CEED Syllabus 2024: Check Revised Syllabus (Part A & B), Important Topics, Section-wise Topics

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CEED Syllabus 2024

CEED Syllabus 2024: The revised syllabus for CEED 2024 has been officially issued by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay. According to the new CEED syllabus 2024, the exam paper will be divided into two parts: Part A and Part B. While Part A will be held online, Part B will be held offline. Understanding the syllabus can aid candidates in their preparation for the CEED 2024 entrance exam. The exam will be held from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at several CEED 2024 exam centres on January 21, 2024.

CEED Syllabus 2024 -- (Revised Syllabus PDF Available)

CEED exam is conducted for candidates who wish to seek admission in M.Des (Master of Design) and PhD programmes that are offered by the IIT Bombay, IISC BangaloreIIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur and other institutions. The CEED 2024 score obtained by the candidates can be used for admission to various other institutions in the country that accept CEED scores. The students can check the below-mentioned details of various parts of the syllabus for CEED 2024. The candidates must also check the CEED 2024 exam pattern and marking scheme after going through the syllabus for CEED 2024. Read below to learn more about section-specific subjects, grading methods, and so on of the CEED 2024 syllabus.

CEED Syllabus 2024 Overview

The CEED 2024 syllabus is designed to familiarise candidates with the contents of the CEED entrance exam questions. The exam lasts 3 hours in total. Here is a brief overview table that will help you to know more about the upcoming CEED exam:



Name of the Exam

Common Entrance Exam for Design

Commonly Known As


Conducting Body

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay

Official website


Mode of Application


Mode of Exam

  • Part A - Online
  • Part B - Offline

Level of the Exam


Exam Category


Exam Duration

3 hours

Revised CEED Syllabus 2024

IIT Bombay has made changes to the syllabus and exam format for the CEED entrance exams. The new paper structure includes two parts: Part A and Part B.

  • Part A: This section will be conducted as a computer-based test and comprises three parts—NAT, MSQ, and MCQ.
  • Part B: In this part, there are two questions, one focusing on drawing and the other on design aptitude. The questions will be presented on the computer screen, and responses should be written or drawn in the answer book given by the supervisor. Part B has a time limit of 60 minutes. These alterations aim to enhance the overall examination experience.

Comparison of Revised CEED Syllabus vs Old CEED Syllabus

Some of the changes included in the CEED 2024 syllabus include the addition of a new topic practical and scientific knowledge. Another topic design thinking and problem solving has been replaced by adding a new topic, art and design knowledge.

Here is a comparison between the old and revised CEED syllabus for Part A and Part B:


Old Syllabus

Revised Syllabus


Design Thinking & Problem Solving

Covered in broad terms

Emphasized with dedicated sub-sections on user research, ideation, and prototyping

Increased focus on practical application

Visual Communication & Design

Covered comprehensively

Streamlined with more emphasis on typography, layout, and colour theory

Updated with trends in visual communication

Building Technology & Material

Detailed coverage of traditional materials and construction methods

Introduced sustainable materials and construction methods, along with emerging technologies

Reflects current industry practices

Environmental Design & Planning

Covered with a specific focus on urban design and infrastructure

Expanded to include landscape design, ecological design principles, and climate change adaptation

Broader scope incorporating environmental concerns

History & Theory of Design

Covered major design movements and theorists

Emphasized critical thinking and application of design theory to contemporary issues

Encourages deeper understanding and relevance

Drawing & Sketching

Focus on technical drawing and hand-eye coordination

Increased emphasis on freehand sketching, expressive drawing, and visual communication through drawing

Prioritizes creative expression and communication skills

Part B (Design Aptitude Test)

Focus on mathematical ability, spatial reasoning, and analytical skills

Maintained core focus areas while introducing elements of data visualization and critical thinking

Updated to reflect evolving design challenges

Overall, the revised CEED 2024 syllabus is more concise and streamlined, while still covering all essential topics.

CEED 2024 Subject-wise Revised Syllabus in Detail

The students can go through the list of important areas that constitute the syllabus for CEED 2024. They can go through the highlights of Part A and Part B syllabi as mentioned in the table given below. 

Part A 

Part B


  • Visualization and Spatial Reasoning
  • Practical and Scientific Knowledge
  • Observation and Design Sensitivity
  • Environment and Society
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning
  • Language 
  • Creativity 
  • Art and Design Knowledge
  • Design Methods and Practices
  • Drawing
  • Creativity
  • Communication Skills
  • Problem Identification

The students can refer to the important aspects in detail about the syllabus for CEED 2024. The detailed outline for both Part A and Part B syllabus is mentioned below. 

CEED Syllabus 2024 Part A

  • Visualization and Spatial Ability: In this section, students will be asked questions related to Pictorial and diagrammatic patterns to test their understanding of 2D shapes and 3D objects and their spatial relationships. This section also scrutinizes students’ ability and capability of the transformation of 2D shapes and 3D objects. 
  • Environmental and Social Awareness: As the name indicates, this section tests the knowledge of the students about a general awareness of different natural and environmental factors such as population, climate, water, soil, pollution, vegetation, natural resources etc. The students' awareness of the environmental implications of the design of different products, images and infrastructure is also considered. The syllabus also enhances awareness about design terminologies, the history of the designed artefact,  social and cultural connection with the design, and socially responsible and environmentally sustainable design responses. The students are also introduced to the history of art and design. 
  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning: The students in this case need to apply all their analytical and logical reasoning abilities to reach a conclusion. They need to weigh the responses, opinions, arguments, or solutions that are provided for any given situation. The students need to deduce substantial logic from a given small passage. They need to analyze the most suitable and accurate response to a given situation.
  • Language and Creativity: In this section, The student’s ability to comprehend passages that are commonly used in the English language will be tested. Language and Creativity also test the ability to think creatively in terms of alternatives. The students' approach to thinking out of the box and ability to explore new innovations are also assessed through this section. 
  • Design Thinking and Problem Solving: The syllabus includes the student's ability to understand the context in a given situation. Their approach of problem solving and thinking design creatively are the key components of this section. The students must be able to decipher the different types of users and the constraints they might incur and select the most appropriate solution for a given design problem.
  • Observation and Design Sensitivity: Students must have the ability to detect hidden properties in day-to-day life and think critically about them. Ability to discern subtle differences in visual properties of any design and aesthetic outcomes as per the demands of the clients. 

CEED Syllabus 2024 Part B

  • Drawing: In this part of the syllabus the skills of drawing ability is checked. The students must be able to draw products, people or scenes in accurate proportion with good line quality, proportion, perspective, composition, and shading.
  • Creativity: The students must have the ability to think creatively and suggest something that has not hit anyone’s mind. They should have the ability to think out of the box when it comes to designing. They should be able to provide solutions to problems. 
  • Communication Skills: One of the best skills that every student of design must possess. They should be able to communicate design concepts and their ideas clearly with the help of visuals or texts. 
  • Problem Identification Skills: The aspiring students of design must have the ability to understand the user and the context. They also must have the knowledge of properties of materials and their appropriate use in design.

Important Topics for CEED Preparation 2024

CEED is a test to measure your abilities, so IIT Bombay does not suggest any particular book or guide for preparing. Instead, they recommend practising drawing, rendering, and visualization skills. You can find CEED sample papers on CollegeDekho. To help you prepare, here is a list of important topics for CEED 2024 based on past question papers for the design entrance exam.

Important Topics From CEED Syllabus 2024

Creative Writing Skills

Drawing Ability and Skills

Communication Skills

Design Concepts

How to Develop Characters

Logical Reasoning

Light and Shadow

Perspective Design

Logo Design

Problem Identification & Design Problem Solving

Scale and Proportion

Product Designing

Basics of Drawing- Lines and Shapes

Gradation Chart

Colour Theory, Color Schemes and color Compositions

Still Life Drawings, Eye Levels and Symmetrical Drawing Concepts, Object drawings from everyday life

Perspective- Types and Usage

Human Body Knowledge

Anatomy, Proportions and Divisions

Basic and advanced Human Drawings

Hands and Feets Study

Human Features

Animal and Bird Study

Colour Rendering and Design

Inspirational Design

Means of Advertisement-Visual Communication

Grid Collages


Study of Objects and Lateral Thinking


Story Illustrations

Pictograms and Signage

Geometrical and Design Exercise

Compositional sense

Placement of different figures proportionally

Sense of proportion

Basics of materials and manufacturing processes

Interaction Design and Visual Communication


Representation techniques

Problem identification & solving

Visual perception

Interface design & Product Design

Poster, Logo, Character designing

Story telling

Drawing of human figures of different postures, action, and age groups

CEED Exam Pattern 2024

In addition to learning the CEED syllabus, applicants must also comprehend the exam format. The CEED 2024 exam pattern differs between Parts A and B of the exam. Some of the important highlights of the CEED exam pattern is mentioned below:

CEED Exam Pattern Particulars

Part A

Part B

Exam Mode


Offline (Answers must be entered in the invigilator's answer booklet)

Number of Questions




1 hour

2 hours

Type of Questions

  • Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
  • Multiple Select Question (MSQ)
  • Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
  • The paper will test the design, drawing, and writing skills of the candidate

Total Marks



Exam Mode



Language of Question Paper



Books for Preparation of CEED 2024 Exam

IIT Bombay doesn't endorse particular books for preparing for the CEED syllabus 2024. However, taking into account the revised syllabus and exam pattern, here is a compilation of some highly recommended books for CEED 2024 preparation:

Part A: Design Aptitude Test 

  • Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning by RS Aggarwal
  • CEED & UCEED Exam Preparation - Advance Course Study Material by ICR Education
  • Cracking CEED & UCEED (with Previous Years' Papers and Mock Tests) by Ashok Goel and Arjun Kamal
  • Rapidfire General Knowledge & Current Affairs 2024 for Competitive Exams by Disha Experts

Part B: Design Drawing Test

  • Design Drawing by Francis DK Ching
  • Perspective Drawing Handbook by Joseph D'Amelio
  • Art Perception by David Cycleback
  • CEED & NID M.Des Entrance Books and Test Series by Ashish Popli, Pradosh Swain, Rishabh Rhode

CEED Preparation Tips 2024

To help the candidates in the preparation for the CEED 2024 exam we at CollegeDekho have compiled a list of pointers that they can go through.

  • Fully grasp the CEED exam pattern and marking system. This will help you manage your time wisely and concentrate on areas that can earn you more points.
  • Identify what you are good at and where you need improvement. Arrange your study plan based on this insight.
  • Create a study timetable that covers all sections and suits your learning style. Stick to it consistently for effective preparation.
  • Get familiar with the types of questions in the CEED exam. Assess the difficulty and time needed for each section.
  • Spot recurring themes and topics to prioritize in your preparation. Practice applying your knowledge to questions resembling those in the actual exam.
  • Enhance your skills in freehand sketching and technical drawing.
  • Learn to express your ideas visually with clear and accurate drawings.
  • Consider taking online courses or workshops to refine your skills.
  • Train your mind to visualize 3D objects and understand spatial relationships. Practice mentally manipulating shapes and forms.
  • Solve puzzles and play games involving reasoning. This skill is crucial for design thinking and problem-solving in CEED 2024.
  • Go beyond the CEED syllabus 2024 requirements to broaden your knowledge.
  • Read extensively on design, art, technology, and current affairs. Visit museums, attend workshops, and engage in design events. A broader perspective will boost your creativity and design thinking skills.

CEED Exam Specific Instructions

Candidates should go through the exam-specific instructions listed below.

  • Candidates need to carry their own stationery such as pencils, sketch pens, crayons, poster colours, and materials.
  • The questions for part A and part B questions will appear on the computer screen of the candidates.
  • Questions for Part A questions must be answered on a computer by the candidates while Part B questions, on the other hand, need to be answered in the answer book

Want to know more about CEED

FAQs about CEED Syllabus

Can I complete the syllabus of CEED in six months?

Yes, if you are diligent and attentive, you may finish the CEED syllabus 2024 in 6 months. The CEED syllabus is not overly extensive, and it is easy to complete it in a short amount of time with careful preparation and execution.

Are current affairs asked in CEED?

Yes, current events are included in CEED. The purpose of the exam is to assess the candidate's broad awareness and understanding of current events. Current events questions are typically asked in the exam's General Knowledge section.

Has IIT Bombay recommended any specific test books or guide for the exam preparation of CEED?

IIT Bombay has not recommended any particular books or guides for the CEED preparation. However, candidates will have to work on their drawing skills, and enhance their creativity and problem idendentifying skills. As a part of preparation, they must also solve the previous year's question papers.

Is the syllabus of CEED vast?

The syllabus of CEED is not very vast, but it does cover a wide range of topics. The syllabus includes the subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, Visual and Spatial Ability, Observation and Design Sensitivity, Environmental and Social Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Language and Creativity and Design Thinking and Problem Solving. 

How much time is required to complete the syllabus of CEED?

The time required for the completion of CEED syllabus varies from candidate to candidate Ideally, the whole syllabus can be covered in six to eight months.

What are the sections of CEED Part B?

The following sections are asked in Part B of CEED: Communication Skills, Creativity, Analytical and Problem Solving Skills, and Drawing.

Which topics of grammar and language are asked in CEED?

The topics of English Language and Grammar asked in CEED are articles, verb patterns tenses, active and passive voice, vocabulary, comprehension, and basic English grammar.

Which sections are asked in the Part A of CEED?

Part A of CEED comprises the following sections: Visualization and Spatial Ability, Environmental and Social Awareness, Language and Creativity, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Design Thinking and Problem Solving, and Observation and Design Sensitivity.

Is the CEED syllabus different for Part A and Part B?

Yes, the CEED syllabus differs for Parts A and B. Part A of the CEED exam is a computer-based test that assesses the candidate's understanding of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Drawing, Visual and Spatial Ability, Observation and Design Sensitivity, Environmental and Social Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Language and Creativity, and Design Thinking and Problem Solving. Part B of the CEED exam is an offline assessment of the candidate's drawing skills.

Has the syllabus of CEED 2024 been changed?

Yes, the CEED 2024 syllabus has been revised. The refreshed curriculum focuses more on assessing candidates' creative and design abilities. It also covers additional subjects about environmental awareness and social responsibility. The revised syllabus is intended to make the CEED exam more relevant to the demands of the design industry. They also represent shifts in design education and application.

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