CEED 2020 Syllabus

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CEED Syllabus 2020

Candidates who want to appear for the CEED 2020 entrance should be aware of the CEED 2020 syllabus. It is only after then that the candidates can prepare a strategy and study effectively. The syllabus of CEED entrance can be divided into two major parts - Part A and Part B. The first part (Part A) consists of topics such as environmental and social awareness, visualization and spatial ability, language and creativity, design thinking and problem solving, analytical and logical reasoning, design and observation sensitivity. Similarly the Part B of the syllabus consists of creativity, drawing, analytical and problem solving skills and communication skills. We have provided detailed information about the various parts of the CEE 2020 syllabus in the sections below. 

It is to be noted that the candidates should leave section of the syllabus untouched in order to do well in the examination. Once, they are aware of the syllabus it is advisable to go through the examination pattern and marking scheme. This will give the candidates an idea about the structure of the examination.

CEED is conducted by IIT Bombay every year to the Master of Designs course offered by the by various IITs of the country. Naturally, the level of competition in the entrance is pretty high. Knowing about the syllabus in detail will give the candidates an extra edge over the rest of the edge.

CEED Syllabus 2020 for Part A

CEED 2020 syllabus for Part A is as follows -

Environmental and Social Awareness

In this section, candidates’ knowledge regarding the environment and social awareness is tested. Questions based on pollution, population, climate, literature, natural resources, history of art etc. are asked in the question paper.

Visualization and Spatial Ability

In this section, candidates’ understanding of transformation and manipulation of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships are tested through pictorial and diagrammatic questions.

Language and Creativity

This section tests the candidates’ English language skills. Questions are asked on the following topics:

  • Articles
  • Tenses
  • Verb patterns
  • Active and Passive Constructions
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
  • English Grammar

Design Thinking and Problem Solving

In this section, candidates’ problem-solving skills are judged. Questions on various topics like metaphors, symbols, signs, visual analogies are asked.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

In this section, candidates’ analytical and logical reasoning abilities are tested. Questions on patterns, brainteasers, data interpretation, assumptions and conclusions, arguments, etc. are asked in the exam.

Observation and Design Sensitivity

This section tests the candidate's ability to analyze, reason, classify, infer and predict and also ability to discern subtle differences in visual properties and aesthetic outcomes.

CEED 2020 Syllabus for Part B

CEED syllabus 2020 for Part B can be checked below -


Candidates’ creative skills are tested in this section, wherein candidates have to come up with new ideas for drawing and designing.


Drawing and designing skills of the candidates are tested in this section. Candidates must know how to draw scenes in proportion with good line quality, proportion, composition, and shading.

Analytical and Problem Solving Skills

This section tests candidates' knowledge of properties of materials, ability to understand the user and the context and their appropriate use in design plots, stories, etc.

Communication Skills

In this section, candidates are judged on their communicational skills. Here, candidates must know how to explicitly communicate ideas with the help of visuals and text.

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