cloisonne and champleve Creating a colour design with simple methods, Kilns and equipment for enameling, Cutting procedure, Gripping, posture, and magnification are all important considerations. Techniques for creating a surface for enameling, such as marking, ornamental engraving, texturing, and carving. Textures and special effects are included. Finishing and firing.

    Jewellery Design: Stone Setting

    Introduction to stone-setting tools, Posture, and Magnification, Claw, Bezel, and Channel Setting, Pave, Flush, and Tension Setting, covering the use and fabrication of Gravers. Gripping and Introduction to novel setting techniques, such as pressure and invisibility setting. Introduction to fancy form stone setting, Finishing several sorts of settings with burs, rubber wheels, and emery sheets Check for quality

    Gemology Course

    Diamonds, Types and Forms of Cuts, Weight Estimation Instruments, Colored Gemstones, Use of Gemmolite and Other Gemological Instruments in Identification, Organic Gemstones and their Physical, Sources, and Identification Techniques, Types and Forms of Cuts, Enhancement-Treatment Methods, Major GemStone Deposits of the World, Famous Gemstones, Synthetic Stones and Identification Methods, 

    Jewellery Design

    Introduction to the many steps of quality control, Wax and post-casting inspections, finishing inspections Final quality assurance, Identification and resolution of problems, Quality Control (QC) Course - Importance of Quality Control, 10x loupe, overview of the jewellery production process,

    Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam Syllabus

    There are many universities and colleges that grant admission in Jewelry designing courses through the entrance exam. There are many design national level entrance test conducted every year to grant admission in the best design colleges of India. The candidates can check the list of entrance exams conducted to offer admission in the Jewellery designing course mentioned below in the table.

    Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam

    About Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam

    Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam Syllabus

    UCEEDUndergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) is conducted every year to grant admission to the BDes program in the institute like IIT Delhi, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Hyderabad, IIITDM Jabalpur. UCEED Syllabus for Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam
    CEEDThe Common Entrance Examination for Design is a joint entrance exam for post-graduate programme for design conducted yearly  jointly at all IITs. The examination is conducted annually. 

    CEED Syllabus Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam

    AIEEDAll India Entrance Examination for Design is an entrance exam conducted by ARCH Academy of Design to offer  admissions into UG and PG design programmes.

    AIEED Syllabus Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam

    NATAThe National Aptitude Test in Architecture is conducted yearly by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture, which is a body of the Council of Architecture, New Delhi in India. It is a national level examination. It is conducted to grant admission to undergraduate courses in architecture and design.

    NATA Syllabus Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam

    NID DATNID Design Aptitude Test is a very popular national level entrance exam in the design field. It is commonly known as NID DAT and the examination is conducted in two tier 1st the Preliminary exam and 2nd is the mains exam to grant admission in BDes and Mdes course.

    NID DAT Syllabus Jewellery Designing Entrance Exam

    Jewellery Designing Important Books

    Even though Jewellery Designing is mostly a practical oriented program, one cannot rule out the importance of books related to these subjects. Books are very crucial to get accurate information related to different specializations in Jewellery Design. The important books that the students can refer to are mentioned below for studying  in Jewellery designing courses. 


    Author (s)

    Jewellery Illustration and Design 

    Manuela Brambatti, Cosimo Vinci

    The Art of Jewellery Design: Principles of Design, Rings, and Earrings

    Maurice P. Galli

    Designers and Jewellery

    Ritchie Helen

    Jewels That Made History: 101 Stones, Myths, and Legends

    Stellene Volandes

    Jewellery Designing Course Structure

    Jewellery Designing Course Structure is especially designed in such a manner that the students get hands-on training alongside learning the theoretical aspect of the course.  The course structure focuses on training students from different streams and enables them to pursue a career that matches their requirements. The students get a chance to learn from basic levels to advance concepts of jewellery design. The course structure must focus on overall development of the students along with learning curriculum. The course structure of Jewellery Designing course includes compulsory internship during summer break to provide hands-on training with the industry experts. 

    The first year of the undergraduate Jewellery Designing course deals with fundamentals of jewellery designing which students can easily cope up with after coming from a XIIth background. One of the key aspects of Jewellery Designing course structure is the different forms of specializations that are offered with this course. The students can choose specializations as per their interests and choice and opt for specialization subjects during the last two semesters both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The course specialization further decides the outline of the course structure.Jewellery designing course includes all other important theoretical subjects that will enable them to prepare for the significant part of the Jewellery Designing. The final year and especially last semester of Jewellery Design Course Structure includes the concept of major projects dissertation, and conduct of viva voce for the students. Jewellery designing courses are structured in such a manner that they also have to represent several practical prospects and they are judged accordingly. Some of the common highlights of Jewellery Designing Course Structure are as follows. 

    • 3 Years (Six Semesters) For UG students
    • 2 years (Four Semesters) For PG students
    • Core/ Basic Subjects
    • Specialization Electives 
    • Choice Based Credit System
    • Practical Training Labs
    • Internship
    • Projects

    FAQs about Jewellery Designing Syllabus

    How many types of Jewellery Designing courses are there?

    There are numerous types of courses such as BA Jewellery Design, BSc Jewellery Design, BDes in Jewellery design and the courses are also available for doing certificate or diploma level courses.

    Does a Jewellery Designing course have a good scope in future?

    Yes, Jewellery Designing courses have a wide range of career scope as there is huge demand for this course in the market. The candidates can work as Jewellery Designer, Jewellery Manager, Diamond grader, Store manager, etc.

    What can be done if I fail in a Jewellery Designing course?

    One can always appear for back papers if they have failed in any particular subjects. The students can always give supplementary examinations.

    What is the percentage that is considered good in Jewellery Designing?

    As jewellery designing is more of a practical based course, any percentage beyond 60% is considered good in this course.

    Is Jewellery Designing for the First Year Tough?

    No, the Jewellery Designing is not at all tough courses. However, the students should have interest in the course and must actively participate in practical classes.
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    Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

    After completing a Diploma, an aspirant will get a bundle of placement opportunities at NLSIU Bangalore. Top recruiters such as L&L Partners, AZB & Partners and KPMG will hire the deserving candidates. Go through the Placements at NLSIU Bangalore to find out more about it.

    In case of admission related enquiry, do not hesitate to reach out to our admission experts by simply dialling the toll-free number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or filling-up the Common Application Form. For more questions, write back to us in the QnA zone.

    Thank You

    Which is the best field in design?
    -Umesh -Updated on May-24-20229 Answers

    Navneet, Student / Alumni

    Regarded as one of the Best Design colleges in India and Punjab, LPU Design Discipline offers its students cutting-edge labs and equipment to simulate the industry environment with practical exposure to the fashion industry, Interior and Furniture and Animation and Multimedia. Interior and Furniture LPU School of Design II covers two domains; Department of Interior - Furniture design & Department of Product - Industrial Design. Being one of the finest colleges in India, it offers courses which focus on enhancing students' design thinking capabilities and widen the scope of design solutions to various design processes. Fashion Designing LPU School of Fashion among fashion designing colleges in India. We offer comprehensive course program to boost your career prospects with Learning environment & record placements & High Tech Campus with world class facilities Animation and Multimedia. LPU Animation and Multimedia School is a leading animation institute in India. Join LPU for best courses in animation, VFX, gaming, graphic designing & multimedia. Explore the complexity and artistry of motion in the best 3D animation courses. LPU conducts during its academic session that helps students to explore multiple vents and learn beating hurdles, that’s a vital part. The multimedia department has a separate block and has well-equipped labs with dell workstations to handle high-end software like adobe after effects, Unity Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Nuke, Fusion, Z brush, photoshop, etc. Even the department has good quality of resources like Black magic cinemas cameras, canon cameras, trolly, jib, and well-equipped special VFX studio with permanent Chroma backgrounds. Placements are also great. This year also his friends and juniors got placed in companies like Amazon, rockstar games, Kony India, Xentrix studios, Lolly POP Design Studio etc. With average packages of 5 Lacs per annum and maximum packages are 8 to 10 Lakh. Gaming started in 2017. Department has a separate Gaming studio also where students can play and test the games on Ps4 and xbox 360+department focus from Game design to execution with complete production pipeline its 95 percent practical based course with hands-on experience with software like unity, Maya, Substance painter , zbrush etc and live projects too.

    Shreya Sareen, CollegeDekho Expert

    Dear Student,

    There are multiple Master's degree courses in Jewellery Design. Here are a few best options for you:

    Course Name

    Course Duration

    M.Des in Jewellery Design & Technology

    2 Years

    M.Des in Jewellery Design

    2 Years

    M.Sc in Jewellery Designing

    2 Years

    List of Jewellery Designing Courses in India!

    International School of Design, Kolkata, WLC College India, Kolkata and PITE - Profex Institute of Technical Education, Kolkata are some of the well-known institutes that offer your desired course in West Bengal. Other popular colleges in India that provide the course are as follows:



    International School of Design Thane (INSD)

    Thane, Maharashtra

    Parul University

    Vadodara, Gujarat

    Unitedworld Institute of Design (UID)

    Gandhinagar, Gujarat

    The annual course fee of a Master's degree in Jewellery Design is generally between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 4,50,000. To take any admission related help, either dial the helpline number 1800-572-9877 (toll-free) or fill the Common Application Form. Our admission experts will be glad to be of service. For any unresolved queries, write to us through the QnA zone.

    Thank You

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